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THE NOONER for July 8, 2013

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  • AD45 (Downtown LA): Added businessman/accountant Dennis DeYoung (D) 

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VACAY? The Assembly is gone until August 5, but since the two houses couldn't agree on a schedule, the Senate is here through Friday, and then is gone until August 12. 

NO VACAY: SEIU is airing Spanish language radio ads on immigration in districts of 10 House Republicans while they are on summer vacay, including the following Californians (% Hispanic CVAP/population following name):

  • CD10: Jeff Denham (24.8%/40.1%)
  • CD21: David Valadao (49.3%/71.0%)
  • CD25: Buck McKeon (22.5%/35.3%)
  • CD31: Gary Miller (35.5%/49.4%)

[Seung Min Kim @ Politico]

TICK-TOCK: In Orange County, the two biggest political questions right now are 1) Will Gary Miller run for John Campbell's CD45? and 2) Will Allan Mansoor run for the 2nd supe seat against Michelle Park Steel, or reelection to Assembly? Come on folks, it's 'it or get off the pot time! The dominoes are eager to fall.

REMINDER: Here's the last image I looked at last night before boarding my flight to SMF.

$$$: Michelle Rhee's Group Tripled Its Budget [Byron Tau @ Politico] - "According to tax documents obtained by POLITICO, Rhee’s group StudentsFirst raised $28.5 million between August 2011 and July 2012. The group spent more than $3.6 million on political activities during the same time period."

LA-LA LAND: The LAT gives its nod to Cindy Montanez for CD6.

VOWS: Ending a five-year engagement, Paul Mitchell and Jodi Hicks tied the not in a small ceremony at San Francisco City Hall Friday night, followed up by a large party last night at Mulvaney's Next Door. The wedding, officiated by West Sacramento mayor Christopher Cabaldon, had been held off partially because of the couple's strong passion for marriage equality and that following Proposition 8's then-recent passage, their chosen officiant was now prohibited from entering marriage. Hicks and Mitchell met working on Cabaldon's first campaign for Assembly. 

In the five years of their engagement, their life changed in many ways. Paul proposed to Jody shortly after leaving EdVoice and embarking on a few cycles of Democratic political consulting, before catching the redistricting wave, and then joining Political Data. Last year, Jodi Hicks left as government relations chief at the California Medical Association to join DiMare, Van Vleck, and Brown.

A few of you know that I first met Paul in 1992 when he was walking barefoot with hair to his butt at Orange Coast College. Shortly after that, we met Dustin Corcoran, an entering student at Cypress College. I was then there in 1998 when Paul met Jodi in West Sacramento. Last night, it was so nice to see so many friends from throughout California's political and policy community representing the political spectrum. We really are in a special business, and it's wonderful to know that these friendships last a lifetime.





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Attorneys Bracing For The Flip Side Of Gay Marriage
Anita Creamer and Phillip Reese @
Jen Ikemoto married and married and married. She and her former partner married first in San Francisco in 2004, when then-Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed same-sex couples to tie the knot; then in a ceremony that took place before family and friends; and finally in a civil ceremony in October 2008, not long before Proposition 8 banned gay marriage in California.

Clinton Aide Joins Obama on Health Care
With deadlines looming for the health care law, the Obama administration has recruited Chris Jennings, a former chief health policy adviser to President Bill Clinton.

Conservative Group To Launch Ad Supporting Senate Immigration Bill
Lisa Mascaro @
As an overhaul of immigration laws shifts to the House, a right-leaning group is launching a new television ad campaign Monday that will call on House lawmakers -- and, implicitly, resistant Republicans -- to support the Senate-passed "border surge" as part of "conservative immigration reform."

Attorneys bracing for the flip side of gay marriage -- divorce
Jen Ikemoto and her former partner married first in San Francisco in 2004, when then-Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed same-sex couples to tie the knot; then in a ceremony that took place before family and friends; and finally in a civil ceremony in October 2008, not long before Proposition 8 banned gay marriage in California.

To Cut STD Rate, Calif Considers Condoms In Prison
Don Thompson @
California lawmakers are considering a bill requiring officials to make condoms available to state prison inmates as a way of limiting the spread of HIV and other diseases.

Mexico's PAN holds onto Baja California governorship, breathing life into troubled opposition party
Tim Johnson @
In elections with repercussions for ongoing political reforms in Mexico, a center-right political party re-captured the governorship of Baja California state that it has held for nearly a quarter of a century.

Jails Look To ACA To Insure Inmates
Mary Flynn @
When the signature reforms of the Affordable Care Act go into effect on January 1st, millions of Californians will have expanded access to government subsidized health-care benefits. Counties, some of which saw their jail populations and health-care costs swell since prison reforms took effect in 2011, want to make sure that jail inmates will be among the newly insured.

SEIU airs ads on immigration
Seung Min Kim @
The Service Employees International Union is hitting a dozen House Republicans with radio ads this week, urging them to back comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

Why Isn't Darrell Issa In Jail?
Cliff’s Notes rap sheet: Here’s a compilation of Issa’s dealings, lifting from Lizza’s New Yorker profile, titled “Don’t Look Back,” which borrowed from Lance Williams’s reporting, which itself leaned on Ace Smith’s 1998 opposition research.

Political Blotter: Koch's 'Liberty Hackathon' has surprising winner
Josh Richman @
Conservative billionaire Charles Koch's competition seeking new apps 'to advance individual and economic liberty' has a surprising outcome; also, Governor Jerry Brown's campaign committee raked in the loot in June.

Defense Furloughs Set To Start
A day without pay, the first of 11 through September, comes this week for more than 650,000 people who hold civilian jobs with the Defense Department. But officials worry that the Pentagon will be hit even harder in 2014 by having to impose layoffs if automatic budget cuts continue as planned.

California Midwives Push To Scrap Doctor-supervision Requirement For Home Births
Jeremy B. White @
Midwives say current law does exactly that, denying insurance coverage and creating an untenable relationship with physicians.

UCLA, Southwestern Law Students To Write 'Real World' Amicus Briefs
Jason Song @
UCLA and Southwestern law schools aim to give students 'real word' experience writing amicus briefs in court cases.

Obama Loses Altitude, Needs Solid Wins Six Months Into Second Term
Niall Stanage and Amie Parnes @
Six months into his second term, the momentum that President Obama gained from his reelection win is a fading memory.

An Empty Chair At Graduation Because Of A Promising Life Cut Short
Nicole Santa Cruz @
Clarence Bourne, 20, had excelled in Venice YouthBuild, a program that provides education and leadership opportunities. Gunshots in South L.A. ended his dreams.

Dan Walters Daily
Amy Gebert @
While all might be quiet in the California Capitol this week, that isn't the case for the San Joaquin Valley's 16th Senate District race, Dan says.

One Grower's Grapes Of Wrath
David A. Fahrenthold @
In the world of dried fruit, America has no greater outlaw than Marvin Horne, 68. Horne, a raisin farmer, has been breaking the law for 11 solid years. He now owes the U.S. government at least $650,000 in unpaid fines. And 1.2 million pounds of unpaid raisins, roughly equal to his entire harvest for four years.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Creating Coalition Of Proven Staffers - La Daily News

Asiana Jet Was Well Below Its Target Speed Before Crash, NTSB Says
Lee Romney and Laura J. Nelson @
Asiana Flight 214 was flying significantly below its target speed and was "approaching a stall" moments before it crash landed at San Francisco International Airport, a federal official said Sunday.

To cut STD rate, California considers condoms in prison
DON THOMPSON, Associated Press @
SACRAMENTO -- California prisoners have unprotected sexual contact, forced or consensual, even if both are illegal, and this reality often leads to the spread of HIV and other diseases in prisons and in communities where felons are paroled.

An Autism Treatment Lost In California's Shift From Healthy Families
Chris Megerian @
As California transitions Healthy Families into Medi-Cal, hundreds of children who were getting applied behavior analysis for autism are losing that coverage.

S&P's lawyers want $5B lawsuit thrown out
A California judge will hear arguments Monday on whether a $5 billion civil fraud lawsuit against the credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's should be dismissed.