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THE NOONER for November 4, 2013

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  • CD26 (Ventura): added realtor Rafael Alberto Dagnesses
  • AD55 (Diamond Bar/Yorba Linda): updated analysis
  • AD56 (Coachella): updated analysis
  • AD58 (Downey): updated analysis
  • AD59 (South LA): updated analysis

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Good morning. It's a crazy week for me, with about 24 hours on the ground in DC tomorrow evening-Wednesday, and then to Los Angeles for the California Economic Summit. So, I may be begging your forgiveness for abbreviated Nooners.

A PRETTY GOOD DAY: When you're a gubernatorial candidate, pulling down those $27,200 max contributions feels good. However, taking in a $1.5 million check from the Democratic State Central Committee feels great, which Jerry Brown reported Friday. 

AURAL PLEASURE: John Myers and Anthony York talk the Calderon affair on the Capitol Connection podcast.

Also talking about the FBI's sting today is George Skelton, who draws a parallel with Shrimpscam and quotes Dan Scnhur:

"The cycle is pretty predictable. After a scandal, there's a rush to clean up the system. And as time passes, the politicians get that much more brazen until one of them gets caught again. And there's another push to reform. And the cycle starts all over again."

Which raises an interesting question. This sting took place on the watch of FPPC Chairwoman Ann Ravel, but was released after her Senate confirmation as a member of the Federal Elections Commission. Would this had doomed her appointment had the affidavit been leaked before September 23?

CONGRESSIONALS: Timm Herdt writes up CD25 and CD26 (Santa Clarita) for the Ventura County Star. [paywall]

GOODWILL: Legislator, Labor Leader Champions Pay Equity for Disabled Workers [John Hrabe]

BANDWIDTH: Race heats up for faster, cheaper in-flight Wi-Fi [Mike Freeman @ UTSD]

KEEP TRYING: It's Monday, but just remember, if you keep trying, you just might get it right.

FRIDAY'S TRIVIA: California leads the nation in this "processed" food, which accounted for $816 million in value in 2011.

FRIDAY'S ANSWER: Processed tomatoes, but not of the killer variety.

TODAY'S TRIVIA: This former Assembly Fellow later served as chair of Senate Budget Committee.



Stop Fooling California!

WSPA is behind newest attack on clean energy, calling itself CARE (Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy) and scaring people with misinformation.

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Legislature Friendly To Business Amid Dem Majority - Sfgate
Conservatives feared Democrats would use their two-thirds majority to raise taxes and kill the property tax initiative Proposition 13, maybe pass an oil severance tax on petroleum companies. Not only did none of that happen, but the business-oriented California Chamber of Commerce beat back 37 of the 38 "job-killer" bills it singled out in the recently completed legislative session. "The chamber and the business community has a greater influence on Democrats than they used to," said Jim Araby, executive director of the 160,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council, whose union members volunteered thousands of hours last year to elect the Democratic supermajority. 'Economy-sensitive' leadersThe Democratic supermajority did vote to increase California's minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2016 from the current $8 and approved giving driver's licenses to people who entered the country illegally. Wilson said the chamber will probably be involved in an East Bay Assembly race featuring three Democrats - longtime Brown adviser Steve Glazer, teachers union leader Tim Sbranti and Danville Mayor Newell Arnerich - and Republican attorney Catharine Baker. The Legislature's current lineup has another year to go, and plenty of items on the liberal wish list, including Prop. 13 reforms, aren't dead yet, said Eric McGhee, a research fellow with the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. Reforms' impact unclear The political jury is also out on whether the redrawn district lines have bred more moderate candidates.

In California, Hundreds Of Thousands To Pay More For Health Insurance
Christopher Cadelago @
Hundreds of thousands of Californians who purchase their own health insurance are bracing to pay more for their plans, as the cost of the federal health care overhaul lands harder on middle-class customers.

Fight Over Waterfront Condo Height Goes To San Francisco Voters
Lee Romney @
A fight over a waterfront condo plan morphs into a duel over what kind of city San Francisco should be. Voters will decide.

The Buzz: Did Carelessness Lead To Leak Of FBI Document?
Jon Ortiz and Jeremy B. White @
Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, right, greets Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, at the Capitol in Sacramento last June.

CalPERS Members Live Longer, May Push Up Rates | Calpensions
After years of keeping employer rates low, CalPERS in April switched from an actuarial method that spread investment gains and losses over 15 years to a more direct method, boosting employer rates roughly 50 percent over the next seven years.

Richmond Activists Celebrate As Mexico Passes Soda Tax Similar To One That Failed Locally
Robert Rogers @
While lawmakers in Mexico City hammered out a budget Thursday that would include billions in new taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages, Dr. Jeff Ritterman pecked at his computer keyboard.

Often-broken elevators strand housing tenants
Heather Knight @
The troubled San Francisco Housing Authority acknowledges that its senior and disabled residents live in high-rise buildings where elevators regularly fail, stranding them in their apartments. But there are no plans for a permanent fix because there isn't enough money to replace the elevators. And, until it was notified of the issue by The Chronicle, the mayor's office wasn't even aware there was a problem.

Obama joins the action in Virginia governor's race
Kathleen Hennessey @
WASHINGTON - President Obama joined the parade of personalities campaigning for onetime Democratic Party chief Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor's race, a closely watched swing-state contest that could test both parties' strategy for next year's midterm election.

Echoes Of A Long-Ago Sting Operation
George Skelton @
Allegations against Sen. Ronald S. Calderon recall 1988's Shrimpscam, which led to the conviction of 14 people.

Both Sides Invoke Obama in Climax of Virginia Governorâ
The president attacked the Republicans for the recent government shutdown, while the Republicans tried to profit from problems in the health care rollout.

Los Angeles' Water Future Remains Challenged By Drought, Short Supplies
Dana Bartholomew @
The semiarid Southland imports more than half its water from hundreds of miles away through some of the modern world’s largest aqueducts. But water officials now say that in the decades ahead, it may not be enough — that more must be done to conserve and develop more water supplies here at home.

California Probe Of Campaign Donations Sheds Light On 'dark Money'
Chris Megerian and Anthony York @
A Republican consultant raised millions to defeat tax-hike and anti-union measures last year.

Romney Accuses Obama Of "Fundamental Dishonesty" On Health-care Law
Holly Yeager @
Mitt Romney stepped up his attack on President Obama’s health reform program on Sunday, accusing the president of “fundamental dishonesty” that has “undermined the foundation of his second term.”

Colorado Is Asking Taxpayers for $1 Billion to Help Schools
Voters on Tuesday will be asked to approve a plan to raise $1 billion in additional taxes.

With Good Info Hard To Find, Castro Valley Senior Home Residents Left In The Dark
Matt O Brien @
Most couldn't have known. With many ostensibly public elder care records obscured behind locked government doors, frail residents who strain to walk had little chance of uncovering the Castro Valley business owners' epic trail of health violations, fines, overdue bills and lawsuits.

LAX Shooting Of TSA Agent Points Up Gaps In Post-9/11 Security
Dan Weikel and Laura J. Nelson @
Despite a $1.6-billion investment in new security measures at LAX since 9/11, Friday's shooting by a gunman who made his way deep into a passenger terminal demonstrates that the airport remains vulnerable to attacks that appear costly and difficult to defend against.

Why Can't Obama Run The Government As Smoothly As His Campaign?
Kathleen Hennessey and Christi Parsons @
President Obama increasingly seems to be battling top-level management failures as much as policy or political problems.

Food Stamp Cuts Will Hurt Families Still Trying To Recover From Recession, Advocates Say
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images - Volunteers pack bags of rice at the San Francisco Food Bank on Nov. 1, 2013, in San Francisco, Calif. An estimated 47 million Americans will see their food stamp benefits cut as temporary relief to the federal program ends with no new budget from Congress to replace it.

Giant Los Angeles County Needs More Supervisors
Dan Walters @
Los Angeles County is home to more than a quarter of California’s population, and nearly 60 percent of its residents are Latino.