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THE NOONER for May 30, 2012

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TWEET DU JOUR: @samsifton - "A classic only-in-LA tale: porn video shot at the Coliseum, where JFK spoke, a pope prayed, and, um, the Trojans play: www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-coliseum-porn-20120530,0,7705663.story"

VIDEO CLIP DU JOUR: Which California Assemblymember is closest to blowing their top?

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ABSENTEE BALLOT REPORTS by Political Data Inc. and Redistricting Partners

RUNDOWN: 18% of absentees have voted; 48% of likely absentees (3/4+new) are in.

LAT/USC DORNSIFE POLL [n=1,002 registered; 5/17-21/2012; 

  • Compromise tax measure, with governor's case: 59% Yes [38% Strongly/21% Somewhat], 38% No [21% Strongly, 10% Somewhat]
  • Governor job approval-disapproval: 49-39%
  • Obama-Romney: 56-37%
  • Legalize online poker ("200m for state budget)?: 42% Support, 44% Oppose

THE COUNT: The governor's tax measure is going to come in over 1.3 million signatures, with large numbers reported from Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties. That's good news for hopes of making the November ballot, as it drops the validity needed in the random sample to 68%.

WRONG NUMBER: The already contentious senate race on the Central Coast is abuzz this week after robocalls for Hannah-Beth Jackson came in with "National Weather Service" listed as the caller. Jackson's campaign manager said it was a technical error at the Signia Marketing's call center and was fixed after several hundred calls. Callers in the region had recently received a call from the government agency warning of fire danger, and inundated the Oxnard weather office asking about the alert.

STOP PAYMENT: There is a big court hearing in Sacramento Superior Court today, where cities will be asking a court for a temporary restraining order to sequester payments associated with the wind-down of redevelopment. RDA successors are supposed to report to the Department of Finance by Friday how much money is being redistributed to schools and local agencies. The governor is counting on around $2.4 billion in redevelopment money to close the 2012-13 budget gap, although today's hearing deals only with the ordered redirection of property tax increment, which is about half of that amount.

The other is an equally controversial and speculative redirection of "liquid/cash" assets from former RDAs to other local agencies, including schools, which reduces the general fund cost of Proposition 98.

FAIR NOTICE: The Senate had a rare moment of bipartisanship yesterday when Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg joined Bob Dutton in coauthoring and passing SB 1186, which would require notice to correct before filing a claim and demand for payment if a business is afoul of disability access requirements. The bill passed 36-0.

THE BILLS: SacBee has fifteen bills to watch for this week. Have I complained how disruptive the Bee's video ads with forced sound are? I forget to turn my sound off and I'm waking up the neighborhood at 4:30am.

SANDY EGGO: Jerry Brown gives a nod to San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher, although stops short of an endorsement.

MUCHO DINERO: The Republican Party of San Diego County has found a new benefactor in the Rancho Guejito Corporation, which is based in New York. The company, which is seeking to develop land in northeast San Diego County, has contributed $90,000 to the local party over the last twelve months and is the largest donor so far in 2012 (edging out Doug Manchester, who has given $60,000). The development is one of the most controversial land use debates in California.

Even with big spending for Carl DeMaio for mayor, as well as council and supervisor races, the party will likely still have over $500,000 on hand for the runoff elections.

HOW MUCH IS THAT CANDIDATE IN THE WINDOW? EdVoice kicks in another $100,000 to its IE committee for AD46 candidate Brian Johnson. Independent spending on his behalf has already exceeded $1.1 million.

WRONG DIRECTION: The DOF revenue projections for Facebook assumed $1.9 billion over thirteen months, based on $35/share IPO and $35/share six months out. The LAO forecast, based on updated offering price of $38/share and $45/share six months out, pegs the revenue at $2.1 billion. As of this writing, it's trading below $29/share.


Federal Independent Expenditures

Committee Candidate (Support/Oppose) Expenditure Amount Received Date Report Date
Americans for Accountability in Leadership Kim Vann (Support) Direct Mail $13,721 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Spirit of Democracy America Paul Cook (Support) Campaign Lit/Mailings $17,137 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Women Vote! Julia Brownley (Support) Mail $18,915 05/29/2012 05/29/2012


State Independent Expenditure Reports

Committee Candidate (Support/Oppose) Amount Received Date Report Date
Alliance For California's Tomorrow, A California Business Coalition Rod Wright (Support) $88,395 05/24/2012 05/29/2012
Alliance For California's Tomorrow, A California Business Coalition Victoria Rusnak (Oppose) $23,829 05/23/2012 05/29/2012
Alliance For California's Tomorrow, A California Business Coalition Victoria Rusnak (Oppose) $20,000 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Alliance For California's Tomorrow, A California Business Coalition Rod Wright (Support) $66,790 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Alliance To Get California Working Political Action Committee Jim Frazier (Support) $29,239 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
American Federation Of Teachers Guild, Local 1931 San Diego And Grossmont Cuyamaca Community Colleges Committee On Political Education (aka: Aft Guild, Local 1931 - C.o.p.e) Greg Laskaris (Support) $2,581 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
American Federation Of Teachers Guild, Local 1931 San Diego And Grossmont Cuyamaca Community Colleges Committee On Political Education (aka: Aft Guild, Local 1931 - C.o.p.e) Bob Filner (Support) $4,500 05/24/2012 05/29/2012
Associated Builders And Contractors Northern California Chapter Political Action Committee Tomi Van De Brooke (Oppose) $1,278 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Associated Builders And Contractors Northern California Chapter Political Action Committee Candace Andersen (Support) $3,833 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
California Alliance For Progress And Education, An Alliance Of Professionals, Employers And Small Business Steve Clute (Support) $33,619 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
California Alliance For Progress And Education, An Alliance Of Professionals, Employers And Small Business Ricardo Benitez (Support) $9,083 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
California Farm Bureau Fund To Protect The Family Farm (farm Pac) Jason Hodge (Support) $17,450 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Californians Allied For Patient Protection Independent Expenditure Account Candidate Jennifer Ong (Support) $28,980 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Cdf Firefighters Issues Committee Special Parcel Tax For North Auburn-ophir Fire (cs (Support) $5,435 05/22/2012 05/29/2012
Doctors Of Optometry For Better Health Care, Sponsored By The California Optometric Association Political Action Committee Dr. Jennifer Ong (Support) $19,803 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Edvoice Independent Expenditure Committee Ian Calderon (Support) $21,032 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Friends Of Pueblo Action Fund Doreen Farr (Support) $1,156 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Friends Of Pueblo Action Fund Joyce Howerton (Support) $462 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Golden State Leadership Fund Pac Betsy Butler (Support) $11,598 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Golden State Leadership Fund Pac Rob Bonta (Support) $15,698 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Johnson For Assembly 2012, A Valley Alliance To Prepare Our Children For Tomorrow's Workforce. A Coalition Of Valley Parents, Educators & Business Leaders. Sponsored By Edvoice Ie Cmte.; Vote Brian Brian Johnson (Support) $12,626 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
No New Taxes, A Project Of The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Proposed Initiative (sos #1578. (ag #12-009)) (Support) $54,922 05/16/2012 05/29/2012
Roth For State Senate 2012, Fund For A Working Majority To Support General Richard Richard D. Roth (Support) $7,966 05/29/2012 05/29/2012
Seiu - United Long Term Care Workers Local 6434 State Pac Linda Seifert (Support) $4,500 05/28/2012 05/29/2012
Seiu - United Long Term Care Workers Local 6434 State Pac Skip Thomson (Support) $6,250 05/28/2012 05/29/2012
Spirit Of Democracy California Leslie Daigle (Support) $58,737 05/29/2012 05/29/2012

California Voters Still Support Jerry Brown's Call For Tax Hikes
Anthony York @
But skepticism about how California lawmakers would use the money could derail the governor's plan, and winning over independents is key, survey finds.

Legislature: Mail Records Suggest Links To 2012 Campaigns
Assemblyman Jeff Miller has sent almost all of his legislative mail to the Riverside County portion of his 71st Assembly District. He is a candidate for the 31st Senate District this year.

Beall Accuses Senate Rival Coto Of Campaign Law Breach
Local @
Beall, an Assemblyman, says former Assemblyman Coto paid staffers who also are on the payroll of a business-backed independent committee supporting his campaign.

Ad Watch: Flier Hits Barbara Ortega For 17-year-old Arrest
Jim Sanders @
Republican Assembly candidate Barbara Ortega was blasted in a campaign flier last week for reckless behavior resulting in arrest for "driving under the influence and battery of a peace officer."

Bill To Force Companies To Share Retirees' Benefits Falters In Ca Senate
Hannah Madans @
A union-backed bill to require public companies to disclose in their annual statement the names of the five most highly compensated retirees fell one vote short in the state Senate Tuesday, but will be reconsidered by week's end.

Children Taken From Mom In Pot Raid Inflame Butte County Ballot Debate
Peter Hecht @
Butte County child welfare officers took custody of Daisy Bram's newborn infant and 18-month-old toddler during a Sept. 29 marijuana raid on her family’s rural house outside Oroville.

Counties Miss Deadline To Send Ballots To Overseas, Military Voters
Elections officials throughout California missed a deadline to send 8,250 ballots to overseas and military voters for next week’s presidential primary, prompting a lawsuit and swift settlement over the weekend between the state officials and the U.S. Department of Justice.

California Senate Supports Streamlining Teacher Removal Over Crimes
Senate votes to make it easier to remove criminal teachers

Feds, CA reach agreement over voter violations
The Associated Press @
California Secretary of State Debra Bowen has reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to settle a complaint that state election officials violated federal law by missing a deadline to send ballots for the June 5 primary election to military service members and other voters living overseas.

State Senate Acts To Restrict Cash Demands Over Disabled Access
Patrick McGreevy @
The state Senate on Tuesday acted to address concerns by small businesses that they are being shaken down by attorneys who demand payments while threatening lawsuits over relatively minor disabled access violations.

San Jose Pension Fight Could Have Nationwide Implications
John Woolfolk @
The citys Measure B is being watched around the country as a bellweather of voter support for pension reform and a test of court protections for public employee pensions.

From Healthy Families To Medi-Cal: Kids' Health Care Access In Jeopardy
Stephanie Snyder @
Low-income children in rural California are in danger of losing their doctors and health care plans under Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal, state lawmakers, doctors and health advocates say.

The Caucus: Complaint Claims Illinois Senator Violated Campaign Finance Law
The complaint filed by the former wife of Senator Mark Steven Kirk said he inappropriately reported payments to his then-girlfriend for her work during a 2010 Senate race, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Cities Seek To Freeze State's 'Claw-Back' Of Millions
Brian Joseph @
Twelve California cities, including Stanton and Huntington Beach, will be in Sacramento County Superior Court today asking for a temporary restraining order to keep the state from spending their former redevelopment dollars.

Tobacco Companies Spend $40 Million To Defeat Smoking Tax - Data Center - The Sacramento Bee
Big tobacco still has the clout to put up a big fight.

Cities to battle California in court for redevelopment money
Jessica Garrison @
Many municipal projects are in question because of a legal dispute over what should become of hundreds of millions of dollars in property tax revenue that used to go to redevelopment.

State Voters Of Two Minds About Legalizing Online Poker, Poll Finds
On politics in the Golden State

Numbed California Community Colleges Prepare For Still More Budget Cuts
Shutting out thousands of students, seeking state loans, closing campuses seen if revenue dominoes fall the wrong way.

The Buzz: Dan Schnur, Jon Fleischman debate Proposition 28 on term limits today
Political junkies, mark your calendars: Capitol Alert is conducting two live online chats on election issues before Tuesday's presidential primary.

In 51st, Vargas slams Ducheny for paying husband
Congressional candidate Juan Vargas has launched another scathing mailer targeting his Democratic rival Denise Moreno Ducheny, this time for paying her husband’s political consulting firm more than $730,000 while campaigning for the state Legislature.

Plan To Plug State Budget With Foreclosure Settlement Sparks Concerns
accessing this site, you accept our @
Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to use more than $400 million from a national foreclosure settlement to help balance the state ...

AM Alert: Jerry Brown scheduled to address county supervisors
Micaela Massimino @
Gov. Jerry Brown is scheduled to take his pitch for his compromise tax measure to the California State Association of Counties, whose members are in Sacramento today and Thursday for a legislative conference.

Live chat at noon: Proposition 28: Should legislative term limits be changed?
Join a live chat at noon Wednesday on Proposition 28, Should legislative term limits be changed?