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THE NOONER for November 21, 2012

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I am guessing that there aren't too many readers today, so I'll keep this short.

AD50: Richard Bloom's lead over Betsy Butler was slashed yesterday to 79 votes. The next update is scheduled for Friday afternoon, and LA County has 215,991 ballots left to count.

SD05: No vote count updates from the Berryhill-Galgiani battle. However, sources on the ground report 7,500 provisionals from Stanislaus County and 17,000 from San Joaquin. Stanislaus is still processing provisionals and won't tabulate until the review is complete. San Joaquin has completed validating its provisionals and may update the vote count today. Galgiani needs 53.58% of the provisionals to close the gap and win. She's currently receiving 54% of late ballots in San Joaquin and 48% in Stanislaus, although the provisionals will likely tilt a bit more Democrat than overall late ballots (which included absentees dropped off at polling places).

WHY GALGIANI IS HOPEFUL: Late absentee/provisional ballots are breaking 62.3% for Obama in California, 3.3% higher than election night. In San Joaquin, it's 59.1%, or +5.6%. Here's a report for all counties.

AD40: When I brought up the fact that Dems could have spent more in AD36, I omitted bringing up AD40, which had Assemblymember Mike Morrell (R) against Russ Warner (D). Morrell currently has a 2,238 vote lead.

The district is entirely in San Bernardino County, which has 36,000 provisional ballots remaining. If you assume that AD40 has 1/4 of those (matching 1/4 of the overall vote), Warner needs 66% of provisionals to win. It will likely be a much closer race after today's expected update, although that's a lot of ground to make up. Had CD31 had a Democrat running in November (instead of Dutton-Miller), there would have been a bigger turnout operation in the region, and Warner likely would have won.

Anyay, follow me on Twitter @scottlay for updates on these races and tryptophan dreams...the next Nooner will be Monday, November 26.

$$$: The FPPC is going after the Berryhills for using the county central committee money laundering scheme. Wink-wink, nod-nod, all that money passing through Democratic central committees this cycle wasn't coordinated at all.

MUST READ PART 1: A chance for reform, not taxes [Timm Herdt at VCStar]

MUST READ PART 2: To See Future Electorate, Look At California Voters Now [Sherry Bebitch Jeffe and Douglas Jeffe @ Reuters] - "Whatever happens in the Golden State is likely to be a precursor of the next trend in American politics. For better or worse, America has become California."

SAD READ: Racists In Orange County Run Black Family Out Of Town [ @ LAist]



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Richard Pan Opens Senate Committee - One Day After Assembly Win
Jim Sanders @
Assemblyman Richard Pan opened a campaign committee to raise money for a possible Senate campaign just one day after winning re-election to the lower house from a newly drawn district he had moved into to run, records show.

Fight Between Riordan And Unions Upstages L.A. Sales Tax Decision
Los Angeles Times @
As Riordan and unions go head to head over pensions, the City Council agrees to put a half-cent sales tax increase before voters in March.

College zones went big for tax hike
Two pockets of unusually high support for Proposition 30 stick out on a map of election-night votes for the statewide tax initiative meant to boost the state's education spending.

California Elected Officials Set To Take Pay Cut
Jim Sanders @
California elected officials from governor to legislator will see their pay cut by thousands of dollars next month under decisions made by appointees of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Many Americans Unaware Of Health-care Law Changes
After surviving a Supreme Court decision and a presidential election, the Obama administration’s health-care law faces another challenge: a public largely unaware of major changes that will roll out in the coming months.

L.A. Is Latest Front In State's Pension War
Dan Walters @
CalPERS is taking an aggressive legal posture in both cases to protect what it contends to be an inviolable obligation to finance pensions, regardless of what happens to other creditors, but whether federal bankruptcy law can trump state pension law is an unsettled legal question. As those cases play out, another front in California's pension war has opened in the state's largest city, Los Angeles, which has serious budget problems stemming, in part, from its massive pension obligations – so serious, in fact, that some city officials have raised the specter of following Stockton and San Bernardino into bankruptcy court.

L.A. Union Worker Told Members To Put Fake Names On Voter Petition
Catherine Saillant @
One of Los Angeles' largest public employee unions admitted Tuesday that a staffer sent an email to members asking that they sign "fake names/addresses" on a petition being circulated by former Mayor Richard Riordan to place a pension initiative on the ballot.

To See Future Electorate, Look At California Voters Now
Sherry Bebitch Jeffe and Douglas Jeffe @
The changing face of the American electorate is etched all over the map of California. The Golden State may no longer be a partisan battleground, but it continues to be a reliable bellwether for the evolving national political landscape.

The Buzz: Richard Pan opens Senate committee - one day after Assembly win
Assemblyman Richard Pan opened a campaign committee to raise money for a possible Senate campaign just one day after winning re-election to the lower house from a newly drawn district he had moved into to run, records show.

Support For Measure J Increases In Latest Ballot Count, But Still Not Enough
Ari Bloomekatz @
With more than 200,000 votes still to be counted, the Nov. 6 ballot measure to extend a county transportation tax inched closer to the two-thirds majority needed to pass, but still remained behind.

Herdt: A Chance For Reform, Not Taxes
Timm Herdt @
From the moment it became evident that Democrats had won supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature, the knee-jerk reporting of that phenomenon has boiled down to a single sentence: Now they can raise taxes. Let me interrupt that narrative with a news flash: That's not going to happen.

Richmond Looks To Extend 'ban The Box' Law To Private Businesses Contracting With The City
Private businesses that contract for work with Richmond may be prohibited from asking questions about prior criminal convictions on employment applications, the City Council decided Tuesday. The Council voted 5-1-1 to direct the city attorney to draft the new ordinance, which would expand a 2011 law prohibiting the city from asking questions about criminal history when hiring public employees.

Dan Walters: L.A. is latest front in state's pension war
The public employee pension reform plan enacted by the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown this year was minimalism.

State Lawmaker Brothers Accused Of Money Laundering
Lance Williams @
Two San Joaquin Valley lawmakers have been accused of laundering $40,000 in a scheme to dodge California’s tough limits on political contributions.

Fewer Calif. Inmates Return To Prison, But Numbers Remain High - Oc Watchdog : The Orange County Register
For the second straight year, California has seen a decline in recidivism among former prison inmates. But compared with other states, California’s rate remains high.

LA voters to decide half-cent sales tax hike
The Associated Press @
Los Angeles city officials have voted to put a measure on the ballot that would raise sales tax by a half-cent to avert significant cuts in services.

California Sending New Immigration Perspective To Congress
Congressional delegation from California loses seasoned immigration hard-liners, gains more liberals and moderates who support path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Shirakawa decries attacks against alleged credit card abuse 'political lynching'
Tracy Seipel @
Santa Clara County Board President George Shirakawa, under fire for thousands of dollars of questionable credit card spending of taxpayer money, on Tuesday called the reports of his alleged financial improprieties a 'political lynching,'' and urged the public to essentially ignore the accusations against him.

Obama campaign exploring post-election reboot
Michael A. Memoli @
WASHINGTON – The man who managed Barack Obama’s successful reelection campaign said Tuesday that the Chicago-based operation will carry on in some form to advocate the president’s second-term agenda, and may even engage in the debate over how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.

Santa Monica College To Restore Winter Session
Carla Rivera @
Buoyed by the success of Proposition 30, Santa Monica College announced Tuesday that it will offer a full schedule of winter classes that is expected to attract more than 10,000 students. The six-week session will begin on Jan. 2, offering...

Strapped Locals Face Stress Of Pension-fund Demands

O.C. Asian Americans: GOP In Name Only?
Orange County's Asian American voters, led by Vietnamese Americans, are more likely to register as Republicans than Democrats. But party allegiance is loose and there are indications the demographic favored Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

UC Santa Barbara Dean To Temporarily Head UC Riverside
Larry Gordon @
The dean of UC Santa Barbara’s graduate school of education has been appointed to temporarily serve as chancellor of UC Riverside, whose current leader, Timothy White, is becoming the head of the Cal State system, officials announced Tuesday.