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THE NOONER for October 1, 2013

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Good morning from Seattle. I think I left my iPhone on the plane last night so I am more disoriented than usual. And, no, it wasn't purposeful to avoid those federal fundraising deadline phone calls. But, now that we have passed that deadline, I need me a phone, and the only iPhones in stock are 5C. 

AD16: The race to succeed Joan Buchanan in the tri-valley Assembly seat is going to be among the most interesting to watch. The seat is likely safe for Democrats, who hold a 7% margin in the district, among the last areas that elected Republicans from the Bay Area.

Running as Democrats are Orinda councilmember and Jerry Brown strategist Steve Glazer, Dublin mayor Tim Sbranti, and Danville councilmember Newell Arnerich. The lone Republican thus far is Pleasanton attorney Catharine Baker. If the Republican field stays at one, only one Democrat should be expected to emerge from the June 3 top-two primary. Given that, it's very possible that this race could be the site of some fun independent expenditure plays.

Glazer and Sbranti are seen as the strongest candidates. Sbranti, a teacher and activist with the California Teachers Association, is likely to be the candidate of labor. Glazer is positioning himself as an independent progressive Democrat and is now leafletting at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station to urge riders to sign a petition calling for a ban on the ability of transit unions to strike.

As of June 30, Glazer had $240k on hand, Sbranti had $101k, and Arnerich had $39k. Republican Baker only recently joined the race and had no June 30 report. Sbranti has swept up the endorsements of most local state and federal officeholders.

AD16 provides the perfect opportunity for a labor v. business top-two fight next June.

***The Leadership California Institute hosts "Candidate Forum 2014" on October 16 in Sacramento! The most talked about candidates for the 2014 cycle will be joined by influential leaders like Former Senate Minority Leader Jim Brulte, Former Assembly Member Bev Hansen, and PPIC President Mark Baldassare for a one-day bipartisan forum. Join the growing list of sponsors today! For more information, contact Nicki Arnold: (916)529-4722 or

#CAKEDAY: Light the candles for lobbyist Shaun Flanigan! Oh, and for Yosemite National Park, who celebrates her 123rd birthday. Of course, nobody is allowed at her party because of the shutdown.

FAREWELL: Blackbird restaurant on 9th becomes the latest casualty of the doomed location.




  • Learn to lobby more effectively. Veteran lobbyist Ray LeBov presents his introductory "Legislative Process / Lobbying 101" and advanced "Lobbying 201" seminars October 31-November 1. $250 each. Valuable for principals / support staff at lobbying firms, organizations that employ lobbyists, public agencies. Info / registration: or 916 442 5009.
  • SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West Research Analyst-Workforce Development (San Francisco or Sacramento). 150,000 member California healthcare union seeks strategic, progressive, motivated Research Analyst, , 2-3 years research/union experience. Excellent benefits, career ladder. Salary $49k-$91k. Resume, letter, references:


  • AB 253 by Assemblymember Marc B. Levine (D-San Rafael) – Floating home marinas: conversion: subdivision map requirements.
  • AB 480 by Assemblymember Ian C. Calderon (D-Whittier) – Service contracts.
  • AB 549 by Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) – Comprehensive school safety plans: mental health professionals and police role on campus guidelines.
  • AB 588 by Assemblymember Steve Fox (D-Palmdale) – School athletics: concussions.
  • AB 748 by Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton) – Judgments against a public entity: interest.
  • AB 865 by Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton) – Yacht and Ship Brokers Act: licensing.
  • AB 946 by Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Scotts Valley) – Transit buses: Counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz.
  • AB 1062 by Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) – Human resources.
  • AB 1074 by Assemblymember Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) – Horse racing: thoroughbred racing.
  • AB 1220 by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – Consumer credit reporting: adverse action.
  • AB 1226 by Assemblymember Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) – Horse racing: jockey riding fees.
  • AB 1423 by the Committee on Governmental Organization – Horse racing: advance deposit wagering and exchange wagering deductions.
  • SB 269 by Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) – Prepaid rental listing service.
  • SB 459 by Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) – Vehicle retirement: low-income motor vehicle owners.
  • SB 465 by Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) – Packaging and labeling: containers: slack fill.
  • SB 571 by Senator Carol Liu (D-La Canada Flintridge) – Income taxes: voluntary contributions: Keep Arts in Schools Fund.
  • SB 652 by Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) – Real property disclosures: construction defect litigation.
  • SB 819 by the Committee on Governmental Organization – Horse racing: Breeders' Cup World Championship series: payment of purses.


New Law Allows Industrial Hemp Crops In State - Sfgate
California farmers could be growing industrial hemp - not marijuana, mind you - by spring after Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that would permit California farmers to grow the long-banned distant cousin of the trippy herb. In August, a memo from Deputy Attorney General James Cole clarified that the federal government would de-emphasize marijuana prosecutions in "states and local governments that have enacted laws legalizing marijuana in some form" and have "strong and effective regulatory and enforcement systems." On Monday, Leno will ask state Attorney Gen. Kamala Harris to seek clarification from the Department of Justice about whether its August memo gives a green light to industrial hemp crops now that the state has approved a regulatory process for them. Federal measuresBut John Lovell, a lobbyist for the California Narcotics Officers Association, which opposed the measure, said it would take more than a letter signed by the Department of Justice to have weight. Should Californians gain approval to begin planting industrial hemp, the retail market for hemp products could boom.

Shutdown Would Hurt Sacramento’s Recovery But Not Kill It
Dale Kasler and Mark Glover @
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., accompanied by Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., left, and House Assistant Minority Leader James Clyburn of S.C., speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Monday, Sept. 30, 2013. Republicans and Democrats blamed each other Monday as they took the federal government to the brink of a shutdown in an intractable budget dispute over President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

Full Steam Ahead For Obama Healthcare Law
Noam N. Levey @
Obama says its full steam ahead for his healthcare law on Tuesday, regardless of whether Congress fails to avert a partial government shutdown.

Obamacare dispute sends government to brink of shutdown
Andrew Taylor @
Compromise elusive, Republicans and Democrats engaged in finger-pointing Monday just hours before the first government shutdown in 17 years, driven by an intractable budget dispute over President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

Government shutdown: Senate again defeats effort to delay Obamacare
Lisa Mascaro and Michael A. Memoli @
WASHINGTON -- Wasting little time, the Senate rejected a new House spending bill that took aim at President Obama’s healthcare law, as Democrats continue to hold firm against Republican demands.

What Would Federal Shutdown Mean For California Education? | Edsource Today
Federal money for education will continue to flow into California, with some caveats, even with a government shutdown.

Senate Rejects Obamacare Delay; House Must Now Act
Lisa Mascaro and Michael A. Memoli @
Acting to prevent a midnight government shutdown, the Senate easily rejected the House GOP's latest attempt to halt President Obama¿s healthcare law.

Impasse Persists as Senate Rejects House Offer for Talks
The Senate disposed of the House proposal in a 54-to-46 party-line vote, as Republicans remained firm that Democrats agree to significant rollbacks in the health care law.

Judge Orders Halt To Palmdale's November Election; City To Appeal
Jean Merl @
A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Monday ordered a halt to Palmdale's November municipal election on grounds that the city's at-large method of choosing council members violates the California Voting Rights Act.

Prop. 8 legal team joins fight against Virginia's gay marriage ban
Maura Dolan @
SAN FRANCISCO -- A Los Angeles-based gay rights group that launched the federal challenge of Proposition 8 has hired high-powered attorneys Theodore B. Olson and David Boies to challenge Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Potential shutdown's impact on government services
Federal air traffic controllers would remain on the job, and airport screeners would keep funneling passengers through security checkpoints. Social Security and Medicare benefits would keep coming, but there could be delays in processing new disability applications. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children could shut down. The program provides supplemental food, health care referrals and nutrition education for pregnant women, mothers and their children. Americans would still have to pay their taxes and file federal tax returns, but the Internal Revenue Service would suspend audits. Veterans would still be able to visit hospitals for inpatient care, get mental health counseling at vet centers or get prescriptions filled at VA health clinics. Federal occupational safety and health inspectors would stop workplace inspections except in cases of imminent danger.

Cal-tax Estimates California's State And Local Debt At $443 Billion
Dan Walters @
Gov. Jerry Brown has repeatedly pledged to tear down what he calls California's "wall of debt."

On Wrong Side Of Angels Vote, Anaheim Mayor's Power Reined In
Paloma Esquivel @
The Anaheim City Council on Monday voted to weaken the mayor’s agenda-setting powers but stepped back from a proposed resolution that would have forced him to get the support of at least one additional council member to put items on the agenda.

North Carolina Governor Assails Suit on Voting Laws
s restrictive voter identification laws, filed on Monday by the Justice Department, was rooted in politics.

Hearing postponed in Jerry Brown's appeal of furlough lawsuit
A key court hearing in a multimillion-dollar court fight between Gov. Jerry Brown and unions representing California's state engineers and scientists has been taken off the calendar without explanation.

Shutdown, Or Not - California Launching Health Law Tuesday
Christopher Cadelago @
California will forge ahead with the launch of its health insurance marketplace Tuesday, regardless of whether Congress fails to reach a last-minute deal to avert a federal government shutdown.

City Of La Asks Court To Block Public Health Initiative; Read The Full Complaint | Represent! | 89.3 Kpcc
Frank Stoltze @
Join Alex Cohen and A Martínez for a conversational and witty look at the issues people are buzzing about.

Congress plunges nation into government shutdown
Andrew Taylor @
Congress plunged the nation into a partial government shutdown Tuesday as a long-running dispute over President Barack Obama's health care law stalled a temporary funding bill, forcing about 800,000 federal workers off the job and suspending most non-essential federal programs and

GOP Will Stop At Nothing To Deny Obama His Due On Healthcare Reform
David Lazarus @
The rhetoric over the health law has nothing to do with healthcare or the role of government. It's about not giving Obama credit for it.

As Congress Spars Over Budget, Obama Stays on the Sidelines
Watching as Congress debated government spending and his signature health care law, President Obama welcomed and met with the Israeli prime minister.

Sen. Boxer: GOP Lawmakers Continue ‘their War On Women’
Casey Capachi, @
She said the GOP plan would eliminate funding not only for birth control, but for screenings for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases and services for victims of domestic violence.

Legislative Goals Are Not Only About Changing California :: Fox&hounds
While the goals of the latter bills might focus on individuals, you get the sense that the legislature is telling the country: This is the way we should all live, follow us.

With Congress At Impasse, Government Starts Shutting Down
Lisa Mascaro and Michael A. Memoli @
The White House orders federal agencies to start shutting down as Congress fails to agree on a budget and Obama's healthcare law.