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THE NOONER for August 7, 2012

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ROGUE: Gloria Romero appears in ad for Yes on 32.

 facebook  #FAIL: In the Taiwanese take on Facebook's stock performance, Bacteria Bear goes suicidal.

THE OTHER BAGHDAD BY THE BAY: The Chevron refinery was on fire for five hours yesterday.


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Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM; CalPERS Auditorium

Registration Fee: $190

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Here's another way to look at the challenge facing the California Republican Party. Here are Assembly districts ranked by the differential between Democratic and Republican registration. Of the 80 Assembly districts, 55 have a positive Democratic-Republican differential, while 25 have a positive Republican-Democratic differential. Fifty-five also happens to be the ceiling for Democrats in November if the party sweeps all competitive districts, although that's very unlikely.

  1. AD59 (South LA): 62.5%
  2. AD15 (Berkeley): 55.9%
  3. AD64 (Carson): 55.8%
  4. AD18 (Oakland): 53.4%
  5. AD54 (Culver City): 52.0%
  6. AD17 (East SF): 51.5%
  7. AD51 (East LA): 46.9%
  8. AD53 (Downtown LA): 46.3%
  9. AD62 (Inglewood): 45.8%
  10. AD19 (West SF): 39.8%
  11. AD63 (South Gate): 38.6%
  12. AD20 (Hayward): 37.1%
  13. AD46 (Sherman Oaks): 34.4%
  14. AD10 (Marin-Petaluma): 33.9%
  15. AD39 (E. San Fernando): 33.7%
  16. AD50 (West LA): 33.3%
  17. AD58 (Downey): 30.6%
  18. AD27 (San Jose): 30.2%
  19. AD22 (San Mateo): 29.4%
  20. AD30 (East Monterey): 28.8%
  21. AD14 (Concord): 28.1%
  22. AD80 (South SD): 26.8%
  23. AD24 (Palo Alto-Mountain View): 25.8%
  24. AD29 (Monterey): 25.7%
  25. AD25 (Fremont-Sta Clara): 25.6%
  26. AD70 (Long Beach): 24.7%
  27. AD47 (Rialto): 22.2%
  28. AD69 (Santa Ana): 22.1%
  29. AD07 (Sacramento): 21.0%
  30. AD02 (North Coast): 20.4%
  31. AD45 (W. San Fernando V): 19.8%
  32. AD11 (Fairfield-Delta): 19.8%
  33. AD57 (Whittier): 19.5%
  34. AD52 (Ontario): 19.0%
  35. AD04 (Napa/Yolo/Dixon): 18.7%
  36. AD48 (West Covina): 18.3%
  37. AD43 (Burbank): 17.9%
  38. AD56 (Imperial County): 17.7%
  39. AD32 (Kings): 17.6%
  40. AD31 (W. Fresno): 17.5%
  41. AD28 (Campbell-Saratoga): 16.7%
  42. AD49 (Monterey Park): 15.9%
  43. AD37 (Santa Barbara): 14.7%
  44. AD79 (East SD): 13.9%
  45. AD78 (Coastal SD): 13.2%
  46. AD09 (South Sacramento): 12.9%
  47. AD21 (Merced): 11.7%
  48. AD13 (Stockton): 10.1%
  49. AD61 (Riverside): 9.7%
  50. AD41 (Pasadena): 9.6%
  51. AD16 (Tri-Valley): 5.7%
  52. AD66 (Torrance): 2.7%
  53. AD08 (East Sacramento Co.): 1.1%
  54. AD44 (Ventura Co): 0.9%
  55. AD40 (Redlands): -0.1%
  56. AD65 (Fullerton): -1.1%
  57. AD60 (Corona): -1.7%
  58. AD36 (Palmdale): -1.9%
  59. AD35 (San Luis Obispo): -5.8%
  60. AD12 (Modesto): -5.9%
  61. AD38 (Santa Clarita): -7.2%
  62. AD33 (SB High Desert): -7.4%
  63. AD03 (Butte-Tehama-Yuba): -8.5%
  64. AD77 (North SD): -8.9%
  65. AD76 (Carlsbad): -9.6%
  66. AD42 (Yucaipa): -9.8%
  67. AD55 (Yorba Linda): -9.8%
  68. AD23 (Fresno): -10.8%
  69. AD72 (Seal Beach): -11.1%
  70. AD05 (Foothills): -11.3%
  71. AD26 (Tulare): -11.4%
  72. AD74 (Irvine): -13.5%
  73. AD01 (Northeast Cal): -14.1%
  74. AD71 (East SD Co.): -15.8%
  75. AD68 (Tustin): -17.3%
  76. AD67 (Murrieta): -17.6%
  77. AD34 (Bakersfield): -20.2%
  78. AD06 (Roseville): -20.5%
  79. AD75 (Escondido): -21.7%
  80. AD73 (Dana Point): -23.2%

Voter registration as of May 21, 2012.


Prop. 8 Campaign Committee Faces $49,000 In Fines
Patrick McGreevy @
The California same-sex marriage ban campaign committee faces fines for failing to properly report and handle political contributions it received.

Democrat Takes On Teachers Union In Prop. 32 Ad
A former Democratic lawmaker takes on California's largest teachers union in a new ad for Proposition 32, the November ballot measure that promises to eliminate special-interest money in politics. In a two-minute Web video posted on YouTube this week, former...

Prop. 8 campaign faces fines for violating campaign disclosures
Torey Van Oot @
The Proposition 8 campaign is facing a $49,000 fine for for violating campaign disclosure laws during the 2008 election.

California Campaign Against Gay Marriage Faces $49,000 In Fines
Proposition 8 campaign faces fines

Prop. 8 campaign committee facing fines
SACRAMENTO -- California's anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 campaign committee is facing $49,000 in fines for its handling and reporting of political contributions.

Big Money Dominates Final Days Of California Legislature Session
Dan Walters @
The California Legislature operates in two distinct planes – public policy and private interest – and that syndrome emerges most strongly during the final, hectic weeks of any session.

Occupy Sacramento Begins Vigil Outside Jerry Brown's Loft
On politics in the Golden State

Museum Union Votes To OK Strike
Neal J. Riley, Heather Knight @
A picket line could soon become the newest attraction at San Francisco's two fine arts museums if a contract dispute between some museum employees and management continues.

Darrell Steinberg
Jon Ortiz @
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg met with reporters on Monday to talk about the final four weeks of the legislative session. Among the topics he touched on: legislation that would change state and local public pensions.

Obama Campaign Opens Can Of Worms With Ohio Early Voting Lawsuit
Naureen Khan @
When the Obama campaign filed suit to restore three days of early voting in Ohio the weekend before the election, it was supposed to be about increasing access for the thousands of Ohioans expected to take advantage of those final 72 hours to cast their ballots.

Moody's Says Facebook Could Hurt California's Budget
The ratings agency Moody's is concerned that Facebok's sliding stock price could widen a hole in California's budget plan.

Steinberg Says Labor Allies Won't Be Happy After California Achieves Pension Reform
Steven Harmon @
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said Democrats will deliver overhaul over the next four weeks but Steve Maviglio, Californians for Retirement Security spokesman, says changes are too drastic.

Papa John's: Health law hurts prices
ron Tau @
Pizza chain Papa Johns told shareholders that President Obama's health care law will cost consumers more on their pizza.

Smoke Never Settles In L.A. Fight Over Pot Shops
Peter Hecht @
Five years ago, the Los Angeles City Council thought it had reined in an explosion of pot businesses across this sprawling metropolis with a moratorium against new medical marijuana dispensaries. Hundreds more opened.

Capitol Alwert: Assembly sends concussion training bill to Gov. Jerry Brown
Jim Sanders @
Legislation that would require high school coaches to receive training in concussions was sent Monday to Gov. Jerry Brown.

Anti-gay marriage committee facing fines
The Associated Press @
California's anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 campaign committee is facing $49,000 in fines for its handling and reporting of political contributions.

Why voter ID laws are like a poll tax
Charles Postel @
When is a voter restriction law like a poll tax? This is the question posed by a wave of laws passed in 11 states that require voters to show state-issued photo IDs.

Lawmaker Wants California To Push For National Bill Of Gay Rights
Jim Sanders @
A California lawmaker is asking the state to push for a national "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer bill of rights."

San Joaquin Delta Water War Documentary To Debut With Ed Begley Jr.
By Lisa Vorderbrueggen Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 12:09 pm in water.

California Senate Leader, Attorney General Back Gun-control Bill
Senate leader supports gun control

Sacramento Becomes A Steppingstone To L.A. City Hall
David Zahniser @
Several state lawmakers are running for L.A. City Council, driven by term limits and by the chance to continue representing constituents in another post.

Senate Report Finds Large Cost Gap Between For-Profit, Public Colleges
Erica Perez @
Among the findings of a U.S. Senate committee’s recently released investigation of the nation’s for-profit college industry is a stark assessment of the huge gap between what it costs to get a degree or certificate from a career college and the price tag of a comparable program at a public college or university in California.