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THE NOONER for November 12, 2012

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Thank you to the men and women that are fighting and have fought for our freedom to govern ourselves. May all currently serving return home safely.

BIPARTISAN FACTOID: Only 2 of the last 10 presidents have been elected twice with more than 50% of the vote--Reagan and Obama.

CLIFFHANGERS: If you're watching some of the close races, I'm tracking the daily trend of vote counting for each race. Please note that counties report updates at different paces. Los Angeles county's next update is tomorrow at 1pm. The ones I am watching for possible results changes are CD07, CD52, SD05, AD20AD32, AD36AD50, and AD65. Again, I largely expect that late absentees will mirror election day ballots.

Here are how these races currently stand, using a statewide number of 22.7% post-election day (post-ED) ballots.

  • CD07: Lungren (R) needs 50.2% of post-ED ballots; currently receive 47.5%
  • CD52: Bilbray (R) needs 50.7% of post-ED ballots; currently receiving 47.6%
  • SD05: Galgiani (D) needs 54.2% of post-ED ballots; currently receiving 47.6%
  • AD20: Ong (D) needs 53.8% of post-ED ballots; currently receiving 51.1%
  • AD32: Rios (R) needs 51% of post-ED ballots. No post-ED ballots counted, although all outstanding are Salas-friendly Kern County
  • AD36: Fox (D) needs 54.4% of post-ED ballots; currently receiving 43.1%
  • AD40: Warner (D) needs 56.2% of post-ED ballots; No post-ED ballots counted.
  • AD50: Butler (D) needs 50.3% of post-ED ballots; currently receiving 51.5%
  • AD65: Norby (R) needs 52.2% of post-ED ballots; currently receiving 47.4%

AURAL PLEASURE: Post-mortem podcast [John Myers @ News10 & Anthony York @ LAT]

DOGGED DETERMINATION: Meet the Corgi Who Helped California Raise Taxes [Marc Tracy @ TNR]

PROVED ME WRONG: Democrats post major Riverside County gains [Jim Miller @ PE]

#FAILWHALE: Meet ORCA: Romney's 21st-century turnout program that wasn't [Maggie Haberman & Alexander Burns @ Politico]

FAIR POINT: A reader wrote that my characterization of Melissa Melendez being the moderate in AD61 was inaccurate. Fair enough, as it was more of a personal contest between her and Phil Paule. That said, Paule walked around with Norquist's pledge tattooed to his head while Melendez simply said "no new taxes." I would still argue that she came across as the more moderate of the two.

NEWSPAPER-ENDORSED LIE DU JOUR: Gloria Romero: Half the California electorate didn't vote [Gloria Romero in OCR]. Fact: At 74% and 55.8%, actual turnout or registered and eligible voters respectively will be almost exactly average of presidential elections since 1980.


Following a weekend of stories about the national GOP being led astray by bad polling assumptions, there has also been a fair amount of discussion in California. As you likely know, I have been a proponent both before and after the election that young voters would, and subsequently did, constitute a greater share of voters than all public pollsters were assuming. 

See Young voters turned the tide for Brown's Prop 30 [Juliet Williams @ AP]

Yesterday while watching football I decided to dive more deeply into how true this hypothesis was, beyond just pointing to the national exit poll.

First, let's look at overall turnout. Field projected it at 12,750,000, with a 51%-49% split between mail and precinct voters. From my review of already cast ballots and reported typical validity rates for absentee (98.5%) and provisional (81.5%) ballots, it will actually be significantly higher at around 13.3 million. The big caveat is that provisionals appear to be approximately 25% higher than 2008, which could lead to a lower validity rate. However, Field is likely very close on the 51-49% divide between mail and precinct voting.

Now, setting aside the total number of voters, let's look at voter composition. Field was dramatically different than the exit poll, as were most public and private polling models I have reviewed.

I have tried to reach Edison Media Research's California pollster, to no avail, to verify the methodology used in California. I am guessing from their results that they did not conduct a phone survey in California in advance to gain voter composition and opinion of absentee voters, as Edison's methodology identifies as only done in some states. Knowing what I know about the California electorate, even in an unexpected year, looking at the 18-29 and 65+ numbers from the exit poll, I have to conclude that it was precinct only, or surveyers were making numbers up.

Anyway, I think an appropriate measure of who actually turned out is a blend of Field's projections of mail ballot demographics and the Edison/news consortia exit poll, appropriately weighted by the 51/49% apparent split between the voting method. That's what I've done below, and I show the difference from the Field hybrid, weighted based on its split of mail and precinct.

Not surprisingly, it shows that the California electorate was younger and less white, and a shave less Republican (and more independent) than expected. That would explain why in virtually every race for which I saw pre-election polling, Democrats seemed to outperform the polling by 3-8 points.

Remember, while Republicans need to seriously consider the threat of changing demographics, Democrats need to be mindful of the cyclical nature of politics.


DemographicField MailField PrecinctField HybridEdison ExitBlended
(Field Mail, Edison Exit)
Men 46% 48% 47% 50% 49% (+2%)
Women 54% 54% 54% 50% 52% (-2%)
18-29 10% 15% 12.5% 27% 18.3% (+5.8%)
30-39 13% 15% 14% 18% 15.5% (+1.5%)
40-49 19% 26% 22.4% 19% 19.0% (-3.4%)
50-64 27% 28% 27.5% 23% 25.0% (-2.5%)
65+ 31% 16% 23.6% 13% 22.2% (-1.4%)
White 72% 65% 68.6% 55% 64.0% (-4.6%)
Black 5% 7% 6.0% 8% 6.5% (+0.5%)
Latino 16% 22% 18.9% 22% 19.0% (-0.1%)
Asian/Other 7% 6% 6.5% 14% 10.5% (+4%)
Democrat 44% 44% 44.0% 44% 44.0% (+0.0%)
Republican 37% 30% 33.6% 27% 32.1% (-1.5%)
Independent 19% 26% 22.4% 29% 23.9% (+1.5%)



Congratulations to the 2013-14 California Legislature - from everyone at Shaw / Yoder / Antwih, Inc., Peterson Consulting, Inc. and Strategic Local Government Services, LLC!

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