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THE NOONER for June 14, 2012

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PAYCHECK PROTECTION: The Legislature has 36 hours to approve a budget.

The budget is in print today as AB 1464 and SB 1004, with a long list of trailer bills. Darrell Steinberg and John Perez appeared before the press yesterday to stand strong behind their budget plan, while saying that negotiations were continuing with Jerry Brown.

John Myers reports on the teevee, while Anthony York and Kevin Yamamura put the words on fishwrap.

Counties aren't happy with the Democrats' plan, which would redirect $250 million of legacy redevelopment "pass-through" funds to schools, thus freeing up general funds.

SANDWICH WRAPPER: George Skelton is happy that lawmakers won't have their pay docked if the budget is just a ham sandwich, or something.



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TARGETS: The anti-incumbent Campaign for Primary Accountability will target Gary Miller in CD31 and Joe Baca in CD35, tweets Hotline's Reid Wilson. writes: "The Campaign for Primary Accountability is a Texas-based super PAC founded in September 2011 by construction mogul Leo Linbeck III. Its stated goal is to 'level the playing field in primary elections,' and it has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaigns against House incumbents from both parties."

UNPROCESSED BALLOT REPORT: 436,593 (256,744 absentee, 159,450 provisional, 20,399 damaged/other) 

ICYMI: CalPERS health premiums are going up 9.5%.

LISTEN TO THE PILOT: This is why you should keep your seatbelt fastened.

...and PERFECT.

CA Democrats Say They Are Closer To A Budget Deal With Jerry Brown
Kevin Yamamura @
In a freshly updated budget plan, legislative Democrats showed Wednesday how they replace more than $1 billion in Gov. Jerry Brown's cuts to programs for the poor with a lower reserve and accounting changes.

Jerry Brown's History Of Rifts With State Lawmakers Over Welfare
The current squabble between Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown over proposed cuts to state welfare programs is not the first time the issue has caused rifts between the governor and his fellow Democrats. Nor have his views always...

IRS Pension Snag: San Jose Joins Orange County?
Ed Mendel @
A key part of a pension reform approved by San Jose voters last week needs IRS approval, similar to an Orange County pension reform held up for three years while waiting for IRS approval.

PPIC Study Says New California Primary Rules Had Mild Effects
Dan Walters @
Two new political reforms - a "top-two" primary election and redistricting by an independent commission - "disrupted established incumbents" in June 5 balloting, the Public Policy Institute of California concludes, and "the political establishment suffered some defeats" but the impacts were not dramatic.

Democratic Lawmakers Counter Brown With New Budget Plan
With two days left before the deadline to approve a state budget, top Democratic lawmakers released an updated spending plan on Wednesday.

Democrats plan budget vote as Brown demands cuts
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
California's Democratic leaders say the Legislature will vote on a budget plan in time to meet Friday's constitutional deadline, even as talks continue with the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown.

Welfare-to-work Debate Takes Center Stage In California Budget Stalemate
Steven Harmon @
Gov. Jerry Brown finally made it clear this week how important welfare reform was to his budget when he invoked an old nemesis, President Bill Clinton.

California Democrats Ready To Send Gov. Jerry Brown A Budget That Rejects $1 Billion In Cuts
Kevin Yamamura @
Legislative Democrats are poised to send Gov. Jerry Brown a budget that avoids deep new cuts in safety-net programs while reducing state worker pay and taking funds from courts and counties.

Gov. Brown Wants Welfare Cuts
Martin Wisckol @
In one of his numerous proposals for balancing the state's perennially strained budget, Gov. Jerry Brown wants to tighten provisions for CalWORKS - the state's welfare-to-work program – in ways similar to the federal welfare reform enacted during Bill Clinton's presidency. Democrats in Legislature don't like the plan.

California Department Of Education Releases New Public School Rankings
The California Department of Education has just released its latest round of public school rankings, from 1 to 10, based on how well students performed on standardized tests they took more than a year ago.

California Counties Oppose Democratic Plan To Take $250 Million
Kevin Yamamura @
The California State Association of Counties, whose support Gov. Jerry Brown has relied upon since taking office last year, immediately slammed a Democratic plan Wednesday to take $250 million that had gone to local governments under deals with now-defunct redevelopment agencies.

CalPERS Hike Sets Off Alarm
Dale Kasler @
When the nation's second largest purchaser of health care gets socked with a big rate hike, lots of people pay the price.

'Tweaked' Budget Offer, But Welfare Fight Remains
John Myers @
Calling it a plan "that has been tweaked a bit," legislative leaders say they think they're closer to a budget agreement with Gov. Jerry Brown, though there's no sign that Brown is willing to go along - especially on the issue of changes to the state's welfare assistance program.

How loyal are California lawmakers to organized labor?
Jon Ortiz @
With Friday's deadline for a budget looming, Democratic state lawmakers face a test of their loyalty to organized labor.

This budget bait and switch benefits California
George Skelton @
Under Prop. 25, legislators were to have pay docked if they didn't pass a balanced budget by June 15. The controller withheld compensation last year, but a judge ended that practice. That's good for the state.

Capitol Alert:
Kevin Yamamura @
In a freshly updated budget plan, legislative Democrats showed Wednesday how they replace more than $1 billion in Gov. Jerry Brown's cuts to programs for the poor with a lower reserve and accounting changes.

Democrats Prepare To Toss Budget To Gov. Jerry Brown
Anthony York @
Here's what we know about the state of the state’s budget: We now have a clearer idea of where the Legislature's top Democrats stand, and where they differ from Gov. Jerry Brown.

Egyptian court keeps ex-Mubarak official in race, rules many lawmakers elected illegally
Jeffrey Fleishman @
A constitutional court stepped into Egypt's precarious politics Thursday by ruling that the former prime minister of deposed leader Hosni Mubarak could not be disqualified from this weekend's polarizing presidential run-off election against a candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood.

2011 Bay Area Government Worker Salaries, Benefits Available In Searchable Database
Thomas Peele and Daniel Willis @
In the Bay Areas most comprehensive effort to provide the public with information on how much local government spends on public employee salaries and benefits, details on more than $17 billion spent by 271 local governments in the greater Bay Area in 2011 are now available.

Eliminating Second-year Science Mandate Is Fast Fix With Long-term Damage
Governor Brown, what are you thinking? Your proposal, to end the mandate that requires a second year of science for high school graduation, as a way to fix a dysfunctional budget process, makes absolutely no sense.

State Senate Approves Alternatives To Jail For Dui, Other Offenses
Senate approves alternatives to jail

California's Prison Population Eclipsed By Texas
Don Thompson @
Everything is bigger in Texas, the saying goes, and that is now also true of its prison system.