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THE NOONER for April 9, 2013

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  • LAO (April 8): Month-to-Date Collections and Refunds: $1.37 billion. (10.3% of budgeted projection)
  • Controller (April 5): $783.2 million 

I generally avoid community college news in The Nooner, preferring to keep my daytime life separate from my early morning hours. However, the California Community Colleges today are releasing a new student success scorecard that is one of the best in the country. For the first time, data is disaggregated by race, age, and gender, and success rates of those who arrive college prepared are separated from those needing remediation. 

Here's a video announcing the scorecard from Chancellor Brice Harris, and the actual scorecard should be live here by the time The Nooner hits your mailboxes.

CHINA: Brown kicks off China tour [John Myers @ News10]

THE TENT: Republicans reach out to Asian American voters with new hires - "The hirings [by the RNC] of Stephen Fong as a national field director and Jason Chung as a national communications director are the first in a series of changes that will be announced this week as the party's members debate actions intended to reverse their losses in the 2012 presidential race."

This comes after exit polls that 73% of Asian voters supported the re-election of Barack Obama, 2 points higher than Latino voters. Asian voters, largely historically conservative North Orange County Chinese and Korean, also likely provided the margin of victory in AD65, allowing Sharon Quirk-Silva to beat Chris Norby.

CD17Ro Khanna's Congressional Campaign Team Looks Like Obama Redux [Josh Richman @ BANG] - "Former Obama administration official Ro Khanna's campaign to unseat fellow Democrat Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, is replete with staffers who worked to elect and re-elect President Obama, even though the president already has endorsed Honda."

AD42 (Inland Desert) - Chris Mann (R) has jumped into the race to succeed termed-out Assemblymember Brian Nestande. Mann is a former councilmember of Westlake Village and is the founder of the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association.

POLS GONE WILD: 8 Legislators Participated in Secret Cuba Trip [John Hrabe @ FlashReport] - "Of course, [Katcho] Achadjian also told the Tribune that the trip wasn’t a secret. Which leads to the question: if the trip wasn’t a secret, why do the identities of the remaining six legislators remain a mystery?"

. . . to which I say, who cares? Well, if the eight are willing to hold to co-sponsor an Assembly Joint Resolution calling for complete normalization of travel to and from Cuba. If legislators get to go, I should be able to.


$$$: Digital subscriptions boost newspaper circulation revenue in 2012 [Meg James @ LAT] - "Newspapers generated $10.4 billion in circulation revenue in 2012, a 5% increase over the previous year. It was the first gain since 2003, as more consumers read newspaper content on desktops, tablets and cellphones."

THANK YOU to the several new subsribers and to the awesome anonymous Nooner reader who bought me Pepper Peddler coffee!

DAMN BRACKET: The 21 Happiest Photos Of Louisville Winning The National Championship [Jack Moore @ Buzzfeed]

Congrats to Ben Adler of Capital Public Radio for winning the Ye Olde Pool in convincing fashion, even though he had Indiana beating Louisville.



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'Job Killer' List Signals Start Of 'Big Game' In State Capitol
Dan Walters @
Each spring, once all the measures have been introduced, the state Chamber of Commerce singles out a few dozen it considers to be the most onerous and labels them "job killers," thus setting parameters of that year's big game.

Assembly Passes Bill Limiting Use Of Controversial School Bonds
Melody Gutierrez @
The California Assembly passed a bill today that will limit the use of a controversial facilities improvement bond that allows school districts to delay repayment for decades while hefty interest obligations accumulate.

California Lawmaker Floats Plan To Reduce Student Debt
Patrick McGreevy @
A California lawmaker and undergraduates concerned about record student-loan debt are rallying at the Capitol today for measures to protect those attending universities from going too deeply into hock.

The Caucus: South Dakotan Is Latest Senate Democrat to Back Same-Sex Marriage
Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota said now supports same-sex marriage rights as some Democrats in his state urge his son to run for his seat in 2014.

State Watchdog Agency Opens Inquiry Into U-T San Diego's Political Ad Rates
Amita Sharma and Ryann Grochowski @
The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) announced today it is looking into whether U-T San Diego offered an improper discount on political advertising during last year’s election.

Burkle To Focus On Building Arena, Won't Be Part Of Kings Ownership Group
Billionaire Ron Burkle, part of the group trying to keep the Sacramento Kings in town, won't take an ownership stake in the team but instead will focus exclusively on building a new arena at Downtown Plaza, a source said today.

In Contest For Black Support, Greuel Wins Maxine Waters' Backing
Michael Finnegan @
Courted heavily by both contenders, the congresswoman announces her support in a press event at City Hall. Garcetti touts backing from black Democratic Rep. Karen Bass.

The Buzz: Newsom keeps low profile as acting governor; lawmakers back Olympic wrestling
As California's acting governor,

State Offers Tips For Doing Business In China, From Censors To Soup
Anthony York @
pointers, cultural hints and etiquette tips the state's new China Trade and Investment office is offering delegates traveling with Gov. Jerry Brown, who arrives in Beijing on Tuesday.

Mitch McConnell campaign's plans to derail Ashley Judd caught on tape
Roger Alford @
The FBI has been asked to look into whether Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's campaign headquarters was bugged after a recording of a private campaign meeting surfaced in which the senator and aides discussed ways to question the mental health of a potential opponent, actress Ashley Judd.

Ro Khanna's Congressional Campaign Team Looks Like Obama Redux
Josh Richman @
Former Obama administration official Ro Khannas campaign to unseat fellow Democrat Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, is replete with staffers who worked to elect and re-elect President Obama, even though the president already has endorsed Honda.

Tim Johnson Backs Same-sex Marriage
Katie Glueck @
South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson, one of the last Democratic senators to oppose same-sex marriage, changed his position on Monday.

Metallurgists Say Bay Bridge Bolt Failure Could Have Been Prevented
UC Berkeley materials science professor and engineers say broad range of known materials, coatings and processes exist that could have prevented failure of 32 large bolts in a key seismic device on the new Bay Bridge.

Assembly committee OKs porn movie condom mandate
Dan Walters @
Legislation that would require actors and actresses in pornographic films to wear condoms during sex acts won approval of an Assembly committee Tuesday despite warnings that it would drive the multi-billion-dollar adult film industry out of the state.

Editorial: Pérez bill could add to health reform costs
Assembly Bill 1263 by Speaker John A. Pérez seeks to improve and expand medical interpreter services for Medi-Cal patients. The measure highlights a real health care dilemma.

Some SD Schools Shy Away From Suspensions
Kyla Calvert @
SAN DIEGO — A new report finds middle and high schools across the country have increased their use of out-of-school suspensions since the 1970s. The increase has disproportionately affected African-American students and those with disabilities.

Analysis Shows Wage Gap Between Women, Men In Sacramento Region
Cathy Locke @
Sacramento-area women who are employed full time are paid 84 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to an $8,220 yearly gap in wages, according to an analysis released today, the day before Equal Pay Day.

Delta water tunnel plans call for highway rerouting
SACRAMENTO -- A proposal to construct two huge water diversion tunnels beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta includes plans for rerouting three, two-lane highways -- previously undisclosed projects that carry a preliminary price tag of at least $265 million, a newspaper reported.

Fracking Foes In California Win In Court
David R. Baker @
Fracking opponents in California have won what may be their first victory in court, with a federal magistrate's ruling that federal authorities broke the law when they leased land in Monterey and Fresno counties to oil drillers without studying the possible risks of hydraulic fracturing.

Multimedia: President Obama's Speech on Gun Control
Courtesy of NBC @
Speaking in Connecticut, President Obama implored Congress to allow a vote on background checks for gun purchases, saying, "this is not about politics, this is about the right thing for families."