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GOV: Donnelly states his case for governor in Claremont [Wes Woods @ IVDB] - "This is going to be an epic showdown between socialism and freedom. If you believe in the free enterprise system and you want to be left alone by the government, Tim Donnelly."

"The real enemy is tyranny. Tyranny is the enemy of freedom, and tyranny is running amuck in California. When you have elected officials that are abusing their power. And when the government is spying on you, whether the NSA or the IRS trying to squelch your speech or whether it’s your local city council who decide they don’t want a certain business in town or they have a vendetta against somebody or they want to do something that is unconstitutional in the name of something that sounds nice. And there’s all kinds of schemes like this running amuck in California.” "

. . . to which we can only guess Donnelly is talking about the FBI's spying on Ron Calderon and Irwindale's attempt to take away our god-given right of adorning our turkey with garlicky chili goodness. Speaking of:

RED ALERT: Judge orders Sriracha hot sauce plant partly closed over odors [Frank Shyong @ LAT] - "A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Tuesday ordered a Sriracha hot sauce plant in Irwindale be partially shut down in response to odor complaints from nearby residents . . . It is unclear what the ruling means for next year's supply of Sriracha hot sauce. The factory harvests and grinds chilis for three months out of the year, and the grinding of this year's chilis has been completed. But the mixing and the bottling of the sauce occurs on an ongoing basis. [Irwindale City Attorney Fred] Galante said he did not know if the injunction applies to those aspects of production. The city's goal is not to stop the production of the sauce, Galante said."

Irwindale, the city that gave $10 million to the Raiders as a going away gift to Oakland, and wasted another $10 million in the effort to capture the courted lover.

AB1266 REFERENDUM: With San Berdoo turning in its raw count, the official number of raw signatures for the AB 1266 referendum is 614,311. This means the effort needs 90.4% in the random sample (110% of 504,760 required) to qualify and at least 78% to avoid failing outright. In between the two, 82.2% validity to reach 504,760 in a full count would be required. With 20 counties submitted, the current validity is 75%. 

The ballot measures that have qualified for next November did so with 71.62% (health insurance rates initiative - full check) and 72.43% (tribal gaming referendum - random sample). 

OUTLOOK:  Early Look at Campaign 2014: Part 4 – Safe Open Seats and Possible Same Party Runoffs [Allen Hoffenblum @ Fox and Hounds]

MONEY MATTERS: IRS proposes new curbs on campaigning by tax-exempt groups [Joseph Tanfani @ LAT] - "The proposed new rules wouldn't ban political activity, but would attempt to draw a clearer line between activities that are political and those that promote the general welfare. The IRS has not proposed a new standard for how it would decide whether politics or social welfare is a group's primary purpose. The agency is soliciting comments on whether it should do that."

"The new definitions would expand the reach of IRS regulations into areas long considered acceptable for civic groups, including get-out-the-vote drives, publication of voter guides, voter registration efforts and candidate forums. Those would be considered political activity whether they're done by advocacy groups or the nonpartisan League of Women Voters By focusing on the activity, not the intent, the IRS is trying to get away from the "fact-intensive inquiries" it now uses to determine whether groups are neutral."

Whether you're celebrating Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or Hmong New Year, the best Nooner wishes go out to you and your family. Over and out until Monday.



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  • Pacific McGeorge's Mike Belote Annual Endowed Capital Center Lecture Series presents "Protecting Individual Privacy in the Internet Age" Thursday Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. Sutter Club, 1220 9th Street. Free, Register at:
  • Tulchin Research, a leading Democratic polling and strategic consulting firm based in downtown San Francisco, seeks an Analyst for a full-time exempt position. Tulchin Research provides consulting services to candidates for elected office, ballot measure campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, corporations, and foundations. More information on the Tulchin Research website, and interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to
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Magic Johnson, Larry Flynt Among Latest Donors To Jerry Brown
David Siders @
If Eli Broad disappointed Gov. Jerry Brown at all when his name appeared to be included in a sloppily redacted list of donors working at cross-purposes with the governor in California's initiative wars last year, he may have begun to make it up to him last week.

US Courts Domestic Partners Get Spousal Benefits
Bob Egelko @
The rights of gay and lesbian spouses to the same federal benefits as other married couples also extend to federal court employees' same-sex domestic partners, a federal appeals court's administrative tribunal said Monday in the first known ruling of its kind.

Irs Proposes New Curbs On Campaigning By Tax-Exempt Groups
Joseph Tanfani @
In a long-anticipated move to restrict the flood of secret money in campaigns, the IRS for the first time proposed rules to rein in the political activities of tax-exempt groups that have emerged as heavyweight players in American elections.

Bullet train snag could affect Transbay Terminal
Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross @
Critics have complained that California's high-speed rail project is shaping up to be the bullet train to nowhere. Now that a judge has thrown the project's future into doubt, San Francisco is left to wonder whether it will be stuck with a $400 million train station connected to nothing.

New Campaign Rules Proposed for Tax-Exempt Nonprofits
s proposals would curtail political activity by tax-exempt nonprofit groups, a significant change for one of the fastest-growing sources of campaign spending.

Fresno Farm Dispute Spolights California’s Ag Labor Law
Jeremy B. White @
It has been 23 years since workers at a massive farming company in Fresno, led by labor icon Cesar Chavez, organized and voted to have the United Farm Workers union represent them.

Healthcare Costs At Big L.A. Firms Up 4.5% This Year, Survey Shows
Chad Terhune @
Healthcare costs for Los Angeles employers climbed 4.5% this year to $11,625 per employee, a new survey shows, and firms expect a bigger increase in 2014.

Scrooge, Robin Hood And Property Taxes
Timm Herdt @
Ventura County Assessor Dan Goodwin has set off a firestorm that has hundreds of low-income residents in the county worrying about the future of the roofs over their heads and set off an alarm among affordable housing advocates across California.

Senator Boxer's Battle With NRC Heats Up Over San Onofre Documents
Kitty Felde @
They’ve been at loggerheads for months. Now, Senator Barbara Boxer is escalating her battle with the agency that oversees the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

Italy's Senate Expels Silvio Berlusconi After Tax Fraud Conviction
Tom Kington @
ROME -- The Senate in Italy voted to eject Silvio Berlusconi from its ranks on Wednesday, bringing a temporary end to the parliamentary career of the three-time prime minister who has dominated the country's politics for two decades.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's State Pension Measure Opposed By Other Local Mayors
Mike Rosenberg @
Nineteen mayors -- along with two vice mayors, two county board of supervisors presidents and five additional council members -- signed a letter to Reed on Tuesday urging him to abandon his effort that would see public employees pay more for their retirement.

Merkel's Conservatives Strike Power-sharing Deal With German Rivals
Henry Chu @
LONDON -- More than two months after voters cast their ballots, Germany took a major step toward finally forming a government Wednesday after leaders of the main political parties agreed on a common agenda that Chancellor Angela Merkel said would solidify her country’s sound financial position and promote social welfare.

Governor rakes in maximum donations from celebrities and others during Los Angeles fundraiser
If Eli Broad disappointed Gov. Jerry Brown when his name appeared to be included on a sloppily redacted list of donors working at cross-purposes with the governor in California’s initiative wars last year, he may have begun to make it up to the governor last week.

Obama Administration Proposes New Rule That Would Rein In Political Activity Of Nonprofits
The Obama administration moved Tuesday to limit the expansive role that nonprofit groups play in politics, proposing a regulation that would rein in ­certain tax-exempt organizations that have been able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in recent elections without revealing their donors.

Gov. Jerry Brown Keeps Collecting Campaign Donations
Chris Megerian @
Gov. Jerry Brown's campaign account continues to swell with new donations.

California Bullet Train Takes Big Hit From Judge
Dan Walters @
Judge Michael Kenny didn’t completely derail California’s bullet train this week. However, in ruling on two lawsuits challenging Gov. Jerry Brown’s pet project, Kenny told the High-Speed Rail Authority to slow down and stop sidestepping requirements in a 2008 ballot measure.

L.A. County Approves $722,000 Settlement In Jail Suit Naming Baca
Abby Sewell @
Los Angeles County supervisors agreed to pay $722,000 to settle a civil lawsuit filed by a former jail inmate who said Sheriff Lee Baca showed "deliberate indifference" to dangerous conditions in the county jails. Dion Starr, 44 said he was stabbed 23 times by Latino gang members while in custody at Men's Central Jail in 2006. Starr's attorney's said Starr -- who is black -- is not gang-affiliated. Starr argued that Baca's failure to correct security issues in the jails made him ultimately responsible.

Governor Remains Mum On 2014, But Raking In Cash |

Little short-term political price for Iran deal
Josh Gerstein @
With Obama's re-election behind him, there are few ways for critics to extract a political price.

Turkey donations pour in to needy food banks
Kind-hearted people from Sacramento to Southern California have responded this past week to the acute need for food donations in the Bay Area by donating thousands of turkeys and other staples of Thursday's big meal - but there is still a need for more in the home stretch, charity managers say. Among those pitching in was the Morongo Band of Mission Indians in Palm Springs, which trucked in 1,000 turkeys to give to a half-dozen organizations in San Francisco, including Glide Memorial United Methodist Church and the Chinatown Community Development Center. The tribe has been donating at Thanksgiving throughout the state for more than a decade, and with post-recession economic times still squeezing the poor, the help was more appreciated than ever, recipients said. "In these difficult economic times when so many are struggling, we are so appreciative that the Morongo Band has again helped provide the blessing of a hot Thanksgiving meal to those in our community who are in the greatest need," said Gwendolyn Westbrook, executive director of the United Council of Human Services in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood, which received 400 turkeys to hand out. Los Angeles Clippers basketball player Matt Barnes and state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, were part of a group that paid for 550 turkeys and drove Tuesday throughout the Peninsula, Oakland and San Francisco handing them out to organizations including the San Francisco Lions Club.

National Briefing | South: Virginia: Recount Sought in Attorney General Race
The Republican candidate, Mark Obenshain, said he would seek a recount after only 165 votes separated him from his Democratic opponent, Mark Herring.

Obama pitches new rules for political nonprofits
ron Tau @
Groups wouldn't receive a tax exemption if they engaged in too much "candidate related" activity.

S.F. Scrambles For Subs As Teachers Skip School
Jill Tucker @
More than 600 San Francisco teachers and classroom aides skipped school Tuesday to extend their Thanksgiving holiday, leaving district officials scrambling to find enough qualified adults to watch over students.