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  • CON: Added financial analyst Laura Wells (G)
  • CORRECTION: AD54 (Culver City): added opthomologist Morry Waksberg (N)

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Good morning from the California Economic Summit hosted by California Forward, and I won't put you through the pain of another novel like yesterday. However, in addition to the challenge of the economic rebound being concentrated on high wage, high skilled jobs, there's also a huge geographic disparity. Unemployment rates currently range from 5.0% in Marin to 26.3% in Imperial. Since 2010, the number of jobs in Marin has increased 10.7%, while Imperial has only seen a 3% increase. Statewide, jobs have increased 5.8% since 2010.

The largest job growth is found in the areas with the highest cost of living, areas where homeless have turned to buses for overnight accommodations. As someone said this morning, the state is no longer divided North-South, but rather East-West (true economically and politically). Meanwhile, the largest job growth is occuring mostly in the counties with the least projected population change through 2060.

At today's summit, Darrell Steinberg, Bill Emmerson, Nora Campos, and Jeff Gorell will have a panel discussion, while Gavin Newsom will give a luncheon keynote. Other legislators in the house include Ed Chau, Cristina Garcia, Jose MedinaAl MuratsuchiKristin Olsen, and Anthony Rendon. The governor's office is represented by Kish Rajan from the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development.

THE SCARIEST STORY IN SACRAMENTO:  Teacher pensions deficit grows $22 million a day [John Myers @ News10]:

California's 100 year old teachers' retirement fund is, even with recent good returns from Wall Street, at least $70 billion short of what it needs to meet just its existing pension promises. Without higher state and school district contributions -- taxpayer dollars -- CalSTRS projects it will be insolvent by the time this year's new crop of teachers retires in 30 years.

The best scenario, according to a February report by CalSTRS, would be an additional $4.5 billion more from all sources... every year, for the foreseeable future.

For some context, that's equivalent to double the entire state general fund cost of the Cal State University system in 2013-14.

Oh, and the analysis on the shortfall is using optimistic returns, and would double if new GASB standards are implemented.

CONGRESS: Early Look at Campaign 2014: Part 1 – Congress [Allen Hoffenblum @ Fox and Hounds]

SHIFT HAPPENS: Bush-Dukakis, 25 Years Later - Electoral Ground Has Shifted [Gregory Giroux @ Bloomberg]:

Bush did better in New Jersey (56.2%) than in North Dakota (56.0%) — unthinkable for a Republican presidential candidate today. Even New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, re-elected in a landslide this week, surely would do better in North Dakota than in New Jersey in a 2016 presidential campaign.

Dukakis did better in West Virginia (52.2%) than in New York (51.6%). He did better in Iowa (54.7%), where the farm economy faltered during the 1980s, than in his native Massachusetts (53.2%).

BELL: City of Bell Paid for Mayor's Hair Plugs, Councilman's Weight-Loss Camp [PublicCEO]

CUT! FBI Sting Might Trip Up Film Credit Expansion [Joel Fox @ Fox and Hounds]

A YEAR LATER: Putting Prop. 30 to work for California college students [CSULA President William A. Covino @ SGVT]

REFERENDA: Two abortion-related referenda were cleared for circulation yesterday, including one against AB 154 (allowing nurse practioners to perform early abortions), and one against AB 980 (clinic safety regulations) and 

CD17: Rep. Mike Honda caught sleeping on the job? [Carla Marinucci @ SFChron]

CD31: Rep. Gary Miller Targeted In TV Ad Pushing For Immigration Vote [Richard Simon @ LAT]

AD54: A couple of readers asked how Morry Waksberg could join the AD54 special election race, which is less than a month away (December 3). He's running as a write-in candidate. 

MAUI WOWIE: Jon Fleischman's Top 10 Reasons many State Senators and Assemblymembers take a "free" junket to Maui…

#10 Pleasant trade winds, tropical waters, soft sand, and perfect weather.
#9 I got upgraded to Ron Calderon's room!
#8 The rush of biking down Mt. Haleakala beats another Obamacare townhall.
#7 It's just like Sac, the bartender at the Fairmont's poolside bar knows your name!
#6 "Dark money" for junkets is totally more appropriate than for campaigns. Eh?
#5 It's not about fruity drinks and snorkeling – we're celebrating marriage equality!
#4 My constituents won't really know. And if they aren't looking, well, you know…
#3 You don't have to report gifts you receive when in Hawaii. Right? 
#2 Where else can you get briefed on energy policy during a lomi lomi massage?
#1 "Sloppy Ron Calderon" jokes are always better at a Luau, with a mai tai!

Have a great weekend!



Stop Fooling California!

WSPA is behind newest attack on clean energy, calling itself CARE (Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy) and scaring people with misinformation.

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Assembly Preparing 'Cease And Desist' Letter For Tim Donnelly Campaign Video
David Siders @
Tim Donnelly garnered some attention this week for a campaign video in which he objected to being called white - he is a "fleshy, pinkish tone" - and advocated making California "the sexiest place to do business." But it was another Donnelly video caught the attention of certain critics and, eventually, Assembly administrator Jon Waldie.

California Unions To San Jose Mayor: Drop Your Pension Initiative
Jon Ortiz @
Dave Low, chairman of Californians for Retirement Security, accompanied by other representatives of various public employee unions, discusses his opposition to Gov. Jerry Brown's reform plan for California's public pension system at a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., on Aug. 28, 2012.

Third lawsuit, new critics rip CCSF accrediting group
And Large, LLC @
[...] lawsuit, new critics rip CCSF accrediting group The accrediting commission is a private, nonprofit agency that must follow federal guidelines in its role as the arbiter of quality for California's 112 community colleges. "Attacks against the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College and its work to ensure quality education are disheartening to the evaluation teams who volunteer their time for peer reviews each year," she said. The Commission is confident that all City College of San Francisco supporters share the belief that the students and residents of San Francisco deserve an institution that meets standards of quality met by 111 other public community colleges in California. The commission placed City College in the most severe sanction, "show cause," in July 2012, citing and array of problems in governance and finance. Among the 11 people on stage were state senators Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, and Jim Beall, D-San Jose, who promised to pursue legislation to overturn a law designating the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges as the only agency able to accredit California colleges.

Workers To Get $2 Billion In Back Pay After Government Shutdown
Jim Puzzanghera @
Federal workers furloughed during last month's partial government shutdown will receive about $2 billion in back pay, the White House said Thursday.

Viewpoints: Slashing pensions at the ballot is foolhardy
Ron Cottingham @
In taking the first step toward putting a ballot measure in front of voters that would alter the state’s constitution in order to allow elected officials to renege on pension promises made to public servants, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is giving local governments a scapegoat for their financial problems.

Jerry Brown Says Poverty, Joblessness Due To California Being 'a Magnet'
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown, whose pronouncements of California's economic recovery have been criticized by Republicans who point out the state's high poverty rate, said in a radio interview Wednesday that poverty and the large number of people looking for work are "really the flip side of California's incredible attractiveness and prosperity."

Senate Passes Workplace Protections For Gay, Transgender Americans
Michael A. Memoli @
The Senate gave approval to a bill that would offer historic new protections to gay and transgender individuals in the workplace.

Campaign '14: Why State Needs Crackhead Canadian
Incumbent Democratic Governor Gandalf, his quick wit one-liners and reductio ad absurdum Jesuiticalisms seemingly extinguished by the demands of, you know, actually governing, grows day by day increasingly borrring, while would-be GOP rival Un-Abel Maldonado so far is snoozeworthy at best.

Obama 'sorry' for health insurance cancellations
Christi Parsons and Kathleen Hennessey @
WASHINGTON -- President Obama apologized Thursday for the fact that some people are losing their current health insurance plans even though he had told Americans they could keep their plans if they wanted to, saying his administration was working on changes to his healthcare law to address the problem.     

FBI Sting Might Trip Up Film Credit Expansion :: Fox&hounds
Recall that the legislature put the tax credit in place to combat runaway production to other states and countries that offered incentives to film in their locales. The $100 million film and TV tax credit program had many takers when it was offered –more than the budget allows. Over last summer, TV and film productions participated in a lottery to receive pieces of the credit. In one day the entire amount was claimed by 31 productions.

From Prison Isolation To A Sense Of Doom
Geoffrey Mohan, Reporting from Berkeley @
The effects of prison isolation on those who endure it are unclear. A former Pelican Bay isolation inmate tells of fear, anxiety.

California's Uneven Health-care Safety Net Documented In Report
Christopher Cadelago @
California continues to extend a patchwork of safety-net programs for its poor and uninsured residents despite making progress in several of the state's 58 counties, according to a report released Thursday.

Fresno Unified Parents Want Say In How New State Funds Are Spent
Hannah Furfaro @
Fresno Unified is getting about $15 million extra from the state this year and parents, many frustrated their input often falls on deaf ears, say they want a voice in how the district ultimately spends the cash.

Economy Experienced Surprising Growth In Summer
Martin Crutsinger @
Home construction also rose, and state and local governments spent at their fastest pace in four years. But businesses spent less on equipment, federal spending fell and consumers spent at a slower pace. All are cautionary signs for the final three months of the year.

Obamacare issues follow president on the road
Kathleen Hennessey @
President Obama is trying to break out of the cycle of bad news about healthcare by switching the conversation to the economy Friday. But on a trip to Louisiana, the frustration among his fellow Democrats is traveling with him.

California Loses Another Round In Lawsuit Over Ammunition Rules
Patrick McGreevy @
SACRAMENTO -- An appeals court has affirmed a lower court’s issuance of a permanent injunction against a 2009 state law that would have required Californians who buy handgun ammunition to supply their thumbprint, photo ID and other information.

BART: New Safety Procedures Could Mean Shorter System Operating Hours
Matthias Gafni @
Deflecting a flurry of criticism over their agency's safety record, BART managers at a special legislative hearing Thursday said train operating hours may shrink thanks to new track maintenance rules adopted in the wake of a recent fatal accident.

Calderon Scandal Puts Film Credit In The Spotlight
Jim Miller @
California’s relatively young TV and motion picture tax-credit program helped produce “Moneyball,” the exploration of pro baseball’s business side. Credits went to “We Bought a Zoo,” the Matt Damon comedy about a family’s foray into zoo ownership.

Ap California State News Wire | Union Democrat | Sonora News, Sports, & Weather, Angels Camp, Twain Harte, Jamestown - Ap Nation / World
>Union Democrat | Sonora News, Sports, & Weather, Angels Camp, Twain Harte, Jamestown

Severity Of Software Glitch Surprised Edd Officials
Marc Lifsher @
Employment Development Department officials tell lawmakers that it took two weeks to grasp the problem after a Labor Day upgrade.

New Crimes Could Undermine California's 'Realignment'
Dan Walters @
So far, about 40,000 felons have been affected by California’s “realignment” program, which is aimed at reducing overcrowding in prisons in accordance with federal court orders without, it’s said, releasing dangerous criminals to prey upon the public.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, With Eye On 2016, Keeps California Close
Seema Mehta @
Hillary Rodham Clinton visits California again, underscoring the state's importance to her potential presidential campaign.