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THE NOONER for March 4, 2013

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SAD: Sacramento Beer Week is over, as is Pyramid on K.

It's going to be a fun week for me. I was scheduled to fly to DCA on Wednesday in the peak of the now forecasted #Snowquester. It now looks like I'm heading there tomorrow, hitting the Hill before the snow peaks Wednesday, hunkering down, and then attending meetings Thursday and Friday.

SD14/SD16: Fresno Assemblymember Henry Perea announced late Friday that he would not be seeking election to the State Senate vacancy created by Michael Rubio's resignation. The announcment triggered a love-fest from the Florez camp, with Dean Florez tweeting that Perea is a "future congressman," while Fran Florez, seeking the State Senate seat, tweeting that Perea is an "exemplary member." Perea would have had to have found a new residence in a short period of time to run in the to-be-set special election. 

Of course, where is that congressional seat for Perea? He lives in 60-year-old Jim Costa's district, and Costa made it clear during redistricting that he still had a few years left. Perea could run against David Valadao either in 2014 or in 2016, when he is termed-out of the Assembly. Candidates for congress are not required to live in the district to run.

AD04: Another potential candidate bowed out on Friday. County supervisor Jim Provenza, a longtime lobbyist for the Los Angeles District Attorneys Association, posted on Facebook that he would take a pass to focus on Yolo County. Last month, Provenza's supe colleague Don Saylor announced he was also out. Observers are waiting to hear from Dan Wolk, Davis councilmember and son of State Senator Lois Wolk, to see what he will do. Given Davis's politics (including a contentious mail-in election over a muni water project being decided tomorrow), you can be certain that Dan wouldn't get a free ride and, of course, we're only talking about the eastern half of the district. Napa County is almost certain to field at least one strong candidate in this safe Democratic district.

While we're in AD04, let's get some AGGIE LOVE: Great new rap about UCD. And, while we're doing on the topic, the UCD versions of the Harlem Shakeand anotherand anotherand anotherand anotherand anotherand another, and, finally, the King Hall Harlem Shake. But, this is still the best.

Finally, Jim Brulte is now the most powerful Republican in California, even while he is out of public elected office. While there are plenty of folks who will challenge that claim, follow the money. My bet is that Brulte will be making most of the campaign finance shots for the next two cycles, and those calls will have a way to trickle back to the Capitol. And, he tells the Chron: "I'm not running for anything - ever again."

X-FACTOR: With Los Angeles's muni election now 19 hours away, women's groups are banking that Wendy Greuel (or much less likely, Jan Perry) will keep a foot in office in what is becoming an all-male city, with Ana Cubas in council district 9 with an underdog shot. In San Francisco, there are 13 men and 5 women, but not a mother in the bunch, reports the Chron.

FRIDAY'S TRIVIA: When I fly from Portland back to Sacramento today, I'll fly over what was proposed to be another state. What was that proposed state and why didn't it materialize when it seemed quite likely to?

FRIDAY'S ANSWER: The State of Jefferson, which would have been composed of counties from Southern Oregon (Curry, Josephine, Jackson, and Klamath) and Northern California (Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Modoc). What looked like a political likelihood with a national newsreel roll-out scheduled for December 8, 1941, the "reunification" effort lost momentum when the prior day's Pearl Harbor attack focused the nation's and many of the proponents of the state went to war. [Wikipedia | Weird California | How the States Got Their Shapes]

TODAY'S TRIVIA: Which strong-voiced state senator was a proponent of the State of Jefferson (or alternatives) in the 1990s?



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Moderate Ex-Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado 'Seriously' Considers Run Against Jerry Brown
Carla Marinucci @
Former California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado — who was the highest ranking GOP Latino statewide official in generations — said Sunday he is seriously considering a 2014 run for governor against Democratic incumbent Jerry Brown.

Chamber Proposes New Rules For City Hall
John Cote @
A plank in the business association's recently released 21-point annual advocacy agenda calls for requiring the city attorney to issue a public opinion on the legality of all proposed ordinances, while another seeks to amend the City Charter to allow city services to be contracted out to small businesses and nonprofits unless a supermajority of the Board of Supervisors rejects the move.

California GOP Seeks New Emphasis On Latino Outreach
Jeremy B. White @
It was no coincidence that, a few months after Latino voters rejected Republicans at the ballot box, delegates poured into a talk on Latino outreach at the California Republican Party Convention in Sacramento this weekend.

Pension 'Cram Down' In Stockton Bankruptcy?
Ed Mendel @
Bond insurers say a city proposal to reduce its long-term debt, including a $124 million pension bond, treats them unfairly because the biggest creditor, CalPERS, is left untouched.

Trips, Beer And Crystal Ducks: California Lawmakers Report Gifts
Jim Sanders @
California lawmakers accepted food, travel, tickets and other gifts totaling more than a half-million dollars last year, ranging from a $14,000 trip to Brazil to a $1.89 Coca Cola drink with straw.

Hawaii Conference Lures Pension Trustees
Jennifer Gollan @
Four of the state's 24 largest independent municipal retirement systems intend to send up to five board members each to the event at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel on Waikiki Beach, a survey by California Watch has found.

Jim Brulte Elected California Republican Party Chairman
Torey Van Oot @
California Republicans elected former GOP legislative leader Jim Brulte as the party's new leader this morning.

California GOP To Rebuild - Step By Step - Sfgate
Joe Garofoli and Carla Marinucci @
Borrowing a theme from Democrat Jerry Brown's first term as governor, California Republicans are embracing a "small is beautiful" philosophy as they seek to rebuild their party from its nadir.

High-speed Rail Project Targets 'disadvantaged' Workers In The Central Valley - Transportation - The Sacramento Bee
FRESNO – The prospect of construction jobs in the recession-weary Central Valley has long been a selling point for proponents of California's $68 billion high-speed rail project.

Gov. Jerry Brown Works To Spread California's Green Doctrine
Anthony York @
California is a leader on environmental laws, but Gov. Jerry Brown needs other states – and nations – on board to avoid making energy too costly for businesses here.

Brulte: 2012 Assembly GOP lost because
John Hrabe @
"There were three Assembly seats that were lost because we got lazy," the state’s new Republican chairman said. "Leaders lead by example, and we have to be in the precincts working, standing shoulder to shoulder with our volunteers."

Los Angeles School Board Race Attracts National Attention And Money
Jennifer Medina @
On Tuesday, voters in Los Angeles will go to the polls for a mayoral primary. But much of the attention will also be on the three races for the school board, a battle that involves the mayor, the teachers' union and a host of advocates from across the country -- including New York City’s billionaire mayor -- who have poured millions of dollars into the races.

Calif. GOP Puts Turn-around Hopes In Ex-lawmaker
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—California Republicans on Sunday turned to a familiar face to lead the party back from the brink of irrelevance in a state that once was a GOP stronghold but is now home to a powerful Democratic political machine.

LA mayoral candidates campaign ahead of primary
Candidates for Los Angeles mayor are making a final sprint for votes ahead of Tuesday's primary election.

Attacks Continue As L.A. Mayoral Campaign Comes To A Close
Shelby Grad @
Los Angeles mayoral hopeful Wendy Greuel traded barbs with rivals Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry on Sunday as the leading candidates dashed around the city in a final burst of weekend campaigning, from Encino and Eagle Rock to Venice Beach...

Former Senate Leader Elected State GOP Leader
Seema Mehta @
Jim Brulte calls for pushing party outside its 'comfort zone' and for talking to every group, not just die-hard Republicans. Harmeet Dhillon is elected vice chair.

Political Memo: G.O.P., Lacking Unity, Clings to Budget Goals
Four months after President Obama won a second term, the only issue truly uniting Republicans is a commitment to shrinking government through spending cuts, low taxes and less regulation.

CA GOP's New Strategy Meets Prince Gavin's Curse
In politics, nothing concentrates the mind like crushing defeat. Which is why what emerged at the California Republican Party convention in Sacramento last weekend is so potentially pivotal — a new strategic approach to reviving the GOP that places electoral success above ideological purity.

Longshore union to appeal Seattle arena lawsuit
The International Longshore and Warehouse Union says it intends to appeal a judge's ruling that threw out their lawsuit aimed at undoing a deal to build a new professional basketball and hockey arena in Seattle _ a key part of plans to bring the NBA back to town.

California Republicans elect Jim Brulte as chair
California Republicans elected former GOP legislative leader Jim Brulte as their new leader Sunday, hoping he can produce a turnaround in the party's finances and election prospects.

CA's hacks (journos) and flacks predict the future -- who comes after Jerry?
Carla Marinucci @
California’s journalistic glitterati (we jest) and political consultant brain trust (we jest again) escaped en masse from the state GOP convention in Sacramento Saturday night for the traditional, now infamously hot-hot Hacks ‘n Flacks dinner.

Obama Seeks Compromise on Budget Cuts With G.O.P. Senators
In conversations last week with Republican senators and rank-and-file members of Congress, President Obama hopes to build a broad consensus on deficit reduction that includes new revenue.