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THE NOONER for March 20, 2012

Good morning . . . another short day, as the Internet has been spotty in Yosemite. I'll be back tonight, so I'll probably be back to my incessant and incoherent rambling tomorrow.

Today, however, Anthony York writes the story on the arranged marriage between the governor and CFT, while John Myers has an audio piece on the motivations of Molly Munger. Meanwhile, Munger hits the airwaves in San Francisco and Los Angeles to build support for her $10b PIT hike to fund schools. The piece focuses on how the money goes "straight to our schools" and not through Sacramento.


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Yesterday’s question was: "Which city is California’s Bellwether – voting with the winner in 92% of statewide elections?" The right answer was Gilroy which picked every statewide constitutional election since 2004 and all but three ballot measures. Also acceptable would be Alondra Park, with the same record, and which @tedlieu got close to by guessing Torrance.

Nobody got that right . . . so today we ask, "Which city is the Anti-Bellwether, voting with the loser 57% of the time?" Winner gets a $10 Temple gift card.

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RUH-ROH: Assemblymember Allan Mansoor has some cleaning up to do -- of his campaign filings. Yesterday, his reelection committee reported a $12,000 contribution from PNC Bank. The limit is $7,800--$3,900 each for the primary and general election. It's likely part of a personal contribution, as Mansoor reported $18,000 from himself in the same report.

Meanwhile, Rico Oller kicked another $100,000 into his campaign, bringing his personal total to $200k.

SEVEN OUT: Silver Legacy's financial woes highlight Indian casinos' effects

This is actually kind of sad. The "Leg" got us through college, which had just opened when I transfered up to Davis, and it's where I learned to play craps. There was nothing like a evening "RENO!" roundtrip to break the finals blues.


Jerry Brown Tax Compromise Measure Cleared For Circulation
Torey Van Oot @
Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Federation of Teachers have started gathering signatures to qualify their compromise tax proposal for the November ballot.

Podcast: The Deal | Capital Notes -- From Kqed's John Myers
Things look different on California's political landscape as the new week begins, and it's not just because spring is around the corner. Change your scorecards from three tax increase initiatives... to two.

Molly Munger Hits Tv Airwaves With Pitch For Income Tax Hike
Jim Sanders @
Civil rights attorney Molly Munger's campaign to pass a broad-based income tax to bolster California education is taking to the television airwaves with a 30-second ad in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Cantor To Senate: Stop Messing With Jobs Bill
Seung Min Kim @
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is urging the Senate to keep his JOBS Act intact. The Virginia Republican, who spearheaded the initiative aimed at allowing small businesses to more easily raise capital, said Monday that moves by the Senate to add more safeguards for investors or to renew the Export-Import Bank were needlessly bogging down the popular bill. “Over the past week, [Senate Majority] Leader [Harry] Reid and Senate Democrats have worked overtime to find excuses not to pass the bipartisan JOBS Act despite support of 390 members in the House, the President, and job creators across the country,” Cantor said in a statement Monday. Several Democratic senators raised concerns last week about various elements of the JOBS Act and warned of weakened protections for investors and consumers if the bill were to be signed into law. The measure is a collection of six bills that ease various Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. Senate Democrats also want to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which helps finance sales of U.S. products overseas and whose mandate is set to expire in May. Democrats say reauthorizing the agency, as well as boosting its lending cap to $140 billion from its current $100 billion, will help create jobs. In his statement Monday, Cantor said the concerns about investor protection are “phantom” and called the amendment that would reauthorize the Export-Import Bank “partisan,” although it is sponsored by Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Richard Shelby of Alabama. “Republicans, Democrats and the White House vetted the provisions in this bill, which will help small businesses and startups grow, expand and create jobs right away,” Cantor said. “Senate Democrats need to stop playing politics and act quickly to make sure this bipartisan job creation measure becomes law.” Votes on the JOBS Act in the Senate are scheduled for Tuesday.  

Paying For The Tax Measure Qualification :: Fox&hounds
The same funding problem faces the governor who must raise funds for signature gathering for two measures. He wants to make sure his measure gathers enough signatures in time to make the November ballot just in case the compromise initiative cannot gather the necessary signatures in time to qualify for November.

CSU to reduce enrollment if no tax increase
The California State University system will reduce enrollment by up to 25,000 students in fall 2013 if Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed tax increases are not approved by voters in November, officials said Monday.

California Chief Justice Appeals To Lawmakers For Court Funding
David Siders @
California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye called on state lawmakers this afternoon to improve funding for the state court system, warning courtroom closures and other impacts imperil justice.

California Government Gets B-minus In Corruptibility Report
California does a poor job providing the public with access to government information but has a safeguard against corruption in aggressive auditors, good disclosure of lobbying activity and the way it redraws legislative districts, according to a survey done by good-government groups, which gave the state an overall B-minus grade.

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye Makes Case For Peace
Dan Walters @
The annual State of the Judiciary addresses that the chief justice delivers to the Legislature are usually pro forma exercises that draw little more than passing attention. Not this year.

Ballot Wars: Jerry Fights For Lone Tax Measure | Nbc Los Angeles
Uncategorized @

San Francisco State President Received $50k in Secret Perks
The California State Chancellor's Office has understated the annual compensation of San Francisco State University President Robert Corrigan by as much as $52,787, a CalWatchdog investigation has found.

Anderson bill would cap state worker pay at Jerry Brown's salary
Torey Van Oot @
Future state workers would say goodbye to the prospect of getting paid more than Gov. Jerry Brown under legislation pushed by a Republican state senator.

Chief justice addresses lawmakers amid budget spat
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
California's top judge is scheduled to deliver her first address to the Legislature on Monday, at a time when her relationships with some trial judges and lawmakers have been strained by a power struggle and ongoing budget cuts.

Sheriff Sentenced For False Imprisonment
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A judge sentenced San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi on Monday to three years' probation for falsely imprisoning his wife, Eliana ...

Paul Ryan budget: Change Medicare, slash spending, lower taxes
Lisa Mascaro @
House Republicans would slash federal spending, lower tax rates and substantially overhaul Medicare in the 2013 budget unveiled by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin that offers a do-over of sorts to last year’s blueprint that left the party in political trouble.

Candidates from both sides have failed to inspire voters
Thus far, the 2012 presidential campaign has been unfocused, dispiriting and largely irrelevant. By the time Election Day comes, a weary nation will be at the point of pulling the covers over its head and screaming, "Somebody, please, make it stop."

A look at the voters in the Illinois Republican primary
Alana Semuels @
When it comes to Illinois politics, nothing is simple. As voters hit the polls today in the state’s primary, for instance, they have to choose not only which candidate they support for their party’s presidential nominee, but also have to vote for the delegates that will support that candidate at the GOP convention.

Obama Video Part Of A Search For His New 'brand'
Carla Marinucci @
In 2008, new political sensation Barack Obama was introduced to millions of American voters as the "change you can believe in." Four years later, the Democratic incumbent president is no longer new, no longer a...

Cal State plans to freeze enrollment next spring at most campuses
Carla Rivera @
Facing uncertain budget prospects, the system also plans to wait-list all applicants the following fall pending the outcome of a proposed tax initiative on the November ballot.

U.S. Bank Shuts Branch At UC Davis, Cites Occupy Disruptions
Mark Glover @
Citing chronic disruption of business by Occupy movement activists and authorities' refusal to disperse protesters, Minnesota-based U.S. Bank has closed its branch office on the UC Davis campus.

PG&E: Pipeline Upgrade Could Top $11 Billion
Jaxon Van Derbeken @
Pacific Gas and Electric Co. executives defended the utility's position Monday that customers should pay for most of a $2.2 billion post-San Bruno pipeline safety program, even as they signaled that additional work in...

SJ police union sues city over ballot measure
The Associated Press @
San Jose's police union is suing the city over a ballot measure that would reduce pension benefits.