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THE NOONER for July 26, 2013

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  • CORRECTED: AD33 (SB High Desert): added businessman Peter S. Markovich (R)

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TWEET DU JOUR: @mattrexroad - "If every resident of California just endorsed Hertzberg for Senate would he be willing to stop sending out press releases?" 

Good morning from America's Finest City. C'mon over, let me give you a big sloppy Friday kiss. The headlock just makes it sweeter.


The rings of support around Sandy Eggo mayor Bob Filner continued to fall last night, with the local Democratic party withdrawing support. "'We are not here to determine guilt or innocence,' party Chair Francine Busby said after emerging from the closed session where the committee voted 34-6 for resignation," reports Mark Walker in the UT.

Last Thursday's vote was 24-24. It's amazing what a difference women stepping forward makes.

"However, in the best interests of the city, the San Diego County Democratic Party has asked Mayor Filner to step down to seek the personal help that he needs, to address his legal issues and allow the city of San Diego to move forward."

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi weighed in, stating about Filner and Anthony Weiner "They have both admitted they need therapy. I think maybe that therapy could better be accomplished in private."

Oh, yeah, and while we're talking about slimy politicos, immigration reform is pretty much dead.

So, where do we go from here? Well, nobody can remove Filner from office except for himself or the voters via a recall. Otherwise, he's there until his term ends in 2016. However, with the party removing support, it could be very difficult for him to stay.

It now turns to who is willing to continue working for him and whether their careers are set back by doing so. It's rare that staff suffer from the attributes of their bosses, but rarely do these situations drag on for years. So, if Filner insists on staying, can he maintain a staff to do the job of mayor? After all, hasn't he had three chiefs of staff in two weeks?

Further, there will be a pressure point next year when the city council approves the FY2015 budget. If the council is sincere about removing him from office, then they could just not fund Filner's office. San Diego's strong mayor ordinance does not give the mayor veto authority over the annual appropriations ordinance (section 280).


LITE: Gavin finds something to do with his time by making Flipboard magazines.

TAKE THAT DOUBTERS! Boeing to move commercial plane work from Seattle area to Long Beach [W.J. Hennigan @ LAT]

YOLO: GQ Investigates: How #YOLO is Yolo, CA?

A law student buddy and former Yoloan I sent this article yesterday asked "Why didn't they interview you?"

Of course, the only response is "Those who understand YOLO don't waste time with the phone."

#FAREWELL: Today's the last day on the job for SF Chron reporter Wyatt Buchanan, who is leaving the fishwrap for the ivory tower of Arizona State University where he's going to inspire young people about the future of journalism--actually teaching ethics and diversity. California politics and policy will miss you, Wyatt.

Alright, kiddoes, we've gotten a lot done this week. Enjoy the weekend.




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  • Learn to lobby more effectively. Veteran lobbyist Ray LeBov offers his introductory "Legislative Process / Lobbying 101" and advanced “Lobbying 201” seminars August 22-23. $250 each. Valuable for principals and support staff at lobbying firms, organizations that employ lobbyists, public agencies, membership associations. Info / registration: or 916 442 5009.
  • The UFCW Western States Council seeks a full-time government relations director. The UFCW represents over 160,000 workers in California, primarily employed in retail and food trades. For more information please visit


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Doctors, Hospitals Join To Fight Changes To Malpractice Awards
Anthony York @
The fight to raise the cap on awards in medical malpractice cases was officially joined on Thursday with groups backed by litigators filing a ballot initiative that could be before voters next year, and a coalition of doctors and hospitals responding with a new political committee to defeat the proposal.

Pelosi, Boxer And Feinstein On Filner: Get A Clue, Get Therapy And Perhaps, Get Lost
Wyatt Buchanan, Michael Collier, Richard Dunham, Bob Egelko, Joe Garofoli, Marisa Lagos, Carolyn Lochhead, Carla Marinucci, @
Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein on Filner: Get a clue, get therapy and perhaps, get lost

Federal Public Defender In Sacramento Decries Budget Cuts
Denny Walsh @
Cuts to the program that provides lawyers to poor federal defendants could end up costing taxpayers more money than they save, according to Heather Williams, who recently took over as federal defender in Sacramento.

UC president names chancellor for Riverside campus
University of California President Mark Yudof has selected former Michigan State University Provost to serve as the chancellor for UC Riverside.

Ballot Measure Targets Doctors Overprescribing Pain Meds
California's low medical malpractice cap is the hot item in a proposed ballot initiative filed Thursday, but the measure also seeks to stop physician drug abuse and keep doctors from over-prescribing pain medications.

AM Alert
A topic close to the heart of Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg- mental health - is the focus of a significant amount of public agency activity today.

Water District Claims Contractor Overcharged By $1 Million
Hector Becerra and Devin Kelly @
The Central Basin Municipal Water District, which has emerged as a key player in the FBI investigation into a state senator, on Thursday sued a politically connected company for allegedly overbilling it by nearly $1 million.

Brown Scuttled Prison Bond Haunts Inmate Release Order - Bloomberg
Six years ago, California lawmakers shook hands on a $7.4 billion deal to build lockups for 53,000 prisoners to reduce overcrowding that was so severe a federal judge threatened to set thousands of convicts free.

Judge Says Palmdale Elections Unfair To Blacks, Latinos
Frank Shyong and Joseph Serna @
In a new critique of how minorities are treated in the Antelope Valley, a judge has ruled that Palmdale violated state voting laws by maintaining an election system that stymied Latinos and blacks from winning office.

Does This Guy Rock Or What? « California's Capitol
Greg Lucas @
George H.W. Bush, the nation’s 41st president, did not decide to go bald for style or even for comfort.

Former Michigan State Provost Nominated To Head UC Riverside
Larry Gordon @
UC regents will vote on Kim Wilcox's nomination as UC Riverside chancellor Aug. 8. He was at Michigan State during budget cuts.

Democrats Foolishly Blow An Easy Win :: Fox&hounds
Apparently not, since the Democrats just blew a safe Democratic Senate seat in a Central Valley special election in which the bosses achieved the amazing contortion of seizing defeat out of the jaws of almost certain victory.

Former No. 2 at Michigan State nominated to head UC Riverside
Larry Gordon @
UC regents will vote on Kim Wilcox's nomination as UC Riverside chancellor Aug. 8. He was at Michigan State during budget cuts.

Dan Walters Daily: Democratic supermajority in jeopardy
Even with votes still left to count in SD16, it looks as though Democrats' supermajority in the Senate is increasingly shaky, Dan says. Note that Dan refers to Democrats having 28 seats after the Vidak win. He's assuming that Dems will ultimately pick up the vacancy created by Curren Price going to the Los Angeles City Council.

Richmond Hires Law Firm, Set To Sue Chevron For Damages Following Fire
Robert Rogers @
The contract with Burlingame-based Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, which represented victims of the 2010 San Bruno disaster caused by a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. gas line rupture, signals that settlement negotiations between the city and its largest taxpayer have broken down.

Ballot Measure Filed To Raise California's Medical Damages Cap
Jeremy B. White @
The drive to lift California's cap on medical damages could be going to the ballot box.

The Caucus: Commission Allows Joint Donations by Same-Sex Spouses
A vote by the Federal Election Commission effectively doubles the amount that legally married gay couples may contribute to federal candidates.

Lamar Alexander under fire on immigration
Tarini Parti and Burgess Everett @
By voting for the Senate immigration bill last month, he waved a red flag in front of the tea party.

Water district sues company, accusing it of overbilling
Hector Becerra and Devin Kelly @
Central Basin sues the politically connected Pacifica Services, which has received millions from the water agency over the years.

Initiative to lift California medical malpractice cap filed
The drive to raise the amount victims can recover in medical malpractice lawsuits may be going to California's ballot box.

California seeks records from San Diego operator of 2 colleges
Larry Gordon @
California attorney general asks court to enforce subpoena on Bridgepoint Education as part of wider probe into for-profit and online colleges.