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THE NOONER for July 22, 2013

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  • GOV: added author Luis Rodriguez (G)
  • AD45 (West San Fernando Valley): added businesswoman Armineh Chelebian (R)

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Good morning from Costa Mesa in the mighty AD74 where I spoke to some promising future community college leaders last night. We still haven't learned whether Allan Mansoor will jump into the county supe race against Michelle Park Steel or run for a third term on the green carpet. Lots of would-be Assemblymembers are anxiously sitting on the sidelines. Perhaps he will instead run for Assembly to see if Mimi Walters is successful in her effort to succeed John Campbell in CD45, which would trigger a special in early 2015. Of course, Costa Mesa is in CD48, and Dana Rohrabacher isn't going anywhere, particularly as long as he can be a burr in the butt of John Boehner.

Oh my friends, it is a busy week in California politics, and we have much more after the jump! And, bear with me, as I'm drinking bad Hilton coffee.




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PAST TENSE: By the number of out-of-office messages, a lot of you missed Friday's Nooner.  

TOMORROW: Runoff in SD16, Primary in AD52, and runoff in Los Angeles Council District 6.

comic MAYOR con: The annual anime and comic fest was this weekend in Sandy Eggo, allowing Mayor Bob Filner to be bumped from above the fold for childhood fantasies to be translated to adulthood. Nevertheless, after the weekend breather, calls for Filner to resign are expected to resume this week.

On Friday, the San Diego County sheriff established a Filner Hotline, hours after comedian Stephen Colbert skewerd da mayor with flavor.

Over the weekend, we saw our first poll on possible successors should Filner step down. And, as the UT's Mark Walker writes, it's a tough decision for one possible candidate, Carl DeMaio. "Just six weeks [after declaring a run against Congressman Scott Peters], DeMaio's name now appears on everybody's list of potential contenders to replace Mayor Bob Filner if the recent sexual harassment accusations force him from office."

The SurveyUSA poll had Nathan Fletcher at 42% and DeMaio at 41%, also tested a lot of other possible match-ups, but known with initial support levels like those. Fletcher is a former Republican assemblyman who dropped his registration to independent for last year's mayoral primary, and is now a Democrat.

@latsandiego: "Attorney Gloria Allred to hold news conference today with alleged victim of sex harassment by Mayor Filner. Lawsuit to follow, she says."

I cued Allred on July 11! Has she been on vacay or getting slower in her career?

Joking aside, this is a serious situation, and da mayor with flavor has some real problems on his hands, particularly once the allegations are in court-prescribed 12-point font.

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: San Diego County Clerk Ernest J. Drononberg filed suit Friday with the California Supreme Court asking the court to find that the Supreme Court's decision in Perry v. Hollingsworth be limited to the counties in which the plaintiffs reside (Alameda and Los Angeles), and that Governor Brown, Attorney General Harris and Secretary of State Bowen have no authority to order county clerks to apply SCOTUS's decision.

On a tangeant, my brain wandered this weekend to the California Supreme Court and its current make up, including four Asian-Americans out of seven. California's anti-miscegenation laws were repealed in 1948, and you have to wonder if the four Asian justices are thinking about the pretty ugly legacy of anti-Asian and anti-miscegenation laws in California as they think about same-sex marriage. For example, both of Justice Joyce Kennard's parents were Eurasian, so her grandparents wouldn't have been allowed to marry in California, and either of her parents wouldn't have been allowed to marry a "pure" white in California when she was born in 1941. Fortunately, she was born in the "forward-thinking" Indonesia... 

DOUBLE-DOWN: After an aggressive lobbying campaign to block the tribal compact of the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, the attorney general's office issued a title and summary on Friday for a referendum on that compact as well as the one in the Wiyot Tribe. Under the North Fork compact, a casino would be built off-reservation along Highway 99 in Madera County on what was going to be a NASCAR track, and the Wiyot Tribe agreed not to build on environmentally sensitive land in Humboldt County in exchange for a share of North Fork revenue.

The referendum and a lawsuit are supported by "Stand Up for California," which is generally an anti-gaming group. However, there are plenty of deep-pocketed interests that could provide the funding necessary to qualify and run a campaign for the referendum. The bill was supported by Central Valley business, civic, and labor interests, but vehemently opposed by card clubs and the state's largest existing tribal casinos.

SHOOTING BLANKS: GOP Governor's Race? What GOP Governor's Race? [Ben Adler at CapRadio] - "Yet there’s hardly any talk about the campaign. GOP consultant Marty Wilson says he's never seen a governor's race start so slowly. And the biggest reason, he says, is Jerry Brown. 'Brown has proven to be a very effective governor, and so trying to find the issues where you can draw contrast are going to be a challenge,' Wilson says."

DC ADVICE THAT APPLIES IN 95814: Cashing Out and Saying Goodbye [Rebecca Gale @ The Hill]

TED LIEU SHOULD GET CREDZ FOR FREQUENCY: 15 Most-Followed Politicians on Twitter [Sarah Ang @ Mashable] - Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only Californian on the list.

RELEVENT! With Jerry Brown vacationing in Europe, Gavin Newsom got to use his pen over the weekend to declare a state of emergency in Riverside County due to the Idyllwild fire.

HMMMM... SFChron: "Crash firefighter may get ax: SFFD looks to remove worker who allegedly drove ladder truck into motorcyclist while drunk."

SABERMETRICIAN: Nate Silver is leaving the New York Times to go to ESPN to return to the world of sports statistics during off years, and work with Disney-owned sister company ABC News during election years. Politico's Mike Allen has a great backgrounder on the Sllver Rush in yesterday's Playbook.

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: I left Los Angeles-born Jenny Korn off the Californians on Politico's Top 50 of politicos to watch list.


Bankruptcy Zeroes In On Pensions
Dan Walters @
The state constitutions of Michigan and California have almost identical provisions prohibiting what lawyers call "impairment of contract."

As Arizona Governor, Napolitano Put Higher Education On Agenda
Jason Song @
The next UC system president placed emphasis on medical and science facilities, saying training would fill job needs in her state.

San Jose Mayor Seeks To Change State Pension Law
Local @
As his signature pension reforms go on trial starting Monday, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed has been working to build support for a state constitutional amendment that would bolster the city's legal authority to reduce costly employee retirement benefits.

Why Have Lieutenant Governors?
George Skelton @
Those who hold the post have no power and are ignored by the governor.

Will Detroit's Bankruptcy Lead To Stockton Deal?
Ed Mendel @
Bond insurers who walked away from mediation last year before Stockton filed for bankruptcy are at the table this summer. A deal could avoid a precedent-setting legal showdown on whether public pensions can be cut in bankruptcy.

Mood Turns Somber For Democrats In 2014 Contest For Senate Control
Alexander Bolton @
President Obama talked earlier this year of a Democratic takeover of the House, but instead his party is now in danger of losing the Senate. The latest blow to their hopes of keeping the upper chamber came from former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D),who opted out of a race to replace retiring Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.)

Internal Affairs: County education office engulfed in email war
the Mercury News @
At the unhappy Santa Clara County Office of Education, fractured over the leadership of Superintendent Xavier De La Torre, pro and con camps are embroiled in a mostly anonymous war of emails.

California Businesses Pushing GOP Lawmakers To Back Immigration Overhaul
Curtis Tate, McClatchy Washington Bureau @
As a comprehensive immigration overhaul appears stuck, for the moment, in the House of Representatives, an influential coalition is betting that members of Congress from California can break the logjam.

Marin County Political Discourse Takes A Mean Turn
Carla Marinucci @
Laid-back Marin County was once defined by its liberal sensibilities, stunning landscapes, and rarefied status as one of the most affluent and bucolic regions of California. But the peace sign has lately been replaced by caustic, confrontational politics at a level of anger that has shocked County Supervisor Susan Adams, an obstetrics-gynecology nurse practitioner and mother of four who thought she'd seen everything in more than a decade in public office.

Athlete Workers' Comp Limits Are Headed To The Goal Line
Marc Lifsher @
Players unions oppose the owner-backed bill, even after restrictions for players from out-of-state teams are scaled back.

Northern California water levels to hit 5-year lows
SACRAMENTO -- Federal officials say drought conditions in Northern California could bring water levels in Folsom Lake and the American River to five-year lows.

Folsom Lake, American River Levels To Hit 5-Year Lows
Matt Weiser @
Water levels in Folsom Lake and the American River this fall will drop to levels not seen in five years as California verges on another extended drought period.

More Community Colleges Facing Accreditation Problems
Carla Rivera @
Cutbacks are seen as one reason for lack of maintaining standards. Students' credits can be in jeopardy if campuses lose their status.

Economy: No Consensus On Plan To Stimulate California Business
Under the new incentives available starting a year from now, manufacturing and biotech companies anywhere in the state would be eligible for sales-tax exemptions on the purchase of manufacturing equipment. Companies also could get hiring credits if they are located in census tracts with the highest rates of poverty and unemployment. There also would be tax credits to attract and retain businesses. But some Inland Southern California lawmakers and business leaders say they fear the region will be hurt by the demise of enterprise zones and will gain little, if anything, from the new program.

Whoopi Goldberg rips Ken Cuccinelli
Dylan Byers @
The View host criticizes the Virginia gubernatorial candidate for supporting an anti-sodomy law.

Detroit bankruptcy: Bailout unlikely, mayor and Michigan governor say
Lisa Mascaro @
WASHINGTON -- Michigan’s Republican governor said Sunday he does not expect -- or necessarily want -- a federal bailout of Detroit as the city struggles to provide services and pay pensions for city workers after becoming the largest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy.

Dan Walters Daily: Stakes high in big-money special elections
Amy Gebert @
The huge sums of money that special interests are spending on Tuesday's two special elections show they know how big the stakes are, Dan says.

Editorial: 'Lost Boy' asks lawmakers to overrule judge
has re-emerged, this time on Katie Couric's television show, in People magazine and in legislation that seeks to define the rights of sperm donors.

O'Donnell joins Cuccinelli campaign
Alexander Burns @
The famed debate coach has signed on as adviser to the Virginia gubernatorial hopeful's campaign.

Let Districts Choose From An Effective Marketplace Of Common Core Providers
Merrill Vargo @
After a long period of hesitation, California has finally gotten serious about the Common Core State Standards. The $1.25 billion recently allocated for implementation of the new standards has sent a clear message to district leaders that California is committed to the Common Core. This funding is a start, but providing the tools districts will need in the time available will be a major challenge for state leaders.