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THE NOONER for February 3, 2014

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  • CD33 (Coast LA): added Bill Bloomfield (N)
  • SD26 (Coast LA): updated analysis
  • SD26 (Coast LA): added former Assemblymember Betsy Butler (D)
  • AD44 (Ventura): removed Ventura college trustee Bernardo Perez (D)


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Good morning from San Francisco International, where I'm catching that Virgin bird to Reagan (for the right) OR National (for the left) International Airport. I'm heading to DC to judge a national college scholarship competition and then staying for another conference through most of next week. It'll be a long stretch.

While the flight was on-time until I got here and--according to the Interweb--still is, we are at least an hour late because we supposedly need something called a "First Officer." Really, won't this guy do the trick?

Over the weekend, I did some major data updates on, adding in campaign finance updates and candidate websites. Here's all California state and federal financing totals on one page. Quick links [statewide | congressional | senate | assembly] Please let me know if anything looks askew, as there are a lot of committee IDs that I have to manually put in, which can be a challenge when candidates have multiple committees and my eyes get tired.

Anyway, today we'll look at a few congressionals and move on to state races tomorrow.

There's frankly not much here that surprises me. The one sign is former Congressman Joe Baca's relatively weak cash position of roughly -$5,000. The competition for spot number two in CD31 is clearly between Pete Aguilar and Eloise Gomez Reyes. Of course, there's the very real possibility that we have one more congressional retirement coming--that of Gloria Negrete McLeod, who I would say is 70%/30% running for San Bernardino supervisor. This would lead to a vacancy in solid Dem CD35. Likely candidates would be Baca and State Senator Norma Torres--allies who have shared different camps from Negrete McLeod.

In CD45, we need to wonder if Supervisor John Moorlach is still a candidate against Mimi Walters, who has an 11:1 cash advantage.

Numbers after the jump.


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CD03 (Yolano-Yuba-Lake)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Garamendi, John $593,979 $388,681 $216,184 $55 12/31/13
Logue, Daniel $194,704 $57,900 $250,869 $121,927 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD07 (E. Sacramento)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Bera, Amerish $1,353,836 $284,033 $1,151,637 $342,340 12/31/13
Birman, Igor A $234,215 $110,895 $124,273 $18,119 12/31/13
Emken, Elizabeth $163,820 $142,993 $305,827 $311,973 12/31/13
Ose, Doug $626,805 $126,453 $277,166 $43,551 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD10 (Stanislaus)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Denham, Jeff $1,141,477 $228,435 $1,297,875 $34,465 12/31/13
Eggman, Michael Ray $384,355 $96,315 $287,043 $2,700 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD15 (Hayward-Pleasanton)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Corbett, Ellen $156,050 $51,799 $208,658 $0 12/31/13
Swalwell, Eric Michael $1,053,569 $252,242 $823,362 $3,576 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD17 (Milpitas)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Honda, Mike $1,202,205 $651,788 $622,990 $13,714 12/31/13
Khanna, Rohit $1,958,836 $996,580 $1,974,502 $67,658 12/31/13
Singh, Vanila M $103,201 $915 $107,286 $5,000 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD21 (Kings)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Renteria, Amanda $337,492 $80,755 $256,737 $6,475 12/31/13
Valadao, David $939,211 $387,018 $676,734 $11,599 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD25 (Santa Clarita)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Knight, Steve $21,888 $187 $21,701 $2,475 12/31/13
Puentes, Jorge Ricardo Jr * The FEC does not have a report for this candidate.
Rogers, Lee C. $320,600 $138,786 $188,197 $10,500 12/31/13
Strickland, Anthony A $470,343 $186,363 $426,908 $0 12/31/13
Thomas, Evan Charles * The FEC does not have a report for this candidate.
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD26 (Ventura)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Brownley, Julia $1,084,166 $248,081 $884,875 $5,000 12/31/13
Dagnesses, Rafael $20,790 $11,268 $24,521 $18,428 12/31/13
Gorell, Jeff $127,729 $2,041 $130,888 $11,700 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD31 (San Bernardino)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Aguilar, Pete $648,693 $144,778 $523,564 $0 12/31/13
Baca, Joe $107,046 $95,170 $21,367 $28,674 12/31/13
Reyes, Eloise Gomez $510,347 $131,451 $478,896 $100,000 12/31/13
Miller, Gary G $740,796 $313,240 $910,450 $0 12/31/13
Tillman, Danny $10,705 $9,371 $2,333 $1,000 9/30/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD36 (Eastern Riverside)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Nestande, Brian $450,905 $149,049 $301,856 $6,364 12/31/13
Ruiz, Raul Dr. $1,497,970 $349,921 $1,198,008 $0 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD45 (Irvine)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Moorlach, John $46,313 $9,621 $36,695 $0 12/31/13
Raths, Gregory Gerard $42,729 $110,198 $23,430 $90,050 12/31/13
Walters, Mimi $623,756 $199,509 $424,250 $375 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


CD52 (San Diego)
Reported Fundraising
(Total for this cycle)
CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
Demaio, Carl $1,080,294 $198,344 $985,992 $4,000 12/31/13
Jorgensen, Kirk $206,890 $148,453 $62,769 $10,026 12/31/13
Peters, Scott $1,306,870 $189,729 $1,147,137 $0 12/31/13
Simon, Fred J Jr Md $14,510 $71,455 $343,232 $400,000 12/31/13
Source: Federal Elections Commission


LEDES: Lots of great headlines below the jump. 

AURAL PLEASURE: John Myers and Anthony York cover the PPIC statewide poll, the draught, and Senator Wright on the Capitol Connection podcast.

PLASTICS! Tipoff: Molina takes on de León over plastic bags [Rick Orlov @ LADN]

WORTH WATCHING: "Mitt" on Netflx and "True Detective" on HBO.

NOT WORTH WATCHING: The Super Bowl or the commercials. But, congratulations to UTSD's Mark Walker, who is a huge Seahawks fan.

SPEAKING OF: Might the Rams be plotting a return to Los Angeles? #AlwaysARamsFan

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to AD04 candidate and Davis mayor Joe Krovoza.



  • California Grocers Association – Receptionist/AA The California Grocers Association is seeking a Receptionist/Admin Assistant for its Sacramento office. Position is first line of contact for CGA’s membership and staff, managing multiple-line phone system, providing clerical support (Microsoft Office programs), and helping with events and special projects. Salary DOE $33,000+ plus full benefits package. Complete job description and instructions HERE.
  • California Receives A Failing Grade On Access To Emergency Care. Find out more here.
  • Administrative Assistant in busy Democratic campaign consulting firm. Receptionist, administrative support, assist with billing, tracking, and print production. Need detail-oriented, accurate multi-tasker, with reliable transportation and good computer skills. Competitive salary and benefits. Send resumes to:
  • Miller & Olson, LLP, a law firm specializing in political law, is looking for a Political Reports Specialist for its Sacramento Capitol Mall office. Applicants should be extremely detailed-oriented, work through many deadlines and be self-starting. 2-5 years experience preferred. Salary BOE. Equal opportunity employer. Send resume to
  • California Medical Association – Associate Director – Advocates CMA policy before the legislature, other elected officials and regulatory agencies. Minimum 5-7 years experience in legislative and related government activity. Addit>Administrative Assistant in busy Democratic campaign consulting firm for full-time assignment guaranteed through Jional info:
  • Employment Opportunity: PPIC is looking for an Administrative and Government Affairs Associate. This position will be based in PPIC’s Sacramento Center and will support the daily operations of the Sacramento Center and its staff and guests, PPIC's CEO, the government affairs function, and PPIC meetings and public events. Key strengths needed: excellent administrative and interpersonal skills, flexibility, organization and detail orientation. The full position description and application instructions are posted at
  • Dream job for a fierce animal lover with legislative experience. The Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s largest animal advocacy organization, is hiring a California state director to lobby legislature/agencies, promote campaign priorities, build coalitions. BA; 4-5 years animal protection issue exposure; 2-4 years legislative/government affairs experience. $45-60,000/year. Based in Sacramento. More information.
  • Join Capitol Network for a 2014 Election Luncheon on 2/7 from 11:30 am – 1 pm at Cal Chamber featuring Shawnda Westly, Cynthia Bryant, Sabrina Lockhart & Robin Swanson. RSVP by February 3 to $25 members, $30 nonmembers. Contact:
  • Internship Opportunity: California Cannabis Industry Association seeks a part time intern for trade association Capitol office. Business, public policy or communications background required. Students for Sensible Drug Policy organizers ideal, graduate students preferred. Will train on Solve 360, Nationbuilder, and other software platforms. Internship may lead to opportunities in fundraising and PAC operations. Send resume and cover letter to
  • California's Pro-Choice Rating Just Released. NARAL Pro-Choice America has just released its 2014 Who Decides? report, detailing the pro-choice wins and losses of the past year in the states and in Washington. As one of the few pro-choice states in the country, it's going to be more important than ever for California to continue its legacy of pro-choice leadership in 2014.



The Buzz: Kashkari suggests he will diverge from GOP's recent tax-cutting theme
David Siders @
When gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari told conservative talk-radio listeners in Los Angeles last week that he would not immediately move to lower taxes on the wealthiest Californians, he suggested his campaign for governor will diverge from a tax-cutting theme Republicans have pressed hard in recent years.

Jerry Brown's Austerity Kick Unpopular With Advocates For Poor
Anthony York @
As governor pushes for a rainy-day fund, advocates say it's more important to help California's 9 million living in poverty.

Senate's Treatment Of Two Senators Continues Erratic Pattern
Dan Walters @
The state Senate's disparate treatment of two Democratic senators under fire for their political ethics continues an erratic, irrational pattern. Can't Handle Appeals Of Enrollment Errors
Tens of thousands of people who discovered that made mistakes as they were signing up for a health plan are confronting a new roadblock: The government cannot yet fix the errors.

State Private-sector Retirement Plan Gets Donors
Ed Mendel @
The author of the program, Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, may become the next leader of the state Senate. So the plan being developed by a nine-member board could have a strong advocate when it comes back to the Legislature for approval.

Senate’s treatment of two senators continues erratic pattern
Dan Walters @
When it was revealed that Sen. Ron Calderon was under federal investigation for financial dealings, Senate leaders, especially President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, were sharply critical and stripped him of committee positions.

It's Back To San Diego Politics As Usual In Unusual Mayoral Election
Tony Perry @
In bid to replace Bob Filner, Democrat David Alvarez and Republican Kevin Faulconer represent return to a more centrist tradition.

Steinberg Bill Aims To Ease California Drought
Matt Weiser @
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg says the Legislature needs to rewrite a water bond for 2014 as well as spend money from prior bonds to address water needs.

Valley Cattle Ranchers Trying To Stay Afloat Amid Drought
Robert Rodriguez @
For ranchers, grasses are the primary food source for their animals. Amid a statewide drought, livestock ranchers like Lasgoity have been battling to maintain their herds by buying hay at escalating prices, trucking water to empty ponds, or selling some of their animals to stretch their feed budgets.

Dan Schnur Makes A Nonpartisan Pitch
George Skelton @
The former GOP strategist and spokesman is waging an independent run for secretary of state.

Dan Walters Daily: Less water means more water politics
Jeremy B. White @
Friday's major announcement on water deliveries is just the latest major policy consequence coming out of California's drought, Dan says.

Early Drive For Hillary Clinton Unsettles Democrats
The formidable campaign apparatus that has sprung up to support a possible 2016 presidential bid by Hillary Clinton is rattling some Democrats, sparking concerns that it could suppress competition for the party nomination and siphon money from candidates running in the midterm elections this fall.

Steinberg legislation aims to ease state drought
The leader of the state Senate is drafting legislation that would expedite help for communities affected by California's lingering drought.

Glove Law Has Many Chefs Steamed
Betty Hallock @
"I don't feel connected to my food," Sushi Gen chef Toshiaki Toyoshima says of California's glove requirement.

Aggressive Public Relations Campaign Amplifies Courtroom Battle Against Teacher Work Rules
Louis Freedberg @
The campaign seems designed to make sure that the explosive issues being raised regarding teachers’ job security in California ripple far beyond a cramped courtroom in Los Angeles and help shape public opinion across the state and nation.

Critics Question Why BART Police Force Exists
Henry K. Lee @
The accidental shooting of BART's head of detectives by a fellow officer has fueled critics who not only question the training and experience within the transit agency's independent police force, but wonder why it exists at all.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Moderate Republicans are finally retreating from tea party
E.J. Dionne Jr. @
The botched rollout of the health care law has called forth some good news: Republicans are so confident they can ride anti-Obamacare sentiment to electoral victory that they’re growing ever-more impatient with the tea party’s fanaticism. Immigration reform may be the result.

Deasy Provides Fodder For Both Sides In Lawsuit
In Vergara vs. California, a trial over teacher job protections, L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy was star witness for both sides.

Kings Expected To Pay $500,000 To Support Streetcar Line
Tony Bizjak @
Sacramento Kings officials on Tuesday announced the hiring of Turner Construction to build an arena, seen in an artist's drawing.

Campos proposal aims to help evicted stay in S.F.
Marisa Lagos @
San Francisco officials have proposed a number of laws in recent months to help slow evictions of tenants in rent-controlled units and to keep those residents in San Francisco. Now, one city supervisor says he has found an even better way to ensure people can afford to stay in the city.

More Rehab Services For Former Three Strikes Inmates
Tracey Kaplan @
That has finally happened -- after prison officials, Stanford's Three Strikes Project, the leader of the state Senate and the chief justice of California's highest court succeeded in cutting through a lot of red tape.

Davis-authored Winter Break Petition Gains Traction, Hits Obstacles With Quarter System
Sammy Caiola @
An online petition posted by a UC Davis student on Jan. 22 has obtained more than 27,000 signatures from students UC-wide opposing a change in the academic calendar that shortens next year’s winter break from three weeks to two.