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THE NOONER for December 13, 2012

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The governor's office released a statement that he is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. I'm guessing those criticisms about highly paid UC professors--frequently physicians--may take a back seat for awhile. Best Nooner wishes for a speedy recovery to California's CEO.

CD15: Eric Swalwell is already preparing for 2014 challenges by Ellen Corbett and Ro Khanna. [Kyle Trygstad @ Roll Call]

SD32: San Berdoo Auditor-Controller Larry Walker jumps in the race and is expected to face off against Norma Torres to succeed Gloria Negrete McLeod.

PORTANTINO: Portantino's future in question [Daniel Siegal @ La Canada Sun] - "I'm at peace with my decision [not to run for state Senate in 2012]," he said. "The district has been great to me, people have been very kind. Down the road I do have a passion to be involved."

SURE HOPE THIS IS A SPOT BILL: Do we really need a bill to tell state agencies to link to the Secretary of State's page? Isn't that what the governor's for?

PAGING DR. JONES: Blue Shield of California seeks rate hikes up to 20% [Chad Terhune @ LAT]

WATER WARS: SoCal may be running out of water, while water of another kind is threatening the Bay Area.

PILING ON: Debra Saunders and LAT cartoonist Ted Rall both take on UC's new logo. And, of course, somebody had to do this.



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YESTERDAY'S QUESTION:  How many California registered voters live on a street named Christmas or Chanukkah (or any of the common alternative spellings)? 

YESTERDAY'S ANSWER: 71 voters live in 26 houses on streets named Christmas, Hannukah, Chanukah, Chanukkah, or Chanuka.

WINNER:  Alex Walker with 80.   [Derek Humphrey got 72, but you can only win once]

TODAY'S QUESTION: Name the Democrat and Republican candidates elected to the Assembly in contested elections that received the highest quantity of votes and the lowest quantity of votes. (Answer will be four names.)





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UPDATED 12/13/12: Los Angeles candidate filings for March 5, 2013 municipal election


  • Carlton Dole (pending signature validation)
  • Yehuda "YJ" Draiman
  • Eric Garcetti
  • Wendy Greuel
  • Jenney Horst (pending signature validation)
  • Kevin James
  • Addie Miller
  • Jan Perry
  • Emanuel Alberto Pleitez
  • Norton Sandler

City Attorney

  • Mike Feuer
  • Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich
  • Greg Smith
  • Noel Weiss


  • Jeff Bornstein
  • Cary Brazeman
  • Ron Galperin
  • Analilia Joya
  • Ankur Patel
  • Dennis P. Zine

City Council, District 1

  • Gilbert Cedillo
  • Jose A. Gardea
  • William "Rodriguez" Morrison (failed signature validation)
  • Jesse Rosas

City Council, District 3

  • Elizabeth Badger
  • Bob Blumenfield
  • Cary T. Iaccino
  • Matt Jackson (pending signature validation)
  • Joyce J. Pearson
  • Steven E. Presberg
  • Scott Silverstein

City Council, District 5

  • Paul Koretz
  • Mark Matthew Herd (pending signature validation)

City Council, District 7

  • Jesse David Barron
  • Nicole Chase
  • Krystee Clark
  • Felipe Fuentes

City Council, District 9

  • Manuel "Manny" Aldana
  • Gerald Allan Busch (pending signature validation)
  • Justin Allen Clayton (failed signature validation)
  • Ana Cubas
  • Mike Davis (pending signature validation)
  • Ron Gochez
  • Terry Hara
  • Sherita J. Herring (pending signature validation)
  • Curren D. Price, Jr.
  • David Roberts

City Council, District 11

  • Odysseus Bostick
  • Mike Bonin
  • Mark Darius Frank (failed signature validation)
  • Tina Hess
  • Frederick Sutton

City Council, District 13

  • G. Christopher Ashe (pending signature validation)
  • John Choi
  • Scott Crawford (failed signature validation)
  • Alexander Cruz De Ocampo
  • Ana Grande (withdrawn)
  • Roberto Haraldson
  • Sam Kbushyan
  • Emile Mack
  • Rueben A. Martinez (failed signature validation)
  • Robert Negrete
  • Mitch O'Farrell
  • Josh Post
  • Michael Schaefer
  • Jose Sigala
  • Matt Szabo



Election Integrity Activist Calls For Prop 37 Recount
Brian Frank @
Another Bay Area citizen has called for a recount on a statewide ballot measure, this time on Prop 37, and she's being helped by the man responsible for the Prop 29 recount last summer.

California Prison Health Care Receiver Issues Lay Off Notices
Jon Ortiz @
California Correctional Health Care Services has issued lay off warnings to 2,200 of its employees with a goal of axing 829 positions early next year.

Now Is The Time To Adjust Prop. 13
George Skelton @
Democratic legislators, with their new supermajority power, will have the ability to lower the two-thirds vote requirement for tax measures.

Viewpoints: Steinberg reform plan for initiatives has a major flaw
William Endicott @
Any student of California government knows that Gov. Hiram Johnson and other reformers created the initiative process more than a hundred years ago with the best of intentions. It would give voters a way to circumvent the Legislature and break the stranglehold that the Southern Pacific Railroad then had on state politics.

California prison health care receiver issues layoff notices
Jon Ortiz @
California Correctional Health Care Services has issued layoff warnings to 2,200 of its employees with a goal of axing 829 positions early next year.

California Lawmaker Pushes Ballot Measures On Budget, Constitution
Ballot measures proposed on budget, constitution

L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Taking Heat From Democratic Left
Dan Walters @
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who's seeking a political platform after his mayoral term ends next year, attached himself to a bipartisan organization that seeks to close the federal budget deficit - but that's bringing heat from the activist left wing of his Democratic Party.

Colorado River Water Supply To Fall Short Of Demand, Study Says
Bettina Boxall @
The federal report predicts a drier future for the seven states that rely on the Colorado for water. A range of solutions, some impractical, are proposed.

UniversityNow Offers Free Bachelor's Degrees To Some Workers
Katy Murphy @
San Francisco-based UniversityNow announces it will offer a free online college education for employees entitled to tuition reimbursement from their Oakland, San Francisco and Sacramento companies.

Former Calif. Gov. Schwarzenegger
Torey Van Oot @
Don't expect to hear much grumbling from former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger when his post-Proposition 30 tax bill arrives.

Governor Kills PR For Bay Bridge Project
Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross @
The governor's office has killed a $9.8 million communication contract with the PR firm for the Bay Bridge construction project, worrying the tremendous cost would look improper weeks after voters approved new taxes for the cash-strapped state.

$10 Million Bay Bridge Contract Included Book Deal, Video - Bay Bridge - The Sacramento Bee
Bay Bridge construction.

A Shift In How Healthcare Is Paid For
Noam N. Levey, Washington Bureau @
In Massachusetts, thousands of physicians are paid more if their patients stay healthy and avoid costly medical care. It could become a national template.

California Gov. Jerry Brown Being Treated For Prostate Cancer
Steven Harmon @
Governors oncologist says the prognosis is excellent and that he should have no significant side effects.

Layoff warnings issued to 2,200 California prison health workers
Jon Ortiz @
California's prison health care receiver has issued layoff warnings to 2,200 of its employees with a goal of axing 829 positions early next year.

Oakland Cites Surprise Medical Pot Backer - Sfgate
Oakland's latest round in its campaign to save the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary includes a statement this week from Mayor Jean Quan saying federal prosecutors should back off, and the federal government's own patent application lauding the therapeutic qualities of cannabis. In papers filed late Tuesday with the magistrate who is considering the fate of the Harborside Health Center, lawyers for Oakland said patent and research records reveal that "the government believes in the medical efficacy of cannabis" - contrary to the Justice Department's insistence that marijuana is a dangerous drug with no legitimate use. "How can the government credibly deny the benefits of medical cannabis when the government itself is funding cutting-edge research proving the medical benefits of cannabis and seeking patents based on such research?" Chao wrote.

Brown's Cancer Doctor A Leader In His Field, Colleagues Say
Patrick McGreevy and Chris Megerian @
Dr. Eric J. Small, the oncologist treating Gov. Jerry Brown’s cancer, is highly respected in the profession and a leading expert on the treatment of prostate cancer, colleagues say.

S.F. Lowest Mastectomy Rate For Over-65s
Victoria Colliver @
The Bay Area has among the lowest rates of mastectomy surgeries among Medicare patients in the country, a finding that suggests women are likely opting for lumpectomy and radiation or other treatment for early-stage disease.

Texas Pension Manager Paid $1 Million Trails Peers Who Make Less
Mark Niquette & Martin Z. Braun @
Funds where executives made far less posted better investment results than those produced by Harris and his staff over three and five years. They included, respectively, the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund, where the top-paid executive last year was William J. Estabrook, at $231,614, and the New Jersey Division of Investment, where director Timothy Walsh made $185,000 plus $7,500 for moving expenses, data show.

Foreclosures, Defaults Way Down In Sacramento Area
Hudson Sangree @
Foreclosure activity in the Sacramento region plunged by more than half in November compared with the same month a year before and decreased significantly even since October, RealtyTrac reported Wednesday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'i Love Paying My Taxes!'
Patrick Gavin @
In a new interview with Esquire, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reflects on his time in public office and shares what he’s learned about politics.

Henry Waxman Shouts Into Wind On Climate Change
Wyatt Buchanan, Michael Collier, Richard Dunham, Bob Egelko, Joe Garofoli, Marisa Lagos, Carolyn Lochhead, Carla Marinucci, @
Henry Waxman shouts into wind on climate change

The Caucus: Latino Groups Warn Congress to Fix Immigration, or Else
The nation's largest Latino organizations said they will keep a report card during the immigration debate next year, with plans to mobilize their voters against lawmakers who do not support a comprehensive immigration bill.

Jerry Brown has early-stage prostate cancer
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, his office announced this afternoon.