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THE NOONER for October 25, 2013

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  • CD36 (Coachella Valley): added minister Norman DeArmond (N)
  • SD32 (Whittier): added Cerritos councilmember Joseph Cho (D)

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  • Pacific McGeorge's Capital Speaker Series presents “Dark Money – The 11 Million Dollar Problem Defined” with Chip Nielsen and Lance Olson, Wednesday Nov. 13, Noon, $15 lunch, Sutter Club, 1220 9th Street. MCLE. Register at:
  • The fastest, most cost-effective way to learn the legislative process and effective advocacy. Veteran lobbyist Ray LeBov presents his introductory " Lobbying 101" and advanced "Lobbying 201" seminars October 31-November 1. $250 each. Valuable for principals / support staff at lobbying firms, organizations that employ lobbyists, public agencies. Info / or 916 442 5009.
  • CapitolTrack is hiring a full-time employee to work in our West Sacramento office. This position will provide technical support to current subscribers, conduct product demonstrations to potential clients, and manage data accuracy. Candidates must have strong presentation skills, be highly adaptable to working with new technology, and be very comfortable working in databases. More information at
  • Senior Director of Communications for UC Davis transportation and energy research programs -- Lead communications programs for the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and its partners. Great job in a green community. Requires extensive experience in public communications and good supervisory skills. Prefer university work experience. Salary: $53K-$95.5K

LATINOS AS TARGETS?: Yesterday, Tim Donnelly and supporters of similar efforts in Colorado efforts announced recall campaigns against California legislators over their votes on bills affecting gun ownership and usage. While a full list of those members who would be targeted, "Free California" spokesperson Jennifer Kerns said likely targets were Senators Norma Torres and Ben Hueso and Assemblymembers Lorena Gonzalez, John Perez, Sharon Quirk-Silva. Kerns also serves as spokesperson for Donnelly's gubernatorial campaign.

The governor signed several bills regulating firearms and ammunition, although vetoed the most restrictive SB 374 (Steinberg), which would have banned semi-automatic rifles with changeable ammunition magazines. The New York Times reported that Donnelly was most concerned with that bill and AB 711 (Rendon), which phases out the use of lead ammunition, which the governor signed.

On AB 711, 43 Democrats and 1 Republican voted for the bill on the Assembly floor and 23 Democrats voted for it on the Senate floor. Forty-four Democrats voted for SB 374 on the Assembly floor, and 21 Democrats voted for it on the Senate floor. 

The targets of five Latinos--four of whom are in safe Democratic districts--immediately caught the eye of people around the Capitol, including the Latino Caucus. Patrick McGreevy writes in the LAT:

The threats made in front of the Capitol garnered a swift denunciation from the California Latino Legislative Caucus, which noted that the five lawmakers mentioned are Latino.

"Any organization intent on abusing the recall process for political gain should be ashamed of itself," said Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens). "The shame is even more stark and pronounced when the strategy targets only Latinos. Californians will not stand for any campaign that is clearly racist and devoid of any political or legal legitimacy.” 

While they each voted for the two bills described above, none of them authored the gun bills that made it to the governor's desk. Perez is in the safest of the targeted districts, which he won with 82.8% of the vote last year, is termed-out next year, and is running for Controller. 

I know Donnelly's passion for the Second Amendment is up there with border defense, but he has to realize that his background will always be seen as a Minuteman activist.

Several Republicans I talked to last night were frustrated by the move as they saw it as a potential waste of limited party resources and, it could even buoy re-election chances by encouraging Latino turnout for Sharon Quirk-Silva in AD65, the #2 target of Assembly Republicans in 2014 (second to Steve Fox in AD36). Fox, whose district has spans some of the state's most popular hunting grounds, voted no on SB 374 and abstained on AB 711.

Beyond the political strategy, these Republicans also thought the Latino targets continues a theme that has been successful for Tim Donnelly, but disastrous for the party. It would have been so much easier to throw in Steinberg and Rendon, just to not look so stupid. This just may be California's political gaffe of the year.

We can debate whether the "Free California" flag used in the press conference violates California Military and Veterans Code sec. 614 and whether said statute is constitutional.

DISCLOSURE: The Bee creates a chart showing how the "mysterious" Arizona money ended up in California's initiative campaigns last November.

JUST A JACKSON: How much does your state fine for texting and driving? [Mother Jones]

YESTERDAY'S TRIVIA: Of the 38 men who have served as governors of California Jerry Brown and his father Pat Brown share this trait with only 4 other governors. What is it? 

YESTERDAY'S ANSWER(S): Only six governors, including both Browns were born in the State of California. A seventh was born in pre-admission California. A second correct answer is that six governors, including both Browns, have served at least 2 four-year terms. A seventh served 2 two-year terms. 

TODAY'S TRIVIA: Which Supreme Court case likely would invalidate California Military and Veterans Code sec. 614 if challenged today?

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to SOS Debra Bowen (Sunday), Rick Hauptman (Saturday), and Senator Mark Wyland (Sunday).


Gun Groups Target California Lawmakers For Recall
Melody Gutierrez @
Gun-rights advocates plan to target Assembly Speaker John Perez and four other Democratic lawmakers in a recall campaign to serve as retribution for California passing an assortment of gun-control bills this year.

California Gun-control Votes Trigger Recall Attempts
Josh Richman @
Free California, a nonprofit founded by a Republican strategist who was involved in the Colorado recalls and who is now the spokeswoman for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly's campaign for governor, held a news conference with Donnelly and others Thursday on the steps of the state Capitol. Named as potential targets were state Sens. Norma Torres, D-Chino, and Ben Hueso, D-Chula Vista; Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, and Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton; and Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles.

Gun advocates target California lawmakers for recall
Gun-rights advocates plan to target Assembly Speaker John A. Perez and four other Democrat lawmakers in a recall campaign to serve as retribution for California passing an assortment of gun control bills this year. Kerns said the group is using a scoring system in which lawmakers are ranked on how they voted and how much money it would take to initiate a recall election. "Every single assemblyman and state senator swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution," said Donnelly, a Tea Party favorite running a low-funded campaign for governor next year.

Jerry Brown: Cutting inmates nothing to "beat your chest about"
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown was wrapping up a speech in Washington on Thursday about the merits of California governance when, during a question and answer period, the subject of state prisons arose.

Gov. Brown Wants Supreme Court To Allow Private-prison Deals
Paige St. John @
SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown is back on the doorstep of the U.S. Supreme Court , seeking an order to let him go ahead with contracts that would send thousands more inmates to private prisons out of state.

Prop. 32 Money Trail Leads To Koch Brothers
Dan Morain @
Tony Russo and Jeff Miller cooked up a grand idea. To carry it off, they needed money, lots of it.

FPPC Seeks Repayment Of $15 Million In Mystery Money
Laurel Rosenhall @
In a campaign finance case watched around the country, California's political watchdog has levied a $1 million fine against two non-profit groups for inappropriately laundering money during last year's ballot initiative wars.

Calif State Assembly Speaker Perez Implicated in Central Basin Water Scheme
Jim @
Community News has obtained an audiotape that details how the Office of California State Assembly Speaker John Perez collaborated with former Assemblyman Tom Calderon and officials with the Central Basin Municipal Water District in an attempt to coerce three Maywood Mutual Water Districts (MMWD) into taking on unwanted projects that if they did not accept, the districts, as Calderon said, would be “dissolved with a stroke of a pen.”

California, Jerry Brown Enjoying Rave Reviews, But Comparisons Are Tricky
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown speaks at the California Chamber of Commerce's annual Host Breakfast in Sacramento on Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

List Unmasks Secret Donors To California Initiative Campaigns
Anthony York @
A state investigation into a network of nonprofit groups that funneled $11 million into initiative campaigns in California last year has revealed the identities of dozens of previously hidden donors to the various organizations.

Opponents Of Transgender Rights Law Say Signature-Gathering Efforts To Repeal Are "Exploding"
Carla Marinucci @
Republican Frank Schubert, the veteran strategist behind Prop. 8, says the signature-gathering effort to repeal a controversial law regarding transgender student services is “exploding” around California.

So A Former Governor, Speaker And Chief Justice Walk Into A Ballroom...
Capitol insiders packed a hotel ballroom Thursday to hear from three big names in California politics: former Governor Gray Davis, former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown and former California Chief Justice Ronald George.

California FPPC Issues Record Fine For Failure To Disclose Source Of Mystery Money
Laurel Rosenhall @
Political groups with ties to the conservative Koch brothers acknowledged Thursday they gave about $15 million to block a tax increase and weaken union influence in California last year without properly reporting the source of the money.

BART strike over, but fallout could spill over
Marisa Lagos @
With BART trains running as usual, memories of the recent day-to-day hassle of getting around the Bay Area may soon fade - but some political observers expect that commuters will not forget their overall frustration with both sides in the labor dispute.

FPPC fines Arizona groups $1 million for campaign finance violations
Laurel Rosenhall @
In a campaign finance case watched around the country, California's political watchdog has levied a $1 million fine against two non-profit groups for inappropriately laundering money during last year's ballot initiative wars.

Clinton: CAP put health care on agenda
Katie Glueck @
The former secretary of state highlights the group's policy successes on issues like health care.

Officials set late Nov. deadline for Obamacare website fixes
Kathleen Hennessey @
WASHINGTON -- The government’s troubled health insurance website will be running smoothly for the “vast majority” of users by the end of November, administration officials said Friday, for the first time setting a public deadline for fixing the problematic centerpiece of President Obama’s healthcare law.

Affordable housing debate heats up at City Hall
The plight of tenants facing eviction in San Francisco's tech-fueled housing market dominated the political discourse at City Hall on Thursday, including the resurrection of ideas already derailed in the past. Supervisor Scott Wiener announced he will introduce legislation next week to allow construction of in-law units in the Castro, a step designed to create new, less-expensive housing. [...] the nonprofit environmental justice organization Arc Ecology issued a report stating that legalizing existing black market in-law units and encouraging new ones would result in 21,900 new - and safe - homes. [...] the city's Planning Commission voted 6-1 to support changes to city laws proposed by Supervisor John Avalos that, among other things, will prohibit the demolition or merger of dwelling units that have had a "no-fault" eviction within the last 10 years - a move designed to deter property owners from evicting apartment renters and then combining the units into a single unit that could sell for a much higher price. Evictions under the Ellis Act, a state law that allows property owners to evict tenants if they take the building off the rental market, shot up 81 percent in San Francisco over the past year, according to the city's Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board.

Gun groups consider recalls of Calif lawmakers
Gun owners groups said Thursday they are considering recall campaigns against five Democratic lawmakers in California, including Assembly Speaker John Perez, for supporting a variety of firearms bills this year.

Bell's Spaccia Was Set To Make An Extra $8 Million, Expert Testifies
Jeff Gottlieb @
A Wells Fargo & Co. pension expert testified Thursday in the Bell corruption trial that he drew up a special retirement plan for city administrators Robert Rizzo and Angela Spaccia that would have allowed them to increase their already huge pensions by at least $375,000 a year.

Podcast: All eyes on
Matt Sobocinski @
POLITICO's Tony Romm hosts with Rebecca Sinderbrand and Jason Millman on the topic of and the 'tech surge' to fix it.