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THE NOONER for May 8, 2013

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Today is Get Off Your Tush Day, and I'm primarily speaking to we men. It's Wednesday, so you've got to get moving on that Mother's Day gift for your wife, mom, or grandma. My mom loves the Kindle Fire HD I got her, and that little store that now pays sales tax can get one in your mom's hands by Sunday.

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SWITCHEROO: With two-thirds votes in each house likely to arrive shortly, Speaker John Perez staked out his vision of a state rainy day fund to replace the measure that had been scheduled for the 2012 ballot, but was bumped to 2014 in a party-line vote. The new measure would focus on capturing and setting aside a portion of one-time funds from capital gains, rather than the tougher ACA 4 (Gatto). That measure was bumped to November 2014 using the same SB 202 (Hancock)--via a simple majority vote--that kicked constitutional amendments to general elections.

Placing or removing a legislatively placed constitutional amendment on the ballot requires a two-thirds vote (Cal. Const. Art. 18, Sec. 1), although the Legislature can change which election ballots on which consitutional amendments appear with a simple majority vote.

ACA 4, which was part of the historically, and perhaps last, late state budget, would require that in decent years, 3% of the state's general fund (until the reserve reaches 10%--currently around $10 billion) and some one-time revenues be set-aside for use in bad years.

Labor, in particular, doesn't like ACA 4, as it doesn't allow the state to restore programs cut in recent years. Republicans argue that we're likely to fall off the cliff again before we restore everything, so it's better to set aside money now. The governor's focus is on paying down the state's debt as quickly as reasonable, as that creates more budget flexibility when the bad times hit again.

This is also a proxy fight for Proposition 30 renewal. Proposition 30's sales taxes expire in 2016, and the personal income tax (PIT) portion expires in the with the 2018 tax year. Based on the economy, this will account for a $6-8 billion "cut to schools." While the governor has not spoken on the topic of renewing the "temporary" sales and high-income PIT, it's certainly on the mind of education advocates and lawmakers who will be around for the 2018-19 train wreck budget if the measure is not renewed.

ACA 4, if approved, by setting aside large amounts of "ongoing" money, would give opponents of Prop. 30 renewal a strong counter-argument to use against "our schools will be slashed." The reasoning would be that the state has been able to set-aside ongoing money, and now that it has reached 10% of the general fund, there are sufficient ongoing funds to instead provide to our schools (via the 3% stream and new money from general fund growth). 

Meanwhile, the Speaker's proposal (which I've only read about in concept), would focus on one-time revenues, which can't be used on an ongoing basis to meet the school funding guarantee. Thus, even if the state had cash in its "rainy day" fund, there would be a much stronger argument for the need of an ongoing tax renewal to avoid school cuts.

The governor's say is next, with the revision to his January budget proposal is expected next Tuesday, May 14. Speaking of that, this is a crazy month:

  • May 14: May Revise
  • May 14: SD32 (Negrete McLeod) runoff
  • May 21: Los Angeles municipal runoff
  • May 21: SD16 "primary"
  • May 21: AD80 "primary" (which will decide race, as only two candidates are running)


$$$: The state GOP gets in the fundraising game reporting $204,000 yesterday, including $50,000 from AT&T, while Andy Vidak tries to keep up with Leticia Perez in SD20.

RUH-ROH: Jennifer Fearing is on the warpath again, as the American Association of Political Consultants slates an all-male agenda for its regional conference in Tomatotown.

NO TIGHTS NEEDED: And, ladies and gentleman, this is the Greatest American Hero. [Songified as "Dead Giveaway"] - From The Daily Beast: "Let’s recap. Amanda Berry was kidnapped in 2003 after leaving her shift at Burger King. Charles Ramsey rescued her close to ten years later, after returning from McDonald’s. And to close the fast food loop, the suspected kidnapper—Ramsey’s neighbor—was apprehended…at McDonald’s. Chew on that."

And, if there is any question whether Ramsey is a class act, he tells Anderson Cooper that he doesn't want the reward: "'I tell you what you do, give it to them,' Ramsey said. 'Because if folks been following this case since last night, you been following me since last night, you know I got a job anyway.'"



Los Angeles County is more than a $25 billion budget and 101,000 employees serving 10 million residents. It's the place where the longest-serving employee just celebrated her 61st year on the job, an underwater robot helps patrol the nation's busiest port complex, and traffic jams are a cause for celebration when a 340-ton boulder comes to town.

Get an inside look at the nation's largest municipal government in the Los Angeles County Annual Report:

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  • Civil Litigation Manuals and Civil Procedure Classes for San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties. For more information, visit
  • California League of Bond Oversight Committees: Second Annual CaLBOC Statewide Conference - May 10, 2013 in Sacramento - Keynote speakers Bill Lockyer and Assemblymember Joan Buchanan - More info and registration
  • Join Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, Councilman Steve Hansen, Supervisor Phil Serna, the Rev. Faith Whitmore and Dr. Claire Pomeroy as they are honored as recipients of Four Freedoms Awards at the Sacramento Stonewall Democrats' 9th Annual Gala, Wednesday, May 15 at the Red Lion Hotel Woodlake Conference Center, Sacramento. Purchase tickets @




Assembly Speaker To Push For New 'Rainy-Day Fund' To Help Budget
Melody Gutierrez and David Siders @
Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez is proposing a new state spending restriction that would set aside money from capital gains taxes in good years to help the state through economic downturns.

Delaware to Allow Same-Sex Marriage
The bill passed the State Senate by a 12-to-9 vote and the governor quickly signed it, making Delaware the 11th state to permit same-sex marriages.

Democrats Can Eat Their Own, Too, As An Aide To Brown Learns
Dan Morain @
Steve Glazer's fight with Democrats might be a footnote to the 2012 election, except for what it shows about the dominant party in California and the new political order of the top-two primary.

Brown Administration Joins Push To Amend Prop. 65
Jeremy B. White @
Gov. Jerry Brown is throwing his weight behind a push to update Proposition 65, California's safeguard against exposure to toxic chemicals.

Delaware OKs same-sex marriage, showdowns loom in two states
David Lauter @
A year ago, when Vice President Joe Biden revealed in a television interview that he supported same-sex marriage, such unions were legal in six states.

Immigration Reform Has Big Stakes In California
Dan Walters @
State legislators often conduct their windiest floor debates over nonbinding "resolutions" commending this or that, condemning this or that, or beseeching Congress to do this or that.

Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel Talk Education In Radio Mayoral Debate
Dakota Smith @
The two Los Angeles mayoral candidates pledged Tuesday to make education a priority, telling radio listeners during a live debate that the city's economy depends on improving its schools.

Darrell Steinberg calls for more investment in CA mental health
Torey Van Oot @
California's top Senate Democrat called Tuesday for more investment in mental health services in the state, saying his proposal could improve lives, prevent future tragedies and reduce the burden mentally ill patients put on the state's prisons and hospitals.

Two Prop. 13 Defenders Decry Abuse Of Loophole By Corporations
Jason Felch @
They say they're open to narrow legislation to fix the law, which appears to allow firms to avoid paying more property taxes when buying real estate in California.

Brown, Cal EPA Back Reforms To Cut 'Shakedown' Lawsuits Filed Under Prop. 65
Molly Peterson @
Gov. Jerry Brown has directed the state’s Environmental Protection Agency to work towards reforming Proposition 65, a law passed a quarter-century ago that aims to protect Californians from harmful chemicals.

California Senate Leader Proposes Mental Health Program Expansions
Patrick McGreevy @
Steinberg said the plan is in response to the Newtown, Conn., school massacre, in which a gunman killed 20 students and six adults, as well as a scandal involving a Nevada hospital dumping patients in other states, and the recent order by a federal court to further cut the number of inmates in California prisons

Perez wants changes to 'rainy day' ballot measure
Judy Lin @
The state Assembly speaker says he wants to replace a rainy day fund measure on the November 2014 ballot that was pushed three years ago by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Republican lawmakers.

California Senator Wants To Ban Guns Made With '3-d Printers'
Torey Van Oot @
A Democratic state legislator has announced a push to ban technology that could let people make guns with a "3-D printer" in the wake of media reports of the successful test fire of such a weapon.

Internet Poker: Tribes Working To Craft Online Poker Bill
In recent months, though, tribes that previously opposed online poker because they said it threatened their casino businesses have begun to warm to the idea. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have authorized Internet gaming. And a legal site, Ultimate Poker, started taking bets in Nevada last week.

Iranian presidential candidates register for June election
Ramin Mostaghim @
About two dozen have emerged publicly so far to seek to take part in the balloting to succeed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Bill Would Ban Junk Food From Vending Machines At State Offices
Tiffany Hsu and Chad Terhune @
An Assembly bill to remove junk food and sugary drinks from vending machines at California government property intensifies debate about nanny-state tactics.

New Revenues Ease California School District Fiscal Woes
Dan Walters @
Voter approval of a mufti-billion-dollar tax increase last year has reduced financial pressure on California's nearly 1,000 school districts and thus dropped the number of districts in fiscal distress, the Legislature was told Tuesday.

Jerry Brown joins move to rewrite California's Prop. 65
Gov. Jerry Brown is throwing his weight behind a push to update Proposition 65, California's defense against exposure to toxic chemicals.

Judge Calls Prenda Law And Others A 'Porno Trolling Collective'
Stuart Pfeifer @
A federal judge says Prenda Law and its lawyers sought 'easy money' by suing Internet users who downloaded pornographic movies without paying for them.

Former lawmaker
Jon Ortiz @
A former Assemblyman suggested Tuesday afternoon that the Legislature should consider reining in CalPERS' control of its struggling long-term care insurance program if the system follows through with

Afscme Workers Authorize Strike At Five UC Medical Centers - San Francisco Business Times
liner @
This was printed from San Francisco Business Times

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Union Notification Requirement
David G. Savage @
A federal appeals court has struck down a rule that would have required more than six million private employers to alert employees they can join a union.

First 2 GOP Amendments To Boxer's Levee Bill? They're About Guns
Curtis Tate @
The Senate began consideration of U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer's Water Resources Development Act Tuesday, but thanks to the first two Republican amendments, the legislation won't merely address flood control, port and navigation improvements and storm protection.