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THE NOONER for July 6, 2012

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DRIVING THE CONVERSATION: @AnnieLowrey - "Economy added 226k jobs per month in Q1. Just 75k per month in Q2. Ouch."

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LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: The month-long summer recess begins when the gavel comes down in the Senate today. Before legislators leave however, there's a scramble to get the votes in the Senate for high-speed rail. The Assembly approved SB 1029 on a party-line vote yesterday, which appropriates $7.971 billion to begin acquisition and construction of the Madera-Bakersfield segment, plan and acquire rights to land elsewhere, and make "bookend" improvements to rail systems in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. As of last night, it wasn't clear the votes were there in the Senate, and without the lower house in town, amendments can't be made.

Mark DeSaulnier and Noreen Evans have both said they are no votes; Joe Simitian has been critical and the project is opposed by the city of Palo Alto, where he just won his race for county supervisor. It's a particularly difficult vote for Alan Lowenthal, Gloria Negrete McLeod and Fran Pavley, each of whom has a challenging race in November. Of course, if any four Dems don't put up yes votes and GOP members stay off as expected, HSR is dead for now. 

With the release of the disappointing jobs report this morning, backers are hoping to pursuade unconvinced Democrats that this is exactly the type of economic stimulus that California needs. Failure to approve the initial stage funding by today may lead to the withdrawal of $3.2 billion in federal funds and could be the end of the voter-approved project.

Senate session is scheduled for 1pm.

The water bond was officially kicked to November 2014 on a bipartisan basis yesterday by AB 1422.


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$$$: While labor kicks in $1m, Thomas Siebel adds $500,000 in favor of paycheck protection/deception. Siebel was a pioneer in CRM software, and his company, Siebel Systems was bought by Oracle for $5.8 billion in 2005.

CD15: John Wildermuth: If All Politics is Local, Pete Stark's in Trouble

RESULTS: Today is the last day for counties to submit results from the June 5 primary. Final votes will be published in the Statement of Vote on July 13.

BEHIND THE ORANGE CURTAIN: The first head to be served in the Carlos Bustamante scandal is county chief executive Tom Mauk.

DO WE NEED A BILL? Das Williams has a resolution to encourage truckers to stay on Highway 101 instead of State Route 154.

FIFTY SHADES OF RED: The top 10 hottest conservative congressman includes only one Californian, Duncan Hunter, Jr.

SPLIT ROLES: Obama: Safest to have two press secretaries--one campaign and one POTUS. 

JERSEY SHORE: Here's one governor you can take off the veep list.

NOT NEWS: Barack Obama will win California.

PENNY SAVED, PENNY EARNED: Man pays off mortgage with pennies.

Lawmakers Take $11 Billion Water Bond Off November Ballot, Delay Vote Until 2014
Torey Van Oot @
The Legislature voted Thursday to take an $11 billion water bond off the November ballot, delaying a statewide vote on the issue until 2014.

$11 Billion Calif. Water Bond Yanked From Ballot
Wyatt Buchanan @
The Legislature voted Thursday to take an $11 billion water bond off the November ballot, delaying a statewide vote on the issue until 2014.

Legislature votes to bump $11 billion water bond to 2014 ballot
Torey Van Oot @
The Legislature voted today to take an $11 billion water bond off the November ballot, delaying a statewide vote on the issue until 2014.

Mayors Implore Legislators Not To Undermine Local Pension Cutbacks
Have Sacramento lawmakers been scheming to unravel tough new measures voters imposed to limit pensions of public employees in San Diego and San Jose? Mayors in both those cities fear they have been, and letters they sent to key lawmakers...

Strategist Behind Proposition 8 Is Loved, Feared
Joe Garofoli @
To supporters of same-sex marriage, Frank Schubert's name inspires a chill. Few political consultants are as personally associated with their advocacies as Schubert, 56. The nationally lauded Sacramento strategist masterminded California's Proposition 8 and is guiding every similar ballot campaign to ban same-sex marriage, including measures before voters this fall in Washington, Maine, Minnesota and Maryland.

State will not override local pension votes, Senate leader Darrell Steinberg says
Tracy Seipel and Steve Harmon @
State Senate leader Darrell Steinberg on Thursday calmed fears of elected officials in San Diego and San Jose that pension-reform measures passed overwhelmingly last month by voters in the two cities could be overridden by state legislation on pensions.

High-speed Rail Up For Critical Vote Today In California Senate
David Siders @
Hours before a critical vote today on California's high-speed rail project, Democratic legislative leaders weren't certain they could line up enough Senate votes to approve it.

California Senate Votes To Postpone Water Bond To 2014
Lawmakers delay water bond measure

California Legislature pulls water bond measure off fall ballot
Patrick McGreevy @
Democratic lawmakers say that asking voters in November to approve $11 billion in new debt to improve state's water system would jeopardize Gov. Brown's $8-billion tax measure.

Will The State Senate Vote To Stop Bullet Train In Its Tracks?
After nearly two decades of debate, the decision to move ahead on the California high-speed rail project will come down to a state Senate vote on Friday afternoon that could be decided by one or two members.

Bullet Train May Collide With California Tax Measure
Dan Walters @
Gov. Jerry Brown wants California voters to raise sales and income taxes to close a massive state budget deficit, but polls indicate that his chances are perhaps 50-50. Brown also wants to begin building a statewide bullet train system. But the ballot measure that authorized $9.95 billion in bonds to finance the state's bullet train share barely passed, and two statewide polls say that most voters now want to derail the project.

California lawmakers postpone water bond to 2014
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
California lawmakers have approved delaying voters' consideration of an $11 billion water bond from this November until 2014 _ the second time the measure has been postponed.

High-speed Rail Boss Says Ca Project Will Stop If Lawmakers Vote 'no'
David Siders @
Dan Richard, chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority board, said this afternoon that if the Legislature does not approve funding for the project today and Friday, it is essentially dead.

Brown, Senate leader won’t undo San Diego pension overhaul
Gov. Jerry Brown and the leader of the state Senate on Thursday said they will resist any legislative maneuvering to override voter-approved pension reforms in San Diego and San Jose.

California Senate Joins Push To Restore Campaign Finance Restrictions
Lisa Vorderbrueggen @
The California Senate has joined the burgeoning opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens v. Federal Commission decision, in which justices overturned the ban on corporate and labor union campaign contributions to federal candidates.

Nation's First "anti-arizona" Law Likely Headed To Gov. Brown's Office
Measure ordering police to detain only some illegal immigrants for federal deportation review expected to win OK in Assembly after Senate approval Thursday

In Defending His Health Care Plan, Romney Often Called Its Mandate a Tax
As Mitt Romney battles President Obama for the White House, he is asking voters to condemn his rival for a health insurance mandate that is nearly identical to the one he championed in Massachusetts.

Sobbing Woman Thanks Obama For Health Care Law
Byron Tau and Reid J. Epstein @
An emotional Ohio voter personally thanked President Obama for passing a health care overhaul, relating the story of her late sister's battle with cancer.

Dan Walters Daily: 'It's crunch time' for California high-speed rail
Hannah Madans @
Dan Walters says that while the California Assembly has voted "yes" on funding the high-speed rail project, proponents may be short a few votes in the Senate.

Chancellor Search Brings Cal State's Challenges Into Focus
Carla Rivera @
As they start searching for a new Cal State chancellor, panel members hear suggestions and concerns about criteria, salary, term limits and other issues.

For Obama, A Jobs Report That Keeps Stinging
POLAND, Ohio--Campaigning across Ohio on Thursday, President Obama walked a line between talk of economic optimism and expressions of economic realism. On Friday, reality hit home with a vengeance as the latest jobs report showed the economy added just 80,000 jobs in June and that the unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.2 percent.

Sacramento Care Home Operators Must Pay Employees Thousands In Back Wages
Denny Walsh @
Two Sacramento residents have been forced to cough up $851,575 in unpaid wages due employees of a string of adult care homes and are enjoined from further violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.