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THE NOONER for November 14, 2012

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Thank you for putting up with my rant yesterday, which was as well edited as the OCR's sub-headlines. Good morning from downtown Los Angeles, where I am for several days for our annual convention. This will be a quickie today, as there is no coffee in my hotel room and my Internet connection is spotty, although it's always nice to be at the historic Biltmore.

We're now election day +8, and the debate about who actually voted continues. Phil Trounstine writes that Edison Media Research's exit poll was bunk, along with the contention that young people carried Prop. 30. True, now that we see a 900,000 vote margin, that is likely the case, but if you believe any of the pre-election polls, Prop 30 was carried by 18-39 year olds. I agree that Edison had some major flaw and have already said that they had a flawed age breakdown, as they also did in Arizona (no way was 26% of the AZ electorate 18-29 while only 12% was 65+).

It's time to admit that none of us have a clue, and to set the debate aside and wait until Paul can do his magic in a couple of months and tell us who actually voted. 


  • CD07: Bera over Lungren by 3,824 votes
  • CD52: Peters over Bilbray by 2,660 votes
  • SD05: Berryhill over Galgiani by 2,049 votes
  • AD10: Levine over Allen by 2,486 votes
  • AD20: Quirk over Ong by 1,215 votes
  • AD32: Salas over Rios by 2,503 votes
  • AD36: Smith over Fox by 3,192 votes
  • AD50: Bloom over Butler by 218 votes
  • AD65: Quirk-Silva over Norby by 2,222 votes

That's it. Step away from the computer, and go outside and enjoy a beautiful fall day. Looks like it's the last sunny day across California until after the weekend is over. Yes, even you, Sandy Eggo.



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Jerry Brown asks UC to delay vote on professional school fees
Laurel Rosenhall @
For the second time this week, a California university system is postponing a vote on fee increases as Gov. Jerry Brown makes the rounds touting the success of his Proposition 30 tax measure - which was supposed to avert tuition hikes.

Despite What They Say, Voters Favor Local Taxes
Hannah Dreier @
When it comes to new taxes, voters tend to say government should ask for money from somebody else, like the rich. But that doesn't always hold true, especially on the local level.

L.A. City Council Votes To Put Sales Tax Hike On March 5 Ballot
David Zahniser @
Searching for a long-term solution to its chronic financial woes, the L.A. City Council agreed to ask voters for a $200-million-a-year increase in sales tax collections.

Jerry Brown asks to delay discussion of university fees hikes
Laurel Rosenhall @
For the second time this week, a California university system has postponed a vote on fee increases as Gov. Jerry Brown makes the rounds touting the success of his Proposition 30 tax measure.

L.A. Moves Ahead With Plan To Increase Sales Tax
David Zahniser @
The Los Angeles City Council's vote to put a half-cent sales tax increase on the March 5 ballot draws criticism from those in and outside city government.

California Lawmakers Head To Hawaii, Australia For Post-election Events
Patrick McGreevy @
With the election over, at least 20 California state lawmakers, including some newly elected members, have scattered to exotic locales, including Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and China, for state-related conferences and trade missions.

Sexy Story, That Youth Carried Prop. 30, Is A Myth
We have no trouble accepting the notion that lower-income voters helped Gov. Jerry Brown win Prop. 30, just as the Edison Research exit poll found, with those making less than $50,000 voting 58-42% in favor, those making $50,000 to $100,000 voting 53-47% and those making more than $1000,000 split 50-50%.

Gov. Jerry Brown Taps Marine Corps Leader To Run State Parks
Kevin Yamamura @
In the wake of a financial scandal at state parks, Gov. Jerry Brown tapped retired U.S. Marine Corps Major General Anthony L. Jackson to run the beleaguered department, he announced today.

Dan Walters: California Begins Huge Experiment In Greenhouse Gas Regulation
Dan Walters @
It probably wasn't happenstance that California's historic – good or bad, it's historic – experiment in greenhouse gas regulation was delayed until after an election in which voters would be deciding on new taxes.

Gov. Jerry Brown Taps Retired Marine Corps General, San Jose State Football Captain, To Lead State Parks
Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday appointed Anthony L. Jackson, a retired Marine Corps commander and 1973 San Jose State University graduate, to run the California state parks system, which is mired in controversy

Bera Widens Lead Over Lungren In Tight Congressional Race
Kevin Yamamura @
Democrat Ami Bera extended his narrow lead Tuesday over GOP Rep. Dan Lungren in the hotly contested 7th Congressional District, moving 3,824 votes ahead in the suburban Sacramento seat.

Bakersfield Area Assembly Race Called, 2 Others Still Being Counted
Patrick McGreevy @
Democrat Rudy Salas Jr., a Bakersfield city councilman, has won election over Republican Pedro Rios in the 32nd Assembly District. Races in Orange County and L.A. still were being counted.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Weighs In On Election’s Lessons - Washington Wire - Wsj
Peter Nicholas @
So we sent some questions about the race to the body builder-turned-movie star-turned governor-turned-movie star…

Raley's Says There's A Deal To End The Strike - Business - The Sacramento Bee
Striking Raley's worker Lisa Barrish persuades Pravin Sharma to shop at a competing grocery in Natomas. Letter writers are debating the issues in the labor dispute, which include health care coverage for retired workers.

Lobbying Effort Derails Plan For L.A. Tax On Real Estate Sales
David Zahniser @
Officials who were planning a measure that would tax property transactions to fund key services are now backing a sales tax hike.

Ap Photographer Walt Zeboski Dies At Age 83
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Walt Zeboski, who chronicled Ronald Reagans 1980 presidential campaign and a succession of California governors as a photographer for The Associated Press, has died.

Tired of cuts, Calif. voters raise local taxes
JUDY LIN and HANNAH DREIER, Associated Press @
Fed up with years of diminishing services, voters around the state approved dozens of local tax measures Tuesday, even as they authorized Gov. Jerry Brown's statewide sales tax hike.

Schwarzenegger Reiterates Criticism Of GOP Exclusivity
Dan Walters @
Five years ago, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a speech to a state Republican convention, warning party activists that unless they became more inclusive and broadened their appeal, they would become irrelevant.

Warriors Commit To Local-hire Law On Arena - Sfgate
An agreement to be signed Wednesday in Mayor Ed Lee's office by the team and building trade unions will commit the Warriors' contractors to using either San Francisco residents or veterans for 25 percent of all construction jobs on the $1 billion project. "Recognizing the unique dynamic of this project, we felt like taking this aggressive step was the right thing to do," said Jesse Blout, the Warriors' project manager on the arena. Given the political clout of unions here, it could also help smooth approvals as the team faces an aggressive timetable to get a 17,500-seat arena built in time for the 2017-2018 NBA season. Yes, the Castro's "naked guys" now have legal representation, Christina DiEdoardo, who said she will file a class-action lawsuit on their behalf in federal court by the end of this week on the grounds that people have a constitutional right to be nude. DiEdoardo came to the nudists' attention after she posted a blog item on her law firm's website saying no city law was needed because of the state's ban on indecent exposure.

CSU board postpones vote on proposed fee increases
A scheduled vote today by the California State University board of trustees on a proposed fee structure change intended to accelerate graduation throughout the CSU system has been postponed, university officials said.