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THE NOONER for September 12, 2013

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  • AD53 (Downtown LA): removed LAUSD trustee Monica Garcia (D)

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HANG IN THERE: The gavel will be falling soon!

GOV: Big shakeup in GOPer Maldonado's 2014 gubernatorial campaign -- but "I'm moving forward" [Carla Marinucci @ SFChron]:

"Maldonado’s chief strategist John Weaver — the GOP insider who advised former presidential candidate John McCain — left the campaign last month, along with the rest of Weaver’s Washington D.C.-based team. Those staffers included media strategist Fred Davis, campaign manager Jeff Corliss, deputy communications director Julia Smekalina, as well as the campaign treasurer, an internet adviser, and two fundraisers, the Chronicle has learned."

. . .

"'He's got a lot of good things to talk about, but he brought in these DC consultants and they charged an outrageous amount of money,'' said one leading GOP strategist, speaking not for attribution."

Alas, no demon sheep from Fred Davis for Abel.

***A Message from United Steel Workers and Supporters - Please help us #STOPSB54 – the job-killing gut-and-amend bill currently being decided in the California State Legislature.  SB 54 by Senator Loni Hancock puts 5,000 union jobs on the line. By forcing out workers with the highest level of safety training and the most experience in California’s refineries, SB 54 also weakens safety and puts communities at risk. Please vote NO on SB 54. To find out more, visit

DEUCE BIGELOW  ❤ ❤ ❤ TIM DONNELLY: Comedian Rob Schneider is appearing at a fundraising reception for Tim Donnelly on September 24 in Glendora.

IMMIGRATION: Yesterday, the State Senate approved Lorena Gonzalez's AB 1024, which would authorize the California Supreme Court to grant attorney bar licenses notwithstanding immigration status as long as the candidate meets all other requirements for admission. Because the bill is discretionary, the court (the State Bar in practicality) could consider length of residence and reason for immigration status before granting admission). While the passage was not a surprise, the fact that four Republicans joined Democrats for a 29-5 vote was, demonstrating that at least part of the GOP in Sacramento is shifting signficantly on immigration.

In 2008, the Senate GOP caucus was united in blocking Kay Albiani's reappointment by Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. At the time, Albiani, a beloved college trustee (who has an elementary school named for her) at the Los Rios Community College District) and president of the statewide trustees association, was also the president of the Board of Governors and had recently been praised for the recruitment of Senator Jack Scott as the system's new chancellor.

The reason the Dick Ackerman-led GOP blocked her? The California Community Colleges Board of Governors had voted the previous year to take a "support" position in favor of financial aid for DREAM Act students. Two other Schwarzenegger appointees to the board withdrew, preferring not to fight for Senate confirmation.

At the time, Democrats had 25 members of the State Senate and needed 2 Republicans to join them on confirmation items. It was largely unheard of to refuse to confirm a member based on the position a board took on legislation. Again, this was simply a position on a bill that the Legislature would consider (which it did approve before it was subsequently vetoed), not actually changing law. But, Dave Cox refused to vote for his friend--who had crossed parties to hold fundraisers for him. And, the other vote that we were counting on who refused to confirm Kay (and the other two members)? Abel Maldonado, who subsequently "evolved" on the issue.

Blocking good appointments to lead community colleges over a position on education policy that was essentially unanimous among education professionals both in California and across the country was one of the lowest points I remember in my 19 years in this town.

Whether or not you believe that persons without legal status should have access to a bar card, yesterday's vote on AB 1024 was heartwarming, as four Republican senators voted in the way they believe their district is best served. Hats off to Tom Berryhill, Anthony Cannella, Bill Emmerson, and Andy Vidak

Also, this morning, Senator Anthony Cannella and Assemblymember Jeff Gorell were scheduled to hold a presser about the "need for comprehensive federal immigration reform" and to distribute a letter calling on GOP California congressional delegation members to "allow immigration reform legislation to come up for a vote."

[Note: I appreciate the difference between financial aid--a limited resource--and bar admission, and that the two issues aren't completely parallel.]


Guidance for governor on legislative issues [editorial @ SFChron]

AB 4 (Ammiano): "Brown vetoed a similar law last year and is under pressure from some law enforcement groups to do so again. But the measure is an attempt to prevent deportations of low-level lawbreakers, whose families and lives could be wrecked by such an action. We say: Sign it."

AB 1401 (Gonzalez): "But it lessens an important distinction between citizens and others, and this difference is worth preserving. We've opposed this idea in the past and continue to do so. We say: Veto it."

AB 154 (Atkins): "It would place California among a handful of states that allow the non-doctors to perform [abortion] procedures. We say: Sign it."

SB 649 (Leno): "would let prosecutors treat [minor drug] offense as a misdemeanor, qualifying the guilty party for a trip to rehab not the state's overcrowded jails. The measure by state Sen. Mark Leno, a San Francisco Democrat, allows flexibility in the legal system. We say: Sign it."

SB 4 (Leno and Pavley): A fracking deal gone bad [editorial @ LAT] - "The amendments have led various environmental organizations to withdraw their support. We previously endorsed the bill, and Pavley deserves praise for trying, but at this point SB 4 is so flawed that it would be better to kill it and press for more serious legislation next year."

AB 10 (Alejo): Minimum wage boost in California is long overdue [editorial @ SacBee] - "The bill has been the subject of intense debate over many months. In the end, legislative leaders and the governor have come out in favor of a significant wage boost that benefits those at the very bottom of the economic ladder. In an economy with a record-high income gap (the top 10 percent of earners took more than half of the nation’s total income last year), such an adjustment is justified and long overdue. AB 10 is designed to increase the value of work, a basic American value that both Democrats and Republicans should support."

ACR 65 (Hall): Senate should reject naming of Bay Bridge span after Willie Brown [editorial @ MercNews] - "While Willie Brown was much-revered by many San Franciscans, he certainly was not, and is not, universally loved even within his own city; three former presidents of the Board of Supervisors have openly opposed the resolution. San Francisco has plenty of significant landmarks it can bestow with Brown's name if it wishes. But not the bridge."

AD45 (San Fernando Valley): Dababneh, Shelley are the choices in Valley Assembly race


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday, Senator Carol Liu. [tip me off on your colleagues' birthdays]



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Big Shakeup In GOPer Maldonado's 2014 Gubernatorial Campaign -- But "I'm Moving Forward"
Carla Marinucci @
Former California Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado, a moderate Republican considered the leading potential challenger to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, has suffered a major campaign shakeup — but insists he is staying in the race because “California can do better.”

Deal To Ease Prison Crowding Sails Through Assembly
Melanie Mason @
SACRAMENTO--A deal brokered by Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders to ease prison crowding passed with overwhelming approval in the Assembly on Wednesday.

Jerry Brown Urges OK Of Amended Bill To Raise Minimum Wage
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown said Wednesday that he supports raising the minimum wage in California to $10 an hour, urging lawmakers to approve a bill that was amended Wednesday and awaits action in the Senate.

SEIU Local 1000 Paying Back $5 Million In Wrongfully Collected Funds
Jon Ortiz @
Click into SEIU Local 1000’s homepage and you’ll find items touting a new contract with the state, links to news items of interest to members and leader profiles, including one about President Yvonne Walker. You have to dig a little to find out that the union is making payments to state workers – an estimated $5.1 million – to settle accounts for violating their free-speech rights.

GOP Split Over Healthcare Law Boosts Threat Of Government Shutdown
Lisa Mascaro @
House conservatives are cool toward GOP leaders' proposal to pass a government spending plan without defending Obamacare.

Richmond Refuses To Kill Proposal To Seize Underwater Mortgages
E. Scott Reckard @
The City Council of Richmond, Calif., rejected a challenge to the city's proposal to seize and write down troubled mortgages, instead voting 4 to 3 to invite other local governments to join its radical approach to slowing a wave of foreclosures. 

California Legislature Sends School-test Bill To Gov. Jerry Brown
Jeremy B. White @
After debating the relative merits and drawbacks of standardized testing, the Assembly on Wednesday sent Gov. Jerry Brown legislation allowing California schools to opt out of current statewide assessments.

Jerry Brown, lawmakers poised to hike California’s minimum wage to $10
David Siders @
A bill to raise the minimum wage in California to $10 an hour raced forward at the Capitol on Wednesday, with Democratic lawmakers poised to approve the measure and Gov. Jerry Brown announcing he would sign it.

California Prison Spending Bill On Its Way To Gov. Jerry Brown
Laurel Rosenhall @
The California Legislature is sending Gov. Jerry Brown a bill that takes a two-pronged approach to the federal court order to reduce prison crowding, asking the court for an extension to meet the obligation while appropriating $315 million to send inmates to private and out-of-state prisons, in case the extension is rejected.

Long Beach City Council votes to draft new medical marijuana law
In a unanimous vote, council members direct the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would once again allow a limited number of marijuana shops to operate within city limits.

Legislature Acts To Give Hollywood Park Casino Reprieve
Patrick McGreevy @
The state Senate on Wednesday took action aimed at allowing the Hollywood Park Casino card club to stay in business even though its investors also own shares of a Las Vegas casino.

Jerry Brown and California lawmakers come together on fracking bill
Jeremy B. White and Jon Ortiz @
After intense debate and heavy lobbying from all sides, the state Assembly approved a fracking bill late Wednesday that gained momentum from Gov. Jerry Brown’s public endorsement.

Fracking Bill Passes California Assembly
Jeremy B. White @
A closely watched bill to regulate hydraulic fracturing in California moved closer to the governor's desk on Wednesday, advancing out of the Assembly on a 53-18 vote.

L.A.'s State Lawmakers In Dispute Over Status Of Airport Police
Patrick McGreevy @
A political dispute has erupted in Sacramento over legislation that would give the Los Angeles airport police the same elevated standing and powers as Los Angeles Police Department  officers.

The Caucus: Senate Panel Approves Journalist Shield Legislation
The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday passed legislation to provide greater protections against reporters being fined or imprisoned if they refuse to identify confidential sources.

Steinberg shelves main environmental measure to aid arena effort
Tony Bizjak @
Following last-minute negotiations with the governor, state Sen. President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg shelved his main environmental reform bill Wednesday night, and instead pushed forward with a bulked-up alternative bill – one that includes provisions to assist in development of Sacramento’s downtown arena.

7th Legislator on Darius Anderson's Cuba Junket Identified
A seventh state lawmaker that participated in a spring break trip to Cuba with Sacramento's best-connected lobbyist has been identified.

Wage Garnishing Bill Fails In California Senate
Laurel Rosenhall @
A bill that sought to make it harder for debt collectors to garnish the wages of Californians who are behind on their college student loan payments failed to garner the necessary support in the state Senate Wednesday.

Recall Vote on Guns Exposes Rift in Coloradoâ
s mansion, but a recall campaign exposed the party to popular anger as voters ousted two state senators who supported gun laws.

Lawmakers Dread Syria Inspections
Jesse Helfrich @
Lawmakers on Wednesday raised concerns that a long, complicated effort to secure Syria’s chemical weapons could draw the U.S. into a nightmarish inspection process while Syria is engaged in a brutal civil war.

Unfazed By Colorado Recalls, California Lawmakers Press On With Gun-control Bills
Josh Richman and Mike Rosenberg Staff Writers @
Colorado's recall elections and California's rush to pass gun bills in the final week of its legislative session quickly reignited the national debate over balancing public safety with constitutional rights.

Jerry Brown urges passage of California fracking bill
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown will sign a bill to regulate hydraulic fracturing in California if the legislation reaches his desk, Brown's office said Wednesday afternoon.