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THE NOONER for November 25, 2013

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  • CD32 (West Covina): added businessman Arturo Alas (R)
  • AD33 (Apple Valley): added Apple Valley councilmember Tom Bishop (R)
  • AD42 (Yucaipa): removed Chris Mann (R)

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Back in the Nooner home office on a dark chilly November morning after my crazy convention week. Also in Burlingame last weekend was the California Democratic Party executive board meeting, which started with a collective sigh following the razor-thin victory for Matt Dababneh in AD45. I am told that the fight over whether elected officials should be able to appoint members from outside of their district to the state central committee in order to vote in pre-primary endorsements was kicked to next July, conveniently after the 2014 primary.


AD45 (W. San Fernando Valley): Democrat Dababneh Pulls Out a Win in Assembly District 45 Race [Dakota Smith @ LADN] 

Here are the results:

  • Matt Dababneh (D): 14,984 (Los Angeles 14,933 + Ventura 51)
  • Susan Shelley (R): 14,655 (Los Angeles 14,555 + Ventura 100)

Primary turnout: 9.8%
Runoff turnout: 11.8%

George Skelton writes that Darrell Steinberg believes it's time to stop having low-turnout costly special elections and to let the governor fill vacancies.

SANDY EGGO SPLIT: Election Again Splits North, South of Interstate 8 [Craig Gustafson @ UTSD]

UNSOLICITED: Willie Brown: "So California is suddenly swimming in a multibillion-dollar budget surplus. If Gov. Jerry Brown is smart, he'll hold a press conference tomorrow and pledge to use the money to pay down the state's Wall of Debt. But he needs to make the call right away, before my fellow Democrats or the teachers or the doctors or the other special interest groups with pull start demanding a cut."

AND MORE . . . "Mayor Ed Lee, the next ambassador to China? Even Rose Pak was laughing at that rumor. If anyone should be offered the Beijing posting, it's Sen. Dianne Feinstein . . . It would be a fitting sunset for a great career. Plus, it would give Gov. Jerry Brown the chance to appoint his wife, Anne Gust Brown, as Feinstein's replacement in the Senate." 

STATUS O' THE DAY: Andy Borowitz: "Winter Storm Could Wreck Walmart's Plan to Wreck Thanksgiving"

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez!



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  • Pacific McGeorge's Mike Belote Annual Endowed Capital Center Lecture Series presents "Protecting Individual Privacy in the Internet Age" Thursday Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. Sutter Club, 1220 9th Street. Free, Register at:
  • Tulchin Research, a leading Democratic polling and strategic consulting firm based in downtown San Francisco, seeks an Analyst for a full-time exempt position. Tulchin Research provides consulting services to candidates for elected office, ballot measure campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, corporations, and foundations. More information on the Tulchin Research website, and interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to
  • The California Grocers Association is looking for a Director of Southern California Local Government Relations. Position is based in Burbank, responsible for local government advocacy, grassroots , limited media, member recruitment and retention. Competitive salary and benefits ($75,000+). Full job description and instructions available HERE.


Vacant Seats? Let The Governor Fill 'em
George Skelton @
The price of electing lawmakers to replace ones who bolt is high. The Senate leader says it's time to let the chief executive decide.

Rural Fire Fee To Increase
Michael Gardner @
California’s disputed fire prevention fee may be even more difficult for rural residents to swallow next year. State law requires the fee to automatically adjust upward for inflation — even though about $26 million already collected remains unspent.

Molina Healthcare Poised For Healthy Growth
Ronald D. White @
Molina Healthcare expects to double its revenue by 2015 because of the expansion of lower income people eligible for coverage.

Task force: billions needed to fix transit in S.F.
Michael Cabanatuan and John Cote @
San Francisco's transportation system - famous for its slow Muni buses, pothole-pocked streets and inadequate bike and pedestrian amenities - needs a lot of help: $10.1 billion worth, a task force appointed by the mayor has concluded.

The Buzz: Obama comes to California to push immigration bill
David Siders @
President Barack Obama will press his case for immigration law changes in a speech today in San Francisco.

Steinberg's side job raises ethics questions
John Hrabe @
Either Steinberg knew earlier that Drobot was a client of his law firm, or he was derelict in complying with his duties as of counsel. In order to designate themselves as of counsel, attorneys must have close, personal, continuous, and regular relationships with their affiliated firms.

Rulings On Jail Terms Inconsistent After Changes To Three-strikes Law
Jack Leonard @
A year after Prop. 36 passed, questions remain about resentencing felons given life terms for gun possession on their third strike.

Would Stockton Plan Avoid Vallejo-like Deficit?
Ed Mendel @
The apparent failure of a court-approved plan of adjustment to solve structural financial problems in Vallejo is raising questions about whether the Stockton plan also might fail to close a long-term budget gap.

Batkid won't be able to help Obama on S.F. visit
Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross @
Team Obama - who arranged for the president to cut a congratulatory video for Batkid when he saved Gotham - had reached out about a possible hookup between the 5-year-old superhero and the leader of the free world.

Convict who inspired California's 3 strikes law released under state's prison realignment law
FRESNO -- A man whose long rap sheet inspired California's three strikes law is back living in Fresno after being released under the state's prison realignment law.

Lawyer pumps up S.F. landlords at boot camp
Nellie Bowles @
Lately, landlords, many of whom feel picked on, are coming together - not only to battle the stigma of renting out property but also to learn how to benefit from the tech-fueled real estate boom.

California's Substandard Highway System Needs Fix
Dan Walters @
Ideally, we would devise a new levy that’s tied more closely to real-world highway use, not only by cars but heavy trucks as well, and that charges motorists more for driving during peak travel hours, since morning and afternoon commutes put the greatest strain on roadway capacity. And, ideally, Brown and the Legislature would address this vital issue themselves, rather than shuffle it to the initiative process.

Politics shadow Senate ACA choices
Some of the Senate's most vulnerable members are getting in the same boats as constituents.

Program Aims To Get Parents On Their Children's Academic Team
Stephen Ceasar @
New Open World Academy in Koreatown is using a new approach to parent-teacher conferences to get parents more involved in their children's education.

Obama mixes fundraising with immigration message
President Barack Obama is blending an aggressive fundraising schedule for Democrats with a pitch for overhauling the nation's immigration laws, mixing a powerful issue within his party with the inevitable financial draw of an incumbent president.

For Beleaguered Irs, A Crucial Test Still Awaits After Troubled Rollout Of Health-care Law
The success of the Affordable Care Act could ultimately turn on the performance of an agency that has so far eluded the public spotlight amid the program’s tumultuous rollout.

Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's assassin moves to new California prison
SAN DIEGO -- Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's killer was moved to a new prison in California on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Kennedy's brother, President John F.

Dems worry their leaders are in denial on Obamacare
Democratic leaders claim the bungled launch of Obamacare is just the latest news sensation -- a media-stirred tempest that looks in the heat of the moment like it could upend the midterm election, but ends up fizzling well before voters head to the polls.

L.A. Unified's Local Food Push Is Healthy For Area Economy Too
Teresa Watanabe @
School district's commitment to more local sourcing of the food it serves has boosted business and employment at producers' plants.

Obama Visits S.F. During His Toughest Times
Joe Garofoli @
President Obama arrives Monday in San Francisco at one of the lowest points in his presidency.

Gov. Jerry Brown's Not Saying Whether He'll Seek Fourth Term
Anthony York @
Though Brown has millions in his war chest and high approval ratings, he's avoided talking about running next year.

Medicaid Expansion Faces Major Logistical Challenges Among the Homeless
s health care law could reduce homelessness significantly, but there are major logistical challenges.

Capitol Christmas tree arrives
Once the tree is in place on the U.S. Capitol's west lawn Monday, organizers say it will be decorated with more than 5,000 handmade ornaments from children across the country. A tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for 5 p.m. Dec. 3.