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THE NOONER for February 22, 2013

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Happy bill introduction deadline day! 339 bills were introduced yesterday. Today, Darrell Steinberg and Michael Rubio were planning to introduce their proposal for CEQA reform today, although Rubio announced today that he's leaving the Legislature to work for Chevron.

We now have one week until Sequestration, which really sounds like a Ben Affleck movie. Anyways, Ben Adler reports

"There are two ways sequestration could affect California: direct federal spending cuts of about four billion dollar and the reaction to those cuts from the state’s people and businesses. Jason Sisney with California’s non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office said the state’s economic growth will likely slow from about two percent to one-and-a-half percent."

SNAKE-CHARMING: Monday is the annual Chinese New Year celebration at Frank Fats, from 4:30-6:30 p.m., hosted by the API Legislative Caucus, Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, Speaker John Perez, and the Fat Family.

I left SD12 off my list of targeted races for next year:


  • CD03 (John Garamendi, incumbent D) - Leans D
  • CD26 (Julia Brownley, incumbent D) - Leans D
  • CD31 (Gary Miller, incumbent R) - Toss Up
  • CD52 (Scott Peters, incumbent D) - Toss Up

State Senate:

  • SD12 (Anthony Cannella, incumbent R) -- Leans R
  • SD14 (Michael Rubio seat, open) -- Leans D
  • SD34 (Lou Correa seat, open) - Leans R

State Assembly:

  • AD36 (Steve Fox, incumbent D) - Leans R
  • AD65 (Sharon Quirk-Silva, incumbent D) - Toss Up

AURAL PLEASURE: It's Friday, and that means John Myers and Anthony York are tickling our ears with a Capitol Connections podcast

Carl Washington, former Assemblyman, to plead guilty to fraud [Richard Winton @ LAT]

YESTERDAY'S TRIVIA: Name the three holders of Barbara Boxer's "junior" United States Senate seat who ran for President.

ANSWER: Alan Cranston, Richard Nixon and William Gibbs McAdoo.

That was a tough one, courtesy of Tony Quinn. Only two people--Glen Schaller and Dave Heckler--got it right, whereas most days a couple of dozen folks do. 

TODAY'S TRIVIA: What was unique about the 1918 election for State Assembly?



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  • The UC Sacramento Center and Capitol Weekly are presenting a Cap and Trade Conference on Thursday, February 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. [more information]




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Brown May Forge Alliance With GOP Governors On Health Plan
Anthony York @
California's governor and Republican leaders see the Affordable Care Act as a solution to healthcare systems overtaxed by large numbers of uninsured.

LAO Has 'Serious Concerns' With Governor's Prop. 98 Calculation
Kathryn Baron @
The State Legislative Analyst’s Office is calling into question the legality of Gov. Brown’s proposal to count new revenue from Proposition 39 toward funding for education. In a report released Thursday, the LAO warns that the governor’s plan for the initiative, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act, violates the intent of the law.

California's High Taxes Bring Low Results
Dan Walters @
One of the annoying anomalies about government services in California is that while we carry one of the nation's highest state and local tax burdens – over 10 percent of personal income – we consistently rank very low in what those many billions of tax dollars provide.

Brown Aide Defends Pension Reform For Mass-transit Workers
Jon Ortiz @
A top administration official has weighed in on a federal fight over the public pension law Gov. Jerry Brown signed last year law and whether it puts at risk billions of federal grant dollars.

Politics Of The Youth Vote :: Fox&hounds
One advantage Democrats enjoyed during the recent election was the youth vote and Democratic lawmakers have introduced a number of bills that press that advantage.

Jerry Brown heads to national governors meeting
Jeremy B. White @
The governor's proposed school funding formula will pick winners and losers in how it distributes money, and Dan Walters predicts that will fuel a battle in the Legislature.

Proposition 8: Same-sex Marriage Advocates Urge U.S. Supreme Court To Strike Down California's -- And All Other States' -- Gay Marriage Bans
Local @
Same-sex couples raise broad arguments to convince Supreme Court that state bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional

Gov. Jerry Brown's Approval Rating Reaches Two-year High In New Poll
Michael J. Mishak @
A majority of California voters approve of the job Jerry Brown is doing as governor, according to a new Field Poll.

State Judges Make Case For Smaller Juries
Bob Egelko @
A defendant's right to be tried by a jury of 12 people in criminal cases has been enshrined in California's Constitution since statehood. With court funding evaporating, the California Judges Association is endorsing a state constitutional amendment that would shrink juries from 12 to eight members for misdemeanors, crimes punishable by up to a year in jail.

Eric Garcetti's Role In L.A. Budget Fixes Is In Dispute
James Rainey @
Many see mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti not as a fiscal hard-liner but as a conciliator who used his position as City Council president to chart a middle ground.

Dan Walters: California's high taxes bring low results
One of the annoying anomalies about government services in California is that while we carry one of the nation's highest state and local tax burdens – over 10 percent of personal income – we consistently rank very low in what those many billions of tax dollars provide.

G.O.P. Governors Providing a Lift for Health Law
Under pressure from the health care industry and consumer advocates, seven Republican governors are cautiously moving to expand Medicaid in their states.

Mood Of Californians Is Lifting, New Field Poll Shows
Local @
Californians are more optimistic than theyve been in years about where the Golden State is headed, according to a Field Poll made public Thursday morning. Nearly half -- 48 percent -- of registered voters believe that California is moving in the right direction, four times as many who held the same hope on the eve of Gov. Jerry Browns election in September 2010.

Cal Fire Chief Calls Controversial Fund 'an Invaluable Tool'
Kevin Yamamura @
California's fire chief last week called his department's off-books fund "an invaluable tool" and said he "will not apologize for using it to improve our cost recovery efforts" in an internal memo obtained by The Bee.

Carl Washington, A Former Assemblyman, To Plead Guilty To Fraud
Richard Winton @
A top L.A. County Probation Department executive who once was a state assemblyman has agreed to plead guilty to federal bank fraud charges, admitting he bilked financial institutions out of nearly $200,000 by falsely claiming to be an identity theft...

Garcetti Accused Of Conflict Of Interest In Clear Channel Vote
David Zahniser @
Opponent Emanuel Pleitez files complaint with L.A. Ethics Commission. Garcetti had company stock in 2006 when he voted for a lucrative deal with the firm.

Kristin Olsen To Move To Smaller Office After Failed GOP Move
Jim Sanders @
Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen was ordered to move immediately into a much smaller office in the wake of a failed effort within the Assembly Republican Caucus to oust its leader, Connie Conway.

Legislative hearing called on PUC's flawed oversight
George Avalos @
A state legislative committee intends to hold hearings in early March on potential flaws in how the Public Utilities Commission handles billions of dollars in accounts for California's major power companies, including PG&E.

California Analyst Rejects Gov. Jerry Brown's Clean Energy Plan
Kevin Yamamura @
The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office has so many complaints with Gov. Jerry Brown's plan for spending new clean energy money that it produced a separate 12-page pamphlet today to detail the problems.

State Continues To Release Inmates From Isolation
Paige St. John @
California prison officials continue to move prisoners out of its controversial high-security units, where inmates are held, many indefinitely, nearly 23 hours a day in spartan isolation with minimal access to exercise and reduced privileges for such things as canteen food.

Central Valley lawmaker resigns, dropping Democrats below supermajority status in state Senate....
Central Valley lawmaker resigns, dropping Democrats below supermajority status in state Senate.