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THE NOONER for October 1, 2012

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Good morning. After a weekend of near-panic emails from political candidates raising money before one of the biggest deadlines, it is now safe to look at your email. Federal reports for the quarter ending September 30 are due October 15, and state reports are due October 5.

DRIVING THE WEEK: Presidential debate Wednesday night, September unemployment reports Friday morning, Brown's bill signing reactions, and Friday's state campaign finance reports.

PRESIDENTIAL TRACKING: Obama hits 50% in Rasmussen. Rasmussen: Obama 50%, Romney 47%; Gallup Obama 49%, Romney 44%

ICYMI: I put out a Saturday edition of The Nooner.

At midnight, the 2011-12 legislative session came to a practical end as the governor signed and vetoed the final batches of bills. In a weekend of paddling on the left, paddling on the right, the governor seemed to send strong signs to the Democratic base that he is a progressive (Dream driver's licenses, juvenile sentencing reform, sexual orientation therapy), while also sending messages to business that he was willing to stand up to Democrats on employment issues (health care staffing, agricultural employee protections, unemployment discrimination prohibition).

Is it enough to cobble together a winning coalition for Prop. 30, or is it too little too late? The Bay Area Council is the only large business organization to give a "thumbs up" to the governor's tax plan. Still on the sidelines is the similarly progressive Los Angeles Chamber, the State Chamber of Commerce, and the California Business Roundtable.

Here are some of the governor's final actions on widely followed bills:

FINAL SCORE: 996 bills to desk; 876 signed and 120 vetoed [h/t Gil Duran]

$$$: The laundromat of party funds to targeted state races has been busy the last few days.

CD07: SacBee gives a soft endorsement of Ami Bera over Dan Lungren:

"They have a choice between two thoughtful candidates who both have a passion for their communities and the nation's future. How they vote could well track with the choice facing the nation as a whole."

SD05: Big interest, implications in race for Senate seat [Dana M. Nichols @ Stockton Record]

SD27: The Daily News endorses Fran Pavley (and other Valley races)

AD10: The Chron endorses Marc Allen against Assemblymember Michael Allen.

AD51: Labor Money Gives Jimmy Gomez A Big Leg Up In Silver Lake/Echo Park Assembly Race [Gene Maddaus @ LA Weekly]

$$$: The Bee comes out against Sacramento's sales tax hike, Measure U.


Proposition 36: Three Strikes Law. Sentencing for Repeat Felony Offenders. Initiative Statute.
Yes: 71.9% (-4.9%)
No: 17.1%
Undecided: 11.1%

[full list of averages] - now we have data points beyond CBRT/Pepperdine for all measures except 33, 35, and 40.

IN DA BANK: Voting 6 weeks before election is way too early [USAToday editorial]

GEEKDOM: Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know" played by the computer parts in your closet.



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Federal Independent Expenditure Reports
Independent SpenderCandidatePurposeAmountDate
America Shining Ed Royce (Oppose) Newspaper Ad (3) $1,050.22 09/29/12
America Shining Ed Royce (Oppose) Direct Mail & Postage $28,792.30 09/29/12


State Independent Expenditure Reports
Committee Candidate (Support/Oppose) Amount Received Date Report Date
Nielsen For Senate 2012, Friends And Neighbors For Jim Jim Nielsen (Support) $6,056 09/28/2012 09/29/2012
Opportunity Pac - A Coalition Of Teachers, Health Care Givers, Faculty Members And Other School And Public Employees Jose J. Medina (i) (Support) $76,908 09/21/2012 09/29/2012
Opportunity Pac - A Coalition Of Teachers, Health Care Givers, Faculty Members And Other School And Public Employees Jose J. Medina (i) (Support) $13,009 09/28/2012 09/29/2012
Opportunity Pac - A Coalition Of Teachers, Health Care Givers, Faculty Members And Other School And Public Employees Richard D. Roth (i) (Support) $78,235 09/21/2012 09/29/2012
Opportunity Pac - A Coalition Of Teachers, Health Care Givers, Faculty Members And Other School And Public Employees Cathleen Galgiani (Support) $13,480 09/28/2012 09/29/2012
Opportunity Pac - A Coalition Of Teachers, Health Care Givers, Faculty Members And Other School And Public Employees Richard D. Roth (i) (Support) $13,009 09/28/2012 09/29/2012


Schwarzenegger Performed Two Same-Sex Marriages As Governor
Anthony York @
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who opposed a California constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, officiated at the same-sex nuptials of his chief of staff, Susan Kennedy, in the governor’s office, he told CBS News.

Governor Signs Off On Bill Ensuring Free Public Education
Kathryn Baron @
Gov. Jerry Brown has approved legislation that settles a lawsuit over public schools illegally charging students for educational activities and materials such as textbooks, exams, and field trips.

Bill Demanding Water, Shade For Farmworkers Killed By Governor
Jim Sanders @
Gov. Jerry Brown killed legislation Sunday that would have made it a crime for farmers not to provide adequate shade and water to their field workers.

Prison Realignment: One Year Later
Beatriz E. Valenzuela @
A year after the state established a landmark law to reduce its ballooning prison population by shifting inmates to county jails, the success of Assembly Bill 109 has been difficult to gauge.

Superrich Stay Put In High-tax States Like California
Mike Rosenberg @
Some of us might love to hate em, but we need millionaires in California -- or else wed lose tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue. So should we be freaking out that rich people will flee if we vote to hike their taxes by passing either Proposition 30 or 38 in November?

Prison Reforms' Results Mixed After Year
Marisa Lagos @
One year after Gov. Jerry Brown's prison realignment program took effect, there is one thing everyone can agree on: California has a smaller prison population.

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Two-Year Extension Of Film Tax Credit
Patrick McGreevy @
Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday approved a two-year extension of the state’s tax credit for films and television shows shot in California, providing up to $200 million in breaks.

California's School Funding Confusing
Dan Walters @
If you want your head to spin, try to figure out how much money we spend each year to educate California's 6 million K-12 school students.

Jerry Brown Signs Bill Requiring Signatures For Those Opting Out Of Vaccinations
Jim Sanders @
Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Sunday requiring parents who exclude their children from immunization requirements to submit a signed statement that they received information about risks and benefits of vaccines.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses Affair In Interview
Anthony York @
In a '60 Minutes' interview, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he realized he was the father of his housekeeper's child when the boy was 7 or 8.

Gov. Jerry Brown Bans Gay-to-Straight Therapy For Minors
Patrick McGreevy @
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation prohibiting a form of therapy aimed at changing a minor’s sexual orientation from gay to straight, the first law of its kind in the nation, officials said Sunday.

Schwarzenegger Kept Many Secrets From Wife Maria
Arnold Schwarzenegger says his lifelong penchant for secrecy and ability to put his emotions "on deep freeze" led him to keep many secrets from his wife Maria Shriver, eventually causing the dissolution of their marriage when he was forced to admit he fathered a child with the family's housekeeper years earlier.

Big City Pension Reform: San Diego, La Begin
As directed by voters last June, the interim plan, still facing a challenge from a state labor board, avoids adding to the pension debt now cutting city services. Critics say the plan could provide an inadequate retirement and hamper recruitment.

CA high-speed rail funding gets little love at candidate forum
Torey Van Oot @
California's bullet train won little support from congressional hopefuls from the Sacramento region Sunday, with just one of five congressional candidates participating in an election forum vowing to vote for federal funding for the project.

Jerry Brown OKs Appeal For Minors Sentenced To Life Without Parole
Gov. Jerry Brown grants appeal to minors sentences to life without possibility of parole

Obama: I'm Just An 'OK' Debater
Glenn Thrush @
As part of his week-long effort to lower expectations ahead of Wednesday's first Obama-Romney debate in Denver – an obligatory ritual even the campaigns find tiresome – the president informed a crowd of 11,200 here Sunday night not to expect too much.

Brown Rejects Bill That Let Child Have More Than 2 Legal Parents
A measure that would have allowed a child to have more than two legal parents, and another that would have given the media more access to prisoners were among a dozen bills vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday. The...

Capitol Alerts: Jerry Brown signs bill allowing new sentences for young murderers
Jim Sanders @
Juvenile murderers sentenced to life in prison without parole have hope of being released in years to come under legislation signed today by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pitches Himself One More Time - Capitol And California - The Sacramento Bee
Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers the keynote address at the inaugural symposium sponsored by the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles Monday, Sept. 24, 2012.