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THE NOONER for June 15, 2012

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TWEET DU JOUR: @BorowitzReport "'I need to do extensive reading on this complex subject before I give an educated opinion.' -- Web comment that has never been made"

Today is a Nooner quickie, as I have two board meetings over the next 36 hours. Oh, and there's that budget thing...

PAYCHECK PROTECTION: The Legislature has 12 hours to approve a budget.

The Legislature will approve the budget and some of the trailer bills today, although the governor is not on board yet. Most observers don't think the governor will veto the entire budget (that's so last year), but will rather demand the Legislature send him additional bills, such as the CalWORKs welfare reform. So, we may have some drama for the next couple of weeks before we have a 2012-13 spending plan.

Nevertheless, the Prop. 25 requirement will be met today, and legislators will continue receiving their paychecks and per diem payments while we figure this whole thing out.

Some of the more liberal Democrats are referring to today as "Cutmaggedon."

Anyway, admit it. You're tired of politics and budget. You want to know more about the Chris Brown and Drake bar brawl over little Ms. Sunshine.

Have a great weekend.



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California Lawmakers Race To Pass A Budget Bill With Little Time To Read It
Kevin Yamamura @
The main budget bill coming before California lawmakers today is a 777-page piece of legislation that spells out how the state will spend billions of dollars over the next fiscal year.

CA budget bill deletes state worker furlough language - for now
Jon Ortiz @
The Legislature's 2012-13 state budget proposal eliminates language that Gov. Jerry Brown proposed that would have allowed him to furlough or make other payroll-cutting moves against rank-and-file state workers if their unions refused to negotiate a 5 percent pay reduction.

GOP, Not Dems, Back Gov. Brown For A Change
Martin Wisckol @
Gov. Jerry Brown‘s budget trimming proposal to tighten provisions for CalWORKS – the state’s welfare-to-work program – is being applauded by county Republicans and getting the thumbs down from county Democrats, according to a new OC Political Pulse poll.

Calif. lawmakers set budget vote as deadline looms
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
California lawmakers have scheduled a Friday budget vote on their plan to balance a $15.7 billion deficit as they run up against a constitutional deadline or risk losing pay.

SEIU Local 1000 waiting for Jerry Brown to respond to its furlough offer
Jon Ortiz @
SEIU Local 1000 has submitted a pay- and cost-reduction proposal to the Brown administration that includes flexible furloughs, but as of this morning has not received a response.

Democrats Poised To Vote On California Budget
Steven Harmon @
Legislators are expected to meet constitutional deadline and to keep paychecks coming, though they are expected to continue negotiating with Gov. Jerry Brown over differences.

New California Budget Looks A Lot Like Old Budgets
Dan Walters @
It's "balanced" only with some very shaky income and outgo assumptions, it's "honest" only if one ignores dozens of bookkeeping tricks, fund shifts and other gimmicks, and its reserve is half of what Gov. Jerry Brown wants and a fraction of what it should be.

Lawmakers Target Violence At Community Colleges
State bill to address violence on community college campuses

Obama Tells Ohio Voters They Can End Stalemate With November Vote
Michael A. Memoli @
President Obama , in an attempt to reset his campaign after weeks of missteps and setbacks, cast the November election as a chance for voters to break a "stalemate in Washington" between two sharply different philosophies.

'Roger's law' passes Senate - without Roger
Torey Van Oot @
on the Senate floor today, despite the fact that there no longer is a Roger associated with the bill that was up for a vote.

IRS Seizes Bank Accounts Of Sacramento Medical Marijuana Provide
Peter Hecht @
The Internal Revenue Service has seized bank accounts it says took in more than $870,000 in cumulative deposits in recent months, part of a federal probe into alleged money laundering involving a Sacramento marijuana dispensary.

State Pension Funds Sticking With JPMorgan Despite $2b Loss
Corey G. Johnson @
The agencies that manage retirement benefits for California teachers and governmental employees are standing by JPMorgan Chase for now despite a recent $2 billion trading loss that has sparked two federal investigations and reignited calls for tougher bank oversight.

California State Lawmaker Wants Fracking Moratorium
On politics in the Golden State

Democrats moving on budget without governor's OK
JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press @
Democrats in the state Legislature are preparing to take up their budget a day before the constitutional deadline to approve it, even though Gov. Jerry Brown does not yet support their plan for smaller welfare cuts.

Gov. Brown's Taxing Problem
Sherry Bebitch Jeffe @
Prospects for resolving California's budget mess rest squarely on Governor Jerry Brown's relationship with the state's voters.

Dems poised to vote on California budget
Steven Harmon @
Legislators are expected to meet constitutional deadline and to keep paychecks coming, though they are expected to continue negotiating with Gov. Jerry Brown over differences.

California Lawyers Fight Back On 'job Killer' Label With Study
Dan Walters @
Each year, the California Chamber of Commerce chooses a few dozen bills it and other business groups oppose and labels them as "job killers" for imposing new regulations, business costs or taxes.

Santa Clara County supervisors to vote on $4.1 billion budget
Tracy Seipel @
After 11 consecutive years of budget shortfalls, Santa Clara County officials on Friday are expected to approve a $4.1 billion total budget that doesn't emphasize job or program cuts, but seeks instead to maintain and even beef up some social services, invest in some overdue capital projects, and allow the county to hire almost 350 workers in targeted areas.

Elections: GOP Rehashes California Primary, Looks To November
Democrats lost their premier opportunity to gain a California seat in the U.S. House of Representatives by failing to pay closer attention to the 31st Congressional District, National Republican Congressional Committee Deputy Political Director Brock McCleary said.

Ethics Panel Investigates State Sen. Mimi Walters
Patrick McGreevy @
Inquiry focuses on possible conflict of interest in calls by the legislator's office to state prison officials over a financial claim filed by her husband's company.

As midnight deadline looms, Democrats poised to vote today on California budget
Steven Harmon @
Legislators are expected to meet constitutional deadline and to keep paychecks coming, though they are expected to continue negotiating with Gov. Jerry Brown over differences.