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THE NOONER for July 16, 2013

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Good morning! I'm headed down to America's Finest City later this morning, scheduled to get a massage before my evening talk, but no "Filner headlock" for me. Instead, I look forward to speaking to promising education leaders at San Diego State before heading to Pasadena to talk K-12/community college pipeline issues with school trustees from the two systems.

Things are ugly in Sandy Eggo. Yesterday, former councilwoman and Filner supporter Donna Frye dumped the laundry hamper for all to see. She alleged forced kisses, inappropriate touching, and just a bunch of creepy stuff.

Filner responded by providing a statement to the UT San Diego in response to calls for him to resign, stating:

I'm not going to do that, and here is why: As your elected mayor, I fully expect to be accountable to the citizens of San Diego for all of my actions. But as a citizen of this country, I also expect — and am entitled to — due process, and the opportunity to respond in a fair and impartial venue to specific allegations from real people. I do not believe I am guilty of sexual harassment, and I believe a full presentation of the facts will vindicate me.

I know nothing of the veracity of the allegations, although 

The Filner case raises an interesting legal question. If an elected official is actually engaging in hostile work environment activity, but can only be removed by the voters, whose liability is it? One of my legal beagles says that it's primarily the liability of the official personally, but we also know that the Legislature has paid out plenty of dough over the decades for inappropriate behavior by legislators. Will San Diegans be on the hook if Filner stays and the allegations prove true?

For politicians, it's hard to leave office.

Some recall the high hopes they had to change the world upon entering office, quashed by partisan or institutional roadblocks. Some, like Filner and Weiner and Spitzer, feel that they have been wrongly accused or can be such great leaders that people will forgive actual or perceived transgressions. Others love the social aspect of it, and fear lonely nights of watching SVU marathons after retirement.

And, then there's Congressman Buck McKeon, whose decision on whether to run for reelection also would cost his wife's $62,000 salary she earns from working on his campaign.

Patricia McKeon was taken off payroll last year while she was running for state assembly, but appears back on campaign reports by yesterday's deadline. It's nothing illegal, although ethicists could have an interesting discussion about it, particularly since 62% of funds raised by Buck's committee were from political action committees, mostly associated with corporations and interests with with business before House Armed Services, which he chairs.

Anyway, I'm still poring through the data submitted by last night's filing deadline, but here are the top ten fundraisers and the ten congressional candidates with the most cash on hand as of June 30.


Receipts from January 1-June 30, 2013
CandidateTotal Receipts
MCCARTHY, KEVIN $1,654,860.72
KHANNA, ROHIT $1,066,144.60
ISSA, DARRELL E $1,028,635.75
ROYCE, ED MR. $973,379.69
DENHAM, JEFF $797,052.39
RUIZ, RAUL DR. $768,242.69
PELOSI, NANCY $672,709.43
HONDA, MIKE $567,132.60
BROWNLEY, JULIA $506,841.87



Cash on hand as of June 30, 2013
CandidateCash on Hand
ISSA, DARRELL E $2,397,486.77
MCCARTHY, KEVIN $2,310,994.23
SCHIFF, ADAM $2,047,895.45
KHANNA, ROHIT $1,744,760.55
NUNES, DEVIN G $1,675,868.83
THOMPSON, MIKE MR. $1,357,504.44
CHU, JUDY $1,265,353.69
SPEIER, JACKIE $1,086,141.98
DENHAM, JEFF $834,836.30
ROYCE, ED MR. $770,146.80


POT SHOT: West Sac Mayor Cabaldon: Posterchild For Local Term Limits - [Jon Fleischman @ FlashReport] - "Elected over and over and over in West Sacramento, Cabaldon is a great poster child for a term limits ballot measure in the city of West Sacramento."

Jon, why don't you move to West Sacramento and run against him? After all, there was plenty of room on the ballot as he ran unopposed last year.

From the unincorporated golf courses of Orange County or from here across the Causeway in Davis, it's easy to disparage the most popular local government official in the Sacramento region, who has transformed a working class city into a regional model with a fiscally conservative and stable local government. It's up to the voters that live in West Sacramento to decide whether they want to continue hiring Cabaldon.

Katy Grimes's article in Cal Watchdog is a good explainer of the issue--whether cities should take a hardline with developers in support of the existing regional plan adopted by liberal and conservative cities alike to reduce sprawl, make efficient use of transportation tax dollars, and limit carbon emissions. She notes that disagreeing with Cabaldon is "a shame because Cabaldon has done an admirable job of supporting policies to allow the growth of the once industrial West Sacramento into a thriving, viable community."

BILL CLINTON, CAN YOU STEP IN? While pro-Palestinian organizations protest at Downtown Plaza today to try to get SodaStream dropped since it's manufactured in an Israeli settlement, Jewish organizations are working to block the Palestinian student regent-designate from being seated on the board.

$$$: CalPERS, CalSTRS pension funds post double-digit gains, still face funding shortfalls [Dale Kasler @ SacBee] - "CalPERS said it earned 12.5 percent in the just-ended fiscal year, well above the 1 percent gain from a year ago. CalSTRS chimed in with a 13.8 percent return, a big leap from the 1.8 percent profit it earned a year earlier. The returns exceed each fund's official investment forecast of 7.5 percent."

PROP 8/MARRIAGE: The California Supreme Court says "no thanks" to Andy Pugno, and UCI law professor Rick Hasen looks at when SCOTUS may retun to the issue of same-sex marriage.

LOSER, IN SO MANY WAYS: Student gets prison for rigged election [Teri Figueroa @ UTSD] - "A former Cal State San Marcos student who rigged a campus election by stealing nearly 750 student passwords to cast votes for himself and friends was sentenced Monday in federal court to a year in prison. It was Matthew Weaver's decision to try to cover up the largest student identity theft in the university’s 24-year history that seemed to irritate the judge the most.



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Ca Governors Question Realignment, Support Stay On Prisoner Release
David Siders @
California's four living former governors have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to grant Gov. Jerry Brown's request for a stay of a federal court order requiring the state to reduce its prison population by nearly 10,000 inmates.

Critics Question How Next UC President Was Chosen
Larry Gordon @
The nomination of Janet Napolitano , the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security and former governor of Arizona, to be UC president has elicited many positive comments about how her managerial and political skills can help the university system. But some skeptics are voicing concerns about her lack of education administrative credentials and question the secretive process that led to her selection.

Politicians Gone Bad In The News
Dan Walters @
Politicians go to extraordinary lengths to convince voters and constituents that they are hard-working, sober and utterly devoted to their families and to societal betterment.

Former Calif. Governors Back Brown In Prison Case
DON THOMPSON, Associated Press @
Four former California governors on Monday supported a request by Gov. Jerry Brown to delay the release of nearly 10,000 prison inmates by year's end.

The Napolitano Selection And The Quest For Revenues :: Fox&hounds
On the latter issue of taxes, a quick look at her record as Governor of Arizona is in order.

East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell Boasts 4-1 Cash Lead Over Sen Majority Leader Ellen Corbett
Carla Marinucci @
Democratic East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell, one of the House’s most successful freshman fundraisers, now holds a whopping 4-1 cash advantage against 2014 challenger California Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett, the last federal campaign finance statements show.

Viewpoints: Send propositions to court before the ballot
Pushback against the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Proposition 8 continues to manifest itself through concerns among gay-marriage opponents ranging from legitimate to legal to ludicrous.

Ex-cal State San Marcos Student Gets Prison For Trying To Rig Election
Tony Perry @
SAN DIEGO — A 22-year-old man from Huntington Beach was sentenced Monday to a year in federal prison for stealing the identities and computer passwords of more than 700 students so he could rig an election and become student body president at Cal State San Marcos.

California Supreme Court refuses to halt gay marriage
The California Supreme Court on Monday refused a request from Proposition 8 supporters to halt the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses in California.

Jury Awards $10 Million In Damages Against Legislator's Husband
Stuart Pfeifer @
Investors successfully sue Dan Harkey, whose wife is an assemblywoman, and his Orange County real estate lending firm.

Dan Walters: Politicians gone bad in the news
Politicians go to extraordinary lengths to convince voters and constituents that they are hard-working, sober and utterly devoted to their families and to societal betterment.

Group opposing immigration bill plans full-scale campaign on House
Brian Bennett and Joseph Tanfani @
Leading activist group NumbersUSA is preparing a fax and phone blitz as the immigration bill moves into the House, where it is less popular than it was in the Senate.

CalPERS, CalSTRS Post Double-digit Annual Gains - Yahoo! Finance

Judge calls for four-year suspension for lawyer who admitted smuggling documents for Yusuf Bey IV
Thomas Peele @
Attorney Lorna Brown now faces a four-year suspension from her law practice for smuggling what prosecutors called a hit list of witnesses against former leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Catholic Church Lobbies To Avert Sex Abuse Lawsuits
Ashley Powers @
SB 131 would give some victims of sexual abuse more time to file suit against employers.

The Buzz: Former governors take Jerry Brown's side -- sort of -- in prison case
brief that officially put them on Brown's side.

Inmate Hunger Strike Wanes, But Thousands Continue Refusing Meals
Chris Megerian @
The number of inmates refusing meals as part of a statewide hunger strike has continued to drop, falling to 2,572 on Monday.

Assemblyman Adam Gray To Testify In FBI's Calderon Investigation
Laurel Rosenhall @
Assemblyman Adam Gray, D-Merced, is the second state legislator to announce he has been subpoenaed to testify in the federal investigation involving state Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello. "I'm not particularly surprised they would want to talk to me," said Gray, who served three years on Calderon's staff before being elected to office last year.

Man gets 1 year in prison for rigging California college ellection
SAN DIEGO -- A 22-year-old man has been sentenced to a year in prison for stealing the identities and passwords of more than 700 fellow students at his San Diego-area university so he could rig a campus election.

Calif. governors back delaying release of inmates
Four former California governors are backing a request by Gov. Jerry Brown to delay the release of nearly 10,000 prison inmates by year's end.

2 California Lawmakers To Testify Before Grand Jury In Calderon Case
Paige St. John and Patrick McGreevy @
“Obviously I wasn’t that surprised,” Gray said. “A number of senators have received subpoenas. It appears many of the staff, if not all of the staff that have worked at one time or another for Sen. Calderon, has received subpoenas. So, it didn’t come as a huge surprise. I suspect they want to talk to everybody.”

Apparent deal reached to end Senate standoff on filibuster
Michael A. Memoli @
WASHINGTON – Senators reached a tentative agreement that will avoid a Democratic move to change Senate rules and eliminate the power of a minority to block action on executive branch nominations, Majority Leader Harry Reid announced.