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WRIT OR GET OFF THE POT: The Calderon Affair [Joel Fox @ Fox and Hounds] - "[I]f crying wolf with no formal charge attached can blackball a member of the legislature then the door to mischief is open. It is incumbent on the U.S. Attorney to quickly reach a conclusion to either file charges or close the case or, better yet, offer light to the charges and countercharges before more reputations are bruised or buried."

HEAD FAKE NO MAKE: Steinberg denies Calderon claim he was targeted by FBI [Laurel Rosenhall @ SacBee]

EXPLANATIONS... Some astute readers asked whether I was a proponent of the idea of Holly Mitchell as a "caretaker" Senate Pro Tem for Bob Hertzberg. Of course not, I was conveying what legit sources were passing on to me. Several of us have thought that the idea of having the first African-American Pro Tem serve as a "caretaker" would be a bit distasteful.

Either Mitchell or Hertzberg would be strong as a long-term Pro Tem, as would several other members of the caucus, and you can't rule out Kevin de Leon simply because of the Calderon affair.

ANOTHER STORY YOU DON'T WANT TO READ: California's unemployment benefits fund is mired in debt [Marc Lifsher @ LAT] - "The insurance fund that pays state jobless benefits — run by the Employment Development Department — owes nearly $10 billion to the federal government. That's because the state has been paying far more in jobless benefits than it receives in employer-paid taxes, and the feds make up the difference."

GOV: Republican Neel Kashkari — edging closer to 2014 gov run — on the issues [Carla Marinucci @ SFChron]

SD23 (E. San Bernardino):  SD 23 Special Election: An Early Look [Jon Fleischman @ FlashReport]

MONEY MATTERS: Tom Berryhill testifies in case involving Stanislaus GOP funds [Ken Carlson @ Merced Sun-Star] - "State Sen. Tom Berryhill testified Thursday that he suggested donors support his brother’s 2008 Assembly campaign by giving money to the Republican Central Committee of Stanislaus County. But he insisted there was no agreement that the committee would pass the funds to Bill Berryhill."

AND MORE... Commission Hits Florez With $60,000 Fine [Central Valley Business Times]

SUPERMAN MINUTEMAN: Campaign posts video of Tim Donnelly performing Heimlich on choking woman [David Siders @ SacBee]- Video via YouTube

$$$: S.D. could face $78M deficit [Craig Gustafson @ UTSD]

FLACID MARKET: Porn industry group blames condom law for drop in film permits [Abby Sewell @ LAT]

WEEKEND VIEWING: Review: Amazon's Senate comedy 'Alpha House' is confirmed funny Robert Lloyd @ LAT]

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WSPA is behind newest attack on clean energy, calling itself CARE (Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy) and scaring people with misinformation.

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  • Jay Hansen for School Board reception Friday, November 15th 5-7 pm at the original Vallejo's 1900 4th Street. Hosted by Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. Tickets prices $35-$1,000. Please RSVP to Haley Walters at 916-400-3721.
  • The California Grocers Association is looking for a Director of Southern California Local Government Relations. Position is based in Burbank, responsible for local government advocacy, grassroots , limited media, member recruitment and retention. Competitive salary and benefits ($75,000+). Full job description and instructions available HERE.
  • Internship opportunity - The Office of Congressman Ami Bera is looking for individuals who have a strong interest in Government and Public Service. Strong oral and written skills are required, as well as an ability to work on projects individually and collaboratively for the day to day operations of a Congressional District Office. 15-20 hrs/wk. Contact Daniel at 916-635-0505.



Jerry Brown Offers 'jesuitical Harshness' To Univ. Of California
David Siders @
It will be another two months before Gov. Jerry Brown makes his budget proposal for the 2014-15 fiscal year, but the Democratic governor already is moving to temper expectations.

Steinberg Denies Calderon Claim He Was Targeted By FBI
Laurel Rosenhall @
The Senate Rules Committee, led by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, center, voted unanimously to strip Sen. Ron Calderon of all committee assignments on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at the state Capitol in Sacramento, Calif.

Labor, Business Groups Oppose L.A. City Health Department Measure
Abby Sewell @
Labor, business groups and medical organizations have banded together in opposition to a measure by a prominent AIDS health care group that would force the city of Los Angeles to cut ties with the county's health department and start up a health agency of its own. AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a major provider of HIV medical services to the county but nevertheless has been engaged in a series of pitched political battles with county officials, qualified the initiative for June's ballot.

Special Education Now On Sacramento’s Radar; Task Force To Take Long Look | Edsource Today
Special education, a multi-billion-dollar operation long viewed in Sacramento as too big and confounding to reform, may finally grab policymakers’ attention.

UC Board of Regents approves operations budget
The University of California's Board of Regents has approved a proposed budget for next school year that hinges on the state giving the system an additional $120 million for pension costs, enrollment growth and improvements to academic programs.

Senate panel backs S.F. nominee for U.S. judgeship
President Obama's nomination of San Francisco Deputy City Attorney Vince Chhabria to a federal judgeship won Senate Judiciary Committee approval Thursday on a divided vote, with one Republican criticizing Chhabria's defense of the city in cases involving handguns and same-sex adoptions. The lawsuit accused San Francisco supervisors of unconstitutional hostility to religion in a 2006 resolution that denounced the Vatican for prohibiting Catholic Charities from placing adoptive children with same-sex couples. Despite the split vote, Chhabria's support from some committee Republicans signaled that he is likely to win Senate confirmation, probably in the spring, said Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond law professor and analyst of federal court nominations.

FPPC Approves Penalties For Dean Florez, Luis Alejo, Mike Roos
Christopher Cadelago @
The Fair Political Practices Commission, California's political ethics panel, gave its stamp of approval to a number of high-profile settlements Thursday, including a record $60,000 penalty leveled against a former lawmaker for misusing campaign funds on personal airfare, dining and concert tickets.

Dozens of House Democrats back Republican healthcare bill
Michael A. Memoli @
WASHINGTON — Dealing a blow to President Obama’s effort to fix problems with his healthcare law, more than three dozen House Democrats voted Friday to support a Republican-sponsored bill to address the crisis, brushing aside White House warnings that the legislation would only make matters worse.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan faces a serious challenger
For dessert, Quan's hometown paper, the Oakland Tribune, served up a scathing editorial calling on her not to seek re-election. An Oakland mayor's race without Schaaf pits Quan against Joe Tuman, a San Francisco State University political science professor who ran for mayor in 2010, and Bryan Parker, a health care executive appointed last year to the Port of Oakland's Board of Directors by Quan. With all due respect to Tuman and Parker, an incumbent running against first-timers to elected office holds a decided advantage, even with Oakland's unpredictable instant-runoff system. The confluence of all those factors makes Schaaf a legitimate contender, one capable of cutting into Quan's base of supporters and vying for the same campaign dollars that funded the incumbent's last run. Along with council colleague Larry Reid, she pushed through a resolution to hire 20 police technicians and a latent-fingerprint examiner to help build the Oakland Police Department's woeful investigative resources. Vote on BrooksAt a special meeting called to censure Brooks for unauthorized expenditures in the renovation of a city-owned teen recreation center, Schaaf insisted on a "yea" vote for the record even after Brooks had defeated the measure by packing the gallery with supporters and creating such chaos that her colleagues simply gave up trying.

Cassidy: Health care law is a mess, but hardly worse than what came before
Mike Cassidy @
Maybe you heard that there have been some problems getting the president’s health care law launched. But as bad as the new system is, the problems it exposes are hardly new.

Judge Backs City Of Sacramento In Arena Lawsuit
Tony Bizjak @
A Sacramento judge issued a tentative ruling Thursday that a lawsuit challenging the city’s arena financing plan is premature, favoring the city’s argument that no final deal has yet been struck between the city and the Sacramento Kings to build the downtown facility.

Tom Berryhill Rejects FPPC's Charges Of Money Laundering
Jim Miller @
State Sen. Tom Berryhill on Thursday rejected state investigators' assertions that he illegally laundered tens of thousands of dollars in campaign cash in 2008 to help the Assembly campaign of his brother, Bill Berryhill.

Team Of 20-somethings Creates Popular Alternative
Eva Recinos @
After much handwringing over the website, which has suffered technical glitches from its very first day, a team of three 20-somethings decided to build their own site to help Americans access information about health plans more easily.

Healthcare Q&A: What do Obama's new plans mean?
Noam N. Levey @
WASHINGTON — Millions of Americans have been notified in recent weeks by their health insurance companies that their coverage will soon be canceled because of President Obama’s healthcare law.

Excloo! Republican Neel Kashkari -- Edging Closer To 2014 Gov Run -- On The Issues
Carla Marinucci @
Republican Neel Kashkari -- dubbed the “$700 billion man” for his work as administrator of the Troubled Asset Relief Program under the Bush and Obama administrations -- is traveling the country laying the groundwork for a 2014 gubernatorial run in California against Democrat Jerry Brown.

Health-care Law’s Problems Test Loyalty Of Democrats In Congress
The political fallout from the botched launch of the health-care law is presenting congressional Democrats with one of their toughest tests of party loyalty in the five years of the Obama administration.

Campaign Posts Video Of Tim Donnelly Performing Heimlich On Choking Woman
David Siders @
Tim Donnelly dislodged a piece of bread from a choking woman's throat last week.

Obama's Call For Insurers To Extend Canceled Health Plans Splits State
Chad Terhune @
California's top insurance regulator back's the president's proposal, but insurers warn it could trigger rate hikes.

Laurel Rosenhall @
Senate leader Darrell Steinberg today rejected a fellow senator's claim that he is the target of an FBI corruption investigation and said allegations in Sen. Ron Calderon's most recent court filing are "beyond the pale."

State senator denies laundering money to help brother’s campaign in 2008
Jim Miller @
State Sen. Tom Berryhill said Republican Party committees in Stockton and Modesto decided on their own how to donate to Bill Berryhill’s Assembly campaign in 2008.

1 Million Californians Losing Their Health Policies May Get More Time
Chad Terhune @
About 1 million Californians who are due to lose their existing health insurance Dec. 31 may get a reprieve after all.

The Buzz: Jerry Brown delivers ‘reality sandwich’ to UC
the numbers @
It will be another two months before Gov. Jerry Brown makes his budget proposal for the 2014-15 fiscal year, but the Democrat is already moving to temper expectations.

Judge Orders U.S. To Answer Calderon Complaint
Patrick McGreevy and Melanie Mason @
State Sen. Ronald Calderon accuses federal authorities of leaking an affidavit alleging bribery in retaliation for his refusal to cooperate in a probe of two other senators.