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THE NOONER for July 12, 2012

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TWEET DU JOUR: @paulmitche11 - "Was totally going to put together a Tour d' Bankrupt through Vallejo, Stockton then the climbs to Mammoth. San Berdoo has f^&*#$ that up."

THE READERS ALWAYS WRITE (in response to my top Assembly districts): 

  • AD44 (Ventura) is competitive only on paper, not as Gorrell v. MacEnery (I agree)
  • AD49 (San Gabriel) should be competitive with Chau v. Lin (one to watch, but Lin should have run as NPP)
  • AD65 (Fullerton) should be competitive with Norby v. Quirk-Silva (would require a huge surge in Dem turnout)


14. AD72 (Seal Beach) Travis Allen v. Troy Edgar
13. AD23 (Fresno) Jim Patterson (R) v. Bob Whalen (R)
12. AD51 (East LA) Jimmy Gomez (D) v. Luis Lopez (D)
11. AD19 (San Francisco) Michael Breyer (D) v. Phil Ting (D)
10. AD47 (Rialto) Joe Baca, Jr. (D) v. Cheryl Brown (D)
9. AD39 (San Fernando) Richard Alarcon (D) v. Raul Bocanegra (D)
8. AD20 (Hayward) Jennifer Ong (D) v. Bill Quirk (D)
7. AD01 (Northeast CA) Brian Dahle (R) v. Rick Bosetti (R)
6. AD76 (Carlsbad) Rocky Chavez (R) v. Sherry Hodges (R)
5. AD18 (Oakland) Rob Bonta (D) v. Abel Guillen (D)
4. AD10 (Marin-Petaluma) Michael Allen (D) v. Marc Levine (D)
3. AD05 (Foothills) - Frank Bigelow (R) v. Rico Oller (R)
2. AD67 (Murrieta) - Phil Paule (R) v. Melissa Melendez (R)
1. AD50 (Santa Monica) Richard Bloom (D) v. Betsy Butler (D)


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THE $2.3 MILLION BOONDOGGLE: I hear that the GOP will throw in the towel today on the redistricting referendum. Officially the reason is that the Supreme Court already essentially upheld the maps, but the other reason is that it's too late to save Blakeslee and they risk losing the pick-up of Correa's seat in 2014.

209: Stockton retirees sue city to stop city from cutting health benefits [LAT] 

#AUXBARRICADES!: California Foie Gras Ban Prompts French Call To Retaliate [Bloomberg]

GET 'EM ON YOUR TEAM: Joe Garofoli profiles the video team behind the 2 Legit 2 Quit viral ad for Ed Lee.

IS IT JUST ME? Everywhere I go, Molly Munger's ads are following me around the web. #BIGSISTER

HANDS OFF MY MACBOOK: "With rare exceptions, San Francisco's 50 city departments will no longer be able to buy Apple laptops, desktop computers or monitors after the Cupertino tech giant pulled out of an international green electronics certification program last month with little explanation, city officials said. Apple's decision has also raised complications for other institutional purchasers, including the University of California system." [John Cote @ SFChron]

Jerry Brown Administration Issues Furlough Orders For Holdout California State Worker Unions
Jon Ortiz @
It's official. Gov. Jerry Brown has accomplished what his predecessor couldn't: All state workers under the governor's authority are now furloughed.

Gov. Jerry Brown Furloughs Some State Workers
Gov. Jerry Brown is bringing down the hammer on two unions that have not agreed to wage cuts, issuing a furlough order for about 11,600 state workers. The order was issued last week, and it reduces pay for the workers...

Jerry Brown Signs California Homeowner Protections Into Law
Torey Van Oot @
Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed into law legislation aimed at increasing protections for California homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure.

House Votes 244-185 To Repeal Obama Healthcare Reform Law
Elise Viebeck and Pete Kasperowicz @
The House voted again Wednesday to repeal President Obama’s healthcare law, a largely symbolic gesture that gave Republicans some revenge against the Supreme Court ruling that declared the law constitutional.

House GOP leads passage of health care law repeal
Lisa Mascaro @
WASHINGTON – For the 33rd time, House Republicans passed legislation taking aim at the nation’s new healthcare law – this time in a largely symbolic vote to repeal it.

Community Colleges Move Closer To Rationing Enrollment
Kathryn Baron @
With so many students vying for a shrinking number of classes at community colleges, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors is on its way to offering priority registration as a way of motivating students to develop and pursue an educational goal. At a public hearing in Sacramento this week, the Board agreed to put the issue up for a vote at its next meeting in September.

Cal State Trustees To Vote On Pay For New Campus Presidents
Laurel Rosenhall @
California State University trustees will vote next week on compensation packages for seven campus presidents, including three who would make more than their predecessors because they're slated to receive salary supplements from campus foundations.

Field Poll: California Voters Don't Think Much Of Congress, Appear Weary Of Two-Party Conflict
Dan Smith @
California voters don't think much of Congress and appear to be getting fed up with two-party conflict in Washington.

Hotel Tax Prompts Expedia To Pull Out Of Arcadia Market
Kevin Smith @
No one likes taxes - and Expedia Inc. is no exception. So when voters in April approved a measure proposed by the Arcadia City Council to apply the city's 10 percent hotel occupancy tax to services provided by travel intermediaries, Expedia wasn't happy.

NAACP audience boos Mitt Romney's comments on Obama, healthcare
Maeve Reston @
The civil rights group's reception of the Republican turns from warm to chilly when he criticizes the president and promises to repeal the healthcare law.

Viewpoints: With voter ID laws, GOP is pulling off a crime at ballot box
The Republican-led crusade for voter ID laws is revealed as a cynical ploy to disenfranchise as many likely Democratic voters as possible, with poor people and minorities the main targets.

Governor issues furloughs for last 2 labor groups
The Associated Press @
California Gov. Jerry Brown has issued a furlough order for more than 11,000 state workers whose unions have yet to reach a deal for a 5 percent wage cut.

Bullet train vote demonstrates California Legislature working well
George Skelton @
The Senate's approval of high-speed rail funding may or may not be wise policy. But it illustrates what the political process looks like when it's done right.

San Diego pension reform put on hold
San Diego’s voter-approved pension overhaul has been put on hold until at least July 27 after a Superior Court judge ruled that a “temporary delay” was needed before the city implements Proposition B -- an initiative that replaces pensions with 401(k)-style plans for most new city hires.

Stockton Retirees Sue To Stop City From Cutting Health Benefits
Diana Marcum @
Stockton, which has filed for bankruptcy, told retirees they must pay their premiums or medical coverage will be canceled. The retirees say they can't afford the premiums and file suit to stop the city from cutting their health benefits.

California Pot Research Backs Therapeutic Claims
Peter Hecht @
University of California medical researchers slipped an ingredient in chili peppers beneath the skin of marijuana smokers to see if pot could relieve acute pain. It could – at certain doses.

The Caucus: Biden Defends Health Care Reform and Decries Voter ID Laws
Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. was received warmly at the N.A.A.C.P. convention as he defended President Obama's policies and criticized Republican tactics.

Official says health law will aid 3M Californians
JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press @
More than 3 million uninsured residents will be able to buy affordable coverage starting in January, as the state moves aggressively to implement the federal health care law, the head of California's health insurance exchange said Wednesday.

Gov. Jerry Brown orders furloughs for holdout unions
Somewhere former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger must be smiling.

Liberatore Gets Recount In Congressional District Race
Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore has asked for a recount, which will begin Friday. Liberatore placed third in the June 5 primary and cannot advance to the fall general election unless he comes in first or second.

Feds Come Down On Oakland Pot Dispensary
Matthai Kuruvila @
Federal authorities said Wednesday that they plan to seize the Oakland property used by Harborside Health Center, which is believed to be the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary.

Redistricting measure backers throw in the towel, won't seek passage
Jim Sanders @
Leaders of a Republican-led drive that qualified a referendum for the November ballot to overturn California's newly drawn state Senate districts have decided not to seek its passage.

Video: Top 5 Democrats Moving Away From Obama
Whether voting to repeal the health care law or skipping their party's convention, some Democrats are distancing themselves from President Obama. POLITICO's Alexander Trowbridge and Julio Negron round up the top five. 07/11/2012 8:00 PM EDT