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THE NOONER for March 22, 2012

MONEY MATTERS: Today is the first pre-election filing deadline for state candidates, where contributions and expenditures from January 1 through March 17 must be reported. The next federal deadline is April 15, for the period January 1 through March 31.  Since we're already in the 24-hr required reporting cycle for state candidates of and contributions over $1,000, don't expect any huge surprises in terms of cash.

You can watch the stream of reports coming in on the Secretary of State's website. I will do the filing period update for ElectionTrack around 6pm and 9pm, which will feed the contributions, expenditures and cash on hand figures for candidates on the AroundTheCapitol district pages.

The deadline, however, does not apply to the tax and other ballot measures that will potentially be on the November ballot. So, we won't find out how much of the governor's $3.7 million raised for the tax measure was spent on the original measure until April 30.


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YESTERDAY'S QUESTION: "Which Assembly District has the most number of Jewish Democratic physicians?"
YESTERDAY'S ANSWER: AD 50, the slugfest which includes Santa Monica and the Westside of LA. The Winner: Garen Yegparian of Burbank who will get a $15 coffee card for his quick response.

TODAY'S QUESTION: "Which new Assembly District has the most Latina Republican Nurses?"

Today's winner gets a $5 Temple gift card.

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BAD: Article questioning your candidate's legal residence. (Julio Perez - AD69)
WORSE: Article about how a debt collector has filed an affidavit saying you don't live at the residence. 

FROM BAD TO WORSE: Nadia Lockyer lied about offering legal advice to ex-lover, attorney says

"I know she signed in as a lawyer, but they were not legal visits," said attorney Adrienne Dell, of San Jose. "She definitely abused that; there's no question in my mind. They were still in a relationship."

Unfortunately, I slept through Professional Responsibility (no offense, Professor Cruz Reynoso). Any smart attorneys want to weigh in whether there is a violation of State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct by signing in to visit someone as an attorney when there is a non-representational intent?

FROM A MEMBER: Is Molly Munger really Meg Whitman 2.0?

GREAT MAN: Samuel Glazer, the inventor of Mr. Coffee, which abolished percolated coffee, died at age 79. Can you believe that drip coffee makers have only been residentially available for 40 years?

GERMANS: They love David Hasselhoff and iPads (and knives).

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Sacramento Judge Rules State Violated Disclosure Law
Kevin Yamamura @
The state Department of Health Care Services violated disclosure law last year by refusing to provide background information on Medi-Cal cuts, a Sacramento Superior Court judge has ruled.

UC Violates Law In Delaying Pepper-spray Report Release, Experts Say
Despite a judges ruling that the University of California can release parts of a report on police officers pepper-spraying of Occupy protesters at UC Davis, the university has refused to make the document public. The delay violates the California Public Records Act, attorneys say.

Big Voting Change In California Communities Is A Big Risk
Dan Walters @
A decade-old California law and 2010 census data are having a potentially explosive effect on how governing boards of local governments, especially cities, are elected.

CalPERS Funding Level: How Low Can It Go?
Ed Mendel @
As CalPERS puts a new focus on risk, a funding level that drops to 40 percent is emerging as the red line.

'Birthers' sue to force state to verify candidates' eligibility
Carol J. Williams @
Politicians and others file a lawsuit that seeks to make California Secretary of State Debra Bowen verify candidates' eligibility before allowing them onto a ballot.

Pittsburg voters asked to raise sales tax
Sean Maher @
Pittsburg city leaders are asking voters to approve a new 0.5 percent sales tax in June, arguing that the money is important to maintain the police department and other services as Sacramento lawmakers take away millions of dollars in redevelopment funds.

Brown Calls His Tax 'Superior,' Tackles Budget Gap
By JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
Gov. Jerry Brown says his tax initiative is "far superior" to a competing tax proposal because his would help fund schools and address California's $9.2 billion budget deficit.

New Hampshire House kills repeal of gay marriage law
Kim Geiger @
The New Hampshire state House has killed a bill to repeal the state’s two-year-old law allowing same-sex marriage, dealing a blow to activists who had hoped to make the state’s Legislature the first in the country to repeal a gay marriage law.

Unions write big checks for campaign to fight dues measure
Torey Van Oot @
Some of California's most powerful unions are pouring more cash into a growing campaign warchest created to fight a November ballot measure that would curb their political power.

Jerry Brown Names Son Of Migrant Workers As California Poet Laureate
Gov. Jerry Brown names son of migrant workers as California poet laureate. Gov. Jerry Brown named Juan Felipe Herrera, the son of migrant workers, California's poet laureate.

Cut The Baloney On Tax Plan
George Skelton @
Brown has a compelling case for his initiative. He should tell it straight.

Nadia Lockyer Lied About Offering Legal Advice To Ex-lover, Attorney Says
Josh Richman @
Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer is lying when she says she visited ex-lover Stephen Chikhani in jail last summer in her professional capacity as an lawyer, Chikhanis attorney said Wednesday.

Next week's issue: Tax initiative
Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown struck a deal with the California Federation of Teachers on a tax measure for the November ballot. It would increase the state sales tax by a quarter-cent and increase income taxes for singles who earn $250,000 or more and couples earning $500,000 or more. It would raise about $9 billion a year.

Middle School Science Critiqued
California has the capacity to provide middle school students with an excellent science education.

Viewpoints: Progressives are deluding themselves on taxes
It's going to require several million dollars and the sort of organization that labor unions do best, but California voters may get the chance in November to deliver a crushing blow to the progressive fantasy that nothing ails the Golden State that several billion dollars in new taxes can't fix.

California: Speier Backs Hahn Over Richardson
Rep. Jackie Speier (D) is the third sitting Member to endorse Rep. Janice Hahn in her race against fellow Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson in the redrawn 44th district.

Cal State Trustees OK Pay Hikes For East Bay, Fullerton Presidents
The California State University trustees on Tuesday approved 10 percent pay hikes for two campus presidents after administrators outlined a grim financial forecast calling for sweeping cuts that will deny admission to thousands of students.

House Dems defend W.H. health law
Jonathan Allen and Kate Nocera @
Senate Dems and the president aren't exactly throwing parties for the law's birthday.

San Jose State Foundation Filed Fraudulent Tax Returns
San Jose State University reported false and inaccurate executive compensation data on foundation tax returns for three consecutive years.

McConnell plots first majority vote
Manu Raju @
He says repealing the health care law would be the first vote if he becomes majority leader.

Obama Tries To Reclaim Advantage On Gas Prices, Health Care
JASON REED/REUTERS - President Obama delivers remarks on energy independence Wednesday at the Maljamar Cooperative Association Unit in New Mexico.