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THE NOONER for January 7, 2013

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The 2012 Presidential Election forever changed both national campaigns and Americans' awareness of race. On January 17, the Leadership California Institute and Race 2012: A PBS Election Special will host a screening of the PBS documentary "Race 2012" followed by a panel discussion with experts on how race, ethnicity and politics interact.

This screening and discussion will be hosted at the Crest Theater at 1013 K St in downtown Sacramento from 11:30 am to 2 pm. Lunch will be provided and admission is free but space is limited so please reserve your seat quickly. RSVP online at or directly to Nicki Arnold, or (916) 529-4722.

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SENATE COMMITTEES: Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg announces committee membership. [Torey Van Oot @ SacBee]

If you were still vacationing last week, here are the Assembly committe members.


  • Jeremy B. White has joined The Sacramento Bee's Capitol Bureau to help produce and maintain a new Capitol Alert mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android. ( / @jeremybwhite)
  • As part of the closing of the PE's DC bureau, Friday was the last day for Ben Goad, who moves over to The Hill to cover federal regulations. (@ben_goad)

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Richard Roth prepares for first term [Jim Miller @ PE]

ON THOSE SPECIAL ELECTION DATES: Folks in Sandy Eggo believe the governor would set the SD40 special election for March 26/May 21, which would consolidate the special with a city council special election.  

ONLY THE "STRONG" SURVIVE: As the GOP congressional delegation from the Golden State shrinks from 19 to 14, those left are more conservative. [Dan Morain @ SacBee]

TERM LIMITS SUCK: Bruce McPherson comes full circle [Jason Hoppin @ Santa Cruz Sentinel]

FEEDING FRENZY: Hungry lawmakers could spoil leaner budget [Brian Joseph at OCRegister]

TO NAME ONE...: Garry South: The Republicans' Asian Problem

NOM NOM: Riverside County supe Jeff Stone, most known statewide for calling for the divide of Calilfornia, is pondering taking on Ken Calvert over the "Fiscal Cliff" vote. [Jeff Horseman @ PE]

THE LINE: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers (-3) Saturday, January 12 @ 5pm PST on FOX.

PRIVILEGES OF THE FLOOR: Good Will Hunting: An Oral History [Janelle Nanos @ Boston Magazine] - Story behind the writing, production, and success of one of the best movies of all time.

And, the squid are back . . .



Darrell Steinberg Announces Ca Senate Committee Assignments
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has released the full Senate committee roster for the 2013-2014 legislative session.

Parcel Tax Changes Could Be Big Battle In California Legislature
Dan Walters @
The Legislature's Democratic leaders want to use their newly minted supermajorities to do things that they could not do before, but are leery of doing things that might alienate voters and jeopardize those supermajorities.

Officials Hurry To Set Up California Health Benefit Exchange
Timm Herdt @
At a mid-November conference in Sacramento on implementation of the federal health care overhaul in 2014, California Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley outlined the political aspects of the task ahead.

Editorial: Legislature should give California's cities and counties more leeway on taxes
With Democrats firmly in control in both houses of the Legislature, and Democrat Jerry Brown sitting in the governor's seat, now is an opportune time to reform California's convoluted tax laws.

Los Angeles Mayoral Race Gets Serious
Rick Orlov @
And now the race for mayor gets serious. With only 57 days left until the March 5 election, the campaigns are about to get into hypermode with appearances, forums, debates, mailing and advertising - all to appeal to about an estimated 30 percent of the city's 1.7 million voters.

California Officials To Submit Revised Plan To Reduce Overcrowding In Prisons | 89.3 Kpcc
Inmates at Chino State Prison in Chino, CA walk the hallway.

San Jose Extends Terms On Former Officials' Underwater Loans
Local @
San Jose has quietly granted extended repayment terms to two former city officials on home loans offered as a recruitment perk that are now underwater, a move that comes amid heightened scrutiny of a recruitment perk that has left San Jose and other government agencies holding debt greater than the value of the property they bought.

Family Files Federal Suit Over Inmate's Death At Sacramento County Jail
Denny Walsh @
A Sacramento County jail inmate died a year ago because a sheriff's deputy and a nurse refused to give him help for constant vomiting of blood over at least 12 hours, according to a wrongful-death lawsuit filed in federal court.

A Republican Model On Gun Control
George Skelton @
Twenty-four years ago, George Deukmejian signed the nation's first assault weapons ban after a mass killing in Stockton. Today he backs Sen. Feinstein's effort to reinstate the ban.

Districts Pay More For Special Ed, Feds Underfund
Kathryn Baron @
California school districts are shouldering a bigger share of the cost of special education, reflecting a further shift of the burden from state and federal governments, according to a new report from the state Legislative Analyst's Office. Between the 2004-05 school year and 2010-11, the local portion of special education services grew from 32 percent to 39 percent, or about $3.4 billion a year. During that same period, the percentage paid by the federal and state governments fell. School districts now pay more than twice what the federal government puts in. The LAO report says the feds have never paid their full share under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Dan Walters Daily
Micaela Massimino @
Dan says it'll be an interesting year under the dome, given the old issues (think budget, water and education reform) that the new California Legislature must confront.

Friends, Fans Share Stories At Nixon Centennial
The small farmhouse where former President Richard M. Nixon was born served as a backdrop on Sunday as hundreds of his friends, fans and family members gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Stop-work Notice For Lee's Pick For Port
John Cote @
City officials have ordered work halted on a five-story residential building in the Mission District being constructed by former Building Inspection Commission President Mel Murphy after City Insider questioned whether the work was being done without proper permits.

State's Outlook Is Bright But Could Cloud Up
As the new year dawns, California politicians find themselves in a strange position. The economy is improving, the public is growing more optimistic, and the Democrats' control of supermajorities in the Legislature should reduce gridlock – the one thing guaranteed to sour voters on government. But that also means that this is the year for Democrats to produce – or stop blaming Republicans for blocking all the great things they would otherwise be doing for California.

GOP Split As Gay Marriage Goes Mainstream
Carolyn Lochhead @
Facing a tidal shift among voters embracing same-sex marriage, gay Republicans are offering their party a graceful retreat. But religious conservatives warn that retreat will doom the GOP.

Mitch McConnell Underscores Battle Lines In Budget Fight
Matea Gold @
With three looming fiscal deadlines, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made clear that the GOP will not consider further tax increases.

Tri-Valley voters help sink tax hike despite millions for BART
Denis Cuff @
Livermore/Pleasanton voters rejected Measure B1, but the tax won big in Oakland and Berkeley

$10-billion Settlement Of Foreclosure Abuse Cases Said To Be Near
E. Scott Reckard @
Banks and regulators worked late Sunday to finalize a nearly $10-billion settlement that would halt a much-maligned program to review foreclosures from the height of the housing crisis, according to four people familiar with the talks.

Nancy Skinner unveils bill to crack down on ammunition sales
Jim Sanders @
With lawmakers reconvening at the Capitol today to start their new legislative year, Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner unveiled another in a wave of new bills to crack down on guns or ammunition.

Politics of the Penn State scandal
Charles Mahtesian @
The nexus between Corbett's NCAA lawsuit and his political prospects continues to generate attention.

Jerry Brown's Next Goals Depend On New Legislative Bonds
David Siders @
Brown's ability to win friends and influence people in the new Legislature remains critical to his efforts to pass a budget and pursue other policy goals in the second half of his term.

Diabetes Is A Stubborn Adversary
Anna Gorman @
The disease, affected so greatly by lifestyle, is an ongoing challenge for the healthcare system—and for community clinics in the forefront of reform efforts.

Rocketship Education seeks OK for school site in San Jose's Tamien neighborhood
Sharon Noguchi @
The passions driving and opposing charter schools will collide in public this month as Rocketship Education tries to move closer toward opening another elementary school in San Jose. On Jan. 8, the San Jose City Council will consider allowing a school on 3.5 acres next to the Tamien light-rail station, at 1178 Lick Ave. The council also will consider declaring that the school will cause no significant environmental impacts.

California Democrats Outline Broad Agenda Page 1 Of 3 |

Chuck Hagel's Nomination As Defense Secretary To Come Monday
Christi Parsons and Matea Gold @
President Obama plans to nominate former Republican senator Chuck Hagel on Monday to serve as secretary of Defense, an administration official said Sunday.