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THE NOONER for March 27, 2014

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  • Dayton v. Stanford (4:15pm PDT on CBS)
  • UCLA v. Florida (6:45pm PDT on CBS)
  • San Diego State v. Arizona (7:17pm PDT on TBS)

The Capitol was rocked yesterday with the raid of Leland Yee's office and the day-long release of details of a five-year investigation and unbelievable allegations tying the state senator to Chinese gang figures and firearms trafficking. Also implicated is former SFUSD board member Keith Jackson.

Who would have thought that Yee could have made Ron Calderon's case look like the minor league? Here is the unsealed affidavit and yes, he gets an official a/k/a of "Uncle Leland."

The Chron reports:

State Sen. Leland Yee, an outspoken advocate of gun control and open government, was arrested Wednesday on charges that he conspired to traffic in firearms and traded favors in Sacramento for bribes - campaign cash paid by men who turned out to be undercover FBI agents.

Yee, a Democrat who represents half of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County and is running for secretary of state, was one of 26 people ensnared in a five-year federal investigation that targeted Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, a notorious Chinatown gangster who had claimed to have gone straight, officials said.

"I want Leland Yee gone," said Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg during a news conference at his Sacramento office, while flanked by fellow senators including Loni Hancock of Berkeley and Mark Leno of San Francisco.

Here is a History Channel backgrounder on the folks Uncle was allegedly associating himself with, in which Shrimp Boy proclaims "I run this city" and "I did time with Charles Manson, good friend of mine." And, here's Shrimp Boy's Facebook page.

Jon Fleischman argues that Senate Democratic leadership needs to change as the third caucus member encounters legal troubles.

Serioudly, stay away from anything related to shrimp.

And, of course, the Senator now has a mock Twitter account.

PPIC is out with its statewide poll this morning and we have a gubernatorial election question:

  • Jerry Brown: 47%
  • Tim Donnelly: 10%
  • Neel Kashkari: 2%
  • Andrew Blount: 2%
  • Someone else: 3%
  • Don't know: 36%

CD17 (Milpitas): Judge Boots Google Lawyer Off Ballot [Cheryl Miller @ The Recorder]

A Sacramento judge on Wednesday disqualified Google attorney Vinesh Singh Rathore as a candidate for the hotly contested 17th Congressional District, saying the late-filing Republican had failed to submit enough valid nominating signatures.

In a hastily arranged hearing—held one day before the secretary of state is slated to publish a list of certified candidates for the June primary election—Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner rejected two Rathore signatories whose names and addresses appeared to be written in the same handwriting of two other petition signers. Because Rathore submitted only the minimum number of qualifying signatures, 40, the disqualification of two names triggered his removal from the ballot.

Jeffrey Wald, a member of the Alameda County Republican Central Committee, sued to kick the names of Rathore and Joel Vanlandingham, a tech recruiter, off the ballot. The two relatively unknown Republicans registered to run in the South Bay's 17th District in the final days of the filing period. That fueled speculation that Democrat Ro Khanna had recruited the two men in an attempt to dilute the vote among three GOP candidates—Fremont Republican Vanila Singh had already filed—so that he could advance in California's top-two primary election. Incumbent Democrat Mike Honda is expected to secure one of those spots. 

Meanwhile, a day after proponents of raising medical malpractice caps submitted signatures, opponents of the measure doubled down with another $31.5 million. And, Chevron antes up to the California GOP with $300,000, while $54,579 in "in kind software" was provided to the Party by Microsoft. 

H20 WARS: How to Build a Winning Water Bond [Jim Mayer @ CAFWD]

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Luis Alejo and Paul Hogarth!




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California State Sen. Yee Arrested In Corruption Case
State Sen. Leland Yee, an outspoken advocate of gun control and open government, was arrested Wednesday on charges that he conspired to traffic in firearms and traded favors in Sacramento for bribes - campaign cash paid by men who turned out to be undercover FBI agents.

Poll: Tim Donnelly leads all Republicans in race for governor
David Siders @
Tim Donnelly leads the field of Republicans bidding to unseat Gov. Jerry Brown early in this year's gubernatorial race, according to a new poll.

Democrat Derek Cressman Calls for State Senate to Expel 3 Members
Democratic Secretary of State candidate Derek Cressman is calling on Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and the California State Senate to immediately vote to expel State Senator Leland Yee.

Sen. Leland Yee's Arrest Likely Ends Steady, Sometimes Paradoxical Political Rise
Aaron Kinney @
But Sen. Leland Yee's political life effectively ended Wednesday when he was allegedly caught in a sordid web of murderous gangsters, gun runners and narcotics traffickers. And the breadth of the federal charges against him left his colleagues in the Legislature almost speechless.

Leland Yee Had Few Close Ties As He Aimed For Higher Office
Jim Miller @
The senator who has championed gun-control legislation faces charges that he conspired with gangsters to sell guns. The longtime politician seeking to oversee the churn of political money in California as secretary of state now stands accused of trading official acts for donations in an effort to pay off his campaign debt.

Nancy Pelosi Moves To Force Immigration Vote - Politics Blog
House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco opened on Wednesday an effort to force House Republicans to bring an immigration overhaul to a vote. Most observers think the effort is doomed....

Khanna Recruited Candidates To Split GOP Vote, Lawsuit Claims
Josh Richman @
The lawsuit provides no direct evidence proving Khanna helped get Joel Vanlandingham and Vinesh Singh Rathore into the race, and Khanna's campaign blasted the allegation as baseless Wednesday.

Darrell Steinberg To Leland Yee: Resign or be Suspended
Christopher Cadelago @
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said he was shocked and sickened by the allegations brought against a member of his caucus Wednesday, saying Sen. Leland Yee has until Friday to resign from office or face certain suspension.

Second Amendment Groups Jump On Anti-gun Democrat Yee "Hypocrite" Charged With Gun Trafficking
Carla Marinucci @
Gun rights groups are jumping on the federal corruption charges leveled at California Democratic State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco, saying he represents a hypocritical gun safety advocate who appears to be have been involved in trafficking in firearms.

Brian Blomster @
Sen. Darrell Steinberg, the state Senate president pro tem, says that the arrest of Sen. Leland Yee is a "negative and unsettling development."

Californians' support slips for Jerry Brown, rises for water bond
Josh Richman @
Survey gauges attitudes on a wide range of issues, including high-speed rail, marijuana legalization and the federal health care law.

Darrell Steinberg to Leland Yee
Christopher Cadelago @
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said he was shocked and sickened by the allegations brought against a member of his caucus Wednesday, saying Sen. Leland Yee has until Friday to resign from office or face certain suspension.

House Candidate Matt Miller Combines Policy Plan, Money Plea
Jean Merl @
Most candidates talk about what they would do if elected and many of those seeking a coveted office need to ask for campaign money.

Calif. state Sen. Yee had role in case against Ed Jew
Seven years after tattling to the feds about onetime protege Ed Jew extorting bubble tea shopkeepers, state Sen. Leland Yee finds himself in the middle of his own corruption case. Yee's criminal troubles come just as Jew, the disgraced former San Francisco supervisor, has returned to the city after nearly five years in federal prison for extortion and bribery. [...] described as "Uncle Leland" in court documents, Yee was charged with wire fraud, conspiracy and firearms trafficking Wednesday as part of a wide corruption investigation involving a well-known Chinatown gangster and 24 others. The indictment says Yee was introduced to an FBI agent last year posing as a donor seeking influence over medical marijuana legislation in exchange for contributing to the senator's campaign for secretary of state. Back in 2007, however, it was Yee who went to the FBI with the explosive allegations that Jew had been shaking down tapioca-drink store owners seeking city permits in the Sunset.

Capitol Alert video: Steinberg says Yee arrest leaves him 'extremely disappointed and upset'
Brian Blomster @
Sen. Darrell Steinberg, the state Senate president pro tem, says that the arrest of Sen. Leland Yee is a "negative and unsettling development."

Tim Donnelly blames past larceny case on drunken college ‘prank’
David Siders @
Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly, who previously denied having any criminal record before carrying a gun into an airport in 2012, was involved in a larceny case in Michigan in 1985, The Sacramento Bee has learned.

Walters Proposes $2 Billion Emergency Funding to CalSTRS
Failing to fund the teachers' retirement program now places an undue burden on California families, school districts, teachers, and generations of future Californians. In addition, as the unfunded liability grows, the cost of retiring this debt will severely impact funding for other government services such as education, public safety, court system, health care, and the social safety net.

Protecting The Power Grid: A Bigger Role For Government?
Evan Halper @
As utilities scramble to secure the nation¿s power grid against terrorist attack, some in Congress are skeptical that electric companies are up to the job.

California Minimum Wage Hike Clears First Senate Hurdle
Dan Walters @
Legislation that would sharply increase California's minimum wage and index it to inflation cleared its first legislative hurdle Wednesday.

Leland Yee Corruption Case Filled With Wild Allegations
Times Staff Writers @
The public corruption case against state Sen. Leland Yee reads like a bad crime novel with off-the-books firearms deals made in parking lots and confessions whispered in a booth at a karaoke bar.

House Democrats try to force a vote on immigration reform
Lisa Mascaro @
WASHINGTON -- As the minority party, House Democrats have little power to move legislation over Republican objections, but they launched a long-shot effort Wednesday to push House Speaker John A. Boehner to bring an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws to a vote.

Yee's Arrest Upends Contest For California Secretary Of State
Jim Miller @
This morning's arrest of state Sen. Leland Yee roils the race for Secretary of State, although the San Francisco Democrat's standing in the six-person field seemed to be slipping in recent weeks.