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THE NOONER for November 8, 2012

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  • CD07 (Bera v. Lungren) - There are 193,000 uncounted ballots (162,000 VBM, 31,000 provisionals) in Sacramento County. The next update after 3pm on Friday, and Bera leads Lungren by 182.
  • CD35: Precinct voters swamped Baca [Jim Miller @ PE]
  • CD52 (Bilbray v. Peters) - There are around 475,000 absentee and provisional ballots to count in San Diego County. Peters leads Bilbray by 685 votes.
  • AD32: (Rios v. Salas) - It is believed there are far more uncounted in Kern County, where Salas (D) won handily.
  • AD50: (Bloom v. Butler) - There are an estimated 792,660 uncounted ballots in Los Angeles County. Bloom leads Butler by 218 votes.
  • AD65 (Norby v. Quirk-Silva) - There are 241,336 uncounted ballots in Orange County. Quirk-Silva leads Norby by 1,043 votes.
  • POINT WELL TAKEN: @paulmitchell - "Dem operative warned that Top2 would let Rep Latinos get elected and change party complexion. Came true in AD67 (Melendez) & AD76 (Chavez)
  • NEXT! Candidates are now taking out nomination papers for Los Angeles municipal races.
  • LOCAL BEAT: Michael Coleman: "Of the 240 local tax & bond measures in California, 171 appear to have passed including 85/106 school bonds and 52/66 general taxes." [full report]
  • CALL ME MAYBE: My best voice mail yesterday: "Hi Scott, this is newly elected Congressmember XXXX. How dare you doubt me and bet against me in your contest?" Touche.
  • SANDY EGGO: Bob Filner defeated Carl DeMaio for mayor of America's Finest City.
  • POP! Soda taxes lost in Richmond and El Monte.
  • BANG! Mitt Romney planned a fireworks show over Boston Harbor.
  • POLITICAL GEEK PORN: Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win [Michael Scherer @ Time]
  • DA MAYOR: Bloomberg's super PAC tally [Maggie Haberman @ Politico]
  • DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: I flipped Brown and Baca, Jr. yesterday. Brown defeated Baca, Jr. by 9,060 votes (12.4%).

No losers today...spent my appointed Nooner time this morning running the scoring for the Nooner election contest. Here are the Top 25 of the 498 participants, and here are the correct answers as of right now. There are several races that could change, the scoring won't be final for awhile.

The top 5 right now are:

1. Pam Woudstra - 245
2. Shanan Alper - 240
3. Michaeld - 225
4. Craig Cheslog - 225
5. Lara L. - 215

Don't get too excited though. Prop. 39 is at 60.0% of the vote. If it drops just a few votes to the "no" side, that's a 15 point loss for some folks, and a fifteen point gain for others!



Congratulations to the 2013-14 California Legislature - from everyone at Shaw / Yoder / Antwih, Inc., Peterson Consulting, Inc. and Strategic Local Government Services, LLC!

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Prop. 30 Win Gives Democrats Cash They've Sought For Budget Woes
Kevin Yamamura @
Proposition 30, which passed 54 percent to 46 percent, will provide several billion dollars annually for the state budget through 2018-19 by raising income taxes on top earners and sales taxes by a quarter-cent on the dollar.

Senate Leader Promises Initiative And Tax Reform With New Powers
Patrick McGreevy @
Senate leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) said Wednesday that his party has captured a supermajority of the upper house if current election results stand, and he plans to use the new power to pursue initiative and tax reform to bring in more revenue for schools and social services.

California Voters OK Most Local Tax And Bond Measures
Dan Walters @
California voters approved nearly three-fourths of the 240 tax and bond measures placed on their ballots by school districts and local governments, according to a compilation by Michael Coleman, an adviser to the League of California Cities.

Gov. Jerry Brown Gets Big Win But Also Big Responsibility
George Skelton @
Gov. Jerry Brown's Prop. 30 tax initiative passed handily and his party appears to have a legislative supermajority. But such power carries its own risks.

Super Majorities Give California Democrats Power To Tax
Steven Harmon, Mike Rosenberg and Lisa M. Krieger @
The passage of Proposition 30 was not only a deeply personal triumph for Gov. Jerry Brown, who spent the last several weeks campaigning furiously for his tax-hike initiative. It was also a symbolic end to a 34-year period in California history, which began when the state's voters stoked anti-tax prairie fires across the nation by passing Proposition 13.

Aclu Files Lawsuit Over Proposition 35's Sex Offender Provisions
Torey Van Oot @
The American Civil Liberties Union has asked the courts to block provisions of California's new voter-approved law targeting human trafficking.

Unions Tout 'prop 32 Effect,' Take Credit For Legislative Wins
Organized labor is taking credit for more than just defeating a November ballot measure that sought to curb union clout in state politics.

Democrats Win Big In California, But Now What?
Dan Walters @
Democrats won it all in California this week – prevailing on new taxes and other major ballot measures and apparently achieving supermajorities in both legislative houses and, at least on paper, a free hand to do whatever they wish on anything. The reality, however, is somewhat more nuanced.

Assembly Speaker Downplays New Powers, Vows No New Taxes
Michael J. Mishak @
While Democrats and their allies spent Wednesday crowing about clinching supermajorities in both houses of the Legislative for the first time in more than a century, Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) downplayed the development as little more than an "interesting moment" for his caucus.

Winners, Losers Emerge In Frenzied Spending On State Initiatives
Lance Williams @
Multimillionaire activists, big labor unions and major corporations combined to pump more than $363 million into political fights over 11 propositions on Tuesday’s state ballot, a California Watch analysis shows.

Obama's win means his healthcare law will insure all Americans
Noam N. Levey @
WASHINGTON — President Obama’s victory all but assures that his landmark healthcare law and its guarantee of insurance coverage for all Americans will be implemented, essentially putting an end to the Republican campaign to derail the law.

Soda Taxes Lose Big In California
Shelby Grad @
Beverage industry forces flexed their political muscle once again Tuesday, dealing crushing defeats to two different sugary drink tax measures in the Golden State. In the San Gabriel Valley city of El Monte, nearly 77% of voters rejected a proposal...

Jerry Brown Urges 'prudence Of Joseph' On Future Spending
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown said today that he will not use an expected Democratic supermajority in the California Legislature to raise taxes further than were raised by passage of his ballot initiative Tuesday, urging "the prudence of Joseph" on spending in the next few years.

Alameda County Transit Tax Vote Close
Michael Cabanatuan @
A transportation sales tax proposal in Alameda County fell just short of the two-thirds majority it needed Tuesday night, but Measure B1 could still eke out a victory because of 125,000 absentee and provisional ballots that need to be tallied.

Ed Advocates Foresee New Era With Supermajority
Kathryn Baron and John Fensterwald @
Many education advocates were giddy when they awoke this morning. Not only had Proposition 30 passed, with its promise of nearly $7 billion in new funding for schools and community colleges, but in an unexpected outcome, Democrats won supermajorities, two-thirds of the seats in both the State Assembly and Senate. It was like hoping for a pony on your birthday and instead finding a horse with a giant bow around its neck.

Thousands Of Uncounted S.F. Ballots
John Cote and John Wildermuth @
San Francisco still had almost 90,000 ballots left to be counted Wednesday afternoon, the city's top election official said, which would likely mean days before the winner is known in the tight District Seven supervisor race and could potentially impact other outcomes.

Food Activists Look To Other States After Failed California Measure
Laurel Rosenhall @
Organic farmers and others who backed Proposition 37 to label genetically engineered food said today that failure of the measure in California won't stop similar efforts in other states. They're looking north to Washington and Oregon and east to Connecticut and Vermont.

Young Voters, Democrats, Latinos And L.A. County Pushed Prop. 30 To Victory
Barbara Jones @
Bolstered by strong support in Los Angeles County and other Democratic strongholds, voters approved a historic tax-hike measure that will generate $6 billion annually and avert catastrophic cuts to California's public schools, colleges and universities.

University of California president picks Columbia scholar as next Berkeley chancellor
Daniel M. Jimenez @
Nicholas Dirks, a Columbia University professor of history and anthropology, was selected as the tenth UC Berkeley chancellor after a six-month search.

Steve Lopez: Time To Disclose The Political Funny Money
Kimi Yoshino @
Is there a silver lining in the obscene amount of money poured into California's political races? Post-election, you've got to wonder if the funny money that fell out of the sky on a jetstream from Arizona influenced the outcome of Propositions 30 and 32, and if the donations backfired.

Feinstein Hopeful For Congressional Compromise
Drew Joseph @
Fresh off an easy win for her fourth term, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Wednesday in San Francisco that she is hopeful Democrats and Republicans will finally start working together on tackling a lengthy list of legislative issues, even though political party power in Washington did not shift in Tuesday’s election.

California's Finances Primed For Improvement, Ratings Agency Says
Now that voters have approved Gov. Jerry Brown's tax-hike plan, Standard & Poor's said California's financial future is brighter.

Defeat Of Proposition 34: California's Death Penalty Battle Will Continue
Local @
Both sides in debate pledge another ballot fight over death penalty while Tuesdays vote expected to reignite legal battles and possibly lead to resumption of executions on Californias death row