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THE NOONER for March 15, 2013

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DOF: The state's revenue is $4,772,000,000 above projections for 2012-13. How much of it will hold after next month's personal income tax deadline? 

It's education pink slip day, but EdSource's Susan Frey and John Fensterwald report that because of the passage of Prop. 30, a lot fewer layoff notices will hit teacher mailboxes this March 15 than in previous years.

And, there's also lots of yellow beginning today, as Daffodil Hill opens for its one month run.

LOCKYERS: Bill, Nadia Lockyer trying to reconcile - "Bill Lockyer, one of the state's most powerful Democrats, and his wife of 10 years 'have agreed to try and reconcile,' said his spokesman Tom Dresslar. 'They're focused on trying to work things out.'" [Henry K. Lee @ SFChron]

LANDING ZONE: Former Rep. Berman heads to K Street - "Former Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) is headed to K Street, where he is joining Covington & Burling as part of the firm’s global public policy and government affairs practice. . . The news comes a week after the firm announced it had landed former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), the former No. 2 Republican in the Senate." [Jonathan Easley @ The Hill]

MAILING IT IN: If You Want Voters, Time to Try Mail-Only - "If Los Angeles really wants a truly representative election, the city needs to go 100 percent vote-by-mail. Right now." [John Wildermuth @ Fox and Hounds]

REACHING VOTERS: The Shame of the Cities, 2013 - "Republicans are the natural heirs to the good government reform movements that turned many of those cities around. But we aren’t there, physically or mentally. We are allowing a virtual one party system to exist in our vital urban regions by default." [Duane Dichiara @ FlashReport]

Yes, the meme is already old, but if you haven't done the following, you're missing out on a great "easter egg."

  1. Use Google Chrome
  2. Visit
  3. Type "Do the Harlem Shake" in the search field, press enter, and watch.



I've added some names to the congressional landscape list from yesterday, which supplements Kyle Trygstad's "farm team" list (now incorporated below). Again, we have no idea when these congressional seats will open up, and most of the folks below are politely waiting for the incumbents (of their own party) to decide on their own terms. That said, despite last year's significant turnover, the delegation is aging, and there will be several open slots in the next few cycles.

  • CD02 (Huffman): Norman Solomon (poss. incumbent challenger--unlikely to be competitive, but interesting)
  • CD03 (Garamendi): Kim Vann (likely incumbent challenger)
  • CD04 (McClintock): Ted Gaines
  • CD05 (Thompson): Marc Levine, Mark McGuire, Efren Carillo'
  • CD06 (Matsui): Dave Jones, Darrell Steinberg
  • CD07 (Bera): Doug Ose (poss. incumbent challenger)
  • CD09 (McNerney): Ricky Gill (likely incumbent challenger)
  • CD10 (Denham): Anthony Cannella, Jose Hernandez
  • CD11 (Miller): Susan Bonilla, Joan Buchanan, Mark DeSaulnier, Tom Torlakson
  • CD12 (Pelosi): Mark Leno, Phil Ting
  • CD13 (Lee): Rob Bonta, Loni Hancock, Nancy Skinner, Sandre Swanson
  • CD14 (Speier): Jerry Hill
  • CD16 (Costa): Henry Perea
  • CD17 (Honda): Ro Khanna, Bob Wieckowski
  • CD18 (Eshoo): Rich Gordon, Joe Simitian
  • CD19 (Lofgren): Jim Beall
  • CD20 (Farr): Luis Alejo, Anna CaballeroFred Keeley, John LairdBill Monning, Jimmy Panetta, Mark Stone
  • CD21 (Valadao): Rudy Salas (poss. incumbent challenger...unlikely for a couple of cycles)
  • CD24 (Capps): Hannah-Beth Jackson, Das Williams
  • CD25 (McKeon): Steve Knight, Scott Wilk
  • CD26 (Brownley): Tony Strickland (likely incumbent challenger)
  • CD27 (Chu): Ed Chau, Chris Holden
  • CD31 (Miller): Pete Aguilar (likely incumbent challenger)
  • CD32 (Napolitano): Ed Hernandez, Roger Hernandez, Kevin de Leon, Andre Quintero
  • CD33 (Waxman): Richard Bloom, Betsy Butler
  • CD35 (McLeod): Norma Torres
  • CD36 (Ruiz): Brian Nestande (likely incumbent challenger)
  • CD40 (Royball-Allard): Ricardo Lara, John Perez
  • CD43 (Waters): Steven Bradford
  • CD48 (Rohrabacher): Travis Allen, Jim Righeimer
  • CD51 (Vargas): Lorena Gonzalez
  • CD52 (Peters): Carl DeMaio (likely incumbent challenger)
  • CD53 (Davis): Marty Block, Todd Gloria
  • U.S. Senate (Feinstein/Boxer): Kamala Harris, Kevin Johnson, Gavin Newsom, Alex Padilla, John Perez, Adam Schiff

Anyway, that was fun, and I'm sure you can give me lots of constructive feedback to stretch out this list. 


YESTERDAY'S QUESTION: Who are the youngest and oldest members of California's congressional delegation, the latter of whom is the oldest freshman in the House?

YESTERDAY'S ANSWER: Eric Swalwell (32) and Alan Lowenthal (72). Sorry for leaving out the word "freshman," which of course was an important caveat.

As Tony Quinn reminds me, the oldest member of the House is Ralph Hall (R-TX), who is the oldest person to ever be elected to, and serve in, the House. Hall was a Democrat while he served from 1980-2003, and then seeing the winds of change in his district (and Texans' attitude towards Democrats), switched to the Republican Party in 2004.

TODAY'S QUESTION:  How many California counties were there at the state's admission to the union?



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State Board Calls For No Sales Tax On Pet Meds
Greg Lucas @
The proposal recognizes the reality that many of California’s estimated 18 million pet owners search the Internet to avoid paying sales tax on medications prescribed by a veterinarian.

Senate Begins Bipartisan Meetings On Tax Reform
Zachary A. Goldfarb and Lori Montgomery @
Dueling budgets and three days of political schmoozing by President Obama left Congress on Thursday in broad agreement on at least one idea: The tax code is awful and should be overhauled. But actually fixing it faces long odds given deep divisions between the two parties on the role of taxes in the economy.

Facebook's Zuckerberg, Yahoo's Mayer, Join Valley Tech Stars Pushing Obama For High-Skilled Immigration Reform
Carla Marinucci @
Noting that leading Silicon Valley firms including Google, eBay and Yahoo have been founded by immigrant entrepreneurs, dozens of the region’s top CEOs and tech leaders Thursday called on President Obama and Congress to enact immigration reform for high-skilled workers — a move they say would “keep America in a position of global leadership” in tech innovation.

UC Regents Vote To Keep $60 Annual Surcharge For Students
Larry Gordon @
The fee, opposed by students, helps the university finance massive refunds for past illegal tuition practices. Regents say they had no good alternatives.

Ravel Talks About FPPC's Plans For Tracking Political Money
Jeremy B. White @
California Fair Political Practices Commission chairwoman Ann Ravel spoke to The Bee's editorial board Thursday about how she plans to use the remainder of her tenure tracking money in California politics.

Delta Tunnels Plan Leaves Wiggle Room On Total Water Taken
John Myers @
The lengthy plan to reverse decades of decline in the Delta while also serving the water needs of millions includes much more than just 45 mile long proposed underground tunnels from Clarksburg to south of Discovery Bay... and yet those tunnels overshadow the entire discussion.

Attorneys Pledge To File Referendum Petition If City Council Approves Subsidy For Downtown Arena
Tony Bizjak, Dale Kasler, and Ryan Lillis @
In a public letter today to the City of Sacramento, two local attorneys are calling into question the validity of public funding for a downtown arena project, and warn the city they may take any City Council funding action to a public vote via referendum.

Dianne Feinstein, Ted Cruz Trade Barbs Over Gun Ban
John Bresnahan @
The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a hugely controversial ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips, but the measure faces nearly certain defeat on the Senate floor.

Billionaire Eli Broad Teams With Financier To Make L.A. Times Bid
Paul Bond @
Los Angeles investor Eli Broad is bidding again for the Los Angeles Times -- this time with financier and former L.A. Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Twenty-eight Hometown Heroes honored Thursday in Oakland
Kristin J. Bender @
OAKLAND -- Tom Low gave up a six-figure salary to join an Oakland nonprofit that brings education, clean water and health care to impoverished villages.

California furloughs for workers will prove costly, report says
Chris Megerian @
Legislature's budget advisors say state will owe $1 billion extra to many workers when they retire or quit for vacation time unused when they took unpaid days off.

California Faces Higher Costs Because Of Past Furloughs, Report Says
Chris Megerian @
The decision to furlough state employees over the last five years may have saved money in the short term but will leave bigger bills for California down the road, according to a new report.

Furloughs add to California's multibillion-dollar employee leave tab
Furloughed California state workers have taken less paid time off than usual, prompting the state to pay exiting employees a record amount last year to cash out accrued leave, according to a new report.

Report: Furloughs increase Calif's long-term costs
The state employee furloughs started under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger greatly increased the cash-out liabilities owed by California taxpayers when those workers leave government service.

Next Big Step In Jerry Brown's $23 Billion Delta Tunnels Plan Unveiled
Science @
Project would construct two massive tunnels 35 miles long around the Delta to ease water deliveries to farms and cities. Critics say conservation, recycled water and other solutions are cheaper and vow a long battle

DiFi explains why she ripped Ted Cruz: "I felt patronized." (VIDEO)
Joe Garofoli @
As Comrade Lochhead explained, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s pointed exchange with Sen. Ted Cruz over the new assault weapons ban she is proposing is buzzing across the Interwebs. On Thursday, after the incident, she told CNN that “I just felt patronized” by Cruz’s comments.

Perry Slams '08, '12 GOP Presidential Picks
Kevin Cirilli @
Texas Gov. Rick Perry said in a speech at CPAC on Thursday that the Republican Party might not have lost the last two presidential elections if it had “actually nominated conservative candidates.”

Newtown Parents Push Silicon Valley Leaders For Tech To Curb Gun Violence
National @
Partnership with Sandy Hook Promise nonprofit and investors will find and invest in existing technologies and new ideas for gun safety, mental health and safer schools.

Dan Walters Daily
Jeremy B. White @
With a big battle looming over the California Environmental Quality Act, Dan says labor unions and environmentalists could thwart Gov. Jerry Brown's ambition to overhaul the law.

Pentagon spends nearly $1B a year on unemployment
Even as it faces budget cuts and forced employee furloughs, the Pentagon is spending nearly a $1 billion a year on a program that sends unemployment checks to former troops who left the military voluntarily.

Report: California's furloughs driving up leave cash-out costs
Jon Ortiz @
California paid more than a quarter-billion dollars to cash out state employee leave last year, according to a new state report, in part because furloughed state workers haven't been taking as much paid time off.

POTUS Fundraising Again? White House Confirms Obama Return To SF For April Fundraising
Carla Marinucci @
In his first Northern California trip since the 2012 election, President Barack Obama will return to Northern California on April 3-4, the White House has now confirmed. The President will travel to northern California for fundraising events for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee, according to a White House official.