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THE NOONER for April 2, 2013

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Well, that was fun. I'm usually someone who eschews April Fools' Day pranks. But, we all needed a laugh upon the return of the Legislature and a very long month ahead. If you learned anything from Schwarzenegger, read the first letters of paragraphs (as I now carefully make sure I don't unwittingly spell something). And, if you fell for it, you're not the only one. Thank you to those who I named in the faux story--nobody saw their quotes until you did.

Sorry for disturbing the Dodgers-Giants game as some Nooner readers assert with my little prank.

I'm on the first flight to Orange County for a 10am talk, so I'll be a bit short today. Going to Dodgers-Giants tonight, and I have to admit that I am one of those rare Californians that likes both teams.



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DIA DEL TONTO: Man found hanged from downtown building identified by coroner - [Bill Lindelof @ SacBee]  - "He was identified as Craig Michael Fugate, 30, of Vancouver, Wash. The coroner's website lists the cause of death as undetermined. Sacramento police spokeswoman Michele Gigante said Fugate apparently died accidentally while trying to vandalize the building's exterior. Battalion Chief Craig Wiedenhoeft, of the Sacramento Fire Department, said Fugate accidentally asphyxiated himself. Wiedenhoeft said the rope that looped around his chest and legs had constricted him. "He got pulled into a fetal position when the rope cinched up on him," he said. It wasn't known Monday how Fugate reached the top of the high-rise, known locally as the "Ban Roll-on building," 1201 K St."

$$$: Judge agrees: The city is broke [Scott Smith @ Stockton Record] - "U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein scolded Wall Street creditors for refusing to pay their share of the mediation costs before bankruptcy and openly stating in court that they did not need to negotiate in good faith, a requirement they put solely on the city's shoulders."

SIREN: Suspect Named in Kidnap of 10-Year-Old Northridge Girl - "Investigators named a 30-year-old parolee as wanted in the case of a missing 10-year-old Northridge girl, who turned up barefoot and wounded in Woodland Hills last week. . . Summers has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2002 including arrests for assault and battery, and kidnapping, Albanese said. He was released from prison in July 2012 under California’s AB 109, an initiative aimed at easing prison overcrowding, and was on "post-supervised release," Albanese said.

MUSICAL CHAIRS: Senate committee shuffle gives Correa Banking & Finance gavel [Torey Van Oot @ SacBee] - "Ongoing shuffling to fill vacancies on state Senate committees has put Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, at the helm of the upper house's powerful Banking and Finance Committee . . . Correa, a moderate Democrat who also chairs the Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee, takes the gavel from Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, who was recently appointed as chair of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee. . . Sen. Ben Hueso, D- San Diego, who won a seat in the upper house in a recent special election, will take Correa's spot as chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee."

CD17: Silicon Valley Congressional battle takes shape: Ro Khanna to challenge Mike Honda, using Obama campaign operatives [Josh Richman @ MercNews] - "'What happens there in Silicon Valley matters to the rest of the country,' said Jeremy Bird, Khanna's general campaign consultant, who last year was Obama's national field director."

Khanna has an uphill battle. While Khanna is bringing on top-notch consultants and lots of cash, Mike Honda learned the lesson of Pete Stark and has built up an unusually strong team for an incumbent in a safe Democratic seat. Khanna brings $1,016,202 to the race, while Honda had only $78,222 on hand as of December 31.

The seat has the largest share of independent voters in the state, with 31.5%. Democrats number 44.4%, while Republicans come in at 18.9%. Republican Evelyn Li received 26.5% of the vote last November, spending $64,000. She received a similar share of the vote in June when an independent was in the race and drew 5.7%, all from Honda's share.

Thus, the top two math suggests that if it's only Honda and Khanna running hard in June, the fight could continue to November. Honda needs a Republican in the race and to receive around 47% to knock Khanna out in June. 

At the end of the day, a liberal Democrat will be elected and a bunch of liberal money will be pissed away.

CD31: Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar announces another bid for Congress [Greg Cappis @ Redlands Daily Facts] - "'This is going to be a 19-month campaign,' Aguilar said in an exclusive interview. 'It's going to be a longer campaign. It was a 19-week campaign before, so we are going to be able to develop the strategy and execute a game plan to win this race over the course of the campaign.'"

Let's look at those independent ("no party preference") voter shares from the February 10 report:


Congressional Districts With Largest Share of Independent Voters
DistrictNPP Share
CD17 (Milpitas) 31.5%
CD12 (San Francisco) 31.0%
CD52 (SD) 28.1%
CD19 (San Jose) 27.1%
CD01 (Northeast Cal) 26.9%
CD02 (North Coast) 26.9%
CD14 (San Mateo) 26.8%
CD18 (Silicon Valley) 26.6%
CD51 (S. SD - Imperial) 25.5%
CD53 (La Mesa) 25.2%


Congressional Districts With Smallest Share of Independent Voters
DistrictNPP Share
CD44 (Carson) 15.8%
CD43 (Inglewood) 15.9%
CD09 (San Joaquin) 16.1%
CD37 (Culver City) 16.1%
CD21 (Kings) 16.6%
CD22 (Fresno) 16.6%
CD41 (Riverside) 16.6%
CD25 (S. Clarita/Palmdale) 16.7%
CD40 (Downey) 16.7%
CD10 (Stanislaus) 16.9%







Reservoirs Should Stay In Water Bond
Dan Walters @
The bad news is that a dry winter means the Sierra snowpack is only half of its statistical normal as the annual spring runoff begins.

Senate Committee Shuffle Gives Correa Banking & Finance Gavel
Torey Van Oot @
Ongoing shuffling to fill vacancies on state Senate committees has put Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, at the helm of the upper house's powerful Banking and Finance Committee.

Consultants Recommend Health Chief For Prison System
Paige St. John @
Consultants hired by the federal agent running California's prison healthcare system say the state should put medical care for inmates under its own division to "safeguard" the gains made under court oversight.

More Power For The Coastal Commission?
Michael Gardner @
Legislation to give the already powerful California Coastal Commission the authority to directly fine violators rather than having to take them to court cleared the Assembly Natural Resources Committee Monday.

Assembly Democrats Block Prison Realignment Reforms
Paige St. John @
Assembly Democrats continued Tuesday to bat down legislation they see as weakening Gov. Jerry Brown 's prison realignment program, including a bill that would return sex offenders who violate parole to state prison.

Silicon Valley Congressional Battle Takes Shape: Ro Khanna To Challenge Mike Honda, Using Obama Campaign Operatives
Local @
Former Obama administration official Ro Khanna will take on incumbent fellow Democrat Mike Honda for Congress with help from some major Obama 2012 campaign players, but the president himself has endorsed Honda already.

Battling Billionaires Head To N.Y. For Showdown On Sacramento Kings
Dale Kasler and Tony Bizjak @
Sacramento Kings Dancers hold the USA flag during the national anthem prior to the game between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento on Saturday.

President Obama Decides Not To Endorse In L.A. Mayoral Runoff
Christi Parsons @
President Obama doesn't plan to weigh in on the Los Angeles mayoral race because it pits two Democrats against each other, his spokesman said Tuesday.

Assemblyman Cooley calls for tweaks to prison realignment
Melody Gutierrez @
Assemblyman Ken Cooley this morning said his bill returning certain drug traffickers to prison to serve long-term sentences is not a challenge to the state's realignment program, but rather is part of a discussion on how to improve the current law.

Pension Issue Still Alive Despite Stockton Bankruptcy Decision :: Fox&hounds
Stockton officials made many mistakes in leading their city to the financial brink, which the judge listed in his decision. However, the biggest burden on the bankrupt city is its on-going pension obligation, which stands at nearly $1 billion.

Supreme Court Rejects Call To Change Voting District Head Counts
David G. Savage @
The Supreme Court Monday rejected a challenge to the common practice of counting everyone when adjusting the size of voting districts across the nation.

Bill seeks changes to prison realignment law
A Democratic state lawmaker wants to alter part of Gov. Jerry Brown's prison realignment law to send serious drug pushers to state prisons instead of county jails.

Former Rival Kevin James Backs Eric Garcetti In L.A. Mayoral Race
Seema Mehta @
The endorsement means that all three losing candidates in the primary are supporting the councilman over City Controller Wendy Greuel.

Caltrans Reviewing Whether Broken Bolts On Bay Bridge Project Failed Tests
Charles Piller @
The California Department of Transportation said Monday that it was reviewing whether the large bolts that broke last month on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge had failed quality-control tests by the agency's materials lab.

CSU pushing into the online world
As lawmakers push for more online education, here's what CSU has been doing already.

Minority Of L.A. County Voters Quashed Transit Tax Extension
Ari Bloomekatz and Ben Poston @
Measure J fell just 0.6% shy of the state's required two-thirds supermajority for such issues. The analysis comes as some are pushing to cut the requirement.

Editorial: Where is citizens oversight panel on Sacramento sales tax?
On Monday, shoppers in Sacramento started paying a sales tax of 8.5 percent – a half-cent increase that will bring an infusion of cash to City Hall.

The Caucus: G.O.P. and Democratic Senators Back Gay Marriage
Two more senators, one from each party, announced their support for same-sex marriage rights on Tuesday.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Defends Record After Wendy Greuel Attack
Dakota Smith @
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa defended his record Monday after Los Angeles mayoral candidate City Controller Wendy Greuel criticized city leaders, including Villaraigosa, for not doing enough to bring jobs to L.A.

Judge Rules State Gps Contract Expansion Violated Bidding Laws
Paige St. John @
When California corrections officials found what they described as alarming defects in half of the GPS monitors worn by sex offenders and other parolees statewide, they moved immediately to break the contract with the company that supplied them. 

Carper backs same-sex marriage
Kevin Cirilli @
The Delaware lawmaker is the latest in a string of Democratic senators to publicly back the issue.