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THE NOONER for April 11, 2013

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Good morning from the mighty AD75, where Marie Waldron is happily serving her first term in a safe Republican seat. The district stretches the I-15 corridor from Temecula to Escondido, and grabs Harrah's Rincon and Palomar Mountain to the east. Brulte need not worry about this seat.

The district sits in SD28, which is a newly configured district up in 2014. With Assemblymember Brian Nestande likely to run against Congressman Raul Ruiz, the seat is open if Waldron wants to move north from Escondido next year. Also likely to run in the safe Republican seat is former Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia, as might Riverside supervisor Jeff Stone, who has also talked about running against Congressman Ken Calvert.


  • LAO (April 10): Month-to-Date Collections and Refunds: $1.788 billion. (13.5% of budgeted projection)
  • Controller (April 9): $1.375 billion 

CD25: U.S. Rep. McKeon (CA-25) Quietly Telling Key Folks That He May Retire [Jon Fleischman @ FlashReport] - Fleischman lists George Runner, Steve Knight, Cameron Smyth, Scott Wilk, and Peter Foy as possible candidates. He sort of poo-poos the concept of Tony Strickland switching districts for a run.

PLAYBOOK: Steinberg: 2013 isn't the year for changing Proposition 13 [Torey Van Oot @ SacBee] - "The question of lowering voter thresholds for the specific taxes on the local level, which is really the beginning of that conversation ... definitely should be had and probably will be had at some point in this two-year session," Steinberg said. "But let's have 2013 be a year where we are focused on bread and butter."

Of course, it's a bit moot, as any change would have to go on the ballot in 2014, and proponents would want it on the November ballot. So, the decision doesn't need to be made until next summer and, at the end of the day, will need a green light from labor unions or a political angel who would fund the campaign.

Mulholland writes:

"From November 2002, Democratic registration has dropped only .7% from 44.6% to 43.9% as of February 10, 2013.

Republicans have dropped 6.3% (35.2% and now at 28.9%) while Independents have increased by 5.7% (15.2% and now at 20.9%). Last November Democrats were at 43.7% and actually went up .2 to 43.9% (2/10/13 SOS numbers).

As President Clinton would say - do the arithmetic. With the present trend, Democrats will be at 43.3%, Independents at 25.5%, and Republicans at 24.8% in 2020."

GEEK: As the governor tours China, Political Data Inc. looks at California's 434,867 Chinese voters.

GLACIAL: The Senate isn't moving quickly on the bill to appropriate funds to the Secretary of State to reduce the business filing backlog. [Jon Ortiz @ SacBee]

HA!: Making a mockery of the state's "campaign finance limits," the state Democratic Party sent $300,000 yesterday to Leticia Perez, who is the anointed one in the SD16 special to succeed Michael Rubio. Of course, the contribution limit to the non-anointed ones is still $3,900.  Seriously, either close these loopholes or lift the contribution limits.

POKE: Facebook's Zuckerberg Launches Political Group [Barbara Ortutay @ AP]

RANT: While we continue our absurd 1960s Cuba policy, our governor and business leaders are touring China, which certainly appears to have blocked Quentin Tarentino's Django Unchained from being released as scheduled today. Hypocrisy much?

And, are we really having a national debate over whether Jay-Z was in Cuba on an educational trip?

AURAL PLEASURE: Get Thao and The Get Down Stay Down's "We the Common." These are the tunes powering this week's Nooner. H/T This American Life.



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Brown Touts $1.5-billion Chinese Investment In Oakland Project
Anthony York @
BEIJING -- Gov. Jerry Brown went to the American Embassy on Wednesday to celebrate a new $1.5-billion investment from a Chinese developer in a massive new Oakland waterfront housing project.

Steinberg: 2013 isn't the year for changing Proposition 13
Torey Van Oot @
Those worried that legislative Democrats will use their supermajority power to make changes to Proposition 13 can breathe a sigh of relief -- for now, at least.

California Lawmakers Threaten To Strip Scouts Of Tax Exemption
Patrick McGreevy @
The goal of their proposed legislation is to force the Boy Scouts to abandon its ban on openly gay members. The bill clears a state Senate committee.

Brown Urges China To Cut Air Pollution
David Siders @
Less than 48 hours after landing in Beijing, Gov. Jerry Brown appealed to an audience in this heavily polluted city today to step up efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expanding for a global audience on a case he has made for decades in California.

California's Per Capita Spending On Health Care Relatively Low
Dan Walters @
California may have high housing, fuel and electric power prices, but Californians' spending on health care is below the national average, according to a new data compilation by the Wall Street Journal.

Villaraigosa Says City Workers Should Pay More Toward Retirement
David Zahniser @
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Wednesday that city employees should pay considerably more for their health care and retirement benefits to avoid ¿giant balloon payments¿ in coming years.

Obama Unveils $3.78 Trillion Spending Plan
President Obama unveiled a 10-year budget blueprint Wednesday that calls for nearly $300 billion in new spending on jobs, public works and expanded pre-school education and nearly $800 billion in new taxes, including an extra 94 cents a pack on cigarettes.

Calif. Bill Aimed At Scouts' Gay Ban Passes Hurdle
Lisa Leff @
A bill aimed at pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to lift its ban on gay members by making the organization ineligible for nonprofit tax breaks cleared its first vote on Wednesday in the California Legislature.

In China, Jerry Brown Laments California's Red Tape
David Siders @
BEIJING - Gov. Jerry Brown was participating in a luncheon discussion hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing on Wednesday when a businessman asked about the rules and regulations businesses encounter in foreign trade.

Obama Budget Impact On California: Win Some, Lose Some
Richard Simon @
President Obama¿s budget offers a mixed bag to California: money eagerly sought by Los Angeles to expand its transit system, but no federal funds to help the state pay its nearly billion-dollar bill for jailing illegal immigrants. The budget sent to Congress provides $130 million to help fund the start of the first segment meant to extend the Los Angeles subway to the city¿s Westside and begin work on the downtown Regional Connector. But it calls for eliminating the $250 million provided nationally this year to help states pay the cost of jailing illegal immigrants. The funding has long been a top priority for California, which receives the largest chunk of any state. Even so, the federal funds cover only a fraction of the state¿s costs for incarcerating illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.

Wendy Greuel Draws Fire From Eric Garcetti Over Debate - La Daily News
A day after Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa complained that education wasn't getting enough attention in the campaign, the two mayoral candidates traded barbs over plans to have a debate on the topic.

FPPC Solidifies Stance On Campaign Finance Bills
Jeremy B. White @
The California Fair Political Practices Commission on Wednesday morning formally backed several bills aimed at strengthening the state's campaign finance rules.

Immigration Rally At Capitol As Senators Race To Finish Bill
Brian Bennett and Lisa Mascaro @
Senators pushing to finish a landmark immigration bill met late Wednesday as thousands of advocates rallied outside the Capitol to lend urgency to the effort.

Jerry Brown Tells Chinese Media He Works To 'Cleanse The Augean Stables'
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown met the Chinese media Wednesday, and his fondness for Greek mythology and for prickling the press appeared to have survived the flight from California intact.

Republicans Push Overhaul Of California Budget Process
Chris Megerian @
SACRAMENTO -- Republican lawmakers are trying to resurrect parts of a failed ballot measure in hopes of increasing transparency in the state budget process.

Jerry Brown On The Clock In China, Signing MOUs
David Siders @
Of all the things the Chinese government appears to take seriously, one of the most innocuous is the memorandum of understanding, known in city halls and state houses in the United States as the lowly MOU.

Campaign Watchdog Agency Calls For More Disclosure By Nonprofits
Patrick McGreevy @
The state's campaign watchdog agency is supporting sweeping changes to California's political finance laws, including proposals to lift the veil of secrecy from nonprofit groups that are spending record amounts of money on political campaigns in the state.

Senate Votes 68-31 to Allow Debate on Gun Legislation
The Senate Thursday cleared the way for the debate on the first piece of major gun control legislation to be considered in that chamber in two decades.

Torey Van Oot @
Those worried that legislative Democrats will use their supermajority power to make changes to Proposition 13 can breathe a sigh of relief -- for now, at least.

Brown Unveils Oakland Waterfront Deal - Sfgate
A China-based investor has agreed to help pay for a $1.5 billion development in Oakland to transform 65 acres of industrial waterfront adjacent to Jack London Square to a district of shops, parkland and homes featuring high-rises that will reshape the city's skyline. The Brooklyn Basin deal, announced Wednesday by Gov. Jerry Brown in Beijing during his trade mission, will create 10,000 short- and long-term jobs, 3,100 housing units, 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, and 30 acres of parks that include wetlands restoration. The project, described by city officials as "shovel ready," already has city approval and a certified environmental impact report, and groundbreaking is expected next year. Signature had been shopping the site to various investors when Quan introduced the two groups around the beginning of the year, said Paul Nieto, a senior vice president at Signature. The developer has also signed agreements with the city about local jobs, 465 affordable housing units, apprenticeships and other community benefits. Naomi Schiff, an Oakland Heritage Alliance board member, derided Brooklyn Basin as "a suburban project on the edge of the city with not very good access connecting it to schools, stores and the rest of the world."