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THE NOONER for December 7, 2012

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Good morning from Pasadena. We'll see how this Nooner comes together, as it's my usual pre-dawn time and my hotel room as four packets of decaffeinated coffee and no regular. Now, what should that do to the maid's tip? Anyway, I'm off to Moorpark for lunch with a college president at Fabio's (not that Fabio) Cafe Firenze.

** Speaking of tips, the WaPo is likely to put content behind a paywall beginning in 2013. I hope you'll consider becoming a paid subscriber or put something in the Nooner tip jar so I can pay for newspaper content without doing the Chrome Command-Shift-N (Mac) / Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) move.

Last night was a great event for Mark Takano and also a nice opportunity to thank outgoing Riverside mayor Ron Loveridge for his 33 years of service, including the last 19 as mayor. When I spoke about Takano, I did include Mike Honda as other Japanese-American members of Congress, who I omitted yesterday. Like Mineta and both Matsuis, Honda spent time in internment camp during his youth.

Some asked why I didn't mention former Republican Senator S.I. Hayakawa. Hayakawa was actually born in Canada and was working as a professor in Illinois during World War II. As such, he was not in an "exclusion area" and subject to internment. He didn't come to California until 1955 when he joined SF State.

DECISION DAY? All eyes are on the Supreme Court's private case conference today to see if there are signals about which same-sex marriage cases they will take up, if any. The place to watch of course is SCOTUSBlog.

TARGETS: Raul Ruiz (D) (#10) and Gary Miller (R) (#1) make WaPo's The Fix top ten list of most vulnerable House members in 2014.

SCRAMBLE: As you know, several of us were watching AD36 closely. The trend was clear that, if LA had enough ballots left, Democrat Steve Fox could overtake Republican Ron Smith's lead. However, there were mixed messages about how many ballots were left, and swearing-in day was quickly approaching. Over the weekend, Capitol staffers had to finalize the printed program and other logistics for Monday's events. 

The assumption was made that Smith would prevail, and printed programs were assembled reflecting that. Similarly, Ron Smith was given an office.

Of course, around 3pm, we saw the final count from Los Angeles, which pushed Fox over the top. Staffers scrambled to reprint the programs and create a temporary sign over Smith's nameplate on Room 3149.

SHOULD HAVE HAD A VIPER: "An estimated $100,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from Rep. Darrell Issa's home in Vista last week, according to the Sheriff's Department." [Edward Sifuentes @ NC Times]

LA-LA LAND: In yesterday's list of LA municipal races, somehow Council District 13 fell off. An updated list is below the jump.

AURAL PLEASURE: The Capitol Connection podcast with John Myers and Anthony York covers the return of session and the buzz around Jim Brulte's willingness to take on the CRP rebuilding project. Brulte was all smiles on my flight to ONT yesterday.

I don't think Assembly Republican leadership talked to Brulte before announcing this move . . . The move itself isn't bad, as there are some great Republican staffers who should be listened to more often. However, playing it in the media just comes off wrong, and listing five staffers (including one intern) puts them in sort of a tough spot. Apparently, no GLBT staffer was willing to step forward.

That said, legislative Democrats haven't had a particularly good PR week either. Every newspaper I pick up, it's about another proposed tax increase or big spending item. At least, that's how it's coming across, and is all that matters.

CONGRATULATIONS: Below are the top 25 participants in The Nooner election contest. There were 498 contestants, and you can see the correct picks and percent of participants who guessed them correctly here.

Top 25 Participants - Final Results

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4. Craig Cheslog - 225
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7. Parke S. - 215
8. Janice Rocco - 215
9. Richard Johnson - 210
10. Evan Hawkins - 210
11. Lisa Maas - 210
12. Adam K - 210
13. Robert Neff - 210
14. Craig Brown - 210
15. Anthony Wright - 210
16. Brian Ruse - 210
17. studentman - 205
18. Trying Again - 205
19. JCP - 205
20. Jeremy - 205
21. Derek Humphrey - 205
22. Pasadena-Jon - 205
23. Filbert - 205
23. CobyKing - 205
23. Jeff Gozzo - 205
23. Larry Levine - 205
23. Richard Schlackman - 205






There are 30+ new members this session – will you recognize them in the hall or around town?

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Los Angeles candidate filings for March 5, 2013 municipal election


  • Carlton Dole (pending signature validation)
  • Yehuda "YJ" Draiman
  • Eric Garcetti
  • Wendy Greuel
  • Jenney Horst (pending signature validation)
  • Kevin James
  • Addie Miller
  • Jan Perry
  • Emanuel Alberto Pleitez
  • Norton Sandler

City Attorney

  • Mike Feuer
  • Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich
  • Greg Smith
  • Noel Weiss (pending signature validation)


  • Jeff Bornstein
  • Cary Brazeman
  • Ron Galperin
  • Analilia Joya
  • Ankur Patel (pending signature validation)
  • Dennis P. Zine

City Council, District 1

  • Gilbert Cedillo
  • Jose A. Gardea
  • William "Rodriguez" Morrison (pending signature validation)
  • Jesse Rosas

City Council, District 3

  • Elizabeth Badger
  • Bob Blumenfield
  • Cary T. Iaccino
  • Matt Jackson (pending signature validation)
  • Joyce J. Pearson (pending signature validation)
  • Steven E. Presberg (pending signature validation)
  • Scott Silverstein (pending signature validation)

City Council, District 5

  • Paul Koretz
  • Mark Matthew Herd (pending signature validation)

City Council, District 7

  • Jesse David Barron (pending signature validation)
  • Nicole Chase (pending signature validation)
  • Krystee Clark
  • Felipe Fuentes

City Council, District 9

  • Manuel "Manny" Aldana (pending signature validation)
  • Gerald Allan Busch (pending signature validation)
  • Justin Allen Clayton (pending signature validation)
  • Ana Cubas
  • Mike Davis (pending signature validation)
  • Terry Hara
  • Sherita J. Herring (pending signature validation)
  • Curren D. Price, Jr.
  • David Roberts

City Council, District 11

  • Odysseus Bostick
  • Mike Bonin
  • Mark Darius Frank (pending signature validation)
  • Tina Hess (pending signature validation)
  • Frederick Sutton

City Council, District 13

  • G. Christopher Ashe (pending signature validation)
  • Scott Crawford (pending signature validation)
  • Alexander Cruz De Ocampo
  • Ana Grande (pending signature validation)
  • Roberto Haraldson
  • Sam Kbushyan (pending signature validation)
  • Emile Mack
  • Rueben A. Martinez (pending signature validation)
  • Robert Negrete
  • Mitch O'Farrell
  • Josh Post
  • Michael Schaefer
  • Jose Sigala
  • Matt Szabo



Assemblyman Wants Prop. 13 Change For Commercial Property
Kevin Yamamura @
Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano said Thursday he will try to rewrite state tax laws that he believes allow businesses to avoid higher taxes when commercial property changes hands.

Rural Counties Seek Bigger Share Of Prison Money
Paige St. John @
Lawmakers from 13 rural Central California counties are asking Gov. Jerry Brown to cut them a bigger slice of the prison realignment pie.

L.A. County Asking Property Owners To Support Stormwater Runoff Tax
Christina Villacorte @
Property owners throughout most of Los Angeles County are deciding the fate of a proposed ballot measure that would ask property owners to pay for projects to boost the local water supply and reduce the pollution that flows into local rivers and beaches.

Gay Marriage Case Decisons Could Come Friday From U.S. Supreme Court
Local @
U.S. Supreme Court justices continuing to confer on what appeals to take up, including rulings on Californias Proposition 8, that banned gay marriage, and on federal Defense of Marriage Act. They could reveal decision Friday or on Monday.

Poll: Tax That Guy Behind The Tree :: Fox&hounds
The new Public Policy Institute poll indicates California voters are not eager for taxes on themselves but would consider raising taxes they perceive to be on others. While likely voters came out heavily against a sales tax on services and a vehicle license fee increase, they favored raising taxes on commercial property.

What Jim Demint’s Resignation Says About Him, The Senate And The Conservative Movement
Chris Cillizza @
South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint’s resignation to take over as the president of the Heritage Foundation stunned the political world on Thursday and, in the process, raised a series of fascinating questions about his future, the Senate and the future of the conservative movement.

Has California Republican Party Learned Its Lesson?
Dan Walters @
Have California's Republicans finally learned a lesson that some of their leaders have been trying to drive home for years – that they cannot prosper, or even survive, as a party of aging white men in the Western Hemisphere's most culturally complex society?

Sheriffs Divided On Immigration Policy
Bob Egelko @
Sheriffs in Bay Area counties are divided on whether they must go along with federal requests to turn over suspected illegal immigrants who land in local jails, an issue raised anew this week by state Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Ammiano says he'll target Prop. 13
Kevin Yamamura @
Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano said Thursday he will try to rewrite state tax laws that he believes allow businesses to avoid higher taxes when commercial property changes hands.

Despite State Law, Cars Parked At Broken L.A. Meters Still Ticketed
Sam Schaefer @
L.A. officials said a state law limiting the practice of issuing tickets to drivers who park at broken meters would cost the city a sizable chunk of ticket and parking fee revenue, and would encourage meter vandalism. The Los Angeles...

California Ski Industry Feels Chill From Climate Change - Travel - The Sacramento Bee
A warming climate is melting California's winter tourism dollars.

Energy Development On Public Lands Generated $12 Billion In 2012
Julie Cart @
Energy development on public lands and waters -- primarily oil, gas and coal -- generated more than $12 billion in federal revenues in fiscal 2012.

Jim Demint Could Make A Bigger Impact At Heritage Than The Senate
Wyatt Buchanan, Michael Collier, Richard Dunham, Bob Egelko, Joe Garofoli, Marisa Lagos, Carolyn Lochhead, Carla Marinucci, @
Jim DeMint could make a bigger impact at Heritage than the Senate

California State University Applications Keep Going Up
Laurel Rosenhall @
For the fourth year in a row, the California State University has received a record number of applications.

Stem Cell Agency Is Urged To Restructure
Erin Allday @
California's stem cell funding agency has had a profound impact on scientific advancement since it was created in 2004, but it's in need of significant restructuring to address concerns about the potential for conflict of interest and mismanagement, according to an independent review released Thursday.

Adult Education In Need Of Overhaul, State Says
Carla Rivera @
California's system of adult education is complex, confusing and in need of a major overhaul if it is to serve the 1.5 million students seeking instruction, the state Legislative Analyst's Office said in a new report.

Apple Move Excites Elk Grove
Dale Kasler @
It was a source of community pride – the first candy-colored iMac computers, the ones that fueled Apple's comeback in the late 1990s, were assembled at the company's Elk Grove campus. Now, eight years after Apple Inc. stopped manufacturing in Elk Grove, city officials are wondering if a comeback is possible.

Clinton Foundation Begins Health Project In Coachella Valley
Anna Gorman @
The Clinton Foundation has launched a project to reduce health disparities in the Coachella Valley, one of only two U.S. communities being targeted by the effort.

Will Macs Be Made In Elk Grove Again? - Business - The Sacramento Bee
FILE - In this Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011, file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks in front of a projection of the Macbook Air and Mac Desktop during announcement at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. Apple CEO Tim Cook said Thursday the company will produce one of its existing lines of Mac computers in the United States next year. Like most consumer electronics companies, Apple forges agreements with contract manufacturers to assemble its products overseas.

Survey Finds High Superintendent Turnover In Large California Districts | Edsource Today
The survey data speak only to turnover during a three-year period, not longevity, and do not include interim superintendents who were leading districts during that time.

Gay marriage case decisions could come Friday from U.S. Supreme Court
Howard Mintz @
U.S. Supreme Court justices continuing to confer on what appeals to take up, including rulings on California's Proposition 8, that banned gay marriage, and on federal Defense of Marriage Act. They could reveal decision Friday or on Monday.