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THE NOONER for November 16, 2012

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Good morning. Another short one today, as I have an 8am board meeting again today. So, read this, and then go see "Lincoln."

Democratic Party leaders are gathering in Burlingame for executive board, which will be one long celebratory weekend. Meanwhile, Republicans nationally and in California, are regrouping and having the biggest soul-searching moment in a generation. When Haley Barbour talks about rebuilding the party, you know that last week was a seismic shift--and none of us would have predicted it on Tuesday morning. 

Republicans should not listen to Dick Morris, but rather Bill Clinton. Clinton and his team dragged reluctant progressives along with the DLC and saved the Democratic Party from irrelevance. I was a young liberal activist student at the time, and hated the DLC and the "New Democrat" movement. That said, it built the foundation for what was a huge rebound in the party to win the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections and the foundation for the party's dominance in the U.S. Senate this decade. But, it's painful, as "moderates" aren't the ones that show up to party conventions, let alone the monthly county central committee meetings of both parties. That said, they hold both parties accountable at election time.

Here's the latest on SD05. As it turns out, San Joaquin has been counting but not submitting updates to the SoS. We also don't have an update on how many outstanding ballots there are in San Joaquin, which last reported around 24,000 on Tuesday. Provisionals, generally the last ballots counted, are expected to weight heavily to Democrats, although there may not be enough for Galgiani to close the 1,481 vote gap. In the last couple of days of counting, Galgiani has narrowed the gap by 568.

Bill Berryhill    
  Sacramento 3,313
  San Joaquin 90,362
  Stanislaus 37,231
Cathleen Galgiani    
  Sacramento 2,446
  San Joaquin 94,300
  Stanislaus 32,679


Alameda is done counting ballots. In AD20, Bill Quirk (D) edged out Jennifer Ong (D) by 917 votes (0.68%).

Los Angeles is expected to release an update at 1pm today, although the data likely won't be submitted to the SoS (and thus to AroundTheCapitol) until later in the afternoon. Results in the hotly contested AD50 can be found here.

Have a great weekend. Oh, and John Myers and Anthony York give us some aural pleasure to start the weekend.



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Despite Tax Increase, California's Fiscal Woes Remain
Dan Walters @
Gov. Jerry Brown's campaign for Proposition 30, his sales and income tax increase, more or less promised voters that it would solve the state's chronic budget problems. It was a somewhat specious contention, although apparently an effective one, since voters did pass the measure.

California Backs A 'fiscal Cliff' Compromise — Sort Of, Poll Says
Cathleen Decker @
Democratic and Republican voters aren't willing to give ground on taxes and budget cuts, a poll shows. In general, Californians support Obama's approach.

Money Fight Just Beginning For Governor Brown :: Fox&hounds
When Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva finally declared victory over Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby Thursday, it gave the Democrats a two-thirds supermajority in both houses of the Legislature for the first time since 1883.

L.A. Business Group Comes Out Against Proposed Sales Tax Hike
David Zahniser @
A group that represents San Fernando Valley businesses came out against a half-cent sales tax hike backed by L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson, saying city leaders should find other ways of addressing their budget crisis.

Los Angeles Council President Herb Wesson Ties Proposed Sales Tax Hike To Public Safety
Dakota Smith @
Days after the Los Angeles City Council tentatively backed a half-percent sales tax hike for the spring ballot, Council President Herb Wesson outlined which departments are likely to benefit from the funds at a breakfast event on Thursday.

Congressional Leaders Talk Fiscal Cliff With President Obama
Sean Sullivan @
President Obama met with congressional leaders today at the White House to discuss how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that would involve sweeping tax hikes and spending cuts. Lawmakers who talked to reporters afterward outside the West Wing agreed on the urgency of the situation but stuck to their partisan talking points about how to address it.

New Assembly Education Chair Skeptical Of Plan For Weighted Funding
John Fensterwald @
Any bill to change the way that California funds its public schools will have to go through Joan Buchanan, and that could present problems for Gov. Jerry Brown.

California Seeks Extension To Comply With Prison Population Caps
Admitting once again to federal judges that the state won't be able to reach goals set for reducing crowding in its prisons, Gov. Jerry Brown's administration has asked for a delay while it works on alternatives. In legal filings Thursday,...

Supermajority Holds Promise, Peril For Democrats
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—With supermajorities in both houses of the state Legislature, Democrats have a historic opportunity to push their agenda on issues such as tax reform, workers rights and changing the initiative process.

USD debates academic freedom, same-sex marriage
University of San Diego President Mary Lyons said Thursday that her recent decision to revoke a theology professor's fellowship invitation -- over the issue of same-sex marriage -- could have been handled differently. She also announced intentions to set up an organization that would address future conflicts involving academic freedom and the school's Catholic identity.

Younger voters didn't make or break Proposition 30, says Field Poll director
Jim Sanders @
Younger voters turned out in surprisingly high numbers on Nov. 6, but they didn't spell victory or defeat for Proposition 30 or other key ballot issues, according to the director of the Field Poll.

Arizona Business Group Wants Tax-weary California Businesses
An Arizona business group is reaching for one of the oldest plays in the book -- offering to help California companies avoid higher taxes by leaving the state. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council said it will fly 100 chief executives...

Ami Bera Ousts Rep. Dan Lungren In Congressional Race
Laurel Rosenhall @
Democrat Ami Bera has won his tight race against incumbent GOP Rep. Dan Lungren to fill the 7th District Congressional seat representing the suburbs of Sacramento.

Academy Of Art Land Use Violations Ignored
John Cote @
Academy of Art University, one of the largest landowners in San Francisco, has had "consistent and repeated violations" of city land-use rules, yet the city has repeatedly refused to fine the for-profit school, even after it missed two compliance deadlines, according to a confidential letter by City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

Jim Sanders @
Younger voters turned out in surprisingly high numbers on Nov. 6, but they didn't spell victory or defeat for Proposition 30 or other key ballot issues, according to the director of the Field Poll.

Former O.C. Sheriff Carona Wants Prison Sentence Cut In Half
Rick Rojas @
Attorneys for the former Orange County sheriff convicted of witness tampering have filed a motion to reduce the lawman's 66-month prison sentence by almost half. In the motion, lawyers for Michael Carona argued that the sentence handed down in 2009 by U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Guilford should be adjusted after changes in the law.

In State Senate, Only 2 Republicans Can Surf - 95 Percent Accurate

Galgiani inching closer to Berryhill in hot battle for Senate seat
Jim Sanders @
Republican Bill Berryhill continues to lead, but Cathleen Galgiani has cut into his margin considerably in their nail-biting battle for a Senate seat.

Amid Sacramento Strike, Hostess Threatens Liquidation
Mark Glover @
Two dozen workers walked the picket lines on Thursday outside the Hostess Brands plant on Arden Way near the Capital City Freeway in Sacramento. They didn't know if they'd ever be going back to work.

UC Regents Request Funds To Reboot Projects
Larry Gordon @
Officials seek $15 million for UC Riverside's medical school and $45 million for a classroom building at UC Merced.

Only 31% Of California Students Are Physically Fit
Dalina Castellanos @
For the second year in a row, California students have tested relatively low in a series of statewide physical fitness tests, the state Department of Education announced Thursday. About 31% of students received healthy scores in all six of the...

POLITICS: Negotiating the Federal Budget
Samantha Stark @
Megan Liberman interviews Jared Bernstein, a former economic adviser to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., on his experience in negotiating the federal budget.