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THE NOONER for June 17, 2013

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Join me for Politics and Pints - Monday, June 17 at 6:30pm (or whenever House session ends) at the community table on the first floor of Hawk n Dove, 329 Penn Ave SE.

RETRO: With the future of the Calderon name uncertain, Sally Havice has jumped into SD32 against Tom Calderon.

I SCREW UP: I can generally tell how intense a race will be by the timeliness and passion of the responses I get when I write about them. Admittedly, I was crunched for time last week as I tried to get the Nooner out before my class at Georgetown started. My brain was on West Coast time, so the normal 4:30am wake-up call became 1:30am, and I wrote a bit hastily. This week is another tough one, as I head back tomorrow night and will get home quite late. Thank you for your patience.

Some readers had a real problem with me calling Carl DeMaio a "moderate" Republican, while some also took umbrage at my link to the SD Free Press story about the GOP being hesitant to endorse him. Both are fair criticisms, as the Republican Central Committee hasn't considered the endorsement yet, while critics of DeMaio point to a fairly conservative voting record on the SD city council.

CD17 (Fremont-Cupertino): Now, my top 5 congressional races only covered seats that might change hands next November. However, the most interesting race very well may be CD17, where Ro Khanna is challenging 7-term congressman Mike Honda (D). And, anyone who thinks this is Swalwell v. Stark is mistaken.

Stark had plenty of detractors within the Democratic party, and the caucus didn't see him as a team player. That's the opposite of Honda, who stays in rank and file and is reliably on message. Party leadership likes that, which is why they have overwhelmingly lined up behind him with early endorsements. However, while helpful in fundraising, that might backfire in CD17. 

The Fremont-to-Cupertino district is a progressive region that has incredible wealth, but also immigrant communities who are struggling to keep up as the cost-of-living escalates. For every Apple toted around by a wealthy (on paper) young engineer, there are kids who rarely see fresh apples.

I would be willing to bet that this race is not decided next year and not in CD17, but rather this year and right here in DC. One would be hard-pressed to find another district in the nation that has more at stake in immigration reform than CD17. Unlike most, this district wants immigration reform from both the "low end" and the "high end." There are lots of voters in CD17 that have undocumented family members--Afghanis, Filipinos, Chinese, and Latino--while the technology industry desperately wants the ability to import more skilled workers.

Mike Honda and Ro Khanna will have plenty of money to get their messages out. Nevertheless, to survive, Honda needs to carry a message next year that Congress delivered immigration reform, something that is largely out of his hands.

CD10: The Fresno Bee smacks Jeff Denham over his rail priorities.

Speaking of rail, I had a great day yesterday taking the train to Baltimore and visiting Camden Yards for Orioles against Red Sox. What a beautiful stadium. I can't wait for the Kings arena to be finished and to see what it does for downtown Sacramento. Walk to Amtrak in Davis, go to a game, and take the train home. Beats the hell out of Natomas.

Oh, and yes, we have a state budget as soon as Jerry puts his John Hancock on it. Here is the list of budget and trailer bills

QUESTIONS: Sen. Hernandez authors bills to benefit his optometry business [John Hrabe @ CalWatchdog]

AWESOMENESS: Meet America’s Most Gangsta High School Nerd [Jamillah King @ ColorLines]

Wow, can I just say how wonderful Spotify is? For some reason, I needed the Violent Femmes to write today's Nooner. Ask and thou shalt receive! "Do you like American" It's no Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, but still got me through another early morning!






  • Assemblymember Anthony Rendon and Senator Fran Pavley invite you to attend a free screening on Tuesday, June 25th of the Natural Resources Defense Council's new film Wild Things, a 38-minute documentary that introduces audiences to progressive ranchers learning to coexist with native carnivores. Event co-sponsors include The Humane Society of the United States, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Animal Welfare Institute and Project Coyote. Reception at 6 pm, screening/panel discussion at 7 pm. Crest Theater, 1013 K Street. Free and open to public. RSVP at
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  • Statewide Omnibus Poll Add-on Question Opportunity
    Probolsky Research will conduct a California statewide survey beginning the week of June 17. Nooner readers have the opportunity to buy add-on questions. Results for each client are kept strictly confidential. Call (916) 256-4040 or email


As California Revenue Rises, School Districts On Firmer Ground
Diana Lambert @
Three local school districts, including the region's largest in Elk Grove, have stabilized their budgets enough to receive a clean bill of fiscal health from California education officials.

Lawmakers Should Close Bullet-Buying Loophole
George Skelton @
Santa Monica gunman John Zawahri's stockpile of 1,300 bullets shows the need for legislation to restrict ammunition purchases.

California's Inland City Budgets Still Weak
Dan Walters @
California's monthly report on jobs and unemployment includes a county-by-county breakdown, providing graphic evidence of the state's bifurcated recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Lawyer Ties Bid To Oust Glendale Councilman To Gun-show Vote
Brittany Levine @
Two Glendale residents say council violated policy by naming outgoing councilman Frank Quintero, a foe of gun shows on city property, to a vacant council seat.

Business, Military Signal Strong Support For Public Preschool, But Republican Lawmakers Unswayed
Lillian Mongeau @
Early childhood education advocates are working to make it clear that not everyone supporting President Barack Obama’s proposal to vastly expand federal funding for preschool and infant and toddler care is a tax-and-spend liberal.

Medi-Cal Expansion Bills Head To Governor Brown's Desk
Pauline Bartolone @
Two California bills to expand the state health program for the poor were passed by California lawmakers over the weekend.

Funding To Improve Drinking Water Has Come At A Slow Drip
Jessica Garrison @
Officials have been slow to spend government funds to address tainted water, snarling small communities in red tape that has delayed fixes for years, critics say.

Why Apple Inc. Remains Popular In California
Daniel Weintraub @
California’s most valuable company – Apple Inc. – has been taking flak lately from the halls of Congress to the capitals of Europe over reports that the consumer electronics giant manages its business to minimize the corporate income taxes it pays to the U.S. and foreign governments.

UCR Med School: $15 Million In Budget Package
Supporters call the medical school vital to increasing the number of primary-care physicians in the underserved Inland region, particularly as the federal healthcare overhaul takes effect. Without a state financial commitment, they said, the school could not open as scheduled and would have trouble with its accreditation.

Feds Subpoena Records At Central Basin Water District
Hector Becerra and Richard Winton @
Federal prosecutors have served a subpoena for contracts, emails and other documents from the Central Basin Municipal Water District, which has come under scrutiny amid an FBI probe of state Sen. Ron Calderon .

Pew Report: Gay Marriage Coverage Far More Focused On Support Than Opposition
Andrew Beaujon @
About half the news coverage of the Supreme Court’s deliberations on two same-sex marriage cases this spring focused on support for gay marriage, while only 9 percent focused on opposition. 44 percent of coverage was neutral. Those are among the findings of a new study by Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, out today.

Gun Sales Soar In Sacramento Region
Phillip Reese @
Gun sales boomed in Sacramento and across California to record levels last year as horrific mass shootings reignited the gun control debate, new state figures show.

Supreme Court blocks Arizona law on voter registration
David G. Savage @
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court threw out an Arizona law Monday and by a surprisingly lopsided vote, ruled state officials may not demand a proof of citizenship from residents who register to vote.

Obamacare’s Big Question: What’s It Going To Cost Me? | Mcclatchy
Tony Pugh, McClatchy Washington Bureau @
WASHINGTON — The cost of health coverage under Obamacare remains one the biggest mysteries of the nation’s health care overhaul.

Legislators' 'hot Dog' Definition Would Aid Street Vendors
Marc Lifsher @
Hawkers of such cured, cooked sausages would face less stringent sanitation standards than sellers who cook raw foods.

Key Republican Senator Says Still Backs Immigration Bill
Lucia Mutikani and Margaret Chadbourn @
Republican Senator Marco Rubio said on Sunday he still supports a bill to overhaul the U.S. immigration, but reiterated that he wants its stipulations on border security to be tightened in order for the legislation to win approval from Congress.

Dick Durbin: Only 60 votes needed for immigration
Seung Min Kim @
The 70-vote strategy has splintered Senate Democratic leaders.

Social Conservatives Still Control The GOP
Molly Ball @
Ever since Republicans got clobbered in the last election, some have suggested they dial back some of their hard stances in the culture war. The College Republicans, for example, commissioned a study that concluded that young voters see the party as fusty and old-fashioned, and urged it to get with the times on issues such as gay marriage. America may not be keen on free love and abortion on demand, but neither are voters clamoring for a party that wants to restrict access to contraception and keep women out of the work force.

AM Alert
Micaela Massimino @
Now that the California Legislature's deadline for passing the state budget has come and gone, Capitol Alert takes advantage of Monday morning analysis to parse related bursts emanating from the Twitter-verse.

State Photo-id Databases Become Troves For Police
SuperFan badge holders consistently post smart, timely comments about Washington area sports and teams.

LA Democrat Pushes White House On Climate Change
Kitty Felde @
Democratic hawks on climate change are putting pressure on the White House to use executive power to cut emissions. And L.A. Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman is doing some of the pushing.

Justices Reject Arizona Voting Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship
The state may not require documentary proof of citizenship because a federal form displaces Arizona law, the Supreme Court found.

Nearly Half Of Those Eligible For Food Stamps Refuse Benefits
Christina Villacorte @
The food bank at Meet Each Need with Dignity in Pacoima was bustling on a recent day with people reaching for donated fruits, vegetables, juice and other goods.

Supreme Court to hear case on housing discrimination law
David G. Savage @
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court, rejecting the advice of the Obama administration, will consider whether to limit the federal housing discrimination law to cases of actual and proven bias against blacks or Latinos.

Dan Walters Daily
Amy Gebert @
Dan gives a history of school finance in California and says the latest budget adds another controversial chapter to that saga.