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THE NOONER for October 2, 2012

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PRESIDENTIAL TRACKER: Gallup: Obama 50%, Romney 44%; Reuters/Ipsos: Obama 46%, Romner 41%; Rasmussen: Obama 48%, Romney 47%


INDIE $$$: George Soros's son Jonathan Soros takes on 8 congressional races as Friends of Democracy and plans to spend about $200,000 each against Dan Lungren and Mary Bono Mack.

CD10: Denham, Hernandez Square Off [Alex Breitler @ Stockton Record]

CD41: California Hispanics Hold Key as Democrats Target Congerss Seat [James Nash @ Bloomberg] 

AD01: The Bee picks Rick Bosetti over Brian Dahle.

AD47: Jim Brulte jumps behind Democrat Cheryl Brown against Joe Baca, Jr. - "I don't think I have ever given to Democrat in a legislative race," Brulte said in an e-mail Monday. "While her opponent and his family have been focused on building a political empire, Cheryl has been focused on helping our community." [Jim Miller @ PE]

AD72: Travis Allen adds $100,000 to his campaign against Troy Edgar.

AWESOMENESS: The 10 most memorable moments in presidential debates (with YouTube clips) [WaPo]

BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? While Atwater teeters on bankruptcy, Temecula celebrates a $2.76 million budget surplus.

GANGNAM: The meme continues . . .

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: With Monday-morning bleary eyes, I created a hybrid name. The Chron endorsed Marc Levine against Assemblymember Michael Allen.

BALLOT MEASURE ENDORSEMENTS: Easier said than done, I'm trying to keep track of where the state's leading papers land on ballot measures. Let me know if you know of any that I have missed.

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Federal Independent Expenditure Reports
Independent SpenderCandidatePurposeAmountDate
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Brian Bilbray (Oppose) Media Production $8,917.72 09/29/12
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Brian Bilbray (Oppose) Media Production $8,036.00 09/29/12


State Independent Expenditure Reports
Committee Candidate (Support/Oppose) Amount Received Date Report Date
Cdf Firefighters Issues Committee Prohibits Political Contributions By Payroll Deduc (Oppose) $200,000 10/01/2012 10/01/2012
Chau For Assembly 2012, Independent Doctors For A Better Future To Support Ed Ed Chau (Support) $2,128 09/30/2012 10/01/2012
Chau For Assembly 2012, Independent Doctors For A Better Future To Support Ed Ed Chau (Support) $4,048 09/29/2012 10/01/2012
Chau For Assembly 2012, Independent Doctors For A Better Future To Support Ed Ed Chau (Support) $564 10/01/2012 10/01/2012
International Longshore And Warehouse Union Local 13 Pac Stop The Special Exeptions Act (Oppose) $3,679 10/01/2012 10/01/2012


Brown Uses Vetoes To Press For Prop. 30
Michael J. Mishak and Anthony York @
The governor scolds legislators for needless projects and risks alienating fellow Democrats to show that Sacramento would spend tax money wisely.

Analysis: Gov. Jerry Brown's Consumer-friendly, Anti-waste Moves Come With Eye Toward Election
Mike Rosenberg @
Gov. Jerry Brown, working through a Sunday deadline to decide on this years proposed laws, signed 649 bills and vetoed 118 during September as polls show his top priority -- Proposition 30, the tax increase to balance the budget -- is hovering just above 50 percent support.

Michael Rubio, Others Urge Delay In Green Chemistry Law
David Siders @
Less than a month after Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg announced Sen. Michael Rubio would be chairman of the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality, Rubio and 15 other lawmakers today asked Gov. Jerry Brown to delay implementation of California's law to regulate toxic chemicals in consumer goods.

Prop. 35 Backers Say Human-Trafficking Measure Is Needed; Foes Argue It's Badly Flawed
Kim Minugh @
Hoyer is among the Californians supporting Proposition 35, a November ballot initiative that would rewrite state law to clarify that children who are coerced into the sex trade should be considered victims and not criminals. If passed, the initiative would increase penalties for convicted human traffickers and generate money for organizations that assist victims of the crime.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses Public Pensions On Jon Stewart Show
Jon Ortiz @
Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on The Daily Show Monday to promote his autobiography, "Total Recall." The three-part unedited interview with host Jon Stewart touched on California's fiscal woes, with Stewart framing the subject as a political problem created by an initiative process that has allowed voters to refuse to raise taxes and simultaneously demand more government services.

California GOP Finds Film Tax Credit Curious
California GOP officials are using a film tax credit approved by Gov. Jerry Brown to take a shot at him and his November ballot initiative to increase billions of dollars of other taxes.

Jerry Brown Surpasses Reagan, Deukmejian For Most Bills Signed
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown has now signed more regular session bills - 12,744 - than any other governor since 1967, surpassing George Deukmejian and Ronald Reagan with a flurry of bill signings this year, according an analysis by the Senate Committee on Governance & Finance.

Rep. Howard Berman Escalates Attacks On Fellow Democrat, Rep. Brad Sherman
Rick Orlov @
With the election nearing, Reps. Howard Berman and Brad Sherman escalated their attacks on one another Monday, with accusations of profiting from past campaigns and attempting to distract voters.

Jerry Brown veto seeks stronger ties between California health law and federal act
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation Sunday requiring California health insurers to cover all individuals regardless of medical condition, citing a technical flaw rather than opposition to the most popular part of the federal health care overhaul.

Credentialing Commission Receptive To Torlakson's Task Force Reforms
John Fensterwald @
If “Greatness by Design,” the hot-off-the-press report by State Superintendent Tom Torlakson’s Task Force on Educator Excellence is going to have any legs, the state Commission on Teaching Credentialing may provide the first, important steps.

Dreamworks Founders Give $100,000 To Proposition 30
Kevin Yamamura @
Hollywood giants Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg and David Geffen gave a combined $100,000 toward Gov. Jerry Brown's tax hike initiative.

Jerry Brown Gets Mixed Marks From California Chamber Of Commerce
As he navigated the hundreds of bills on his desk over the last month, Gov. Jerry Brown struck a careful balancing act that gave many Capitol interests something to cheer and something to complain about. Among those groups was the...

California School Funding Formula Not Easy To Change
Dan Walters @
Assembly Bill 18 was one of the casualties as Gov. Jerry Brown waded through hundreds of bills from the hectic, final hours of the 2012 legislative session. And therein lies a tale.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl Returns To City Hall After Cancer Treatment, Ready For Medical Marijuana Vote
Rick Orlov @
Councilman Bill Rosendahl, undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, returned to work on Monday and plans to attend the City Council's planned vote Tuesday on a referendum to overturn the city's ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

New California Laws Set Up Framework For Spending Cap-and-trade Revenue
Dale Kasler @
While businesses deride California's new restrictions on greenhouse-gas emissions as a giant tax, lawmakers have taken steps to carve up the money.

Prop. 39: Corporate Tax Increase And Energy Efficiency Jobs
Corporate taxes and clean-energy jobs are the focus of Proposition 39 on the November ballot.

Opinion: Arnold's Precarious Political Path | Nbc Southern California
Uncategorized @
Author Kevin Riggs, an Emmy-winning former TV reporter in Sacramento, is Senior Vice President at Randle Communications.

Sacramento Pushes Sales Tax Hike To Bolster Core Services
Ryan Lillis @
Sacramento officials paint a gloomy picture of their city. Perpetual budget deficits expected to last at least another year. A police force that's among the most understaffed in the nation – and the only major department in the country without a narcotics unit. No funding in sight to reopen public pools next summer. Now, they're looking to voters for some relief.

Steve Lopez: Illegal Immigration Is A Fact Of Life; Deal With It
Kimi Yoshino @
Gov. Jerry Brown's two big decisions Sunday on immigration bills illustrate the madness of trying to establish public policy when federal, state and local approaches are in conflict.

Gov. Jerry Brown's Split Annoys Immigrant-rights Advocates
Cindy Chang @
He signs bill on immigrant driver's licenses but vetoes a closely watched one that would have barred local law enforcement from aiding in deportations.

Are State Workers Overpaid?
On politics in the Golden State

Anthem Blue Cross Settles In SSN Disclosure Case
Mark Glover @
State Attorney General Kamala Harris today announced a settlement with Anthem Blue Cross over allegations that the California health insurer failed to protect the personal information of members.