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THE NOONER for September 6, 2012

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SAD: Ex-Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer arrested on meth, child-endangerment charges [Josh Richman @ Merc News]

NO ON SOMETHING: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was on the air during the Democratic Convention last night blasting California's government.

SURPRISE! Gavin Newsom to run for Calif. governor in 2014 if Brown declines [Seema Mehta @ LAT]

I don't want to be seen as pushing Brown out the door, but the slug fest of a Harris-Newsom-Villaraigos primary makes me salivate. It would be like 1998, except, well, instead of three white candidates, you'd have three two non-white candidates. Instead of one person (Davis) seen as a friend of labor, you'd have three candidates generally seen as labor friendly.

It's very unlikely that top-two will be a factor in gubernatorial races. For that to happen, Republicans would have to have several equally high profile/funded candidates. In 2010, Whitman and Poizner actually drew more votes than Brown. If you cut Brown's in half, he would have placed second behind Whitman. In the 1998 race, with one strong Republican (Lungren) and three Democrats, if you added up the three Democrats and divided it by two, it would leave Lungren in first and the Democrat in second.

SD04: Governor Brown yesterday officially called for the special election to fill the remaining two years of Doug LaMalfa's senate seat. From what I'm hearing, Dan Logue will be running for both reelection to the Assembly and in challenge to Jim Nielsen for the senate seat.

CD24: Abel Maldonado launches his first television ad [Kyle Trygstad @ Roll Call]

$$$: Molly Munger yesterday added $1.2 million to her Yes on Prop. 38 account. That's a total of $24.4 million, home gamers. And, she tells Kathy Baron and John Fensterwald that she plans a "big ad war" to get the word out about Prop. 38.

$$$: Audit slams CalSTRS pension-spiking controls [Jon Ortiz @ SacBee]  [Audit]

SAN BERDON'T: The San Bernardino City Council reached a compromise to cut more than 100 jobs and has found $22 million of the $45.8 million in savings it needs for its bankruptcy pendency plan. [Ryan Hagen @ SBSun]



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If you only want California news, you can stop reading now . . .

THE CLINTON FACTOR: These favorability numbers released by Gallup yesterday are pretty amazing. Favorables: B. Clinton 69%, Michelle Obama 65%, Barack Obama 53%, Joe Biden 44%. Among white voters, Clinton has 63% favorables, while Obama has 43%. Clinton's favorability is higher than ever.

Clinton ad-libbed a big portion of his speech, including the "it takes some brass" line. [Juli Weiner @ Vanity Fair] Speech as prepared=3,136 words. As delivered, including audience cheers=5,895 words.

INTO THE DRINK: Former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin takes an accidental dip in the Ritz-Carlton pool during a cocktail reception. You have to wonder if Robert Reich was anywhere nearby and there wasn't a little nudge for his role in the 1999 Glass-Steagall repeal. Or, perhaps Elizabeth Warren . . .

CALL ME MAYBE NOT: The RNC is out with an ad encouraging voters to have the breakup talk with Obama.

BRAINS!: New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate has fun with the "tax pledge zombies."  

Speaking of, the OC Register advises voting "no" on all school and community college bonds in Orange County this November. The rationale? Not because they took the time to examine the bonds on their merit and found that the schools don't need the classrooms, but rather because the Register wants to restore the two-thirds vote requirement. 

BALLOT HELPER: Prop 30 vs Prop. 38: A Voter Guide for Parents [Kim Tso h/t Mark Paul]

SACBEE - Sorry I was a little harsh on the Bee yesterday. It wasn't the concept of the paywall that I was criticizing, but rather the deceptive marketing and difficulty in finding out just how much it cost beyond the trial and the strange holiday pricing. That has no reflection on the great writers and friends I have over there!

RNC CALI-STYLE: The Republican National Convention did have California speakers that Politico didn't have on its list (which only included "major speakers," unlike the Democrats' phone book. Californians Clint Eastwood, Ricky Gill and Condoleeza Rice took the stage in Tampa.


Lawmaker Fulfills Pledge To Late Wife With Legislative Victory
George Skelton @
Despite many setbacks, Assemblyman Gil Cedillo perseveres and finally wins passage of a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.

Prop. 8 Backers Urge U.S. Supreme Court To Rule On California's Gay Marriage Ban
Local @
Proposition 8 backers on Wednesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to jump into the gay marriage fray and restore California's voter-approved ban on same-sex nuptials.

Steinberg Eyes Democratic Supermajority, Praises End Of Session
Kevin Yamamura @
After failing to win votes for tax hikes this legislative session, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said he's focused on helping Democrats win a supermajority of his house this fall.

No Quick End To Federal Control Of Prison Healthcare, Judge Orders
Chris Megarian @
A judge has once again rejected the state's request for a speedy end to federal control of prison healthcare. In an order issued Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson said he would require tougher reviews than the state wanted before agreeing to dissolve the receivership that has run inmate medical care for six years.

Prop. 8 foes failed to report all donations before election
Jim Sanders @
Opponents of a successful 2008 ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage failed to provide timely disclosure of contributions or donor details for nearly $900,000 in campaign funds, according to California's political watchdog agency.

Do Hollywood Tax Credits Really Help The Economy?
Evan Halper @
Capitol's number crunchers wonder if proposed $200 millionsin subsidies could be used better elsewhere.

Lawmakers Honor John Burton's Legacy In Final Days Of Session
Jim Sanders @
Never a pushover, John Burton can be rolled over, now.

Tax group to oppose Prop. Z
The San Diego County Taxpayers Association will oppose the San Diego Unified School District’s proposed $2.8 billion Proposition Z bond measure this fall, a departure given that the group endorsed the past two campaigns.

Ryan Praises Bill Clinton On Day Of His Dnc Speech - Wire Election News - The Sacramento Bee
ADEL, Iowa -- Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan heaped praise on Bill Clinton Wednesday, holding him up as a model of reform and Barack Obama as his opposite just hours before the former president's speech to the Democratic National Convention.

CalSTRS Estimates $22.7 Billion Savings From Pension Reform
John Fensterwald @
The reforms passed in AB 340 will apply to most public employees and involve raising the retirement age, capping benefits, and ending questionable practices that increased the payout to various members. The biggest changes to CalSTRS members include:

Balloting set -- filing can begin for Doug LaMalfa Senate seat
Jim Sanders @
Candidates can begin filing for the state Senate seat vacated by Doug LaMalfa, now that Gov. Jerry Brown has set the primary election for Nov. 6 and, if necessary, a runoff for Jan 8.

DA Drops SF Chinatown Voter Fraud Case
John Coté, Michael Cabanatuan @
San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón has determined there is insufficient evidence to file criminal charges after a months-long investigation into alleged voter fraud in Chinatown during last year's mayor's race.

California Senate Leader Skips National Convention, Focuses On State Races
California Senate leader skips convention to focus on state races

New Generation Of California Democrats Take Their Turn In The National Spotlight
David Siders @
One morning this week, before her speech on Wednesday to the Democratic National Convention, California Attorney General Kamala Harris left her political adviser by the arena stage and wandered across the hall.

Chris Christie To Jerry Brown: Buzz Off
Chris Megarian @
Surprising exactly no one, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie isn’t interested in the fitness challenge suggested by California Gov. Jerry Brown last week.

Gavin Newsom to run for Calif. governor in 2014 if Brown declines
Seema Mehta @
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said early Thursday that he will run for governor in 2014 if Jerry Brown does not seek reelection.

Editorial: Pols shouldn't get to argue both sides
The mess surrounding Sacramento's sales tax proposal on the November ballot has laid bare a flaw in state elections law that needs fixing.

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer Arrested On Drug, Child-endangerment Charges
Josh Richman @
Nadia Lockyer, the former Alameda County supervisor and wife of California state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, faces a felony methamphetamine count plus three misdemeanors, including putting her son at risk.

California controller urges better auditing in teacher pension system
Patrick McGreevy @
CalSTRS misses opportunities to reduce pension spiking, John Chiang says in a report, which cited abuses among managers and administrators.

Lawmakers OK New Curbs On Access Violation Claims
Cheryl Miller @
Home > Lawmakers OK New Curbs on Access Violation Claims

Hillary Clinton? Biden? Speculation Starts For ’16 Campaign | Mcclatchy
Erika Bolstad, McClatchy Newspapers @
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Most Democrats tell you it’s too soon to start talking about it. Their focus, they say, has to be entirely on re-electing President Barack Obama.

Prop 38 Sponsor Says Ed Initiative Will Upset Polls
Kathy Baron and John Fensterwald @
Confident that Californians will tax themselves to send more money to their local schools, Molly Munger is preparing for "a big air war" – extensive TV advertising to persuade voters to pass Proposition 38.

Assembly quietly kills school seismic reform measure
SACRAMENTO – A proposal to study seismic safety improvements for public schools – which won initial legislative support – quietly died in an Assembly committee during the last weeks of the legislative session.

Actor Rob Schneider Lobbies Against Vaccine Bill
On politics in the Golden State

Land Buy 'Huge Puzzle Piece' For Trails
Peter Fimrite @
A sweeping panorama of oak-studded hills and valleys that conservationists see as the key to establishing a corridor of open space stretching from the East Bay to Clear Lake will be opened to the public, preservationists said Wednesday.