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THE NOONER for May 30, 2013

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Happy Thursday! I'm heading to the OC today for a talks at Cerritos College (not OC) today and Cypress College tomorrow, and then Disneyland for my niece's birthday Saturday.

Ah, Cerritos. This was one of the 1990s battlegrounds, when the district was hotly contested as control of the Assembly was literally decided by a couple of seats. Cerritos was home to one of the biggest fights, the site of the battles between Bob Epple (D) and Phil Hawkins (R), who took the seat from Epple, and subsequently Sally Havice (D), who took the seat from Hawkins.

The adjacent seat, which I'll be giving the commencement speech in tomorrow is one of the few contested Assembly seats next year. Republicans will fight hard to regain AD65, in which Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) beat Chris Norby (R) last year. This area--including Cypress, Buena Park and Fullerton--has historically been deeply Republican (I grew up about a mile away in Placentia). However, the Asian and Latino populations have grown rapidly here. Combined with black voters, they already comprise nearly 50% of the citizen voting age population.

Voters are more filial to their party as they work their way down the ballot, but the fact that Asians joined Latinos and blacks in voting roughly 70% for Obama is likely why Sharon Quirk-Silva has the title of Assemblymember. And, that has to be the biggest concern of Republican state party chairman Jim Brulte. Republicans won't win majorities of the Latino and black voters here in AD65 anytime soon. But, there is no reason that they would be losing majorities of the large Korean and Chinese populations here. 

To the north of this district is AD55, where Diamond Bar councilmember Ling-Ling Chang is fighting hard to be a new face of the California Republican Party. However, it will be a brutal primary, and supporters of her opponents are already playing a race card by blaming her for the well publicized "birth homes" in the San Gabriel Valley, where undocumented Chinese have been having babies in homes that have been converted to mini-maternity wards. Chang is supported by the machine of Senator Bob Huff, whose wife Mei-Mei Huff (also Taiwanese) is Chang's treasurer. If the meme continues, the campaign will not help the Republican Party win over Asian voters in AD65, as common Asian media cover both.

Meanwhile, both the Assembly and Senate still have quite a few bills to work through today to complete work before tomorrow's house of origin deadline:

After the jump, we have a new PPIC poll to review. Abel Maldonado's campaign probably needs to look at the priorities of Californians, as crime is hardly on the radar. #WaitingForWillie  Meanwhile, Jerry Brown still struggles to get over 50% in job approval, although 61% favor his budget plan.



  • Sublease or small office sought. The Community College League of California, which recently consolidated to its midtown headquarters, is seeking a small shared or solo office space near the Capitol. Contact Scott Lay at or, well, reply to this message!
  • Learn to lobby more effectively. Veteran lobbyist Ray LeBov offers his introductory "Legislative Process / Lobbying 101" and advanced "Lobbying 201" seminars June 6-7. $250 each. Valuable for principals and support staff at lobbying firms, organizations that employ lobbyists, public agencies, membership associations. Info / registration: or 916-442-5009.
  • Civil Litigation Manuals and Civil Procedure Classes for San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties. For more information, visit



  • AD04 (Napa/Solano/Yolo): Changed party registration of Napa supe Bill Dodd to Democrat (from Republican, as he re-registered after last November's election)
  • AD54 (Culver City): Added teacher Loren Scott (D)

SUBSCRIBERS: downloadable spreadsheet of all candidates 


POLL POSITION: PPIC is out with its statewide survey for the month of May.

  • Most important issue: jobs, economy (47%); education, schools (9%); state budget, deficit, taxes (9%), immigration, illegal immigration (5%), crime, drugs gangs (4%)
  • Jerry Brown job approval: 48% approve, 31% disapprove (-3% from January)
  • Legislature job approval: 35% approve, 50% disapprove (-6% from January)
  • California generally: 46% right direction, 48% wrong direction (-2% from January)
  • CA economic conditions over next 6 months: 48% good times, 44% bad times (+0% from January)
  • Higher taxes/More services v. Lower taxes/fewer services: 48%-44%
  • Brown budget plan: 61% favor, 28% oppose
  • Pay down debt v. restore services: 55%-39%
  • Change Prop 13 to split roll for commercial properties? 58% favor, 33% oppose
  • Change Prop 13 to 55% approval for local special taxes? 46% favor, 44% oppose
  • Immigrants a benefit or burden? 61% benefit, 33% burden
  • What to do with illegal immigrants? 18% kick 'em out, 78% party to citizenship or legal residency
  • Gay marriage: 56% favor, 38% oppose

BACA: Former Congressman Joe Baca produces signature pages to support his endorsement list, although some claim they didn't know that he was running against DCCC-favorite Pete Aguilar. Interestingly, the signature sheet, gathered in April, does not list a district. Aguilar announced on April 2, two weeks before the signatures were gathered when Baca visited DC. #CD31

THE 209: A reader writes that the $150,000 from Charles Munger to the Fresno Republican Party may be for Fresno's Measure G, rather than the Vidak-Perez runoff. The measure is supported by mayor Ashley Swearingin, and would allow for outsourcing of trash collection.

SD16: Fresno delivered a few more votes, but unless someone finds a box of ballots, we're looking at a July 23 run-off.


SD16 Results
 FresnoKernKingsTulareTotal VotesPercent
Ramirez  8923 500  298  199  1,890 2.97%
Perez  13,390 8,570  3,344  2,550  27,854 43.81%
Miranda  956  350  208  109  1,623 2.55%
Arif  233  133  84  21  471 0.74%
Vidak  11,001  5,219  11,180  4,210  31,610 49.71%
Write-In  79  0  0  57  136 0.21%



Video: Jerry Brown says budget talks in 'quasi-collaborative mode'
David Siders @
Following budget hearings in which legislative Democrats urged about $2 billion more in spending on state services and programs than Gov. Jerry Brown proposed, the governor said today that he and legislative leaders remain in a "quasi-collaborative mode" on the annual spending plan.

California Plan To Overhaul Water System Hub To Cost $25 Billion
Bettina Boxall @
The proposal calls for habitat restoration and two tunnels to divert water from the Sacramento River under the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta to southbound pumps.

California Senate Votes To Revoke Boy Scouts' Nonprofit Status
Laurel Rosenhall @
Even as the Boy Scouts of America moves to allow gay youths to join its troops, the California Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would revoke the organization's nonprofit status because it does not permit the participation of openly gay adults.

Senate Advances Bill To Streamline Environmental Reviews
Patrick McGreevy @
The leader of the state Senate won bipartisan support Wednesday for a bill that would streamline California's environmental laws.

Assembly Bill Would Set Statewide Guidelines For Medical Marijuana
Kenny Goldberg @
California — The California Assembly will soon weigh in on a bill to create statewide standards for growing, selling, and transporting medical marijuana. Supporters say the measure would establish much-needed guidelines.

Budget Battle Over Indigent Care Funds Pits Brown vs Counties
Ben Adler @
California counties and Governor Jerry Brown don’t agree on what to do with more than $1 billion counties spend on health care for the poor once the new federal health law kicks in next year.

Bay Bridge Fix Could Delay Opening For Months
Jaxon Van Derbeken and Michael Cabanatuan @
Motorists could be forced to use the existing Bay Bridge eastern span for several additional months if Caltrans isn't able to fix its broken-rod problem on the $6.4 billion replacement bridge in time for its scheduled Sept. 3 opening, officials said Wednesday.

Poll: California's back governor's budget, school plan
Jeremy B. White @
While Democratic lawmakers push Gov. Jerry Brown for a more generous budget, clear majorities of Californians affirmed the governor's cautious approach in a new Public Policy Institute of California poll.

Mountain View's Coursera Strikes Huge Online-education Deal With State University Systems
Justin Pope @
The movement of massive online open courses, which began with elite universities making their courses available online to the masses, is rapidly moving into the trenches of public higher education.

Assembly Passes Bill To Help Veterans
Chris Megerian @
SACRAMENTO — The California Assembly took a major step Wednesday to make more funding available to help troubled and homeless veterans.

Hertzberg Is Back Hoping To Push Major Reforms As An Insider :: Fox&hounds
Hertzberg comes into this effort a formidable candidate, well connected to the Democratic establishment as well as the business community. Should he win election, it is not inconceivable that the former speaker some day could end up as the senate president pro-tem, perhaps the first person to hold both leadership posts.

Gov. Jerry Brown Faces Off With Counties On California Budget
Chris Megerian @
SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown has promised to be blunt when tackling the state's problems, and he had a straightforward message for county officials on Wednesday.

State Senate Backs Fracking Regulations As Attempts To Impose A Moratorium Stall
Timm Herdt @
The effort to regulate hydraulic fracturing in California moved forward Wednesday, but lawmakers backed away from earlier proposals that might have led to an indefinite moratorium.

California Senate passes modified state tax break for investors
Dan Walters @
Legislation that would partially reinstate a tax break for investors in small California companies cleared the state Senate on Thursday despite complaints from some senators that it doesn't go far enough and others that it goes too far.

'largest Ever Health Rally At Capitol' Planned
A digest of important news from sources selected by our local editors. Delivered weekday mornings.

Senate supports changing Calif. environmental law
A bill to change California's landmark environmental law has been approved by the state Senate, but is expected to face changes in the Assembly.

How Vivek Ranadive Pulled Off The Basketball Upset Of The Year, Beating Out Microsoft's Steve Ballmer To Buy The Sacramento Kings.
Peter Delevett @
Vivek Ranadive, the founder and CEO of Palo Altos Tibco Software, once famously coached his daughters basketball team from Redwood City deep into the national championship tournament -- despite never having played the game himself.

Salary-setting Commission Member Alleges Plot To Oust Him
Jim Sanders @
John Stites came out swinging today, claiming that questions raised about his residency are a smokescreen to remove him from the state's compensation commission - either as a political vendetta or to bolster hopes of hiking elected officials' salaries next month.

Sugary drinks draw Contra Costa health campaign to persuade parents to give children water instead
Sandy Kleffman @
Anti-obesity campaign draws attention to ailments related to sugar in soda, flavored milk and juice boxes

More gun regulations approved by California Senate
Laurel Rosenhall @
The California Senate today approved a package of bills that tighten the state's regulation of firearms by outlawing detachable and large capacity magazines, keeping track of people who buy ammunition and widening the category of offenders who are prohibited from owning guns for 10 years.