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THE NOONER for September 18, 2013

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  • SD18 (San Fernando Valley): updated analysis
  • AD60 (Corona): added Jacob Daruvala (D)
  • AD62 (Inglewood): added author/management consultant Mervin Evans (D)

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Our friends at Capitol Morning Report got up again on east coast time, but John assures me it's not solely for my access to the morning read but I will continue to be deluded to thinking so. Heading down on the choo-choo to DC today for meetings on the Hill and some work on community college student success. 

As you're reading this, I should have just arrived in DC. I'll be on Capitol Hill tomorrow and then in meetings on student success Friday and Saturday. 

LEGISLATORS OF THE YEAR AWARDS! Now that session is over, it's time to vote on Legislators of the Year. Once again, we are taking votes for most effective legislator of each of the four caucuses, as well as "most true to party values." And, new this year, who is the legislator from each caucus that you'd most like to have a beer or espresso with?

Your vote is of course confidential and voting will be open through Friday, September 20. Only Nooner e-mail recipients can vote, and you can only vote once. Vote now at:


AD45: Here are the preliminary results in the special election to fill Bob Blumenfield's Assembly seat, and the overall order is unlikely to change:

  • Matt Dababneh - (D) - 5,318 - 24.6%
  • Susan Shelley (R) - 4,637 - 21.4%
  • Jeff Ebenstein - (D) - 3,003 - 13.9%
  • Chris Kolski (R) - 2,797 - 12.9%
  • Andra Hoffman - (D) - 2,123 - 9.8%
  • Damian Carroll (D) - 1,424 - 6.6%
  • Dennis De Young (D) - 606 - 2.8%
  • Elizabeth Badger (D) - 581 - 2.7%
  • Armineh Chelebian (R) - 562 - 2.6%
  • Eric Lewis (N) - 383 - 1.8%
  • Dan McCrory (D) - 222 - 1.0%

Sam Oh sums it up with this tweet "Matt Dababneh's lead in AD45 reminded me of this great read - The Waxman-Berman Machine Finally Shuts Down

Waxman-Berman supported Andra Hoffman. The overall make-up of the electorate largely appeared as predicted, and the biggest surprise was Jeff Ebenstein coming in third, where most observers thought either Hoffman or Carroll would land if Shelley placed in second.

Republican candidates received 36.9% of the vote, which will likely go down a few notches with provisionals and late absentees, nearing the 34.1% received by Mitt Romney in 2012. Again, there was no clear GOP edge in the special, although Dababneh might be considered the most "conservative" of the top tier Democrats in the race, and probably did well with the older, whiter electorate.

Susan Shelley received 58% of the Republican vote, and Matt Dababneh won 40% of the votes among Democrats. Preliminary turnout was a whopping 9%, with 21,696 voters compared to 176,710 in last November's presidential.

But, if you think that was low turnout, look to Holly Mitchell's coronation in SD26. With twice as many residents as AD45, fewer voters (21,230) turned out, but 80.6% of them cast their ballot for Mitchell. Because it was a special election and Mitchell received over 50%, there will be no runoff. Mitchell will have to stand for re-election next year in SD30, and will be eligible to serve two full four-year terms. 

HUGS ALL AROUND: The hardest job in politics is choosing the verb for the subject lines of the Bob Hertzberg endorsement e-mails. In the last 10 days, verbs include "nabs," "locks down," "reaps," "snaps up," and "nets." Of course, Senator Hugsberg is essentially running unopposed. Major credz to the team at Shallman Communications.

CAFWD: California Legislature notches a winning season [Jim Mayer @ CAFWD] - "From CA Fwd's perspective – nonpartisan, good governance – 2013 was a winning season, not a championship year, but steady progress."

PAY FIRST CLASSY, SAN DIEGO: Filner gave raises to seven employees in final weeks [Tony Perry @ LAT] - "In his final weeks as mayor, Bob Filner quietly gave generous raises to seven of his staff members. The raises took effect as staff members were being interviewed by the city attorney's office about the sexual harassment allegations that ultimately drove Filner to resign."

***A MESSAGE FROM MVLM ADVOCACY: K Street Consulting and McCallum Group, Inc. are pleased to announce our strategic alliance – McCallum Vargas Lopez MacDonald Advocacy Alliance. Now we can seamlessly offer clients the combined expertise and relationships of our respective firms. Please visit to learn more.


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  • Capitol Weekly and the University of California Sacramento Center present Health Care: 2014, a conference examining the California health care landscape as the Affordable Care Act takes effect. The day-long conference will be held in Sacramento on September 26, 2013. Register here.



Democrats Target Denham, Valadao In Robocalls
Christopher Cadelago @
Democrats today are launching a flurry of robocalls charging two Republican San Joaquin Valley congressmen with contemplating shutting down the government and withholding financial support to implement the new federal health care law.

UC Panel OKs Initial Work To Presidential Mansion
Nanette Asimov @
The recession is over, and University of California officials need a place to party. Or, in the more dignified phrasing used by UC, they want a place to "accommodate essential entertainment functions" of incoming President Janet Napolitano, the former head of Homeland Security who starts work at UC on Sept. 30.

California Prison Riddle Far From Solved
Paige St. John @
How ever California meets a December deadline to ease prison crowding, the state's prison problems are far from over.

Holly Mitchell slides to Senate, 45th Assembly district moves to runoff
Jeremy B. White @
As expected, Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, cruised to victory in a special election to fill a Senate seat former senator Curren Price vacated when he moved to the Los Angeles city council.

Campaign Finance Bills Fare Poorly In California Legislature
Chris Megerian and Melanie Mason @
Measures to increase the power of a state campaign finance watchdog and raise fines for violations are stalled.

California Politicians Play Hide-the-pea On Ballot Measures
Dan Walters @
As the ballot measure evolved into California’s primary public policy tool over the last three-plus decades, clever people were paid large sums of money to figure out how to persuade voters. They adopted deception – there’s no other word for it – as a technique.

House G.O.P. to Tie Spending Bill to Health Law Defunding
s health care law, increasing the likelihood of a government shutdown.

Hollywood Producer Led Push On Early Parole For Juvenile Offenders
Anthony York @
Just after 9 on Monday night, Gov. Jerry Brown's legislative secretary Gareth Elliot picked up the phone and called a Hollywood studio executive.

Jerry Brown Says He Will Sign Bills Extending Vehicle Fees
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday that he will sign legislation extending a fee on vehicle registrations and tire sales in California to pay for programs designed to reduce emissions and promote alternative fuels.

Lower Vote For Parcel Taxes May Not Matter, Says Report |

California Now Allows Complete Voter Registration Online | Local & Regional News | Bakersfield Now - News, Weather And Sports
Secretary of State Debra Bowen called the new process "great news for democracy." She was joined by state lawmakers and voter advocates in Sacramento to announce the web feature, which is being made available for the first time ahead of the November election.

California Unemployment Checks Delayed Amid Computer Upgrade
David Siders @
The state Employment Development Department said today that about 50,000 unemployed Californians have had their benefit checks delayed as the department struggles to implement a computer system upgrade.

Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell Wins State Senate Seat
Patrick McGreevy @
With all precincts reporting in the 26th Senate District, Mitchell received 81% of the vote, beating perennial Democratic candidate Mervin Evans, who received 19% of the vote.

Dexter Douglass, a Lawyer for Gore in 2000 Recount, Dies at 83
Mr. Douglass, who had a long career in Florida politics and government, was part of the legal team that pressed for ballot recounts after the close presidential election results in the state.

Sacto 911: Democrats target Denham, Valadao in robocalls
Christopher Cadelago @
Democrats today are launching a flurry of robocalls charging two Republican San Joaquin Valley congressmen with contemplating shutting down the government and withholding financial support to implement the new federal health care law.

Obama Blames Boehner For Delay On Immigration Reform - The Hill's Video
Sheldon Alberts @

$250k Spent to Block Sexual Abuse Bill in California
John Hrabe @
You'd think that a bill to give victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to file a lawsuit would be the sort of non-controversial legislation that politicians would rush to champion. Well, you'd be wrong.

Mitchell leads in 1 of 2 special Calif. elections
Democratic Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell has a big lead as expected in early returns for a vacant state Senate seat in one of two special elections for the California legislature.

San Mateo high school district drops AP lawsuit
Aaron Kinney @
The San Mateo Union High School District and a group of Mills High School parents have abandoned their lawsuit against the College Board and Educational Testing Service for their decision to invalidate the Advanced Placement exams of nearly 300 students at the Millbrae school.

Access To Healthcare For The Poor Varies Widely Among States
Noam N. Levey @
A Commonwealth Fund study finds a wide disparity among states in access to affordable, quality healthcare for poor Americans.

Dems Tire Of Waiting On Immigration Reform
Alexander Bolton @
Democrats’ patience on immigration reform is wearing thin. President Obama, congressional Democrats and activists have given Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) some room to maneuver on the thorny issue, but they are now saying that the clock is ticking.

Dan Walters Daily
Jeremy B. White @
Despite a legislative recess in a non-election year, Dan finds plenty of political action -- including some of the "heavy-duty" variety.

Obama to ask business leaders for help in budget talks with Republicans
Kathleen Hennessey @
WASHINGTON – President Obama will try to enlist help from business leaders in his standoff with congressional Republicans over government spending and a looming vote to raise the debt limit, a White House official said.