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THE NOONER for April 21, 2014

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  • LAO (April 18): Month-to-Date PIT Withholding, Collections and Refunds: $8.705 billion. (80.1% of budgeted projection)
  • Controller (April 18): Big 3 Revenues: $9.9 billion (76% of budgeted projection)

The Legislature is back and policy committees have until next Friday to act on bills that have to go through the Appropriations committees.

Based on last week's FEC reports, I have made the following changes:

  • CA36 (Coachella Valley): moved from Toss-up to Leans Democrat
  • CA41 (Riverside): moved from Likely Democrat to Safe Democrat [disclosure: I have contributed to Mark Takano, a former community college trustee]

PIG-HEADED: A bloody message for Leland Yee in the 1990s [Matier and Ross @ SFChron]

WILLIE'S WORLD: Let's everybody calm down about the Leland Yee ruckus [Willie Brown @ SFChron] - "When all is said and done, Yee appears to be a petty thief - the guy that walks past the fruit stand and, when you're not looking, takes an apple and keeps walking."

Actually, that would be sunscreen...

Willie also weighs in on Mike Honda:

U.S. Rep. Mike Honda not living in his South Bay district could prove to be a problem for the senior Democrat, according to the best campaign consultants.

They can visualize the poster now: "Mike Honda - If he can't vote for himself, why should you?"

Rep. Mike Honda opens office inside union headquarters [Carla Marinucci @ SFChron]

Of course, Ro Khanna likely only has 43 days to bump Honda out of the top two. After that, Honda could have his offices and home in the Cayman Islands and he'd still win the solidly Democrat CA17, where I happen to be writing from this morning.

CA04 (Foothills): A Rare G.O.P. Battle Forces an Incumbent to Look Left [Norimitsu Onishi @ NYT]

SD34 (Orange County): Candidate's Ph.D. raises questions [Martin Wisckol @ OCR]

AD33 (High Desert): Here is a campaign sign for the race to succeed Tim Donnelly

Green Party candidate for Secretary of State David Curtis is crying foul over the Sacramento Press Club's decision to exclude him from a candidate forum. This raises an interesting question in the era of "top-two," which mostly ensures that "minor" party candidates are omitted from the general election ballot. Curtis placed third in the Field Poll, and the Press Club has invited fourth and fifth place candidates (Schnur and Cressman).

Minor party candidates run for a variety of reasons, despite a demonstrated unlikelhood of winning. Forum/debate sponsors also have a reason to be concerned that too many candidates reduce the value of holding such an event. This was a fight in front of the Palos Verdes Democratic Club regarding CA33 last week, and now the issue is before the Sacramento Press Club.

What is the right balance?

#CAKEDAY: Light the candles for Sydney Eggert, Nadia Davis Lockyer, and Bob Schelen!





  • National Women's Political Caucus, LA Metro c4 FUNDRAISER April 27, 2014: Bowling for Dollars meet-and-greet brunch to support women candidates & elected officials for 2014 and 2016 campaigns at Lucky Strike at LA Live. Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, CA Senate candidates Sandra Fluke, Irella Perez, CA Assembly candidate Sandra Mendoza and LA Cultural Arts Commissioner Richard Montoya. Tickets & Sponsorships available: Email INFO Call 323.251.9642.
  • DO YOU LIKE MYSTERY NOVELS & CA POLITICS? Long-time children's health advocate KRIS CALVIN has written a Sacramento-based "entertaining whodunnit told with humor and intellect." ONE MURDER MORE features a lobbyist as the amateur sleuth, while the cast of suspects includes two Governors (one past, one present) & a Senate Fellow! Advance order now & support through crowdsourcing at
  • CA LATINO CAUCUS INSTITUTE (CLCI) 501 c 3 FUNDRAISER May 8, 2014 - 6pm – 9pm WINE WOMEN & WISDOM: Honoring the Latinas of the CA Latino Legislative Caucus (Culinary Institute of America Napa). CONFIRMED Secretary Anna Caballero; Senator Lara, Assemblymembers Talamantes-Eggman, Garcia, Campos, Quirk-Silva, Gonzalez, Bocanegra, Hernandez and Salas. TIX & Sponsorships available: Email INFO Call 323.660.7234.
  • Politics, Sex & Cocktails! Best PAC fundraiser ever. Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California celebrates 40 years with Honorary Chairs Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez and Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. When PPAC started in 1974, Jerry Brown was Governor, polyester and platform shoes were in fashion, and Roe v. Wade was a year old. Sponsorship/tickets: Lauren Evans, (916) 446-5247, ext. 116. Paid for by Protecting Choice in California, a project of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (555 Capitol Mall, Suite 510 Sacramento, CA 95814) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
  • 7th Annual Assembly Veteran of the Year Luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25th (Sacramento Convention Center). Corporate & individual sponsorships are available. The event is co-sponsored by Assemblymembers Pérez, Quirk-Silva & Chávez. All Assemblymembers select a veteran to honor from their district. For more information contact: Pete Conaty, 916 492-0550,
  • April 22: Rock 'n Restaurants returns to the Crest Theatre on K Street. 5 PM hosted reception and 7 PM concert featuring Ivy Levan. This event closes out the California Restaurant Association's annual Lobby Day and benefits the CRA Issues PAC. RSVP required at


Combined Candidate Totals by District
DistrictContributions TotalExpenditures TotalCash on Hand Total
CA17 $4,546,793 $2,383,051 $3,330,984
CA33 $3,862,157 $1,285,590 $3,913,365
CA52 $3,529,764 $1,036,776 $4,021,038
CA07 $3,316,127 $1,466,624 $2,178,935
CA23 $2,651,444 $1,468,068 $2,832,537
CA36 $2,525,115 $750,451 $1,839,384
CA39 $2,010,242 $1,211,848 $1,403,242
CA10 $1,994,001 $502,516 $1,982,057
CA31 $1,904,431 $678,388 $1,522,537
CA21 $1,891,038 $740,052 $1,276,051
CA26 $1,886,787 $479,224 $1,474,266
CA49 $1,676,841 $1,096,912 $3,150,386
CA25 $1,556,635 $648,243 $1,133,113
CA12 $1,547,482 $508,622 $523,674
CA24 $1,537,212 $645,939 $1,386,125
CA15 $1,517,288 $511,956 $1,132,537
CA22 $1,131,578 $296,549 $2,064,069
CA34 $1,098,851 $495,514 $1,055,233
CA05 $1,033,024 $642,149 $1,547,496
CA03 $993,540 $617,589 $530,806
CA41 $952,329 $439,080 $520,243
CA45 $944,868 $762,243 $534,143
CA16 $908,999 $411,203 $751,126
CA50 $828,804 $430,839 $398,401
CA04 $824,095 $528,597 $535,110
CA38 $801,290 $410,752 $436,788
CA18 $785,488 $454,732 $400,254
CA09 $768,470 $412,142 $379,425
CA42 $724,950 $380,679 $712,376
CA46 $719,189 $400,457 $528,927
CA30 $661,569 $646,039 $191,009
CA14 $659,870 $344,972 $1,177,704
CA13 $655,590 $479,979 $129,735
CA06 $653,643 $324,071 $390,794
CA19 $650,521 $227,822 $922,038
CA27 $630,495 $260,620 $1,491,714
CA08 $596,175 $162,735 $473,602
CA37 $573,976 $326,882 $242,416
CA02 $544,144 $316,265 $290,386
CA47 $531,904 $175,934 $333,723
CA43 $524,340 $359,314 $363,948
CA28 $517,878 $418,140 $2,017,591
CA29 $514,251 $411,772 $117,703
CA48 $470,160 $396,192 $276,855
CA01 $458,807 $271,684 $179,510
CA44 $442,658 $323,499 $147,217
CA20 $419,294 $243,542 $145,295
CA51 $382,247 $265,777 $66,551
CA53 $312,441 $217,137 $267,984
CA40 $240,469 $203,582 $40,695
CA32 $194,140 $60,948 $291,903
CA11 $179,531 $44,433 $136,685
CA35 $63,851 $26,661 $37,190



Election 2014 Q&A: Secretary of state candidates on partisanship, fraud, Cal-Access
The Editorial Board @
The Bee’s editorial board met with the four leading candidates seeking to replace termed-out Secretary of State Debra Bowen. The secretary of state is California’s chief elections officer. We asked the candidates about whether the job ought to be nonpartisan, voter fraud and Cal-Access, the state’s campaign finance database.

Fighting Season For Brown, Lawmakers
George Skelton @
The governor and legislative leaders are about to begin an intense period of bartering on cap-and-trade, the bullet train and a rainy-day fund.

Sacramento Press Club excludes Green Party candidate from Secretary of State debate
laws state @
On Easter Sunday, an attorney for Curtis demanded that the non-profit organization reverse its decision to exclude the small-party candidate from the debate.

Can Sacramento Break The Medpot Deadlock?
Michael Gardner @
California lawmakers continue to struggle over regulating medical marijuana, nearly 20 years after state voters defied federal law and permitted patients with a doctor’s prescription to use the illegal drug to ease chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

Completion Rates Dip At Sacramento-area Community Colleges
Loretta Kalb @
Fewer than half the students who enrolled in five Sacramento-area community colleges during the depth of the recession had completed their coursework as of last year, new state data show.

Pensions Still Cloud Stockton Bankruptcy Exit
Ed Mendel @
With a new twist, Stockton’s plan to leave a huge pension debt untouched was still an issue last week as the city council, hoping to end a two-year bankruptcy, approved settlements for 95 percent of the claims.

Daniel Borenstein: City Auditor Warns Pensions Threaten Oakland's Solvency
Daniel Borenstein, @
Unfortunately, even Ruby, one of only a few city officials acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, substantially understates the problem's magnitude and holds out false hope that Sacramento might come to the rescue.

CalPERS Board Member Under Scrutiny Again For Late Financial Reports
Marc Lifsher @
Priya Mathur has been fined $13,000 for past reporting violations. She says the problem was improperly filed paperwork.

President Obama Will Headline DNC Fundraiser Hosted By YC'ss Sam Altman And Yahoo's Marissa Mayer
This May 8th, Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will hold a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee headlined by President Obama. The fête will take place at Y Combinator’s offices in Mountain View.

Resurrection Story Inspires On Prophet's Campaign Trail
James Rainey @
As he campaigns for a state Assembly seat, Prophet Walker, 26, is building on his inspiring rise out of L.A.'s Nickerson Gardens.

Health Law Fund-Raising Is Detailed
A Government Accountability Office report discussed how the Obama administration raised money from outside groups to promote enrollment in health insurance.

Judge Vaughn Walker Tells His Side Of Prop. 8 Trial
Bob Egelko @
The trial that led to the legalization of same-sex marriage in California included harrowing testimony by a gay man who had undergone "conversion" therapy to try to turn him straight. Now a new book reveals that the trial judge, Vaughn Walker, once subjected himself to the same much-condemned treatment.

San Bernardino Battles CalPERS Pension Demands
After having declared bankruptcy, San Bernardino wants to make a deal with Calpers to reduce the amount of money it owes into the system.

Firefighters union fined for not reporting donors
Associated Press @
A Southern California firefighter's union has been fined $12,000 for failing to report all its donors for a year-and-a-half and not disclosing a contribution it made to the Oceanside mayor's re-election campaign.

AM Alert
Jeremy B. White @
Welcome back from legislative spring break, everybody! Returning lawmakers will be delving right back in to a contentious policy issue during a daylong hearing on prison realignment.

Wackiest '14 political videos (so far)
From Iowa to Ohio to Louisiana, candidates are doing their best to grab potential voters' eyeballs.

Pg&e And East Bay Cities At Standoff Over Plan To Chop Down Thousands Of Trees
Lisa P. @
The elm is one tree among a dense swath of mature oaks, redwoods, walnuts and shrubs separating the 32-unit development from the bustling Iron Horse Trail.

Log In - The New York Times
Log in to manage your products and services from The New York Times and the International New York Times.

County Offices To Cut Districts Some Slack For Now On Their LCAPs
John Fensterwald @
State and county education officials are seeking to reassure school districts that might be worried that county superintendents will reject the new accountability plans they’ll submit by July 1 for the 2014-15 year. Tighter scrutiny will come, just not for the initial plan.

S.F. spending on homeless exceeds many departments' budgets
With spring in the air and the homeless tents once again popping up under San Francisco's freeways, it's worth noting that the city is spending about $458,000 per day to house and help homeless people.

Dan Walters Daily
Alexei Koseff @
After a week off for spring recess, the Legislature returns facing ethics violations and funding questions that must be dealt with, Dan says.

Drought -- And Neighbors -- Press Las Vegas To Conserve Water
John M. Glionna @
Lake Mead, the reservoir that supplies 90% of Las Vegas' water, is ebbing as though a plug had been pulled from a bathtub drain.