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THE NOONER for June 12, 2013

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Join me for Politics and Pints - Monday, June 17 at 6:30pm (or whenever House session ends) at the community table on the first floor of Hawk n Dove, 329 Penn Ave SE.

  • CD07 (E. Sacto County): Added McClintock chief of staff Igor Birman (R)
  • CD07 (E. Sacto County): Added businesswoman Elizabeth Emken (R)
  • CD07 (E. Sacto County): Added former congressmember Doug Ose (R)
  • CD07 (E. Sacto County): Removed state senator Ted Gaines (R)
  • CD25 (Santa Clarita/Antelope): Added former assemblymember Cameron Smyth (R) (see analysis)
  • CD25 (Santa Clarita/Antelope): Added former state senator Tony Strickland (R)
  • CD25 (Santa Clarita/Antelope): Added assemblymember Scott Wilk (R) (see analysis)
  • CD26 (Ventura): Added assemblymember Jeff Gorell (R)
  • CD26 (Ventura): Removed state senator Tony Strickland (R)
  • SD40 (SD/Imperial): Added former reporter Craig Fiegener (D)
  • AD53 (Los Angeles): Added civic engagement program manager Sandra Mendoza (D)
  • AD70 (Long Beach): Added businessman John Goya (R)

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After the jump, we have a likely congressional retirement, a scramble for the seat, and collateral effects. Meanwhile, I am waiting for my bus down to Georgetown and seriously impressed with the number of people riding Capital BikeShare bikes. Of course, it's about as perfect of a morning in DC you'll ever get (expected to change this afternoon with a serious line of thunderstorms moving through).




  • Statewide Omnibus Poll Add-on Question Opportunity
    Probolsky Research will conduct a California statewide survey beginning the week of June 17. Nooner readers have the opportunity to buy add-on questions. Results for each client are kept strictly confidential. Call (916) 256-4040 or email



In talking to political insiders in both DC and Sacramento, the speculation is that Buck McKeon will be hanging it up after his eleventh term in Congress. Some believe he may step down before the end of the 113th Congress, triggering a special election that will ensure the district, which has been drifting closer to a political toss-up, stays Republican. [Aaron Park blogged about this yesterday.]

This makes it much more likely that Tony Strickland runs for McKeon's CD25 than against Julia Brownley in CD26. But, Strickland won't have a free ride. Three names have been floated--former Assemblymember Cameron Smyth, Assemblymember Scott Wilk, and State Senator Steve Knight. Sources suggest that Knight is unlikely to run, and either Smyth or Wilk will run. Whichever one wins the roshambo will receive the endorsement of the other, and likely, Knight.

With Strickland likely looking at the politically easier CD25 (assuming he can beat his fellow Republicans), this paves the way for Assemblymember Jeff Gorell to carry the GOP banner in Ventura's CD26. And, hmmm, that would open a toss-up Assembly district for Port Hueneme port commissioner Jason Hodge (D), whose wife Fiona Ma will be running for Board of Equalization. Hodge likely would have beat Gorell in 2012, but 2014 would be a toss-up with several possible Republican candidates. Businessman David Cruz Thayne, who ran for CD26 in 2012, has already announced a run for Gorell's AD44.

Alternatively, Gorell has talked about staying in the Assembly and running for the Pavley senate seat in 2016. Although, that will be a tough one, particularly if Hillary Clinton is the Dem nominee. For that reason, if Strickland is running elsewhere, I'm willing to bet Gorell runs for Congress.

AVERT YOUR EYES: California on the Brink: Pension Crisis About to Get Worse [Elizabeth MacDonald @ FoxBusiness] - "A growing number of key California cities are a lot worse off than previously thought, thanks to new changes coming in the way state and local governments must account for their pension costs."

TRIGGER:State workers to get pay raise as budget deal hatched - "[Christopher Cadelago @UTSD]"If California meets certain revenue targets, employees would receive a 2 percent raise on July 1, 2014 followed by a 2.5 percent increase on July 1, 2015. The entire 4.5 percent increase would be effective July 1, 2015 if the targets are not met. Seasonal workers would see their pay increase by $.50 an hour at the start of next fiscal year, union and state officials confirmed."


Brown Says He Hasn't Agreed To Consider Future Spending Hikes
David Siders @
One day after reaching a compromise with legislative leaders on the state budget, Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday he has not agreed to consider increased spending if the economy outperforms his administration's expectations.

Jerry Brown, California Legislative Leaders Tout Budget Deal
David Siders @
One day after reaching a compromise with legislative leaders on the state budget, Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday he has not agreed to consider increased spending if the economy outperforms his administration's expectations, but he did not dismiss the possibility.

SEIU Pay-Raise Deal Could Spawn Hikes For Other Unions
Jon Ortiz @
California's largest public employee union and Gov. Jerry Brown reached a new labor agreement early Tuesday, sending a strong signal that pay raises are possible to other unions bargaining contracts with the administration.

Gov. Jerry Brown, Top Lawmakers Hail Budget Deal
Chris Megerian and Anthony York @
Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders made it official on Tuesday afternoon: They have a budget deal.

Gov. Jerry Brown, top lawmakers celebrate their California budget deal
Mike Rosenberg @
Gov. Jerry Brown and the leaders of the state Senate and Assembly on Tuesday praised their budget deal as a restrained spending plan that spends more on education while building toward restoring social services cut during the recession.

AM Alert
Jeremy B. White @
The Service Employees International Union California, fresh off a major local securing a tentative contract agreement

The Surprising Views Of Crime Victims
Timm Herdt @
When former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado last month unofficially kicked off his campaign for governor by announcing the launch of a tough-on-crime ballot initiative, he had by his side Nina Salarno-Ashford, a member of the executive board for the group Crime Victims United.

State Workers To Get Pay Raise As Budget Deal Hatched
Christopher Cadelago @
As Gov. Jerry Brown and top Democratic lawmakers trumpeted their budget compromise on Tuesday, California’s largest public-employee union representing state workers announced a tentative agreement that would provide across-the-board raises.

Senate Vote Starts Immigration Debate
Lisa Mascaro and Christi Parsons @
The Senate agreed to launch a debate on an overhaul of the nation¿s immigration laws.

Senate opens tough immigration debate
WASHINGTON – With an overwhelming vote, the Senate on Tuesday launched debate on an ambitious overhaul of the nation's immigration laws, as Republicans, most of whom have not yet embraced the effort, declined to stand in the way of bringing it to the floor.

California Budget Deal Overhauls Four-Decade-Old School Funding Model
Sharon Naguchi and Mike Rosenberg @
Seven months after his tax initiative refueled funding for California's beleaguered public schools, Gov. Jerry Brown has orchestrated what's being billed as a major overhaul of how the state funds K-12 education.

Dan Walters Daily
Amy Gebert @
Dan takes a look at the enterprise zone overhaul that Gov. Jerry Brown wanted but didn't get in the latest state budget deal.

Sacramento-Area Grocery Union Wins Major Legal Victory In Picketing Dispute
Dale Kasler @
Unionized grocery workers in the Sacramento area won a big legal victory upholding their right to picket a nonunion store when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear management's appeal this week.

Re: How Top Two Primaries Effects Third Party Candidates :: Fox&hounds
In response to the article written by the state chairs or spokesperson of the Green, Libertarian and Peace & Freedom parties on the effects the top two primary has on third party candidates, I addressed this issue in a May 27, 2010 article for Fox & Hounds.

California Chief Justice 'encouraged' By Partial Courts Restoration
Paige St. John @
California's chief justice said she was "encouraged" that the budget deal worked out between Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature would end a pattern of funding cuts for courts and restore at least some money lost previously.

Jerry Brown, lawmakers come to terms on key budget issues
Los Angeles Times @
Governor wins important victories involving redistribution of money for schools and how much revenue to expect to be coming in for the state.

Even After Gas Blast, PUC Has Other Priorities
Dan Morain @
Talk about mission creep. The California Public Utilities Commission was created by a citizen initiative in 1911 to regulate railroads. In 1912, it began regulating public utilities, such as the Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

United Healthcare Sued Over HIV/AIDS Mail Order Drug Service
Kenny Goldberg @
A California consumer group is suing the nation's largest health insurer for discrimination against HIV / AIDS patients. The class-action suit alleges United Healthcare is breaking the law by requiring patients to get all of their medications by mail order.

Los Angeles Mayor Reminds Unions Of $2.7 Million Mistake
James Nash @
When Eric Garcetti takes office as mayor of Los Angeles next month, one of his first tasks will be to lead contract negotiations with unions for more than 29,000 city employees that spent more than $2.7 million trying to defeat him.