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THE NOONER for May 10, 2013

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AURAL PLEASURE: John Myers and Anthony York give us chatter for the commute in the Capitol Connection podcast. This week, they're talking Abel Maldonado, prison politics, and next week's state budget revision.

BYOB: [Giants] Ballpark workers to take strike vote [Matier and Ross @ SFChron] - "Concession workers at AT&T Park — unhappy over the progress of negotiations for a new contract with the stadium vendor — have called for a strike authorization vote Saturday. Roughly 750 union-represented concession workers at the ballpark — from cashiers and cooks to suite attendants and food hawkers — have been working without a contract for three years."

A few attentive readers have suggested I cover hot bills moving through the Legislature? For the Nooner, I'm a second house guy. We'll have plenty of time to look at bills, but let's allow the Appropriations Committee suspense file cemetary do its job. Yes, lots of bills for which supporters celebrated unanimous policy committee votes will be buried by the May 24 fiscal committee deadline, and there's no reason to get in a tizzy. Speaking of that, today is the deadline for policy committees to report non-fiscal bills to the floor.

PRE-GAME: In advance of Tuesday's budget revision from the governor, the LAO this week included a likely scenario in a presentation to EdSource:

General Fund Revenues Up $5.5 Billion Across Three Years

  • Up $500 million in 2011-12.
  • Up $4 billion in 2012-13.
  • Up $1 billion in 2013-14.

Proposition 98 guarantee (change from governor's January budget)

  • $57.2 billion, up $3.7 billion, in 2012-13.
  • $57.1 billion, up $600 million, in 2013-14.

The LAO's review of the governor's May Revision is scheduled to be released Thursday.

END GAME? Maldonado Might Bring 'Good' Loss for GOP [John Wildermuth @ F&H]

CROWDED FIELD: Davis mayor Joe Krovoza, an attorney who works at the transportation institute at UC Davis, has joined the field in AD04 (Yolo-Napa-Lake) to succeed Mariko Yamada. By jumping in, Krovoza leaves his seat on the city council, where he is completing his first term.

Likely in the race with an announcement soon is fellow councilmember and attorney Dan Wolk, which raises an interesting question--if a third member councilmember jumps in, do debates have to be Brown Act noticed? Come on in, Lucas, the water is perfect!

Dan provides this statement: "In response to requests from the press, I can confirm that I will be announcing my candidacy for the California State Assembly in the weeks ahead. I am inspired by the strong support and encouragement I have already received throughout the district and I look forward to a great campaign."

Stephen Souza, who looked at the race is staying out, as is legislative staffer and Democratic party leader Bob Schelen. In the race from the other parts of the district are Napa Planning Commissioner Matt Pope and Lake County supervisor Anthony Farrington.

With four Democrats (all white guys) in the race, it's very likely that a RWAH (Republican with a heartbeat) will place in the top two, making it probable that this safe Democratic district will be decided in June. 

It is widely known that Yolo supe Jim Provenza was Yamada's choice to succeed her. With her candidate out, she's indicated that the field is wide open and isn't making any early endorsements. 

And, Mariko has opened a 2016 senate committee to succeed Dan's mom Lois Wolk  . . .

SEVENTH INNING STRETCH: L.A. mayor's race is virtual dead heat with 12 days to go, poll says [James Rainey @ LAT] - "The poll by the Pat Brown Institute of Public Affairs at Cal State Los Angeles shows Greuel with 46% of likely voters and Garcetti with 45%, and 9% undecided, 12 days before the May 21 election."

EXPANSION TEAM: Group recommends districts for Anaheim, larger council [Art Marroquin @ OCR] - "A citizens group unanimously agreed late Thursday night that voters should be asked whether Anaheim is carved into City Council districts as a way to ensure better representation of minority communities. The Citizen's Advisory Committee on Elections and Community Involvement also agreed that the council should be expanded to six or eight members from five with an at-large mayor. The committee's recommendations will be presented May 31 to the Anaheim City Council. From there, the City Council could ultimately decide whether to put any of the proposed changes onto a citywide ballot."

LET THERE BE BLIGHT: Ronald Reagan and the fall of UC [Seth Rosenfeld @ LAT] - "When Clark Kerr was installed as UC's president, he cited the 'immeasurable benefits' the university had derived from the 'long vision and the understanding of the legislators and officers of our state.' As that 'enlightened and friendly environment' has eroded in the decades since, so has the education of successive generations — and the prospects for California's future."

POWER RANKINGS: The 10 Hottest Housing Markets of 2013 [MarketWatch]

  • 10. Denver
  • 9. Detroit
  • 8. Los Angeles
  • 7. Riverside
  • 6. San Diego
  • 5. Sacramento
  • 4. San Francisco
  • 3. San Jose
  • 2. Las Vegas
  • 1. Phoenix

MAJOR LEAGUE: Infographic: Is your state's highest paid employee a coach? [Reuben Fischer-Baum @ Deadspin]

THE GOLDEN UMPIRE: California Sues JPMorgan Chase Over Credit Card Cases [Jessica Silver-Greenberg @ NYT] - "The suit, filed in California Superior Court by the state’s attorney general, Kamala D. Harris, contends that JPMorgan, the nation's largest bank, 'committed debt collection abuses against tens of thousands of California consumers.' . . . The accusations outlined in the lawsuit echo problems — from questionable documents used in lawsuits to incomplete records — that plagued the foreclosure process and prompted a multibillion-dollar settlement with big banks. One hallmark of the foreclosure crisis, robosigning, in which banks worked through mountains of legal documents without reviewing them for accuracy, is at the center of Ms. Harris’s lawsuit against JPMorgan."

Congratulations on making it through another week! 



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Water Bill Could See Smooth Sailing In Senate, Despite Critics
Curtis Tate @
Amid sharply partisan exchanges over guns, immigration and the federal budget, the debate that began in the Senate this week over a water resources bill seems relatively tame.

NAACP state president accuses Abel Maldonado of using 'racial politics'
David Siders @
Abel Maldonado's campaign for governor has stumbled even before the former lieutenant governor officially declares his candidacy.

California Assembly OKs Two Bills Related To Transgender Residents
Melody Gutierrez @
Two bills aimed at eliminating obstacles facing transgender people cleared the Assembly largely along party lines Thursday, including one measure to let students choose the bathroom and sports team that correlates with their gender identity.

'Dell Tax Maneuver' Could Galvanize Efforts To Tweak Prop. 13
Robin Abcarian @
Even the tax-cutting law's staunch defenders criticize the glaring example of a loophole for commercial properties, but any change will be bitterly fought nonetheless.

AM Alert: California water politics take center stage
Jeremy B. White @
Interest in Delta water issues continues to rise as details of Gov. Jerry Brown's ambitious water project pour out. Part of what makes the governor's proposal so complex is that it doesn't just concern water delivery -- while the tunnels that would send water south are a big part of it, the blueprint also calls for restoring and preserving the ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

University Founder Sues State
Christopher Cadelago @
Xanthi Gionis, a founder of Aristotle University and Republican candidate for state Senate whose recent run was derailed by questions about the school, argued the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education took actions it knew would harm the university and impugn her personal, professional and political reputation.

Assembly Approves Bill On Gender Identity In Schools
Chris Megerian @
SACRAMENTO -- The Assembly approved on Thursday legislation that would ensure students could participate in school activities and use facilities like bathrooms based on their gender identity, not their physical sex.

Can Crime Again Be Big Issue In California?
Dan Walters @
Like fashions, hairstyles and tastes in popular music, politics tend to run in cycles. What's old becomes new again, and some believe California is ripe for a rebirth of crime as a high-impact political issue.

Maldonado's 'early Release' Repeal Targets Wrong Offender
Paige St. John @
Abel Maldonado made it clear that his campaign against Gov. Jerry Brown's prison realignment program is about stopping criminals like Jerome Rogers, the 57-year-old transient accused of killing an elderly San Bernardino County woman.

Ex-state Senate candidate sues over school closure
A former state Senate candidate has filed a $21 million lawsuit against California for shutting down her one-room private university.

California Governor's School Funding Plan Would Alleviate Inequities, Report Says
Theresa Harrington @
The California Budget Project finds governors Local Control Funding Formula would help districts better serve disadvantaged students, who cost more to educate. But strengthening accountability would help ensure dollars are spent on low-income students and English learners, advocate says.

Online Searches Show Recession's Effect On Mental Health
David Wagner @
The economy may be getting its groove back, but the nation's collective mental health remains in a funk. By studying online searches, San Diego State University researcher John W. Ayers has found that the public's anxieties haven't receded, even though the worst of the recession has.

California Accuses Jpmorgan Chase Of Debt-collection Abuses
Andrew Tangel @
California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris has accused JPMorgan Chase & Co. of using fraudulent and unlawful debt-collection practices against some 100,000 credit card holders in the state.

California Health Exchange Poised To Hand Out Millions In Outreach Grants
Jim Sanders @
Tens of millions of dollars in outreach grants are set to be awarded next week in a massive campaign to persuade uninsured Californians to buy coverage as a linchpin in the looming health care overhaul.

Alleged voter fraud in Little Armenia being investigated
Alene Tchekmedyian and Kate Linthicum @
Backers of L.A. City Council candidate Mitch O'Farrell are accused of illegally filling out ballots. The O'Farrell campaign counters that workers for rival John Choi improperly filled out ballots.

The Caucus: Same-Sex Partners and Immigration Provide Conundrum for Democrats
Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, worries that a measure that would allow American citizens to apply for green cards for same-sex partners could sink the whole immigration compromise.

O.C. Supervisors Deny $20,000 Increase For Grand Jury
Nicole Santa Cruz @
One official calls the panel 'incompetent' after it issued reports charging local government was corrupt and covered up sexual harassment.

IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups during 2012 election
Stephen Ohlemacher @
The Internal Revenue Service is apologizing for inappropriately flagging conservative political groups for additional reviews during the 2012 election to see if they were violating their tax-exempt status.

Editorial: Can local coffers pay for benefits boost?
The additional $300,000 lump-sum death benefit that Speaker Pérez seeks with his bill is excessive. It is especially so at a time when cities and counties are struggling to figure out how to pay for unfunded liabilities for pensions and health care – benefits that public employee unions secured through past lobbying campaigns like the one they are engaged in now.

Immigration Bill Gains Momentum
Alexander Bolton @
The Senate’s Gang of Eight fended off a slew of poison-pill amendments aimed at the immigration reform bill, building momentum for the legislation that has sparked strong opposition from conservatives.

Michael Eggman, Pete Aguilar Get Support From National Dems
Jeremy B. White @
Two California congressional hopefuls are among the beneficiaries of a new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee program aimed at nurturing promising candidates for 2014.

The Buzz: Man arrested outside Jerry Brown's loft appears in Sacramento court
The man Gov. Jerry Brown mentioned in a speech to crime victims last month sat alone Thursday in a Sacramento courtroom, wearing dress slacks and a sweater.

Oakland Burglaries Barely Investigated
Matthai Kuruvila @
The Oakland Police Department has been so ineffectively structured that only one part-time investigator was assigned to handle 10,000 reported burglaries last year, a stunning deficiency revealed Thursday by police consultants hired by the city to develop a crime-fighting plan.