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THE NOONER for July 2, 2013

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  • CD25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): Updated analysis
  • CD25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): Removed congressman Buck McKeon (R)
  • CD25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): Added physician Lee Rogers (D)
  • CD45 (Irvine): added Orange County supe John Moorlach (R)
  • CD52 (San Diego): added military consultant Kirk Jorgensen (R)
  • SD32 (Whittier): added Downey councilmember Mario Guerra (R)
  • AD58 (Downey): added businesswoman Patricia Kotze-Ramos (R)

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The LAO is out with its final assessment of PIT and corporate tax revenues for June:

Our office’s May revenue forecast projected that the state’s 2012-13 revenues would be $690 million higher than those in the Governor’s May Revision forecast. Given that Big Three revenues ended May nearly $700 million above the Governor’s May Revision projections and that PIT and CT combined appear to have ended June nearly $1 billion above the Governor’s projections for the month of June alone, 2012-13 General Fund revenues will in all likelihood end above both the Governor’s May Revision projection and our own, assuming that year-end accruals materialize as projected.

The Controller's Office gives us pretty graphs of the cash flow, finding the state collected $12.2 billion in the month of June.

According to the Controller's Office, 2012-13 revenues are $17 billion (21.5%) over 2011-12. Only about half of that is attributable to the Proposition 30 tax increase.

Let's face it, don't tell Jerry Brown, but this girl is on fire, and I'm not talking about the mercury. It will take awhile to get folks out from being underwater on houses, but the economy in California is showing all good signs. Everywhere you go, the building has resumed and one of the biggest problems I have heard both here in Sactown and in the Inland Empire has been a shortage of drywall and the laborers who install it.

BART: With no politicians willing to step in to help end the strike, Willie Brown is willing to do so. ""I'd like nothing better than to see the possibility of resolving it ... and I'd be happy to do that on a confidential, no-fee basis," he said. "I frankly don't understand how it got to the point that neither BART management nor the union people felt the necessity of going the last mile.""  [Carla Marinucci @ SFChron

$$$: The California Republican Party, uh, I mean Charles Munger, added $268,921 to the Tulare County Republican Central Committee account, most likely for Andy Vidak's runoff in SD16. Meanwhile, Leticia Perez collects $70,000 from the California Democratic Party. Yeah, we have campaign limits in California.

WINK: The LGBT Caucus Leadership Fund is having a "Sausage Fest" tonight at 5:30 at LowBrau.

LONE STAR: For [Wendy] Davis, Opportunity Knocks at Inopportune Time [Ross Ramsey @ Texas Tribune] - "Davis would probably be defeated in a statewide race. Opportunity could have picked a better time to knock. A strong party, good political infrastructure and money can cover a lot of candidate flaws. Both parties have won elections in Texas over the decades with standard-bearers possessing no discernable political skills. Likewise, lots of good candidates from both parties have fallen short because they were in the right place at the wrong time."

AWESOMENESS: A Cutting-Edge Second Look at the Battle of Gettysburg [Smithsonian]



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Jerry Brown Says UC, CSU Leaders Pledged To Pursue Online Ed 'Vigorously'
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown said today that he vetoed his own budget proposal to earmark $20 million for online education at the University of California and California State University systems only after leaders of those institutions assured him they would pursue online course offerings on their own.

Subpoena Spotlights Southern California Water District's Projects With Calderon Ties
Jeremy B. White @
One of a flurry of subpoenas delivered after an FBI raid on the Capitol offices of Sen. Ron Calderon last month went to a Southern California water district, seeking documents related to "federal grants and/or funding to include Federal Stimulus dollars."

Limbaugh Claims California Health Exchange Is A Ruse To “register You As A Democrat”
Wyatt Buchanan, Michael Collier, Richard Dunham, Bob Egelko, Joe Garofoli, Marisa Lagos, Carolyn Lochhead, Carla Marinucci, @
Limbaugh claims California Health Exchange is a ruse to “register you as a Democrat”

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Pension Reform Law Exception For New Leader Of Inglewood Unified
Local @
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a little-known bill Monday that allows the new state-appointed leader of the troubled Inglewood Unified School District to collect his pension while getting paid by the K-12 district.

California Sees Strong Tax Revenue In June
Chris Megerian @
The fiscal year ended on a high note for California, according to a report released Monday evening by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office.

Santa Clara County same-sex couples celebrate marriages on Monday
Tracy Seipel @
Two Morgan Hill women became the first same-sex couple to be married in the South Bay following last week's Supreme Court ruling that struck down Proposition 8.

Data Breaches Accessed Information Of 2.5 Million Californians
Annalise Mantz @
Electronic data breaches put the personal information of 2.5 million Californians at risk in 2012, according to a new report released Monday by Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Senate confirms California parks director
SACRAMENTO -- The state Senate has confirmed Gov. Jerry Brown's nominee to head the California Department of Parks and Recreation, which came under heavy criticism for hiding $54 million during the state's budget crisis.

State's Low-cost Insurance Plan For 'good' Drivers Drops Its Premiums - Business - The Sacramento Bee
The California Department of Insurance said today that it is reducing rates for the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program for a second year in a row.

Sarah Palin's Pointless Attack On Marco Rubio, Immigration Reform
Robin Abcarian @
Every time I cross the border into Mexico, drive along the Tijuana river and head west up the hill toward the ocean, I feel a little bit sick.

Infusion Of Money For Career Education In New State Budget | Edsource Today
Programs that prepare students for college and careers are about to get a jolt of one-time state money that supporters are counting on to lead to a permanent and sustainable expansion of programs.

Mayor Talks Business With Local Chambers But Skips The Big Groups
David Zahniser @
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spent his first morning as mayor discussing jobs and city services with business leaders from San Pedro to Century City while sending a not-too-subtle message to the organizations that backed his opponent, former City Controller Wendy Greuel .

Patt Morrison On Mayor Villaraigosa's Long Goodbye | Off-ramp | 89.3 Kpcc
Join Alex Cohen and A Martínez for a conversational and witty look at the issues people are buzzing about.

Texas lawmakers begin special session over abortion bill
AP Member Choice Complete @
Protesters rally against proposed abortion legislation as lawmakers hold a second special session that Republican leaders pledge won't descend into chaos like the first.

Calif. lawmakers don pink to support Texas senator
Dozens of California lawmakers are wearing pink to show support for a Texas legislator whose filibuster of an anti-abortion bill gained her national notoriety.

BART Strike A Moneymaker For Ride-sharing Services And Taxi Apps
Heather Somerville @
The BART strike that unleashed chaos on Bay Area highways Monday has become a lucrative business opportunity for ride-sharing and carpooling services and taxi-hailing apps, which have stepped in to help stranded commuters get to work.

The Buzz: UC, CSU leaders still back online courses, Jerry Brown says
It's not normal for a governor to veto his own idea, but that's what Gov. Jerry Brown did last week when he blue-penciled a $20 million earmark for online education at the University of California and California State University.

Former Rep. Jerry Lewis Starts Pac With $856K
Kent Cooper @
A former Congressman, who was chairman of House Appropriations Committee, has just converted his campaign committee, which last reported having $856K in cash, into a new political action committee to give contributions to federal candidates and committees.

Judge Rejects Claim That Yoga In Schools Is Religious Instruction
Tony Perry @
A San Diego Superior Court judge Monday rejected a claim by parents in the Encinitas elementary school system that teaching yoga in the schools is an improper attempt at religious indoctrination.

AM Alert
Jeremy B. White @
There has been plenty of coverage, including in the newspaper that Capitol Alert calls home, of the contentious questions swirling around Gov. Jerry Brown's massive proposed water project.

Bart Strike In '97 Quelled With Willie Brown's Aid
Carla Marinucci @
San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown relied on bold moves and his Rolodex of political contacts to deliver a prize to harried Bay Area commuters back in 1997 when he pressured BART's management and labor unions to end a crippling strike.

Herb Wesson Seeks Second Term As Powerful President Of La City Council | Represent! | 89.3 Kpcc
Alice Walton @
Join Alex Cohen and A Martínez for a conversational and witty look at the issues people are buzzing about.