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THE NOONER for April 15, 2013

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  • LAO (April 12): Month-to-Date Collections and Refunds: $2.544 billion. (19.1% of budgeted projection)
  • Controller (April 11): $1.902 billion 

This week will be a defining week in the state's cash flow, and the end game of the 2013-14 budget will take shape.

If you missed the Democratic Convention like I did this weekend, Twitter provides 140-character recaps with the hashtag #CADEM13.

CD31: Leaders tout House gains in Inland area [Jim Miller @ PE] - "There have been rumors in recent days that former Rep. Joe Baca, D-Fontana, also might run for the 31st. Baca lost his bid for re-election last November to former state Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-Chino . . . Baca was not at the convention. Some delegates, though, were circulating copies of a purported Miller mailer [front | back] from last fall in which Baca is quoted as calling the Republican "the one candidate in this race who can get things done in Congress."

The question is not whether, but how hard, Nancy Pelosi and DCCC Steve Israel will work to force Baca out of the race. Israel authorized a fundraising email for Aguilar last Wednesday, while Baca's website now says that he is running for "re-election." (Last year, he ran in the safe Dem CD35, rather than the more challenging CD31, which overlapped more of his old district.)

AD62: Betsy Butler has announced her intention to run to succeed Steve Bradford in the Inglewood-Hawthorne-Marina del Rey district. In an e-mail, Butler explains that she ran for AD50 last year after she and Bradford were drawn in to the same district, and has moved back to AD62.

Of course, AD62 is one of seven Assembly seats held by an African-American, and has the third highest percentage of African-American voting age citizens (CVAP) at 32.5%. Additionally, there is a growing Latino CVAP at 26.4%. Expect more candidates and a bruising campaign.

THE OLD GRAY LADY SPEAKETH ON STOCKTON: Public Pensions in Bankruptcy Court [Editorial @ NYT]

AURAL PLEASURE: John Myers and Anthony York chat aboard the high speed rail train in China about the governor's trade mission.

WOOF: Stutter Brown Fills in for Dad at California Democratic Convention



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Harris And Newsom Highlight Opposition To Prop. 8
Seema Mehta @
California’s top prosecutor used her refusal to defend Proposition 8, a voter-passed initiative that bans same-sex marriage in California, as an example of Democratic values as she spoke to party activists on Saturday.

Lifetime Limit On Community College Units Rejected By California Legislature
Melody Gutierrez @
Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to make California's community college system more efficient and increase access for students hit a road block last week as lawmakers rejected his proposal to set a lifetime limit on the number of units students can take at reduced in-state rates.

Calif. Dems Back Gun Control, Prop 13 Reforms
Juliet Williams @
California Democrats adopted resolutions on Sunday affirming many of their biggest political goals, including changing Californias landmark property tax limitation law, Proposition 13, supporting more gun control legislation and imposing a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for oil.

CalSTRS Benefit Hikes Big Part Of Pension Debt | Calpensions
Ed Mendel @
To reach full funding in 30 years, the annual payments to CalSTRS from employers, teachers and the state, estimated at $5.7 billion this fiscal year, would have to nearly double with an additional payment of more than $4.5 billion a year.

Bills Seek Updates To Voting, Election Systems
Laura Olson @
In use for the first time last year, Californias online voter registration system proved so popular that lawmakers want to build on its success this year.

Senate Committee Makes Rational Decision About Electricity
Dan Walters @
One committee of one legislative house recently did something rarely seen in the California Capitol. It made a rational decision about electricity.

CA Democrats Take Aim At Efforts To Overhaul Education, CEQA
Torey Van Oot @
California Democrats took aim at efforts to overhaul the state's education system and environmental review laws, issuing sharp words and resolutions on both topics during the final day of the state party's convention in Sacramento.

Jerry Brown Vows To Produce Plan For Reducing Inmate Population
Anthony York @
GUANGZHOU, China -- Gov. Jerry Brown said Sunday that his administration will come up with a plan for reducing the state prison population by an additional 10,000 inmates, even as it asks the U.S. Supreme Court to block a judicial order demanding such a recommendation.

California's Prison Crisis Is Now A Constitutional Crisis
Andrew Cohen @
Something extraordinary is happening in California. A long-running story about the atrocious conditions in the state's prisons has expanded in the past two weeks into a story about state sovereignty, the doctrine of interposition, and about the ability and will of the nation's judges to oversee the enforcement of the lawful orders they issue. The California prison crisis, in other words, has become an existential crisis over federal and state power.

Tribes Lobby Hard For Two Freeway-close Casino Projects - State Politics - The Sacramento Bee
The Obama administration has said they can do it.

Sutter Brown Fills In For Dad At California Democratic Convention
Torey Van Oot @
The ongoing trade mission in China kept Gov. Jerry Brown and first lady Anne Gust Brown from attending this weekend's Caliornia Democratic Party convention in Sacramento, but California's first family didn't go completely unrepresented at the three-day event.

With Federal Health Law, Medical Professionals Look To Expand Turf - Health And Medicine - The Sacramento Bee
Lech examines Kearns at his Roseville office. The law allows him to test patients' vision and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses. Senate Bill 492 would allow optometrists to diagnose and treat any condition with eye symptoms.

Though Brown Touts Progress, China's Environmental Issues Persist
Anthony York @
GUANGZHOU , China -- It’s easy to feel good traveling through China with Gov. Jerry Brown this week. 

Dan Walters Daily
Jeremy B. White @
History does not favor Gov. Jerry Brown winning his fight against federal rulings on California prisons, Dan says, but the governor may be making a savvy political move.

China's No Template For California
George Skelton @
On a trade mission, Gov. Brown touts the country's efficiency. But back home, he's been navel-gazing about a water bond.

What "Third Rail?" CA Democrats Support Changes To Prop 13
Joe Garofoli @
You can’t mention “Prop 13″ in a story about California politics without saying it’s the “third rail of…” OK, you can, but we didn’t. More important, the California Democratic Party just wrapped its labor-fed claw around PART OF the rail Sunday by endorsing a resolution that requires commercial property to be regularly reassessed.

California Democrats blast efforts to overhaul schools
Seema Mehta @
They call StudentsFirst and Democrats for Education Reform fronts for GOP and corporate interests. Also, Harris and Newsom tout stands on same-sex marriage.

Manchin's Plan For Explaining Gun Proposal: 'the Longer The Better'
Michael A. Memoli @
WASHINGTON – One of the senators behind the compromise proposal to expand background checks on gun purchases will mount a Senate floor sales pitch Monday, part of a lobbying effort to ensure passage for the key piece of a larger guns bill when it comes to a vote this week.

L.A.'s Simmering Pot Wars Come To A Boil On May 21 - La Daily News
After 17 years of legal battles and uncertainty over legalized medical marijuana, some new clarity will be brought to the issue on May 21, when Los Angeles city voters will be asked to choose among three different measures regulating the growing industry.

Podcast: Courting China
John Myers @
Jerry Brown is a governor who professes his love for California every chance he gets, but this past week he seems to have developed a pretty big crush on China. This week's Capitol Connection podcast comes to you from a high speed train ride through the eastern part of this Asian giant, as we tag along with Brown and his trade mission delegation of 125.

Reelected Democratic Party Leader Was Asked To Leave '12 Convention
Seema Mehta @
A Democrat elected Sunday to a leadership post in the California Democratic Party was asked last summer to leave the Democratic National Convention , where he was a delegate, after falsely claiming that he was a member of Congress and being threatened with arrest at the delegation’s hotel.

LAUSD Chief John Deasy Draws Fire As He Pursues Aggressive Reform Plan
Barbara Jones @
During a recent speech at Loyola Marymount University, John Deasy recalled his promotion from deputy superintendent to chief of Los Angeles Unified two years ago, tasked with turning around a district plagued by failing schools, struggling students and an epidemic of dropouts.

Jerry Brown Toasts Delegates On Last Night In China
David Siders @
GUANGZHOU, China - On the final night of his trade mission to China, Gov. Jerry Brown walked into the Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, looked up 30 stories from an atrium on the 70th floor and said, "Wow, this must be expensive."