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THE NOONER for June 22, 2012

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Legislative Democrats and the governor reached agreement on the 2012-13 budget plan yesterday and votes are expected Tuesday, enabling the governor to sign the budget bill sent to him last Friday by Wednesday's 12-day deadline. The Senate budget committee is expected to meet late Monday afternoon to act on the compromise.

The governor moved Democrats on his proposal to eliminate the Healthy Families program and met them halfway on CalWORKs cuts. The deal also includes deep cuts to state-funded child care, eliminating 8.7% of slots and suspending COLA for three years. Counties and schools won a fight to keep redevelopment pass-through dollars, which had planned to be used by Democrats for reducing program cuts.

CASH IS KING: Carly Fiorina still owes debts from 2010 campaign [Joe Garofoli @ SFChron]

In summary, Carly and her husband have a net worth between $30m-$120m and has $492,606 in outstanding debt from her 2010 Senate run. Her FEC report is a list of screwed-over consultants, including Julie Soderlund, Jennifer Kerns, Marty Wilson, and Rexroad/Ross. Wilson is owed the most, at $60,000, but still speaks for the campaign. Garofoli writes:

Campaign manager Marty Wilson, who is owed $60,000 by the campaign and does not plan to waive his fees, said "there is a plan in place" to retire the debt. But no fundraisers are scheduled.

"Carly realizes that we're going to have to go out and raise this money, and fully intends to get that process under way," said Wilson, who was speaking for Fiorina as the campaign's manager. He blamed the delay on the recent primary campaign and other political activities.

If Joe Shumate, whose firm is owed $30,000, was still alive, what would he be saying to Carly in this picture?

Carly makes Laura Richardson seem like a great client.

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State Treasurer Bill Locker Says He's A "Yes" On Jerry Brown's Tax Measure
David Siders @
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer said Thursday he will vote for Gov. Jerry Brown's November ballot initiative to raise taxes, despite concerns about the measure's burden on California's highest-income earners.

California Budget Agreement Hits Welfare, College Students
The budget accord reached by Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers would make substantial changes to some government programs, including welfare, education and the courts.

Bill Lockyer Endorses Tax Measure, Stays Mum On Scandal
David Siders @
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer said this afternoon that he will vote for Gov. Jerry Brown's November ballot initiative to raise taxes, despite concerns about the measure's burden on California's highest-income earners.

Carly Fiorina Still Owes Debts From 2010 Campaign
Joe Garofoli @
The campaign of Carly Fiorina, the millionaire former CEO who spearheads a national Republican senatorial fundraising campaign, owes nearly $500,000 to people who worked on her failed 2010 California Senate run.

Budget Deal Moves 880,000 Low-income Children To Medi-cal
Kevin Yamamura @
The new budget deal between Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic lawmakers involves a controversial shift of 880,000 Healthy Families children to lower-cost Medi-Cal, additional child care cuts and more stringent work requirements for welfare parents.

Key Provisions Of The State Budget Agreement
Chris Megerian and Anthony York @
Spending on welfare, child care, home care, Medi-Cal, prisons, courts and state employees would be reduced. For now, education is relatively untouched.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against SEIU Local 1000 In Fee Case
Jon Ortiz @
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that SEIU Local 1000 didn't appropriately notify members and fair-share payers when it temporarily raised fees in 2005 and 2006.

SEIU Violated Rights Of Dues-paying Nonmembers, U.S. Supreme Court Says
Jon Ortiz @
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that California's largest state employee union violated the free speech rights of 28,000 so-called "fair-share" nonmembers by coercing them to finance political campaigns in 2005 and 2006.

Budget deal restructures welfare, health care
Judy Lin @
California will close its projected $15.7 billion budget deficit by restructuring the state'€™s welfare program, streamlining health insurance for low-income children, and reducing child care coverage and college aid as part of a deal Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic leaders announced Thursday

Chronicle Story Cited By Alito In Supreme Court Decision On Union Dues
Carla Marinucci @
A Chronicle news story about then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's battle against public employees' unions was cited Thursday in Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr.'s strongly worded opinion regarding the case of Knox v. SEUI - in which the court ruled the unions can't force dissenting members to pay extra dues for political campaigns.

It's Official: Budget Deal Announced By Gov. Jerry Brown, Lawmakers
Chris Megerian @
Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders announced Thursday that they have reached final agreement on a framework for the state budget.

California's Budget Deal Cuts Welfare, Health Care
Judy Lin @
California will close its projected $15.7 billion budget deficit by restructuring the states welfare program, streamlining health insurance for low-income children, and reducing child care coverage and college aid, as part of a deal Gov.

Gov. Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders agree on welfare changes in California budget
Kevin Yamamura @
Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic lawmakers announced a budget deal Thursday that imposes harsher consequences on welfare parents who cannot find work after two years and moves 880,000 low-income children into a cheaper state health care program.

Senate: No Taxpayer Cash For Conventions
Manu Raju @
It's a rare show of bipartisanship on an issue involving campaign finance. | AP Photos

Jerry Brown, Democratic legislative leaders reach budget deal
Chris Megerian @
The agreement calls for reductions in welfare rolls and cuts in other social services but leaves education relatively untouched.

Film tax credit a net loss in tax dollars, Legislative Analyst says
Kevin Yamamura @
As California lawmakers consider extending a $100 million annual film tax credit for five more years to help a signature industry, the state's top fiscal analyst said in a

Millions impacted by final state budget deals
Michael Gardner @
The key pieces of the state budget deal involve services that touch many lives, from college aid to child care assistance to health care. But the final shape of the budget and its impact won't be known until voters decide whether to increase taxes in November.

Advocates Angered By Healthy Families Elimination
Daniel Weintraub @
Advocates for California children were outraged Thursday when Democrats in the Legislature disclosed that they had accepted Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate the Healthy Families insurance program next year.

California State Budget Deal Struck, Compromises Abound
John Myers @
We've all too often resorted to observations that a state budget deal in California is a an agreement no one exactly likes -- and so such a quip should be avoided in the deal rolled out Thursday afternoon. And yet...

Could Healthy Families dissolution cost California more money?
Kevin Yamamura @
Democratic lawmakers portrayed a shift of 880,000 children from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal as a way to help bridge the state's $15.7 billion deficit, but opponents say there is good reason to think the change could actually cost the state more money.

Latino voter enthusiasm, a key indicator for Obama, trending up
Paul West @
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- As President Obama prepares to address an influential Latino political organization, a new opinion survey finds that Latino voters in battleground states say they are more enthusiastic about the election this year than they were in 2008.