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THE NOONER for May 13, 2013

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Below the jump, I sketch out the basic playing field for the 153 Assembly, Senate and congressional seats on the ballot next year, which went live on Around The Capitol's district pages yesterday. As always, I need your on-the-ground intelligence as you see candidates deciding whether or not to make a run. 

Of course, it's early. Several incumbents listed, such as Allan Mansoor, are eyeing other offices (supe, in his case), which would lead to open seats. Things will be quite fluid for the remainder of this year.

First, a few reads:

WOOD: Happy 5th anniversary to Fox and Hounds.

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: The UT San Diego follows the OC Register with a complete paywall, with electronic subscriptions at $3.49/week. This will be a big test of whether people want to pay to read coverage of the Padres and the Chargers.

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The Early 2014 Playing Field

Paid Nooner subscribers can download a spreadsheet of candidates.

State Assembly

AD01 (Northeast Cal) - Safe Republican

  • *Brian Dahle (R) - Member, State Assembly
  • Lathe Gill (D) - Attorney

AD02 (North Coast) - Safe Democrat

  • Hezekiah Allen (D) - Nonprofit executive director
  • Efren Carrillo (D) - Supervisor, Sonoma County
  • Tom Lynch (D) - Father/Small Businessman
  • Jim Wood (D) - Member, Healdsburg City Council

AD03 (Butte-Tehama-Yuba) - Safe Republican

  • James Gallagher (R) - Supervisor, Sutter County
  • Jim Reed (D) - Attorney
  • Ryan Schohr (R) - Farmer
  • Jim Whiteaker (R) - Supervisor, Sutter County
  • Bob Williams (R) - Supervisor, Tehama County

AD04 (Napa/Yolo/Dixon) - Safe Democrat

  • Anthony Farrington (D) - Supervisor, Lake County
  • Joe Krovoza (D) - Councilmember, Davis
  • Matt Pope (D) - Planning Commissioner, Napa
  • Dan Wolk (D) - Councilmember, Davis

AD05 (Foothills) - Safe Republican

  • *Frank Bigelow (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD06 (Roseville) - Safe Republican

  • *Beth Gaines (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD07 (Sacramento) - Safe Democrat

  • Angelique Ashby (D) - Member, Sacramento City Council
  • Steve Cohn (D) - Member, Sacramento City Council
  • Mark Johannessen (D) - Councilmember, West Sacramento
  • Kevin McCarty (D) - Member, Sacramento City Council

AD08 (East Sacramento Co.) - Leans Democrat

  • *Ken Cooley (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD09 (South Sacramento) - Safe Democrat

  • Rod Brewer (D) - Director, Cosumnes CSD
  • Jim Cooper (D) - Councilmember, Elk Grove
  • Manuel Martin (R) - Local Founder, Tea Party Patriots
  • Diana Rodriguez (D) - Trustee, Sacramento Unified

AD10 (Marin-Petaluma) - Safe Democrat

  • *Marc Levine (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD11 (Fairfield-Delta) - Safe Democrat

  • *Jim Frazier (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD12 (Modesto) - Safe Republican

  • *Kristen Olsen (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD13 (Stockton) - Safe Democrat

  • *Susan Eggman (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD14 (Concord) - Safe Democrat

  • *Susan Bonilla (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD15 (Berkeley) - Safe Democrat

  • Sam Kang (D) - Attorney
  • Tony Thurmond (D) - Member, West Contra Costa USD

AD16 (Tri-Valley) - Leans Democrat

  • Newell Arnerich (D) - City Councilmember, Danville
  • Steve Glazer (D) - Councilmember, Orinda
  • Tim Sbranti (D) - Mayor, Dublin

AD17 (East SF) - Safe Democrat

  • David Chiu (D) - Supervisor, San Francisco

AD18 (Oakland) - Safe Democrat

  • *Rob Bonta (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD19 (West SF) - Safe Democrat

  • *Phil Ting (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD20 (Hayward) - Safe Democrat

  • *Bill Quirk (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD21 (Merced) - Leans Democrat

  • *Adam Gray (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD22 (San Mateo) - Safe Democrat

  • *Kevin Mullin (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD23 (Fresno) - Safe Republican

  • *Jim Patterson (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD24 (Palo Alto-Mountain View) - Safe Democrat

  • *Rich Gordon (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD25 (Fremont-Sta Clara) - Safe Democrat

  • Kansen Chu (D) - Councilmember, San Jose
  • Teresa Cox (D) - Trustee, Ohlone Community College District
  • Armando Gomez (D) - Councilmember, Milpitas

AD26 (Tulare) - Safe Republican

  • Esther Barajas (R)
  • Rudy Mendoza (R) - Congressional staffer

AD27 (San Jose) - Safe Democrat

  • *Nora Campos (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD28 (Campbell-Saratoga) - Safe Democrat

  • Barry Chang (D) - Councilmember, Cupertino
  • Evan Low (D) - Councilmember, Campbell
  • Ken Yeager (D) - Supervisor, Santa Clara

AD29 (Monterey) - Safe Democrat

  • *Mark Stone (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD30 (East Monterey) - Safe Democrat

  • *Luis Alejo (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD31 (W. Fresno) - Safe Democrat

  • *Henry Perea (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD32 (Kings) - Leans Democrat

  • *Rudy Salas (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD33 (SB High Desert) - Safe Republican

  • *Tim Donnelly (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD34 (Bakersfield) - Safe Republican

  • *Shannon Grove (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD35 (San Luis Obispo) - Leans Republican

  • *Katcho Achadjian (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD36 (Palmdale) - Leans Republican

  • *Steve Fox (D) - Member, State Assembly
  • Ron Smith (R) - Business Owner/Councilman

AD37 (Santa Barbara) - Safe Democrat

  • *Das Williams (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD38 (Santa Clarita) - Safe Republican

  • *Scott Wilk (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD39 (E. San Fernando) - Safe Democrat

  • *Raul Bocanegra (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD40 (Redlands) - Leans Republican

  • *Mike Morrell (R) - Member, State Assembly
  • Russ Warner (D) - Small Business Owner

AD41 (Pasadena) - Safe Democrat

  • *Chris Holden (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD42 (Yucaipa) - Safe Republican

  • Gary Jeandron (R) - Member, Palm Springs Unified
  • Chris Mann (R) - Public relations executive
  • Chad Mayes (R) - Chief of staff, Supervisor Rutherford
  • Mark Orozco (D) - Educator/School Boardmember

AD43 (Burbank) - Safe Democrat

  • *Mike Gatto (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD44 (Ventura Co) - Leans Republican

  • *Jeff Gorell (R) - Member, State Assembly
  • David Thayne (D) - Businessman

AD45 (W. San Fernando V) - Safe Democrat

This seat is subject to a special election in fall 2013 after Bob Blumenfield is sworn in as a Los Angeles City Councilmember on July 1.

  • Elizabeth Badger (D) - Nonprofit Director
  • Damian Carroll (D) - District Director, Paul Krekorian
  • Matt Dababneh (D) - District Director, Congressman Brad Sherman
  • Jeff Ebenstein (D) - Field Deputy, Paul Koretz
  • Andra Hoffman (D) - Faculty member, Glendale City College
  • Daniel McCrory (D) -
  • Susan Shelley (R) - Businesswoman/Author

AD46 (Sherman Oaks) - Safe Democrat

  • *Adrin Nazarian (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD47 (Rialto) - Safe Democrat

  • *Cheryl Brown (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD48 (West Covina) - Safe Democrat

  • *Roger Hernandez (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD49 (Monterey Park) - Safe Democrat

  • *Edwin Chau (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD50 (West LA) - Safe Democrat

  • *Richard Bloom (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD51 (East LA) - Safe Democrat

  • *Jimmy Gomez (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD52 (Ontario) - Safe Democrat

This seat is espected to be subject to a special election in fall 2013 if Norma Torres wins the SD32 runoff.

  • Freddie Rodriquez (D) - Councilmember, Pomona
  • Jason Rothman (D) - Member, Pomona Unified School District
  • Manuel Saucedo (D) - Former district director
  • Danielle Soto (D) - Former councilmember, Pomona

AD55 (Yorba Linda) - Safe Republican

  • Ling-Ling Chang (R) - Councilmember, Diamond Bar
  • Heidi Gallegos (R) - Member, Rowland USD
  • Jeremy Yamaguchi (R) - Member, Placentia City Council

AD56 (Imperial County) - Safe Democrat

  • Eduardo Garcia (D) - Mayor, Coachella

AD57 (Whittier) - Safe Democrat

  • *Ian Calderon (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD58 (Downey) - Safe Democrat

  • *Cristina Garcia (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD59 (South LA) - Safe Democrat

  • *Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD60 (Corona) - Leans Republican

  • *Eric Linder (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD61 (Riverside) - Leans Democrat

  • *Jose Medina (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD62 (Inglewood) - Safe Democrat

  • LeFrancis Arnold (D) - Realtor
  • Betsy Butler (D) - Former member, State Assembly
  • Patricia Donaldson (D) - President, Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce
  • Gloria Gray (D) - Member, West Basin MWD
  • Robert Pullen-Miles (D) - Councilmember, Lawndale

AD63 (South Gate) - Safe Democrat

  • *Anthony Rendon (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD64 (Carson) - Safe Democrat

  • Micah Ali (D) - Member, Compton USD
  • Michael Gipson (D) - Councilmember, Carson
  • Steve Neal (D) - Councilmember, Long Beach

AD65 (Fullerton) - Leans Republican

  • Henry Chareon (R) - Councilmember, La Palma
  • Young Kim (R) - Staffer, Congressman Ed Royce
  • Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) - Mayor/Councilwoman/Educator
  • Bruce Whitaker (R) - Councilmember, Fullerton

AD66 (Torrance) - Swing

  • *Al Muratsuchi (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD67 (Murrieta) - Safe Republican

  • *Melissa Melendez (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD68 (Tustin) - Safe Republican

  • *Don Wagner (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD69 (Santa Ana) - Safe Democrat

  • *Tom Daly (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD70 (Long Beach) - Safe Democrat

  • Patrick O'Donnell (D) - Councilmember, Long Beach
  • Gerrie Shipske (D) - Councilmember, Long Beach
  • Tonia Uranga (D) - Former Member, Long Beach City Council
  • Ed Wilson (D) - Councilmember, Signal Hill

AD71 (East SD Co.) - Safe Republican

  • *Brian Jones (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD72 (Seal Beach) - Safe Republican

  • *Travis Allen (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD73 (Dana Point) - Safe Republican

  • Bill Brough (R) - Councilmember, Dana Point
  • Anna Bryson (R) - Board Member, Capistrano Unified School District
  • Paul Glaab (R) - Councilmember, Laguna Niguel
  • Jesse Petrilla (R) - Councilmember, Rancho Santa Margarita
  • Steve Baric Varic (R) - Councilmember, Rancho Santa Margarita

AD74 (Irvine) - Safe Republican

  • *Allan Mansoor (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD75 (Escondido) - Safe Republican

  • *Marie Waldron (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD76 (Carlsbad) - Safe Republican

  • *Rocky Chavez (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD77 (North SD) - Safe Republican

  • *Brian Maienschein (R) - Member, State Assembly

AD78 (Coastal SD) - Safe Democrat

  • *Toni Atkins (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD79 (East SD) - Safe Democrat

  • *Shirley Weber (D) - Member, State Assembly

AD80 (South SD) - Safe Democrat

This seat is subject to a special election in spring 2013 to fill the vacancy caused by Ben Hueso's ascension to State Senate.

  • Steve Castaneda (D) - Small Businessman/Father
  • Lorena Gonzalez (D) - Community Organizer/Mother

State Senate

SD02 (North Coast) - Safe Democrat

  • *Noreen Evans (D) - Member, State Senate

SD04 (Roseville-Yuba-Tehama) - Safe Republican

  • *Jim Nielsen (R) - Member, State Senate

SD06 (Sacramento) - Safe Democrat

  • Roger Dickinson (D) - Member, State Assembly
  • Richard Pan (D) - Member, State Assembly

SD08 (Foothills) - Safe Republican

  • *Tom Berryhill (R) - Member, State Senate

SD10 (Hywd-Frmnt-Snta Clra) - Safe Democrat

  • Mary Hayashi (D) - Member, State Senate
  • Bob Wieckowski (D) - Member, State Senate

SD12 (Merced) - Leans Democrat

  • Tom Hallinan (D) - Trustee, Yosemite Community College District
  • *Anthony Cannella (R) - Member, State Senate

SD14 (Fresno/Bakersfield) - Safe Democrat

This seat is subject to a special election in the "old" SD16 in 2013 to fill the vacancy created by Michael Rubio's resignation.

  • Francisco Ramirez (D) - Business Consultant
  • Leticia Perez Garcia (D) - County Supervisor
  • Andy Vidak (R) - Farmer/Small Businessman
  • Paulina Miranda (D) - Businesswoman
  • Mohammad Arif (P) - Businessman

SD16 (Kern) - Safe Republican

  • *Jean Fuller (R) - Member, State Senate

SD18 (San Fernando V) - Safe Democrat

  • Steve Veres (D) - Trustee, Los Angeles Community College District
  • Adrin Nazarian (D) - Member, State Assembly

SD20 (Ontario) - Safe Democrat

This seat is subject to a special election in the "old" SD32 in 2013 to full the vacancy created by Gloria Negrete McLeod's ascension to Congress.

  • Paul Leon (R) - Mayor of Ontario
  • *Norma Torres (D) - Member, State Senate

SD22 (San Gabriel Valley) - Safe Democrat

  • *Ed Hernandez (D) - Member, State Senate

SD24 (East LA) - Safe Democrat

  • *Kevin de Leon (D) - Member, State Senate

SD26 (Coast LA) - Safe Democrat

  • *Ted Lieu (D) - Member, State Senate

SD28 (Coachella Valley) - Safe Republican

  • Jeff Stone (R) - Supervisor, Riverside
  • Bonnie Garcia (R) - Former Member, State Assembly
  • Glenn Miller (R) - Councilmember, Indio
  • John Redden (R)

SD30 (Culver City) - Safe Democrat

  • Tom Calderon (D) - Former Member, State Assembly

SD32 (Whittier) - Safe Democrat

  • Kevin Perez-Allen (D) - Community Organizer
  • *Rudy Bermudez (D) - Member, State Senate
  • *Tony Mendoza (D) - Member, State Senate

SD34 (Huntington Beach) - Leans Republican

  • Jose Solorio (D) - Trustee, Rancho Santiago CCD
  • Jim Silva (R) - Member, California State Assembly
  • Van Tran (R) - Former Member, State Assembly
  • Janet Nguyen (R) - Supervisor, Orange County
  • Long Pham (R) - Former Member, OC Board of Education
  • Joe DoVinh (D) - Planning Commissioner, Garden Grove

SD36 (Carlsbad) - Safe Republican

  • Martin Garrick (R) - Former Member, State Assembly
  • Patricia Bates (R) - Supervisor, Orange County

SD38 (East San Diego Co.) - Safe Republican

  • *Joel Anderson (R) - Member, State Senate

SD40 (S. San Diego) - Safe Democrat

  • *Ben Hueso (D) - Member, State Senate


CD01 (Northeast Cal) - Safe Republican

  • *Doug LaMalfa (R) - Member of Congress

CD02 (North Coast) - Safe Democrat

  • *Jared Huffman (D) - Member of Congress

CD03 (Yolano-Yuba-Lake) - Safe Democrat

  • Dan Logue (R) - Member, State Assembly
  • *John Garamendi (D) - Member of Congress

CD04 (Foothills) - Safe Republican

  • *Tom McClintock (R) - Member of Congress

CD05 (Napa-Santa Rosa) - Safe Democrat

  • *Mike Thompson (D) - Member of Congress

CD06 (Sacramento) - Safe Democrat

  • *Doris Matsui (D) - Member of Congress

CD07 (E. Sac Co) - Swing

  • *Ami Bera (D) - Member of Congress
  • Ted Gaines (R) - Member, State Senate

CD08 (SB High Desert) - Safe Republican

  • *Paul Cook (R) - Member of Congress

CD09 (San Joaquin) - Leans Democrat

  • *Jerry McNerney (D) - Member of Congress

CD10 (Stanislaus) - Swing

  • Michael Eggman (D) - Farmer and Beekeeper
  • *Jeff Denham (R) - Member of Congress

CD11 (Contra Costa) - Safe Democrat

  • *George Miller (D) - Member of Congress

CD12 (San Francisco) - Safe Democrat

  • *Nancy Pelosi (D) - Member of Congress

CD13 (Oakland) - Safe Democrat

  • *Barbara Lee (D) - Member of Congress

CD14 (San Mateo) - Safe Democrat

  • *Jackie Speier (D) - Member of Congress

CD15 (Hawyard-Pleas-Liv) - Safe Democrat

  • *Eric Swalwell (D) - Member of Congress

CD16 (Merced) - Safe Democrat

  • *Jim Costa (D) - Member of Congress

CD17 (Milpitas) - Safe Democrat

  • *Mike Honda (D) - Member of Congress
  • Ro Khanna (D) - Attorney, former asst. deputy secty, Dept of Commerce

CD18 (Silicon Valley) - Safe Democrat

  • *Anna Eshoo (D) - Member of Congress

CD19 (San Jose) - Safe Democrat

  • *Zoe Lofgren (D) - Member of Congress

CD20 (Monterey) - Safe Democrat

  • *Sam Farr (D) - Member of Congress

CD21 (Kings) - Leans Republican

  • *David Valadao (R) - Member of Congress

CD22 (Fresno) - Safe Republican

  • *Devin Nunes (R) - Member of Congress

CD23 (Kern) - Safe Republican

  • *Kevin McCarthy (R) - Member of Congress

CD24 (Santa Barbara) - Swing

  • *Lois Capps (D) - Member of Congress

CD25 (S. Clarita/Palmdale) - Leans Republican

  • *Howard McKeon (R) - Member of Congress

CD26 (Ventura Co) - Leans Democrat

  • Tony Strickland (R) - Former State Senator
  • *Julia Brownley (D) - Member of Congress

CD27 (Pasadena) - Safe Democrat

  • *Judy Chu (D) - Member of Congress

CD28 (Hollywood) - Safe Democrat

  • *Adam Schiff (D) - Member of Congress

CD29 (E. San Fernando V) - Safe Democrat

  • *Tony Cardenas (D) - Member of Congress

CD30 (W. San Fernando Vly) - Safe Democrat

  • *Brad Sherman (D) - Member of Congress

CD31 (San Bernardino) - Swing

  • Pete Aguilar (D) - Mayor, Redlands
  • Joe Baca (D) - Former Member of Congress
  • *Gary Miller (R) - Member of Congress
  • Eloise Gomez Reyes (D) - Attorney

CD32 (W. Covina) - Safe Democrat

  • *Grace Napolitano (D) - Member of Congress

CD33 (LA Coast) - Safe Democrat

  • *Henry Waxman (D) - Member of Congress

CD34 (Downtown LA) - Safe Democrat

  • *Xavier Becerra (D) - Member of Congress

CD35 (Ontario) - Safe Democrat

  • *Gloria McLeod (D) - Member of Congress

CD36 (Coachella V) - Swing

  • *Raul Ruiz (D) - Member of Congress
  • Brian Nestande (R) - Member, State Assembly

CD37 (Culver City) - Safe Democrat

  • *Karen Bass (D) - Member of Congress

CD38 (Whittier) - Safe Democrat

  • *Linda Sanchez (D) - Member of Congress

CD39 (Fullerton) - Safe Republican

  • *Ed Royce (R) - Member of Congress

CD40 (Downey) - Safe Democrat

  • *Lucille Royball-Allard (D) - Member of Congress

CD41 (Riverside) - Leans Democrat

  • *Mark Takano (D) - Member of Congress

CD42 (Corona) - Safe Republican

  • *Ken Calvert (R) - Member of Congress

CD43 (Inglewood) - Safe Democrat

  • *Maxine Waters (D) - Member of Congress

CD44 (Carson) - Safe Democrat

  • *Janice Hahn (D) - Member of Congress

CD45 (Irvine) - Safe Republican

  • *John Campbell (R) - Member of Congress

CD46 (Santa Ana) - Safe Democrat

  • *Loretta Sanchez (D) - Member of Congress

CD47 (Long Beach) - Leans Democrat

  • *Alan Lowenthal (D) - Member of Congress

CD48 (Huntington Beach) - Safe Republican

  • *Dana Rohrabacher (R) - Member of Congress

CD49 (Carlsbad) - Safe Republican

  • *Darrell Issa (R) - Member of Congress

CD50 (East SD Co.) - Safe Republican

  • *Duncan Hunter (R) - Member of Congress

CD51 (S. SD - Imperial) - Safe Democrat

  • *Juan Vargas (D) - Member of Congress

CD52 (SD) - Swing

  • *Scott Peters (D) - Member of Congress
  • Carl DeMaio (R) - Former Member, San Diego City Council

CD53 (La Mesa) - Safe Democrat

  • *Susan Davis (D) - Member of Congress


Union Actuary Says UC Overstates Pension Costs
Ed Mendel @
A large technical-worker union that plans a strike at five University of California hospitals next week opposes the next phase of a pension reform, arguing that costs have been overstated to get workers to pay more toward their pensions.

Villaraigosa-backed School Board Candidate Leads Money Race
Howard Blume @
The money race among two remaining candidates for the Los Angeles Board of Education is competitive, but outside spending has skewed resources decidedly toward the one backed by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa .

Love Could Kill Jerry Brown's School Plan
Dan Walters @
Gov. Jerry Brown's ambitious plan to overhaul how California schools are financed may be loved to death.

Health Insurance Tax 'Scares The Daylights' Out Of Some Small-Business Owners
J.D. Harrison @
Many small-business owners worry that a new tax on insurance providers in the health-care law will mean higher premiums for them, undermining the law’s capacity to lower their health-care costs.

A Volatile Mix: Health Care And Immigration Reform
Paige Winfield Cunningham @
Politically, it’s a no-brainer: People in the country illegally shouldn’t get government health care benefits.

Special Election: Leon, Torres Face Off Tuesday
In the Pomona-to-San Bernardino 32nd, by comparison, Assemblywoman Norma Torres, D-Pomona, is a strong favorite over Ontario Mayor Paul Leon, a Republican, in the race to serve out the term of former state Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-Chino.

Top-two Politics: Biz Plots, Back Stories & Backbiting
With some juicy back stories and backbiting from two 2012 Assembly races already spilling over into 2014 campaigns, however, we thought it would be worth checking out some of the intriguing behind-the-scenes activity that went down.

California Democrats Urge Fiscal Responsibility With Revised Budget
Steven Harmon @
With cash pouring into state coffers at a much higher rate than expected, Democrats in the Legislature are no doubt tempted to reopen their spending spigot and restore social programs that have taken devastating hits in recent years.

Gay-rights Groups Pressure Obama To Help Them On Immigration Reform - The Hill - Covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns And Capitol Hill |
Ian Swanson @
The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 Washington DC 20006 | 202-628-8500 tel | 202-628-8503 fax

Health Secretary Raises Funds for Health Care Law
Administration officials said private donations were needed because Congress had provided much less money than President Obama requested to publicize the new law.

Crucial Week Ahead For Sacramento Group's Offer To Buy Kings
Tony Bizjak, Dale Kasler, and Ryan Lillis @
Despite repeatedly dismissing overtures from a Sacramento group eager to buy the Kings, the team's owners have not closed the door on that possibility and were receiving updates from the NBA on the Sacramento group's efforts as recently as this weekend, a source said Sunday.

Schools: Funding Formulas A Top Budget Issue
The issue will be center stage Tuesday, May 14, when Gov. Jerry Brown releases a revised spending plan that will kick off intense negotiations on a new budget.

It's official: Kaiser workers pick SEIU
The federal government has certified the Service Employees International Union's recent election victory at Kaiser Permanente, the union announced today, capping a bitter fight with an upstart union.

Feinstein: Review Military Sexual Assault Cases Outside Command Chain
“I think it has to be taken out of the command decision-making,” Feinstein said on NBC News’s “Meet The Press.” “It’s clear that there’s too much excuse, and this has got to stop. And there has to be zero tolerance, and that has to be supported by a separate judicial process, whether it’s a full court-martial process or anything else, apart from the military command structure.”

Feuer Touts His Ability To Work Cooperatively
Patrick McGreevy @
But while former colleagues on the L.A. City Council and Assembly describe him as driven and intelligent, they say his style can be abrasive.

Amid Kings Actions, Sacramento Makes Commitments To The Arts
Ryan Lillis @
Art or basketball? The city of Sacramento says it can do both. Reacting to concerns that subsidizing a new downtown sports arena could hurt funding for the arts, the City Council last week delivered a boost to some of the city's marquee cultural organizations and committed to helping others in coming months.

Lower-income Districts Would Benefit From 55 Percent Parcel Tax Threshold, Study Suggests | Edsource Today
Only about one in eight school districts in California have passed a parcel tax, and they predominantly have been wealthier and smaller districts. But if the threshold for passing a parcel tax were dropped from a two-thirds majority to 55 percent, an EdSource analysis suggests more districts with larger enrollments of low-income students would pass them.

Sacramento Kings Draw New Bid From Group Eager To Move Team To Seattle
Ken Belson @
The fight for ownership of the Sacramento Kings, one of the N.B.A.’s most beleaguered franchises, will take a big step toward resolution Wednesday when the league’s owners vote on a recommendation that the team be prohibited from moving to Seattle.

Debate Over Amnesty Looms Over Efforts To Reform Immigration Laws
Cindy Chang @
In 1986, an amnesty law gave legal status and a path to citizenship to unauthorized residents. Today's mass legalization would occur in a much different climate.

Coverage out of immigration debate
Paige Winfield Cunningham @
Some amendments to the immigration bill would prolong waiting periods on health care.

Typecast As Heavy, Issa Faces Political Ceiling
Logan Jenkins @
Curse me for a fool — and I’m sure political partisans, both right and left, will — but I’m beginning to feel sorry for Darrell Issa.

Daniel Borenstein: Prepare For A Long, Hot Summer Of Bart Negotiations
Local @
If history is a guide, a last-minute deal will be put up for a union vote without public vetting. Both sides will emphasize their concessions, but sunshine will eventually show that little or nothing was done to rein in overtime costs and overly generous benefits.